Top 11 Best Beach Tents for 2023

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Whether you are heading out with the whole family to watch a weekend soccer match or you are planning a trip to the beach, having access to a beach tent or canopy gives you the cool shade you want to be comfortable and happy when the temperatures are high. Beach tents protect sensitive skin from the sun and offer a place to start your belongings. For adults, they can provide a cool, clean space to read a magazine or look out over the water.

Having a place to escape the sun in the form of a beach tent can make summer even better than usual. However, there are tons of different beach pop-up tents on the market, so you may be wondering which you should choose. That’s why we’ve rounded up the top 11 beach tents on the market so you can find the one that meets your needs. We’ll share the features that make these tents the best you can find to give you data to compare when making your selection.

We’ll also look at the different factors that should go into choosing the top sun shelter tent in case you want to choose one yourself. This will give you better insight into what to keep in mind and what not to worry about to get the sun shelter tent you want for the beach or wherever else life takes you. First, we have a product comparison table so you can see at a glance what the 11 best beach tents are right now.

The Best Beach Tent 

Pacific Breeze Easy Setup Beach Tent Deluxe XL

While some beach tents are made for a single person or a couple, others are created to fit a crowd. The Pacific Breeze Deluxe XL falls into the latter category and can fit three to four people comfortably, so the whole family can rest and get solace from the sun. The tent also has hooks for hanging belongings as well as internal pockets for other items.

This system is specially designed to offer an industry-leading design that families love. It is simple and easy to set up so you can get it done and then enjoy the sun and water while knowing you have shelter nearby. This is a lightweight model that weighs little more than six pounds. It offers UPF 50+ sun protection along with three windows to let in a breeze.

The Deluxe XL is made from breathable polyester material and is water repellant. The frame is made from fiberglass for durability. It comes with a carrying case, four stakes, and five sand pockets to offer ultimate stability. This model also comes with a one-year warranty and excellent customer service if you need support.


  • Offers an industry-leading design that promises quick and easy setup
  • Lightweight and compact so it can fold down into travel size for transport
  • Large interior shelter area can fit up to four people comfortably


  • May experience seams coming unstitched after a few months of use
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Pacific Breeze Easy Setup Beach Tent

This Pacific Breeze Easy Setup Beach Tent is similar to the one above, except that it comes in a smaller and more lightweight design. It is less than five pounds, so it’s easy to transport to and from your favorite beach spot. The tent is relatively spacious for a smaller group and comes with the stakes, sand pockets, and carrying case you need for convenience.

This beach tent uses the Pacific Breeze industry-leading design and is simple to set up. It takes only a few seconds to get it in place, so it’s ready for you whenever you need it. It even includes internal pockets so you can keep your belongings stored while you enjoy the sun and sand of the beach. It has a water-resistant floor and walls, so you don’t have to worry about moisture.

This beach tent has 50+ UPT sun protection while offering several windows so you can get some fresh air while sitting inside. It also comes with a one-year warranty, so you know it’s going to last at least that long, if not much longer.


  • Offers UPF 50+ sun protection and windows for added ventilation
  • Comes with sand pockets, stakes, and a carrying case for convenience
  • Features a one-year warranty and friendly customer service team


  • Poles may not be high-quality as some have experienced them snapping
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Lightspeed Outdoors Sun Shelter with Clip-Up Privacy Feature

This beach tent from Lightspeed Outdoors features enormous windows that run from seam to seam to offer 360-degree visibility of what is going on around you. This makes it fantastic for sitting on the beach to watch a beach game. The tent has a generous overhang for extra front and top shade compared to other models on the market.

A front porch is included in this tent, which offers more protection from the sand and soil. The porch can also be folded up to act as the fourth wall for weather protection and privacy whenever you need it. The side-pull hub system makes it very simple to set up and tear down the tent, while roll-up windows let you decide whether to let in extra air or not.

This beach tent comes with all the extras you could need, including guy lines, an oversized carrying bag, sand pockets, and large stakes. The company also offers a one-year warranty on all of their beach tents and sun shelters, so you know it’s going to last.


  • Beach tent includes a carrying bag, large stakes, guy lines, and sand pockets
  • Features three large mesh windows for ventilation and dog-friendly floor
  • A lightweight option that includes an extended porch for extra space or privacy


  • Some find that the windows are too large and let in too much heat from the sun


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Sport-Brella Vented Sun and Rain Canopy Umbrella      

The number one thing you are likely looking for with a beach tent is protection from the sun. The Sport-Brella Vented Sun and Rain Canopy Umbrella keeps you protected and safe from UVA and UVB rays. It also has side panels to offer additional coverage and airflow so you can enjoy your time on the field or beach without any worries.

The eight-foot canopy of this tent is made from a 210 denier polyester to provide all-weather protection. The umbrella is supposed by 4.5-millimeter steel ribs and a five-millimeter steel stretcher for durability. The tent has side zippered windows to add visibility and airflow so you can stay comfortable no matter where you are or what you are doing.

This tent breaks down into a small package that is 54 x 4 x4 inches in size and weighs only around nine pounds. It comes with a carrying case to store everything, including the three eight-foot tie-down cords and eight steel ground stakes. This tent can comfortably accommodate two adults or even two adults and a child.


  • Protects from both UVA and UVB rays with side panels for additional coverage
  • Features side zippered windows to offer visibility and ventilation on the beach
  • Offers both weather protection and water repellence to protect from sun, rain, and wind


  • The shaft of the umbrella is hard to install in the ground without making an appropriately sized hole
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Neso Tents Grande Beach Tent

Sun protection matters, but Neso Tents realizes that some people also want a beach tent that looks great when at the beach. This tent comes in many different colors and designs, including camo, aqua fronds, and flamingos. The tent is designed in southern California and comes with corner anchor bags that can be weighted down using rocks or sand.

This tent is made from a nylon/lycra blend and is nine feet by nine feet for plenty of space. It has patented reinforced corners that are sure to be long-lasting and include rust-proof seven-foot aluminum poles. This is a portable, lightweight tent that is designed to be easy to carry. It weighs less than seven pounds and comes with a 19.5-inch carrying case that will fit into carry-on luggage. There is also a cooler pocket to hold your snacks and beverages.

The Neso Tents beach tent is water repellent and has UPF 50+ protection against the sun. Setting it up takes only a few minutes, even for those new to the process. The company also offers instructions for setting it up as well as videos and other tips related to use.


  • Offered in a wide selection of colors and designs so you can show off your style anywhere
  • Light and portable beach tent can be easily carried in the included carrying bag
  • Offers water repellency and UPF 50+ protection for the sunniest days


  • The fabric of the tent has been known to tear in some situations
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Easthills Outdoors Instant Shader Enhanced Deluxe XL Beach Tent Sun Shelter

When it’s time to head to the beach, but you want to avoid a burn, this Easthills Outdoors tent could be the answer. It has a unique design that incorporates a double silver coating to block out 97.5% of UVA and UVB rays. The surface also reflects heat so you can stay cool even when it’s scorching outside. The tent comes in two colors as well so you can choose the one that best fits your style.

This is a family-sized tent with an interior of 99 x 53 x 57 inches. It also has a 53-inch front porch for extra protection from the soil and sand. With that much space, up to four adults can sit and lay on the inside to keep the sun away. When it comes time to leave, the Shader Enhanced Deluxe XL packs down to 41 x 8.5 x 8.5 inches so it’s easy to transport and take back home.

This tent has a special opening mechanism that makes it easy to set up and take down. It also offers large mesh windows to let in air, so you don’t get overheated while staying inside. For times when you need extra privacy, you can zip the front up so you can change clothes or do whatever else you need. There is also an overhead pocket to hold your valuables.


  • Features a double silver coating that blocks nearly all UVA and UVB rays
  • The patent-pending opening mechanism makes setting up and disassembling the tent simple
  • Offers excellent airflow on hot days while keeping you shaded from sunlight


  • Carrying case may not be high-quality and has broken in some cases
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Coleman Beach Shade Shelter

As a beach tent, the Coleman Beach Shade Shelter is ideal for enjoying time in the sun next to the ocean or lake. You and your family members will be protected from the sun’s rays through the UPF 50+ UVGuard material that is used in the construction of the tent. This is simple to set up and use as a portable pop-up beach tent that prioritizes your protection on even the sunniest of days.

This tent also includes an extended front floor that acts as a porch when it is zipped down. This prevents you from getting sand all over your feet while sitting or lying in the tent. It also has a back window that offers visibility, which can be opened to provide you with additional ventilation whenever needed.

With this beach tent from Coleman, the dimensions are 7.5 x 4.5 feet with a four foot, nine-inch center height so you can sit in comfort without bumping the ceiling. The tent comes with pre-attached guy lines as well as ground stakes so you can ensure the tent is stabilized even when the wind starts to blow hard.


  • Offers quick and easy set up that takes no more than five minutes
  • Features a dry line to hang up wet clothing and integrated storage pockets
  • Front floor zips up for privacy while back window unzips for ventilation


  • Zippers on the front and back are not as high-quality as the rest of the tent
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Mobihome Beach Tent Sun Shelter Pop-Up

The Mobihome Beach Tent was created using a special hub system so that a single person can set it up in just a few minutes. It offers an interior shelter along with three side windows for ventilation and a breeze when in a hot location. The tent is constructed of waterproof polyester and offers taped seams to keep the interior dry at all times. It also has UPF 50+ sun protection, so you don’t have to worry about rays from the sun.

In addition to the beach tent itself, this product also comes with four plastic pegs, a tent carrying bag, and sand pockets for easy setup. The tent is quick to set up and works well on beaches, parks, or even in the backyard. The inclusion of three windows and a large porch offers 360-degree ventilation and breeze when the sun is beating down.


  • Offers a special hub system for easy operation to offer quick set up and takedown
  • The large tent offers room for up to three people and includes 360-degree ventilation
  • Comes with carrying bag, plastic pegs, and sand pockets


  • Some users have experiencing breakage or tearing after using a few times
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WolfWise UPF 50+ Easy Pop-Up Beach Tent

This beach tent from WolfWise has a pop-up design, which makes it one of the simplest tents to set up on the beach or wherever else you happen to be. It has an extremely lightweight construction so you can move it wherever you need using the included carrying base. It weighs less than five pounds and folds down to 29.5 x 29.5 x 1.8 inches for transport.

This tent is large enough to offer an interior shelter to fit three to four people. The windows are made of a high-density mesh with a large entrance and a full-size rear door. This offers 360-degree ventilation to let in some air while under the sun. It has plenty of shade for kids in the middle of a game or adults out on the beach. This is a water repellent tent with a silver-coated exterior that reflects up to 98% of the sun’s rays.


  • Requires no assembly and can be set up in just a few seconds
  • Offers plenty of space for up to four people along with a large entrance and rear door
  • Includes rear double pull sliders for easy entry and exit


  • Poles may not stand up well against environments with high wind
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Lightspeed Outdoors Quick Cabana Beach Tent Sun Shelter

This beach tent by Lightspeed Outdoors has an easy to use compression hub system so you can get it erected in seconds once you reach the beach. It has UPF 50+ sun protection and has plenty of room for two adults and one or two children or pets. This tent includes three windows with shades for privacy or ventilation, depending on which you need at any specific time. There is a durable floor, and the poles are fiberglass for stability.

This tent comes with a one-year warranty so you can be sure it will last. It also comes with guy lines, sand pockets, an oversized carrying bag, and eight heavy-duty plastic stakes. The umbrella itself has 450mm PU coating, which makes it ideal for moist conditions.


  • Weighs just over six pounds and has space for two adults along with pets or children
  • Comes with an oversized carrying bag, eight plastic stakes, a guy line, and sand pockets
  • Includes three mesh windows with shades for privacy and ventilation


  • The material on the interior floor and fold-out flap can get extremely hot
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Oileus X-Large Beach Tent Sun Shelter

As with many of the other tents on this list, the Oileus beach shelter is portable and simple to set up. It has a pop-up mechanism so you can easily fold it back and take it down in under a minute. It’s also very lightweight at four pounds and only 32 x 5 inches when folded up for easy storage and transport. This tent uses high-quality polyester and has a durable floor to stand up to kids and pets.

Once set up, this tent is 92 x 45 x 45, which is plenty of room for several people. It has a design that includes a cooling shade to make relaxing and getting cool easier than ever. There are two windows included along with an interior pocket to hold all your belongings. The beach tent comes with a carrying bag, sand pockets, steel stakes, guy lines, and a storage pouch. It also offers a one-year warranty.


  • Simple and straightforward setup option can get the tent up and ready in less than a minute
  • The extra-large size provides space for up to two adults and two children
  • Offers an awning for additional shade and two windows for air circulation


  • May require two people to set up in some environments
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Important Factors to Take into Consideration when Choosing a Beach Tent

The first thing you want to consider when choosing a beach tent is what type will work best for you. There are tons of styles to choose from, and all of them offer a barrier between the ground and your belongings. This helps protect your feet from the sand and keeps debris out of any gear you are carrying.

Types of Beach Tents to Choose From

Many of these tents come with three sides, while some of them have four. Either way, they will offer you protection from rain and wind while offering you extra shade when the sun is bearing down on you. One side also offers an easy to use doorway. It can be harder to enter and exit than a traditional tent, but it also has more versatility.

Beach Canopy Style Tent

This is a hybrid style that is somewhere between a cabana and a tent. A canopy style tent is very easy to set up since they use a pop-up installation method. These durable tents offer coverage from the sun and are compact and lightweight, so they work exceptionally well on the beach.

Most of the time, this tent type will be anchored in pockets of sand, which makes them sturdy and even easier to use. This canopy cover tent is useful in many situations since it tends to be larger than other tends and offers a higher level of shaded coverage, so that additional people can enjoy using the tent at one time.

Gazebo Style Beach Tent

If you are looking for an extremely durable beach tent, the gazebo may be the right choice for your needs. However, keep in mind that this tent tends to be a bit heavier and may take extra time to put together. The heavier material that is often used with this kind of tent makes it less likely that wind will pick it up and send it flying across the beach.

Baby Tents

Everyone wants to enjoy the beach, and that includes small children. Baby tents are available on the market and created to offer just enough shade for a small child. Because this kind of tent is made for a smaller child, they typically are made from high-quality materials and can be used wherever you need them. These can even be used out in the backyard to keep the sun away from a baby or toddler.

Cabana Style Beach Tent

If you want serious protection for the whole family or a group of friends, a cabana can protect you from the sun as well as the rain and wind. These tents are large enough in most cases to allow an entire family to sit in the protection of the tent. Some have pockets or pet doors to make life even more convenient for you on the beach. Others have a zippered wall so you can change clothes or otherwise enjoy privacy whenever you need it.

tent on a beach

Pop-Up Style Beach Tent

When you want a simple setup with your beach tent, this is exactly the reason the pop-up was created. Setting up the tent requires taking it out of its bag. A spring is often included that snaps the tent into place. These are not only easy to set up but can be taken down in seconds, too.

Tent Dimensions

The size and dimensions of your beach tent are going to matter based on where you are going to use it and how many people will be inside of it at one time. The size of your family or traveling group should determine the dimensions of the tent you choose. A family with five or six people is going to need a much larger tent than a couple who are visiting the beach.

The style of tent you choose also matters here in terms of how many people and how much gear is going to fit. For a large family, a gazebo-style tent, for instance, will offer additional space.

You should also consider the height of the beach tent you purchase. You want it to be at least high enough that you can sit comfortably without bending your head to avoid the ceiling.

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Tent Weight

Nobody wants to carry around a heavy tent to and from the beach, especially if you are planning to use it regularly. This is why most tents are made to be compact and lightweight for easy transport and storage. It’s also a good idea to find out how simple it will be to set up and take down the tent each time you use it.

The best tent to choose is going to have a lightweight and compact design, offer a shoulder strap and come with a carrying case. This will ensure easy transportation without any worry.

Price of the Beach Tent

Just like any purchase, the price of a beach tent matters. Having a budget before you start searching for options is a great idea. This gives you an idea of how much you are willing to spend before you get your heart set on a tent that is out of your price range. You limit your options and ensure the beach tent you get is reasonable for your needs.

Taking a look at the various options on the market will help you decide what the price range is so you can more easily make this decision. Keep in mind that some styles of tents offer more features, which can mean they are more expensive than an alternate style.


Having a comfortable space out of the sun where you can cool off is a considerable advantage when spending time on the beach. A beach tent is an excellent option for people young and old who need a little rest out of the sun from time to time. The tents listed above are some of the best you will find, and we’re sure you will discover that one meets your needs.

If not, you now have the information you need to search through various tents until you find the one that’s right for your family. Good luck and have fun!