Top 11 Best Bike Multi Tools for 2023

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There are all sorts of accessories available to make your bicycling experience more efficient and comfortable. However, one of them is a cut above and can seriously streamline your cycling, especially if something goes wrong while you’re out on the trail or road. A bike multi-tool is an indispensable item for any cyclist to have on them, no matter where they are.

For those on mountain bikes, it’s even more crucial. You could be out in the wilderness without cell phone access, which can make it pretty challenging to get assistance if something goes wrong. When you have the best bike multi-tool, you can take care of issues wherever you happen to be so you can get back to enjoying time on your bicycle.

Finding multi-tools for a bike isn’t hard, but deciding which is best can take some time and require a good dose of research. We put in the work for you to showcase the top 11 best bicycle tools so you can easily choose one and have it in your hands quickly. If the tools we list aren’t right for you, you’ll also find information about choosing a multi-tool so you can compare those of interest.

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The Best Bike Multi Tool

CrankBrothers Multi-Tool 10 Steel Bike Tool

The CrankBrothers Multi-Tool 10 is small and compact to fit wherever you want it when traveling by bike. It is only 5.6 ounces and has dimensions of 6 x 3 x 1 inch to fit into a saddlebag on nearly any bike. This device doesn’t include nipple wrenches or a chain tool, but it does have many other tools that are useful while on the trail to keep your bike running smoothly.

This tool has a rust-proof aluminum frame and includes seven hex wrenches. It also comes with both a flathead and a Phillips screwdriver. A T-25 Torx bit is also included and can be used for brake rotor bolts. Each of the tool bits is made from a super-strong high-tensile plated steel. When the tool is folded up, it’s only 3.5 inches in length.


  • Offers a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty for peace of mind
  • Comes with seven hex wrenches, two screwdrivers, and a Torx bit


  • Retaining tools tend to come loose if not tightened
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Wotow 16-in-1 Multi-Function Bicycle Mechanic Repair Tool Kit

This multi-tool from Wotow is a great repair kit for cyclists, even those who are beginners. It has 16 tools, including several hex wrenches, a Phillips screwdriver, a slotted screwdriver, a socket extension rod, a spoke wrench, and three solid wrenches. It is a durable tool that is very portable so that you can take it with you even on long rides.

This tool also comes with three tire pry bars, which can save a lot of time with tire repairs. There is also an external Allen wrench that can be used to loosen or fasten the hinges of the kit itself. The best part might be the price, which is seriously low for a premium product.


  • The tool offers a total of 16 functions with various wrenches and screwdrivers
  • Durable and high-quality device to take care of bicycle repairs


  • May be a bit heavier than expected for some cyclists
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Vibrelli V19 Bike Multi-Tool

The Vibrelli V19 is a bike multi-tool that comes with seven different hex wrenches, a chain breaker tool, four spoke wrenches, three open wrenches, two Phillips screwdrivers, a flat screwdriver, and a Torx bit. This is a multi-tool you can trust which comes with a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty. It has been field-tested for top performance and designed for both mountain and road biking.

This tool has a non-slip textured sidebar so you can keep your grip on it even in the rain or snow. It also comes with a carrying case for easy transport. The tools are made of precision-hardened steel with a sidebar of matte aluminum.


  • Offers a vast number of tools at 19 including screwdrivers, wrenches, and more
  • The military-grade tool is durable and robust and comes with a lifetime warranty


  • The patch kit is small, doesn’t fit in case, and may be easily lost
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Topeak Mini 20 Pro Mini Tool

This Mini 20 Pro from Topeak is designed to offer all the tools you need for trail or roadside repairs. It is high-strength and lightweight with a forged alloy body that resists torque when riding hard. It also incorporates hardened steel tools that are sure to last for several years. This is a tool designed for use in training and enduring racing, as well as less extreme cycling.

The tools included with this device include several Allen wrenches, a chain hook, a chain tool, two screwdrivers, many spoke wrenches, a bottle opener, chain link fence, chain pin breaker, and tire levers. It also comes with a neoprene bag for transport as well as a self-tightening tool.


  • Comes with a total of 23 hardened steel tools for bicycle repair
  • Offers a snag-proof, low-profile design for use with any cycling


  • The bottom piece of tool can come loose quite easily
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OneUp Components EDC Tool System

Instead of worrying about riding a backpack for hours on a trail, this OneUp Components EDC Tool System makes transporting your tools a cinch. This is an innovative tool that can be placed inside your fork’s steer tube, so there’s no reason to worry about extra bags or cases. This tool comes with three parts including a multi-tool, a storage container, and a chain breaker that also acts as a tire lever.

The tools that come with this device include a chain breaker, seven different hex wrenches, four spoke keys, a tire lever, quick link breaker, T-25 Torx, flathead screwdriver, quick link storage, top cap tool, valve core tool, chainring bolt, and CO2 cartridge storage.


  • Fits inside your bike fork’s steer tube for a streamlined and easy way to transport the tool
  • Easy to install and comes with all the tools you need for bike repairs


  • Some people experience the product becoming stuck in the tube
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Topeak The Mini 9-Function Bicycle Tool TT2409

Our second multi-tool from Topeak is a smaller option that can easily be transported on your bike wherever you are going. In addition to the selection of tools, it comes with a neoprene bag to get around without damaging the tool. This is a super light folding tool that is a single piece, so there’s no chance of losing some of the parts.

As far as the tools go, there are nine in total. They include a Phillips screwdriver, a T-25 Torx wrench, and seven different sizes of Allen wrenches. The body of the tool is made of extruded aluminum, while the tools are made of hardened steel for longevity and durability.


  • Offers a total of nine tested tools for high durability and quality
  • Created from extruded aluminum for the body and hardened steel for the tools


  • Tools are small and may not offer a lot of torque for tight bolts and screws
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CrankBrothers Multi-Tool

This CrankBrothers tool is a more compact and slimmer model than the 17 model by the same company. It has nearly all the tools you could need to make repairs on the road or trail, such as seven hex wrenches, both a Phillips and flathead screwdriver, and a Torx T-25 bit. There are seven hex wrenches for all sorts of bikes and the Torx hex works well for bolts on the brake rotor.

This is a small device at 3.5 inches when folded and is made of a durable plated steel material. It is designed for any cycling but best used by those on mountain bikes.


  • Offers a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty so will be useful for years to come
  • Comes with several hex wrenches, a Torx wrench, and two screwdrivers


  • May be a bit heavier than some cyclists would prefer
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Topeak TT2524 Ratchet Rocket Lite DX Tool

This Topeak TT2524 multi-tool offers all the typical tools you would expect, including seven Allen wrenches of various sizes as well as Torx T-25 and T-10. It also comes with a Phillips screwdriver and two tire levels. This tool has a magnetic bit holder to avoid losing parts and has a patch compartment so you can keep everything you need in one place.

The tool by Topeak has a fine-tooth ratchet mechanism, including a thumbwheel and reverse lever to add extra versatility. It also offers excellent value for the money you spend as one of the least expensive tools on our list.


  • Comes with an added magnetic bit holder and patch compartment to hold all your tools in one place
  • Has a fine-tooth ratchet mechanism with a thumbwheel and reserve lever


  • Ratchet function may not be as quality as some cyclists are expecting
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Pro Bike Tool Mini Ratchet Tool Set

When it comes to a tool that will last, the Pro Bike Mini Ratchet is a great choice. It is made of a high-quality stainless steel handle and includes a reversible drive. The tool has a tool bit extender as well as 10 bits, including Torx options. This device also comes with a hard pouch for storage and transport.

This tool works well on any bike but also has the potential to help with work around the house. With its low price, this makes for an excellent option for those who need a few essential tools available at all times. Plus, this product comes with a guarantee to a refund and replacement can be requested if it doesn’t meet your needs.


  • Made with a quality stainless steel handle and reversible drive for durability
  • Has everything you need for bike repairs as well as many projects around the home


  • The driveshaft is relatively short which makes it difficult to tighten some bike components
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CrankBrothers F10, F10+, and F15 Multi-Tool

This tool from CrankBrothers has all the tools you could want with a chain tool that is appropriate for 8-12 speed bikes, a selection of hex wrenches, two screwdrivers, and spoke wrenches. A Torx wrench is included along with a bottle opener for cracking open a cold one after a long ride.

This tool has an ultra-fine iron finish on the tools and black anodized rails. It has 15 different tools in a durable body. This model has a magnetized case making it easy transport.


  • Comes with a five-year warranty on all tools for peace of mind
  • Offers a magnetic case to keep tools stored and helps create extra leverage


  • May be heavier than some cyclists will expect or want to ride around with
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Park Tool I-Beam Mini Hex/Screwdriver/Star Set IB-2

The Park Tool I-Beam multi-tool is created to offer everything you need on your bike rides. It has a large selection of hex wrenches, a T-25 Torx wrench, and a flathead screwdriver to help with repairs when you’re out on the road or trail. It also weighs less than four ounces, so you’ll barely know you’re carting it around with you.

This tool is lightweight and durable while being small enough to tuck away easily. It comes in a silver and blue style and only one size.


  • Features an I-Beam handle with several hex wrenches, a Torx wrench, and a straight screwdriver
  • Lightweight, strong, and compact for easy transport and everyday use


  • May be hard to get a good grip on individual tools
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Choosing the Right Bike Multi-Tool for Your Needs

Bike multi-tools come in a variety of types and have different configurations. Deciding between an all-in-one or a minimalist tool is the best place to start when choosing a multi-tool. Below, we’ll go over the differences so you can decide which will work best for your needs.

  • All-in-One Multi-Tool – An all-in-one tool comes with a wide selection of tools to help in any emergency. They might include chain tools, Allen wrenches, and even screwdrivers. While this kind of tool has the advantage of versatility, it also tends to be heavier and bulkier to transport. Some may barely fit in the saddlebag under your seat and be better off in your backpack.
  • Minimalist Multi-Tool – Minimalist tools are smaller and can make only simple repairs. They often come with the most common Allen wrenches along with a Phillips and flathead screwdriver. In some cases, this might be enough. The benefit of choosing this tool type is that it will be small and lightweight.

Functions Available with a Multi-Tool

Now that you know the difference between bicycle multi-tool types, we wanted to go over the functions they tend to offer. You can get an idea of what you should expect and which tools to look for to ensure you’re getting exactly what you need for the purchase price.

  • Allen/Hex Wrenches – Almost any mountain bike or road bike is going to have Allen screws on it to adjust the seat or the brakes or both. That makes this an essential tool to have available. Having a variety of sizes is a good idea with Allen wrenches.
  • Chain Tools – A road biker may need this tool, but it is going to be most useful for those who ride on mountain bikes. This is the ultimate tool to have available when you need to remove a chain link that has broken.
  • Screwdrivers – You are going to want to have both a Phillips and a flathead screwdriver to be prepared. Pretty much any bicycle is going to have both of the screws located somewhere on them.
  • Torx Screwdriver – While not all bikes use Torx screws, it is becoming prevalent, especially when you have an expensive bicycle. The Torx 25 is the standard size, so this is likely the only size you will need.

Quality of the Bike Multi-Tool

While there are inexpensive tools out there and some are decent quality, this isn’t always the case. It might come with all the tools you need, but if it isn’t high-quality, the tools have a much higher chance of breaking when you use them. Nobody wants to deal with that when there is an emergency going on.

If and when a tool breaks, it can also damage your bicycle by stripping a bolt or screw. It also makes it possible that you can be injured. Anyone who has gotten a scrap due to a tool of poor quality can corroborate how frustrating this can be.

Size and Weight of the Multi-Tool

Most people are going to want a light tool, but it’s a bad idea to sacrifice durability for this. You also want tools that are strong enough to handle major repair jobs if there is a need. You also want to consider the size of the tool since one that is too tiny is going to make it hard to use to turn bolts and screws. However, if you plan to place it in a saddle bar, you should be sure you have enough room for it.

You also want to think about the size of the protective case if the bike multi-tool comes with one. This is going to increase the bulk and size that you need to transport. If you have a tool with a case, it may not fit in an under-seat saddlebag.


There are tons of bike multi-tools on the market, but they can vary in quality, price, and the number of features. The multi-tools listed above are likely to meet your needs and offer a variety of features so you can choose the one that best fits your needs. If you want to research on your own, consider the tips above so you know what to watch for and how to prioritize various things about the multi-tool!