Top 15 Best Bike Trailers for 2023

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Biking is a wonderful form of physical exercise, but it is also a common recreational activity in families. However, not all kids are able to ride bicycles or keep up with adults, and so the best bike trailer becomes an essential family investment.

Naturally, as there are always a lot of different styles and designs in most products, so too are there many types of bike trailer. Finding the top bike trailer for your family starts with a few basic questions and considerations, and then a look at the most highly rated options. It is best to begin the search by recognizing that there is no such thing as a single bike trailer that rates as the “best.” Instead, there are bicycle trailers for the family that goes off-road, that uses paved trails, that goes short distances, or that goes many miles. There are also the best bike trailers for each household budget, those that serve multiple purposes (i.e. they convert to jogging trailers or strollers), and so on.

In this review of the top bike trailers on the market, we’ll first consider the specifics about the top rated options and then go over the points you will want to consider before you make your final choice.

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The Best Bicycle Trailer

Schwinn Echo

Often described as the right choice for those who have to consider the budget a priority, it is strictly a passenger trailer and does not convert to a cargo option or a jogging trailer or stroller.

Designed for two, it holds up to 80 pounds in total and performs on 20” alloy rims and air tires meant to provide long-lasting performance. It is a covered and well-ventilated design, but the materials are not weather-proof, so don’t count on this for a rainy day.

It has a very large front window and generous side mesh panels. Keep the window wide open or drop the mesh bug screen into place to protect riders at all times. The seating is designed for comfort with padding at the shoulder and seat cushion. It also has mesh panels to allow for more comfortable use of a helmet. Riders remain secure with a five-point harness system and padded straps.

With a universal coupler, it will work with most bikes and attach easily. It features a rear window as well as a cargo area at the far end of the trailer. It is collapsible and able to easily fit into the cargo area of a vehicle or store easily even in smaller homes and apartments. At 51.8″ x 32.5″ x 31.9″, it is easy to manage and lightweight.


  • One of the most affordable options
  • Designed for optimal ventilation and passenger comfort
  • Easily attaches and tows


  • The overall size means a rather cramped passenger area
  • Not weather resistant
  • Some complaints about difficulty with assembly
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Burley Bee

Described by enthusiasts as both nimble and economical, this model is also recognized for its durability, safety in design and its ease of use. In fact, it rates as one of the most affordably priced ASTM certified bike trailers.

A great deal of engineering and design has gone into this bike trailer and it may be the top bike trailer for kids if shopping for an all-around bargain. It has generous amounts of cargo space, hammock style seating for hours of comfort. Five-point seat belts and easy to maintain padding add to a passenger’s safety and comfort.

The frame has undergone the manufacturer’s extensive testing that involves everything from full rolls and drop tests to curb testing and manufacturing of durable and yet lightweight materials. It features a patented Flex Connector to easily link to any type of bike and to remain upright even if the bike goes down.

The water-resistant trailer can hold two passengers and offers protection through its fully-ventilated, tinted side and rear windows and its large front window with bug screen. It folds flat for easy storage and measures 32.25 x 30 x 36 when fully opened. It can safely hold up to 100 pounds and features 20” standard wheels.


  • Extremely lightweight and easy to tow
  • Rates as one of the best hitch designs
  • Good price


  • Bottom is not reinforced
  • Is not convertible to any other type of use
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Burley Kids’ Honey Bee

This model is essential the same as the Burley Bee, but with the added bonus of a quick and easy conversion option. This allows you to take it from a biking adventure and use it as a rugged stroller. It includes the wheel stroller kit that features an adjustable and ergonomic handlebar for parents of any height. This does double duty as a roll bar when pushed forward into the biking position.

Like the regular Honey Bee it also folds easily for storage and provides the same, rigorously tested frame and roll cage. It also has the Flex Connector that ensures the passengers remain safely upright even if the bike rider loses control and the bike lays down or topples.

This model is also protected with a water-resistant cover and features side and rear tinted windows. The seats feature a five-point harness and are a comfortable hammock style noted for passive suspension. There is a recessed mesh pocket to allow room for helmeted heads and there is also generous storage in the rear of the trailer. It can hold up to 100 pounds and also relies on standard 20” wheels.


  • Lightweight but durable aluminum roll cage
  • Multi-function makes it a better deal
  • Full of safety features


  • Some dislike the hammock style since it has no support
  • Seats cannot be removed
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InStep Single Seat

For the single-passenger parents, this is a flexible option that has a convertible capability (but does not come with the jogger conversion equipment). It is a relatively lightweight model that folds flat for easy storage, provides a comfortable ride on its 16” pneumatic tires with molded rims, and which features a two in one canopy. This functions as a mesh canopy or full weather shield.

It uses a simple coupler hitch that ensures compatibility with almost any sort of bike, and it can hold a child up to 40 pounds in weight.

Noted for its affordable pricing, it is also noted as a comfortable ride for passengers with its internal harnessing and hammock seating. Brightly colored it includes reflectors and a safety flag.


  • Affordably priced
  • Convertible
  • A 2-in-1 canopy allows plenty of protection and air flow


  • Fixed coupler is not the safest style
  • Heavy for a single passenger trailer
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Schwinn Trailblazer Double

With the Schwinn name, you already know it is likely that you are looking at one of the best bike trailer options. This one is a double passenger model with generous proportions to ensure a comfortable ride. It also quickly converts to a stroller with a large handle and small front wheel to allow optimal maneuverability.

It comes with a universal coupler that attaches instantly to almost any sort of bike. The innovative “quick release” wheels and folding frame make it easy to transport in even a smaller vehicle or store out of sight during the off-seasons.

The trailer itself features a weather shield canopy that converts instantly into a bug screen if desired. Side windows are large and made of nylon, so airflow comes from the front and rear. The seats feature built-in, five point harnesses with mesh pocket at the head to accommodate helmets. Padding on the entire seat ensures a comfortable ride. This model is designed for two children with maximum weights of 40 pounds each, and it has an additional cargo area capable of holding up to 12 pounds.


  • Roomy and generously sized
  • Converts to stroller
  • Folds flatly and compactly for storage


  • No mesh in the windows
  • Doesn’t work as a jogger
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Allen Sports Deluxe

One of the lowest profile trailers on this list of the best trailer options, it is also touted for its affordable pricing. If you are in the market for a daily use trailer that is good for paved roads and trailers, this is a good option.

Small and quite light in total weight, it is an easy to use model. It has features a steel frame and steel wheels (16” air wheels), but they do not encumber the biker with a lot of extra weight. The trailer is graded for up to 100 pounds in total, with seating comfortable for most kids up to 40 pounds.

It features quick release wheels and a foldable design for easier transportation and storage in even a smaller vehicle or home. Riders get a bare bones seating design with five-point harnesses and an open air rear window. Vinyl side windows and a vinyl front window that zips open completes the setup. There is also a foot shield.

The trailer connects with a universal coupler, enabling riders to use almost any type of bike. Total interior of this model is 21″ W x 21″ L x 21″ H, which is not the roomiest on the market.


  • Very affordable
  • Easy to use
  • Couples with most bikes


  • No weather resistance or mesh covering
  • Smaller wheels
  • Least favorable hitch style

Schwinn Trailblazer Single

Almost identical in overall design to the double model already reviewed above, this option is sized for a single passenger. It can accommodate a child up to 40 pounds plus around 12 pounds of additional carbo in the storage area. It too has the quick release wheels and foldable frame for easy transport or storage.

It attaches with Schwinn’s universal coupler, making it easy to get up and going with just a few steps. However, the coupler is designed to ensure that the trailer remains upright if a biker tips or falls over altogether.

It also has the two-in-one canopy that shields the passenger from the weather and which can be converted into a bug shield to allow optimal air flow. A rear window opens when needed and a mesh pocket easily accommodates the helmet.

The frame has no floor, so seating is hammock style, but it is a padded trailer for comfort. It features a five-point harnessing system for optimal safety.


  • Good pricing
  • Full of safety features
  • Folds flat quickly


  • No cargo pocket
  • Smaller tires than other options
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Instep Quick-N-EZ Double Seat Foldable

Designed for two passengers, this durable model is a great bicycle trailer for the active family. This is because it has stroller capability and is designed for almost any sort of ride.

Fitted with 16” pneumatic tires on molded rims, it delivers a comfortable and smooth ride. The frame is rugged and durable, but lightweight and can fold flat in seconds. The quick release wheels make it easy to pack it into a car or put it out of the way when in storage.

It features a 2-in-1 cover that works as a bug screen with fill air flow or as a weather shield that does not obstruct the view. It has a rear vent window that also allows ample room for a helmeted head. It can carry up to 100 pounds or two children of 40 pounds each and roughly 15 pounds of additional cargo.

It works with most modern bikes and features a simple and easy to use coupler. It arrives with a safety flag, as well as the front wheel and handlebar that allows it to turn into a rugged and roomy stroller.


  • Durable and flexible
  • 2-in-1 canopy for optimal comfort
  • Convertible to a stroller


  • Smaller wheels than other options
  • Not weather resistant
  • No floor, so fabric may sag
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Thule Chariot Cross Sport

This is easily one of the bike and stroller trailer combos for the most active people because it is designed to be used for biking, strolling, jogging and even when skiing. Conversions are done via the Thule VersaWing system that also enables near instant folding after the quick release wheels are removed.

This model has an adjustable leaf-spring suspension for the smoothest ride among almost any other options and the removable seats make it easier to keep the trailer clean and ensure kids remain comfortable. Thickly padded, they recline independently to ensure that a napping child can be easily laid flat (on the go, thanks to the one handed recline grip). This comes with the stroller and trailer kits; the skiing and jogging kits require separate purchase.

With its extra-large cargo area, this model ensures you can bring enough gear or supplies for a full day on the road or trail.

Surprisingly lightweight, it features a universal hitch for biking and weighs in at only 28 pounds. It features full weather shields on the front and sides, mesh pockets at the head for helmet wearing passengers, five-point harnesses and a foot guard.

Though much pricier than others on this list of the highest quality bike trailers, this one is also designed to give the widest array of functions and features Thule’s lifetime guarantee.


  • Multi-function trailer can even go cross country skiing
  • Lightweight and yet durable
  • Reclining seats


  • Quite costly
  • Does not come with all four conversion kits
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Schwinn Day Tripper Cargo

One of only two cargo trailers we have included on our list, this comes with the quality of the Schwinn brand attached to it. As a firm in business since the 1800s, and always specializing in bicycles, it makes sense that they would be able to provide an optimally designed cargo trailer.

Weighing in at only 26 pounds, this is a good choice when out on the trails or roads for a day or longer. It is a stable design that uses a wider frame to allow for better balance as well as a bit more storage. It can hold up to 100 pounds of cargo and even features fixed d-rings in the bed of the trailer to allow users to tie down and secure their belongings.

It is like many other trailers in its ability to collapse and fold quickly, with 16” air filled tires that feature molded rims and quick release design, it stores easily. It is a two-wheel design, meaning that you won’t have to worry about uncontrollable torque that would make it difficult to bike with ease with a fully-loaded trailer in tow.

This features Schwinn’s universal coupler that enables quick connections to any sort of bike and it also means that the trailer can remain upright even if the rider topples or the bike lays flat. Weather proof panels on the side and roof add a bit more protection and stability to the cargo. This arrives with a safety flag for added security.

Easily one of the most responsive and manageable cargo trailers, it is sure to be a good choice if you want the best trailer for towing gear.


  • Designed for easy maneuverability
  • Flexible and yet supports stable and secure loading
  • Can tow up to 100 pounds


  • Needs assembly
  • Wheels are smaller than some other models
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Schwinn Rascal Pet Trailer

Though many people convert a bike trailer to a vehicle for transporting pets, this is the top bike carriage for when you are bringing your furriest best friend along for a ride. Another product with the Schwinn brand behind it, it has had a great deal of design and engineering put into to ensure pets stay cool, safe, stable and secure.

It uses many of the same design elements as the cargo and passenger trailers, including two wheels that measure 16” and are air filled with molded rims. These are going to limit torque and allow the rider to retain control and enjoy a smoother and more stable experience. There is also the universal tow hitch that ensures the trailer remains upright even if the biker falls over and the bike lays flat or tumbles.

The trailer can hold up to 50 pounds along with another 12 pounds of gear. It has been designed entirely differently from human passenger vehicles and features both rear and front doors to make it easier for a pet to climb in and out at every stop (without uncoupling the trailer). The paneling is full of mesh windows that ensure full airflow. The canopy features a weather-proof window, too. The frame also has a built-in, adjustable leash that can ensure no escapes or problems.

The trailer folds flat and features quick release wheels to ensure you can bring it anywhere or easily store it out of sight. It comes with reflectors and a safety flag, too.


  • Designed specifically for pets
  • Spacious and light in total weight
  • Stays upright even if the cyclist falls


  • Holds only 50 pounds
  • Interior does not allow larger dog to stand or sit upright
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Aosom Elite II 3in1 Double

For the family seeking an option that works as a trailer, stroller or jogger, check out the Aosom Elite. It can hold up to 88 pounds in total and has been designed with both safety and comfort in mind.

This model features an all-weather canopy that protects passengers from rain, wind and sunlight thanks to its mesh and nylon windows. The passengers are ensured a comfortable ride due to the sling-style design that incorporates lots of padding and a five-point safety harness. The head areas accommodate helmets easily and the rear window optimizes air flow. Full padding ensures a comfortable ride.

This model uses quick change conversion kits that add a 360 degree wheel to the front in order to allow stability and control when using it as a jogger or stroller.

It features the manufacturer’s Type A hitch that connects with almost all models of bicycle. This model folds flat for easy storage and weighs a bit more than others at around 39 pounds. However, it is generously sized at 42”x34”x49”. It features a steel frame and 20” wheels as well as a hand locking braking system for the two rear wheels to ensure the stroller does not move when stopped.

It arrives with an array of reflectors, a reflective cover and a safety flag.


  • Padded seats and roomy interior
  • Converts to three different purposes
  • Full of safety features


  • Hitch does not allow trailer to remain upright in accidents
  • 12” front wheel has some complaints of wobbling
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Weehoo 2

This is the best kids bike trailer for parents eager to put kids to work during any trip since it is a trailer with a crank and drive assembly and functional pedals. In essence, one of the two passengers aboard this unique trailer will be able to use the pedals attached to their seats and support the cyclist over any sort of terrain. The rear seat features only a secure platform, with safety straps, to rest their feet while the first seat allows the rider to use the pedal assembly.

This is not so much a trailer as an extension of the bicycle itself. The hitch attaches just below the bicycle seat and features two individual seats, aligned along the length of the frame rather than side by side. The trailer has only a single wheel at the far back, and yet the trailer is fully balanced to ensure safety and stability.

Easy to tow even without help from the passengers, it features the two generously sized seats offering a comfortable fit for kids up to 40 pounds each. With full harnesses and some padding, the seats also feature grip bars for stability, and even a side pouch for a water bottle.

The trailer features a large cargo hold at the back, and the entire chain and crank assembly is enclosed to prevent any sort of safety concerns. The seats can be adjusted forward to give optimal leg room, as well.

If you want a trailer for active trips, this is a great choice. It includes a safety flag, and optional canopies are available for separate purchase.


  • Allows the parent to receive some help in riding
  • Ensures passengers never get bored
  • Fits two passengers


  • Does not fold flat for storage
  • Has no kickstand
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Schwinn Joyrider Double

As you might have already guessed, the Schwinn name can be safely associated with the best bike trailer options. This double passenger trailer is just another example. Large and elegantly designed, it is capable of being converted for use as a stroller and jogger in addition to a bike trailer.

Unlike other models, this one uses a stroller-like design rather than a trailer silhouette. It features a rounded front window that includes mesh panels to keep out the bugs as well as weather shields to enable use at almost any time. The conversion process takes seconds and involves the installation of a single front wheel that ensures stability when walking or jogging.

This model offers 20” wheels and allows you to fold the trailer flat for storage or transportation. It includes the universal coupler that works with any sort of bike and which guarantees safety by keeping the trailer upright even if you topple over on your bike.

Kids remain secure thanks to the five-point harness system, and this trailer can accommodate two kids up to 40 pounds each, along with an additional 12 pounds of cargo.

For those eager to get more of a jogging and strolling option than a bike trailer, this is a good choice. It is made to withstand the elements and give a roomy and comfortable ride, and yet it is durable and rugged enough for almost any outdoor adventure.


  • Designed for lots of weather conditions
  • Converts easily to one of three uses
  • Collapsible for storage


  • Wheels don’t remove for storage
  • Smaller front wheel may wobble during jogging over tougher terrain
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Aosom Wanderer Folding Bicycle Bike Cargo

This is the best bike trailer for anyone who needs or wants to have the highest amount of towing capacity. Capable of supporting 110 pounds of gear, it is crafted of steel bars, but is ultra-flexible thanks to its detachable front and back panels and side panels that can fold inwards and lay flat on the trailer floor.

It is a two-wheel design (quick release) and yet it is balanced to prevent any bogging down or difficulty in handling the trailer when starting or at speed. It connects using the manufacturer’s Type B hitch, which is a universal hitch that fits almost any type of bicycle.

The size of the trailer (with the sides up) is 57″ long x 27.6″ wide x 19.2″ high and the wheels are 16”. It is fitted with an array of reflectors and will easily become a go-to resource for lengthy trips or biking holidays as well as a reliable tow vehicle for those who count on bikes for their daily needs.


  • Durable and capable of high towing amounts
  • Sides fold or disconnect for oversized loads
  • Easy to use coupling


  • Steel construction makes for heavier trailer
  • No braking system
  • No cargo rings or nets
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In Conclusion

We have no looked at an array of bike trailers that all rate as some of the best options for 2019. As we said at the opening of this review, though, not all trailers will rate as the best for you or your needs.

So, how do you begin to narrow down the options? You ask yourself some very pointed questions:

What are we doing with the trailer? – Are you towing one little person a very short distance? Are you towing two kids on weekly rides along rail trails, roads and other byways? Are you towing a dog or two? Maybe there is nothing living in your trailer and it is all about towing gear while doing lengthy rides? Maybe you want to do the weekly shopping on your bike and need a trailer? Figure out specifically what you’ll need it for and then look at these suggestions.

What are the conditions you’ll bike in? – No matter what, you have to understand if you are going to need weather protection, bug screens, good ventilation, roomier interiors to prevent jostling and overheating, and so on.

What will the trailer’s passenger need? – Are you towing a toddler who may benefit from a reclining seat? Are you towing a dog that would appreciate front and rear loading options so they can stretch their legs every once in a while?

bike trailers for kids

Will you need to store the trailer? – Think about the size of the average bike trailer. The best trailer for you may be one that can store 100% flat and even feature quick-release wheels that allow it to tuck into a closet or the cargo area of the car without too much fuss

What is the budget? – This is everyone’s least favorite question, but it has to be a realistic factor with most family budgets. Of course, purchasing with payment plans or with credit is always an option, but that is a very personal decision. In the world of the bike trailers, you get what you pay for, so start with the best figure your budget can manage.

What about compatibility? – You will find that almost all bikes (and keep in mind that the words “almost all” do not mean “every” bike) can accommodate the universal hitches available. Double check this factor early in the selection process to avoid upset or frustration.

What about your fitness level? – Understand that towing a 25 to 40 pound trailer with two kids inside of it is not easy. If you need to be aware of every pound behind you, pay attention to the weight of the trailer when it is empty. Look at things like shipping weights to get a good idea. Though they are balanced and some will feature systems to eliminate a bit of torque or handling trouble, not all do this and it is up to you to be realistic about your capabilities.

Those are the keys to choosing the top bike trailer for your needs, and don’t feel you to limit yourself to one. Perhaps you find that you like to tow the dog on your private morning rides or that you might have become such an avid biker that a cargo trailer and a regular trailer will be of use. You have some of the best options itemized above, and you can find how to purchase them in the links below.