Top 10 Best Bodyboards for 2023

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If you’re someone who is looking to get into a fun watersport that is constantly rising in popularity, it might be time to learn how to boogie board. These boards, also known as bodyboards, are similar to surfboards in that they give you the chance to ride the waves of your favorite ocean. However, they aren’t exactly like surfboards because rather than standing on the board, you typically lay flat on your stomach when boogie board surfing.

Body boards are smaller than surfboards but are just as capable of taking on the craziest waves you come across. In fact, you’ll find that a ton of professional surfers also enjoy spending time on a bodyboard. Even those without the confidence to surf may find that the best bodyboards will allow you to enjoy the water without a lot of trouble. It’s a simple sport that nearly anyone can get into without a lot of training or practice.

On the other hand, purchasing the equipment you need for great bodyboarding can be a bit more complicated. There are a lot of factors that need to be considered before you press that order button. We’ve searched and found the top bodyboards and want to share them with you. We’ll also give you all the information you need to pick the perfect bodyboard for your needs.

First, let’s look at the top boards and exactly what you can expect from them.

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The Best Bodyboard

Morey Mach 7 Bodyboard41” & 42”5.5 PoundsNo products found.
BPS Storm Bodyboard33”, 37”, & 41”3 PoundsNo products found.
Own the Wave Beach Attack Pack33”, 37”, & 41”1.7 PoundsNo products found.
California Board Company Switch Bodyboard42”2.5 PoundsNo products found.
Thurso Surf DuoSlider Bodyboard42”5.4 PoundsNo products found.
Custom X Titan XPE Crescent Tail Bodyboard41”, 42”, 43”, 44”, & 45”3 PoundsNo products found.
GoPlus Super Bodyboard41”3.4 PoundsNo products found.
Thurso Surf Lightning Bodyboard Package42”10.1 PoundsNo products found.
Bo-Toys Bodyboard33” & 41”2 PoundsNo products found.
GYN Trade Heat Sealed Legendary Pro X Bodyboard33”, 37”, 41”, 42”, & 45”1.5 PoundsNo products found.

Morey Mach 7 Bodyboard

If you want a board that is supremely aesthetically pleasing, this Morey boogie board is a great place to start. This board comes in a bright yellow or a bright orange with black writing on the tip of the board. However, the bottom of the board is all black. The board comes in 41 or 42” which is reasonable for many riders, but shorter adults and children might appreciate a smaller board. It’s really up to preference if the size will be right for your needs.

The tail of this board is a bat tail which means the board is very maneuverable. It also increases the speed at which this professional boogie board can skim through the water. There are wings on the tail as well which makes the board more stable than others available today. This makes it a great choice for a beginner or someone who is becoming more proficient on the water.

This Morey board is encased in polyethylene which creates a smoother underside of the board. It has an XPS core for a safer ride which works well for beginners. Unlike most boards, it also has 50/50 rails as opposed to 60/40 ones. This is another feature that makes this board lightning fast in the water. On top of that, this board incorporates a power rod stringer. The string is exceptionally strong and would be nearly impossible to separate from the board.


  • Features a bottom reinforced by a power rod stringer
  • Weight capacity of up to 180 pounds
  • Offers a crescent tail design


  • More expensive than some bodyboards available
No products found.

BPS Storm Bodyboard

The BPS Storm Bodyboard is a fantastic starter board that comes at a reasonable price and will last you a long time. This boogie surf board offers an EPS core for durability, rear channels for extra quickness, and a crescent tail which adds extra performance to every ride. The board is designed to work well in various types of waves but excels in bodyboarding near the shore.

There are a reasonable amount of accessories available for the price point of this board. It comes with a coiled leash along with two fin savers in case you need them down the line. It works well for all ages and sizes of riders since it comes in three different sizes. The 33” version is great for small children while adults will prefer the 41” board.

A lot of bodyboarding companies don’t offer a warranty or if they do, it’s pretty limited. BPS seems to be one of the few exceptions as they offer a year warranty against manufacturer’s defects. That means you can purchase this boogieboard without worrying it is going to fall apart in a few weeks. As far as riders go, this board is great for beginners and intermediates but may fall short for large riders or those who are interested in doing tricks.


  • Inexpensive option for beginners
  • Increased speed through slick base to channel water
  • Comes with coiled leash and fin tethers


  • Some users have experienced delamination
No products found.

Own the Wave Beach Attack Pack

When you’re searching for the best boogie boards, Own the Wave offers a package that can’t be beat in terms of price and extras. It comes with the bodyboard, a coiled leash, a pair of fin savers, and instructions about how to care for and use the new product. Installation involves placing the fins but other than that it’s pretty much ready to go.

This is a lightweight board that is a dream in the water. It’s easy to carry and transport so the trek from your vehicle to the beach won’t be difficult, even if it takes a bit of walking. Because this best boogie board is lightweight, that also means that it can get a lot of speed once you’re into the wave. This product is 100% guaranteed for up to 12 months so you know you’re getting a quality product with this Amazon bodyboard.

This board has a slick polyethylene bottom which ensures low friction while on the water. It also adds to the speed through the use of the EPS core and the bottom rear channels on the board. On top of that, it looks great on the water courtesy of the color selections available. Rides can choose from blue, green, or purple boards with a selection of colors available for the logo, as well.


  • Comes with a one year 100% guarantee
  • Features rear channels and an EPS core
  • High-quality crescent tail design


  • Some concerns about quality


No products found.

California Board Company Switch Bodyboard

If what you’re looking for is good bodyboarding at a discount price, there are few boards that will beat what the California Board Company Switch Bodyboard has to offer. It features a contoured deck with a strong core and comes with a swivel wrist leash, so you have no chance of losing it in the middle of a massive wave. It has a weight limit of 200 pounds and is recommended for intermediate riders.

This board offers an indented deck, which means that you can keep your arms comfortably resting as the crescent tail cradles the lower half of your body. It comes with an EPS core which means the boogieboard is lightweight, but it also has plenty of strength to handle whatever you throw at it. The base is made of polyethylene and offers channels that help direct water. This helps you keep better aim toward wherever you want the board to go.

The wrist leash keeps the bodyboard board next to you at all times. The board has been shown to offer the ability to handle even the largest waves in the ocean. It also has a special design to make it last and keep it comfortable even when you’re in the water for a long time. It’s also less than four pounds so carting it around is no problem.


  • Offers a crescent tail design
  • Made of high-quality HDPE plastic
  • Channels on bottom for speed and navigation


  • May not be as durable as other boards
No products found.

Thurso Surf DuoSlider Bodyboard

When it comes to most aesthetically appealing boogie boards for water, Thurso has made magic happen with the Surf DuoSlider Bodyboard. It features a wooden texture with blue and white stripes and black writing on top of the board. The bottom is entirely white. The board is large enough to accommodate one adult and a smaller rider. The bodyboard also comes with two bodyboard leashes so you can jump right into the water after it gets to your front door.

This board uses the most modern construction techniques. It has EPS foam for flexibility and strength which makes it simple to ride even for someone who is new to boogieboarding. It is made for beginners and intermediate writers and includes a crescent tail design for extra speed and stability. It has a slick bottom that allows for easy gliding through the water even when waves are present. The deck is made of 4mm thick IXPE which is nonslip and soft.

Since this boogie board bodyboard comes with a leash, there’s little chance of your board getting away from you in the water. The only real point that might dissuade some people from choosing this boogie board is the fact that it comes in only a single size. However, if a 42” board is the right size for you, there are a lot of positives to choosing this one from Thurso.


  • Crescent tail for speed and stability
  • Deck made of high-density 4mm IXPE
  • EPS foam for flexibility and strength


  • Only available in a single size
No products found.

Custom X Titan XPE Crescent Tail Bodyboard

While the Custom X Titan XPR bodyboard is fairly affordable, it still comes with a lot of the features you would expect on something higher end. The large bodyboard has a great look with the deck made of a dark gray color and a red Custom X logo on the top of the board. The bottom right also has red lettering. The bottom of the bodyboard is white while the rails are red. The board also comes in yellow, black, or blue with the same configuration.

What makes this board unique from the others is that it can be used as a drop knee or prone bodyboard. It’s stiff and stable in the areas where you need it for drop knee riding but has plenty of speed and control for prone riding. This is one of the reasons the board is considered such a great value. You essentially get two options in one shiny package.

The core of this bodyboard is made of polyethylene while the deck uses a tight cell deck material. Unlike older boogieboards, it has a harder feel with extra flotation. The bottom of the board is slick for quickness and stability. It also comes with the choice of a bat tail or crescent tail. The crescent is better for those who plan to use the board for drop knee use.


  • Long-lasting and durable materials
  • Flexible for body or dropped knee riding
  • Slick bottom with channels for better speed


  • More expensive than some bodyboards available
No products found.

GoPlus Super Bodyboard

This GoPlus Super Bodyboard weights only two pounds so it makes the perfect option for trips to the beach and back. This boogieboard is designed for young riders who are learning to enjoy the waves. As such, it has a maximum capacity of 145 pounds. The board is made with an EPS core to offer the top buoyance and durability while remaining lightweight and easy to use for even small children.

The bottom of the boogie board is created of polyethylene which helps increase the speed of the board. There are rear channels that help to direct water and keep you on the path you want to be. It also offers a 60/40 rail configuration which bumps up the maneuverability and control. While the board comes in only a single size at 41”, it does come in all sorts of colors with interesting graphics on the front.

In addition to the professional bodyboard, this comes with a leash mount and a leash, so you don’t have to go searching for your board if the waves wipe you out. With the design and quality of this board, it’s certainly one of the best professional bodyboards out there. However, due to the size, it’s best suited to smaller riders and would make a great gift to the kids.


  • Comes with a leash and leash mount
  • EPS core is buoyant, lightweight, and durable
  • Offers a limited lifetime warranty for peace of mind


  • May not be as durable at some bodyboards
No products found.

Thurso Surf Lightning Bodyboard Package

Thurso Surf might not be the first name you think of when it comes to boogie boards for sale, but that might change in the future because both this Lightning board and the DuoSlider board have a lot to offer someone looking for pro boogie boards. That said, this board is probably best for beginners since it’s easy to ride but doesn’t really pack in extra performance. While you can do tricks with it, that’s not the primary focus as much as stability is.

This bodyboard itself is made of high-density crosslinked polyethylene foam (IPXE) that is often found in the top end boards. It has been sealed and heat laminated which prevents it from delaminating after you take it out into the water a handful of time. The deck is 4mm thick for a decent amount of forgiving cushioning. The core is made of expanded polyolefin for durability and strength.

This boogieboard comes with a leash that swivels in every direction for when you fall off. It also comes with a storage bag so you can transport is easily from one place to another. Those who are beginners or who have kids that want to try out bodyboarding could do far worse than to choose the Lightening board. It has the construction to last while being friendly to those new on the water.


  • Sealed and laminated IPXE body to prevent delamination
  • Includes a leash and bag for storage
  • 4mm thick deck for durability and strength


  • Not appropriate for expert riders
No products found.

Bo-Toys Bodyboard

The Bo-Toys bodyboard is another contender for the best bodyboard for beginners. It has a nice aesthetic and comes in four colors: blue, pink, red, and green. Each board has a bright design in yellow, green, white, or blue depending on the color of the board. The board comes in two sizes, 33” or 41”. This gives you a bit of variety when choosing a board that fits your size and weight the best. These boogie boards are lightweight and easy to transport.

Rather than 50/50 rails, the ones on the Bo-Toys are 60/40 which is done to allow the board to be controlled and turned after different speeds. This offers an extra layer of safety on the water. While this is a lightweight board, it’s pretty stable even for those who are just getting started near the waves. It’s made with an EPS core and incorporates heat lamination technology for durability and strength.

This board comes with a wristband and leash attached so you won’t lose your bodyboard in the water. The leash is a high-quality option, so you don’t have to worry about it getting destroyed after spending a lot of time in the ocean. If you want a decent board that can stand the water and works well for a beginner, this is a solid choice to make.


  • Durable and high-quality construction
  • Crescent tail provides better control
  • Super slick bottom with channels for comfort


  • Some users have experienced bubbling
No products found.

GYN Trade Heat Sealed Legendary Pro X Bodyboard

GYN Trade is one of the top bodyboard brands and we’re going to end out list on their Legendary Pro X boogie board. As with other boards by this brand, this one is compact and features a lightweight design. While the board is made for those who are somewhat experienced on a board, it can also work well for kids or adults who are just getting into the sport for the first time.

This bodyboard has strength and durability courtesy of the tough EPS foam used in the core. It is meant to be used even in the largest waves and handling the pressure. The additional of a heating laminated shell means it will work well in both cold and warm water. It has a crescent tail shape and a slick bottom for added performance in whatever waters you prefer.

While this bodyboard is best known for its top durability, it’s also simple to maneuver. The rails are 60/40 which means the board is rigid but that it can stand buoyant in versatile waters even when going at quick speeds. You can expect minimal drag and the ability to turn easily so you can show off all your favorite tricks. The package comes with the board as well as a leash.


  • Various size and color options for different sizes of riders
  • Extra space available for carrying gear
  • Great option for intermediate and advanced riders


  • Some users experience mild bubbling problems
No products found.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Perfect Bodyboard

When choosing the best boogie board for sale, there are numerous things to keep in mind. The first is that you want a quality board that is the right width and length for your build, height, and the waves you plan to spend time riding. Those who are heavier will want to choose a board with more width and possibly a thicker core.

Recoil and flex are also important to consider as they relate to how your board is going to work. The materials that are used to make a board affect how it recoils and bends to its shape, although there is a bit more to it than that. If you are going to be riding in cold water or a cold climate, a board with more flex is the best option while the opposite is true in places that are hot.

The Right Shape & Size of Board

If you were to stand next to a few boards, the right size would be one that stands up to around your hip or navel. Those who are going to be surfing in weak waves or who are heavier will also want to think about the level of flotations. This doesn’t mean you should choose a longer board, but that buoyancy can be added through a wider board with a thicker core.

Narrow boards are the fastest but pulling tricks can be harder at slow speeds. They don’t do well in weak or small waves. Medium width boards are the best all-rounder boogie boards, but heavier riders may need a bit more push in a wave. The wider boards are capable of greater flotation and work well for larger riders.

What to Know About the Widepoint

When we reference the widepoint, that is the area that is widest on the board from the nose. Boards that have a widepoint toward the middle tend to work well in all conditioners whether drop knee or prone. As the wide point goes further up, the board will become more directional. That is an advantage in large waves since your weight is pulled forward for added speed.

Why Choose a Flat Board

It’s important that you choose a bodyboard that is very flat. The best way to judge this is by holding the board on its edge and staring down the rail, which should be flat. If a board has some curve, that makes it harder to catch a wave on. Those boards are slower and push water more. The rocker is useful for turns, but you should be able to bend it into the boogie board when riding.

All About Recoil and Flex

As we mentioned earlier, the right materials in your board are going to depend on the climate where you are. A stiff board is best for use in clean surf, warm waters, and big waves. However, they don’t do as well in choppy waves. On the other hand, a more flexible board is easier to control, faster, and can get you through rolls, spins, and air without a problem.

boogie boards

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Board Construction Considerations

You might wonder what makes the different between a board that is a few dollars and one that costs $100 or more. While it can vary based on the actual bodyboards, it mainly comes down to the level of performance, strength, and build quality. All the boards we’ve listed are great choices, but we want to delve a little deeper.

Expanded polystyrene (EPS) cores come in boards of all sizes and shapes. If you choose one that is well-designed, the performance can be pretty good. However, you want to watch out for models that are badly shaped or poorly laminated. A thick core is a good sign as is having a dense deck and rail materials. These boards tend to be the least expensive available.

The next material is polyethylene. This is typically higher quality than EPS but that isn’t always the case. The quality of the core and the density are important. You should be looking for a density of about 2.3 pounds per cubic foot and up to get the best results out in the waves. If not, a less expensive board might be just as good without breaking the bank.

What to Know About Rails

When a boogie board has double rails, that means there are two different layers of foam on each side of the board. The extra layer helps add stiffness which adds strength to the edge of the board. This gives you a better level of speed and more durability.

In most cases, the layer on the inside is a higher density crosslinked foam. The material used for the outer rails can vary but the basic ideas if that double crosslinked rails go on crosslinked deck boards while open cell boards are used with crosslink inner and open cell outer materials. The best boards are going to have double rails in nearly all cases.

About Mesh & Stringer Rods

The best bodyboards will often have stringers fitted inside which adds additional strength. Stringers also help the board spring back to its regular shape. Having too many stringers can lead to a board that is too stiff. In most cases, a strong core only needs a single stringer. Some stringers are made of plastic, but the best ones are made from carbon fiber which gives extra flex at the top of the board.

Understanding Tail and Nose Bumpers

The boards that have tail or nose bumpers are typically created from a high-density foam that is attached under the tail or nose to prevent delamination. The corners of body boards tend to take the brunt of punishment while on the waves, so this can add extra protection that ensures a board will last longer than it otherwise would. This is something you should consider when choosing the right board for you.

All About Tail Shape

There are two types of tail shapes common for a boogie board: bat tail and crescent tail. A bat tail tends to best when you’re in unpredictable conditions or weaker surf. It creates extra flotation in the back of the board for extra speed. The crescent tail, on the other hand, is user friendly for drop knee or prone riding and is a good choice for all-around boarding.

Picking the Right Bodyboard

Now that you know the top 10 bodyboards out there and what you should look for when purchasing a board, you’re well on your way to being out on the waves. Take a look at what the best boards offer and consider the water you’ll be in along with your body size when choosing the board that best fits your needs. Don’t waste your summer in research, get out there and have some fun.