10 Best Cruiser Bikes of 2024

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Love the idea of cruising around town in comfort on a bike with huge balloon-style tires, and plenty of space for groceries or luggage in the back? Cruiser bikes are the epitome of style – a sleek, classic and refined ride. Of course, there are plenty of different models out there to choose from. Thankfully, we’ve assembled a list of the best cruiser bikes for you right here. Ready to find your ride? Dive in!

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Our Best Cruiser Bike Recommendations

Cruiser bikes are unlike any other on the market, so if you’ve never ridden one, comparisons can be tough. Let’s give you a hand with that. Our recommendations are as follows:

Now that we’ve given you an overview of everything you need to know about the best cruiser bikes, it’s time to delve a bit deeper into each.


Sixthreezero Around the Block Women’s

If you’re looking for a true classic cruiser to ride, you can’t go wrong with sixthreezero’s Around the Block women’s 26-inch cruiser. It features one, three or even 21-speed capabilities, has hand brakes for better stopping power, and comes with a luggage rack over the rear wheel.

You’ll find that this beach cruiser is available in a very wide range of colors, from teal to plum, and that the wide tires provide plenty of traction and comfort. The seat is also wide and the foam-covered handles ensure a good grip. Note that this bike does not come with fenders.


  • Features a stylish look with blacked-out components and a rear rack for baskets and panniers
  • Curvy, classic beach cruiser has a 17-inch durable steel frame with comfortable, casual riding around the neighborhood
  • Offers an upright riding style to keep your shoulders and back comfortable while riding
  • Comes with 26-inch aluminum wheels with large, waffle tread tires for a cushioned cycling experience and smooth ride


  • Some users have experienced purchasing bikes that come with bent rims and brakes
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Sixthreezero EVRYjourney Women’s

For those seeking an even more classic cruiser-style bike, the sixthreezero EVRYjourney women’s 26-inch bike is an excellent choice. It features a deeper V-shape than the Around the Block, but shares the same wide tires, wide seat and broad color selection.

The deeper frame notch in this women’s cruiser is designed to allow riders to simply step through when mounting the bike. Note that this cruiser bike does come with fenders. It also features hand brakes, and can be equipped as a single-speed, three-speed, seven-speed or 21-speed bike. It also has a luggage rack over the rear wheel, but it does not include a front basket.


  • Offers a step-through aluminum frame and is a seven-speed hybrid for cruising, touring, and commuting
  • The beach cruiser frame is swooping and low for easy step-through entry to get on and off the bicycle
  • Features brown synthetic saddle and grips with classic stitching and 2-inch semi-slick tires
  • The ride offers seven-speed external derailleur with rear and front handbrakes for a range of riding options


  • May be prone to nicks and scratches in the finish and some have experienced bent frames
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Firmstrong Urban Lady Beach Cruiser

Another timeless classic for women’s cruisers, the Firmstrong Urban Lady Beach Cruiser Bicycle is available in a very wide range of colors. It can be equipped as a 26-inch or 24-inch bike, although it is only available as a single-speed (a true classic beach cruiser). Note that this bike uses back-pedal braking, and hand brakes are not available.

It does not include fenders, nor does it feature a front basket or a luggage rack for the rear. The tires are wide, with thick whitewalls, mounted to color-contrasting rims (pink, chrome and matte black are just some of the rim color choices available).


  • Features single-speed style cruiser design for relaxed and comfortable riding around the neighborhood
  • Offers a curvy beach cruiser design with aluminum wheels and 15-inch steel frame
  • Comes with an oversized seat with dual springs to add comfort along with wide handlebars with rubber grips
  • Can be used by women from five to six feet tall and has a maximum weight capacity of 300 pounds


  • Some users have experienced receiving bikes with bent frames or paint that is chipping off the ride
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Sixthreezero Around the Block Men’s

Nearly identical to the women’s version of this classic beach cruiser bike, the men’s model features a more robust frame, as well as a third support bar. It includes a rear luggage rack over the back tire, but does not come with a front basket.

Note that this bike can be equipped with a single-speed, three-speed, seven-speed or 21-speed drivetrain. The bike itself is only available in black, but you can opt for a black seat and handles, brown seat and matching handles, or white seat and matching handles.


  • Features a 19-inch durable steel frame and curvy cruiser design for comfortable and casual riding around your neighborhood
  • The single-speed option offers exceptional riding on flat terrain and backward pedaling brakes for quick stops
  • Offers 26-inch aluminum wheels with large, waffle tread tires for extra cushioning when riding


  • Some have experienced receiving assembly instructions for the wrong cruiser bicycle
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Sixthreezero EVRYjourney Men’s

Closely resembling the women’s version of this classic beach cruiser, the EVRYjourney men’s bike is technically a hybrid, combining a street bike and a cruiser. The frame is thicker than many other cruisers for better durability, and it is available with a number of drivetrain options (single, three, seven or 21-speeds).

Like the Around the Block, this men’s bike is only available in black, but you can choose matching handles and seats in black, brown or white. It also features hand brakes, a rear luggage rack, and both front and rear fenders. There is no included front basket on the ride.


  • The seven-speed hybrid bike comes with an aluminum frame designed for urban commutes, cruising, or touring
  • Offers both front and rear handbrakes ideal for a large range of riding options from leisure to long-distance
  • A comfortable saddle is made of synthetic leather with grips offering classic stitching


  • Some users have received bicycles with bent or damaged fenders out of the box
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Firmstrong Urban Man Beach Cruiser

Featuring the iconic beach cruiser style, the Firmstrong Urban Man Beach Cruiser is at once refined yet rugged. It is available in over 10 different colors, with color contrasting rims like the women’s version. It also features a dual spring seat and hand brakes, and is available with either a single-speed, three-speed or seven-speed drivetrain.

Note that fenders are optional, but this beach cruiser model is not offered with a rear luggage rack or a front basket. The tires are wide, balloon-style, with large whitewalls. Note that this beach cruiser bike is designed to fit riders 5’5” and taller and is not offered in a size other than 26 inches.


  • Features a design where the rider sits upright to take any excess pressure off of the back
  • Offers balloon tires and dual spring saddle for a classic cruiser design that will fit right in
  • The single-speed bike has a 19-inch frame and 26-inch wheels to fit most men of 5’5” or taller


  • Some users have had issues soon after receiving the bike, necessitating a trip to a bike repair shop
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Schwinn Meridian Adult

The first company to offer a cruiser bike, Schwinn also offers a stunning beach cruiser trike today. This trike features the low-slung cruiser frame that you desire, coupled with the stability of three wheels. The ride uses hand brakes, has a very large basket on the rear for hauling groceries or other items, and offers a dual spring seat.

Note that this trike is available in several color combinations, but only uses a single speed drivetrain. The tires are slightly narrower than a traditional beach cruiser, and they lack any whitewall at all. The rims are wire spoked and made from aluminum, although the frame is tubular steel.


  • Cruiser bike comes with a large fold-down rear basket which can be used to haul purchases or gear as you ride
  • Large cruiser seat has a quick release height adjustability and swept-back handlebars that adjust from 37 to 40 inches in height
  • Offers a one-speed design for men or women with a low step-through style to easily get on or off when you ride


  • Some have experienced issues with chipped paint and damaged components upon receiving the bike
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Mobo Triton Pro Adult

Another trike, the Mobo Triton Pro Adult Tricycle is designed primarily for use on the beach, earning its entry to the “cruiser” section, although it lacks the typical cruiser body shape. However, it does include fenders over all three wheels.

Steering is accomplished using the innovative handles mounted near the base of the seat, and the frame is easily adjustable to accommodate riders of different heights. The low center of gravity means even those with limited balance can ride safely, and the low stance means that getting onto or off the trike is a snap for all riders.


  • Features a three-wheel design for adults and teens as a way to enjoy the outdoors and get exercise without balancing
  • Provides a reclined seat with an even cushioned support system and a stable, comfortable ride
  • Offers a hi-ten steel frame with a zero maintenance chainless design


  • May have issues with pedals falling off or tires needing to be replaced more quickly than expected
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Critical Cycles Chatham Men’s

A solid entry into the beach cruiser bike segment, the Critical Cycles Chatham is a minimalist beach cruiser. It lacks fenders on the front or rear, and the manufacturer likewise decided to omit the rear luggage rack. However, it does not lack in style. The men’s bike also features a comfortable dual spring seat, as well as wider than standard tires, although they lack whitewalls.

Note that the rims are color contrasting. The beach cruiser bike is available with a single-speed, three-speed or seven-speed drivetrain. Back-pedal brakes are equipped on the single-speed model, but the other two use hand brakes.


  • Cruiser comes with a classic frame of 26-inches with wide tires, a comfortable saddle, and soft foam grips
  • Created with a hand-built steel frame to offer better shock absorption and a softer ride than an aluminum frame
  • The single-speed bike comes with coaster brakes, a kickstand, and high handlebars for upright riding


  • The tires on this bicycle may not be as high quality as the other components on the ride
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Kent Dual Drive Tandem Comfort Bike

Looking for a way to take more than one person on a ride? Enter the Kent Dual Drive Tandem Comfort Bike. It blends the style and design of a cruiser with a comfort bike, and offers plenty of cushioning for two riders. The bike features a 21-speed drivetrain, dual-spring seats, hand brakes, gel saddle technology, and dual water bottle holders.

Note that there are no fenders offered, and the bike is only available in a single color (blue). The front wheel measures 26 inches, but the rear wheel measures 20 inches, meaning that the bike can easily accommodate both short and tall riders.


  • Tandem bike is made of high-quality materials with a cruiser frame and the ability to ride with another person
  • Comes equipped with Revo twist shifters and a 21-speed Shimano Tourney drive train for durability
  • Includes a pair of spring gel saddles for comfort and two water bottle holders for hydration


  • The ride may experience breakage of some components more quickly than expected
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Bikes – they’re fun, human-powered, affordable, and available in a wide range of styles, sizes, colors and configurations. Too many people hear the word “bicycle” and immediately think of options designed for kids, or perhaps BMX bikes and off-road bikes. While those are definitely popular, there’s much more to the world of modern bikes.

The Evolution of Bikes

While it’s impossible to pinpoint a single inventor, bicycles have been with us since the early 1800s, although very early models were not all that similar to what we use today. In 1817, the steerable front wheel was invented by the Baron von Drais. He was given a patent for his invention, and he created what would become the velocipede. That name faded away in the late 1800s as the term “bicycle” gained prominence.

It was not until the 1860s that Americans began to appreciate bicycle riding – it took the invention of pedals, brakes and new style developments for that to occur. In the late 1800s, a number of different bike styles came to the market, including the iconic racing design featuring a giant front wheel and a tiny rear wheel.

By the end of the 1870s, bikes had gained brakes and chain drives, with the first rear-wheel driven bike debuting in 1879. Pneumatic (air-filled) tires came to the market in 1888, followed by the pedal-back brake in 1889. Bicycles continued to evolve over the decades, and in 1933, the first cruiser bike debuted, built and sold by Schwinn.

The World of Modern Bicycles

Today, there are bikes for just about any need, from fitness to handling the daily commute to pleasure riding. In fact, there are just as many styles designed for adults as there are for children to ride, and you’re not limited to mountain bikes or multi-speed racing-inspired models.

Riding can be an exhilarating, enjoyable activity, but the right bike style is vital. For most adults, that means considering a cruiser bike, rather than a 10, 12, 14, or 20-speed model, or one designed for major off-roading. Why a cruiser, though? What benefits does this style of bike offer that cannot be found with something else?

What Makes a Cruiser Bike Different from Other Bikes?

beach cruising

There are quite a few distinguishing factors that separate cruiser bikes from other types on the market. However, perhaps the most important thing is this:

Cruiser bikes are designed for those who just want to enjoy a simple ride and the pleasure of biking.

Where other bikes might be designed for off-road capabilities, or to handle hard jouncing down a mountainside, or to get you up to near automobile speeds, that’s not the case with a cruiser. These bikes are about comfort, enjoyment, and taking life slow enough that you can have fun with it and the design proves this. They do work well as beach cruisers in most cases.

To really illustrate the differences, let’s take a closer look at the hardware and features found on cruiser bikes and how they compare to standard bikes.

  • Frame: Beach cruiser bike frames differ significantly from BMX, mountain bikes, and other styles on the market. The frame is usually more elaborate, with deeper curves, as well as a third support bar. While some bikes might use aluminum for lightness, cruisers usually use full steel frames for durability and support.
  • Pedals: You’ll find that unlike many other styles of bike on the market, cruiser bikes have very plain pedals. They’re usually made from plastic, and are flat. Most of them lack the teeth found on other pedal styles designed to enhance grip.
  • Tires: The tires on beach cruiser bikes are very wide, particularly in comparison with bikes designed for speed riding. They’re also rather tall, usually ranging between 24 inches and 29 inches, and most of them have very defined whitewalls. Those are usually mounted on conventional wire spoke rims that lack brake pad mounting brackets.
  • Handlebars: The handlebars on most cruisers are designed to foster a more comfortable sitting position while still maintaining excellent control over the bike. The handlebars extend back farther than many styles and feature a very deep U- shape as compared to other styles.
  • Seat/Saddle: As mentioned previously, one of the defining characteristics of a cruiser bike is the wide seat/saddle. Often, they are twice the width of standard street bike seats, and they are supported by springs in the back, rather than having rigid mounts. This provides more cushion and shock absorption while riding.
  • Braking: In most cases, cruiser bikes use the back-pedal braking method, rather than having hand brakes installed on the handlebars. With that being said, you will find some models on the market that do have front and rear hand brakes if you are concerned about stopping capabilities.
  • Drive Style: When it comes to driving methods, most cruiser bikes use a single gear chain drive, although there are three, seven-speed and even 21-speed systems on the market.

Why Consider Cruising?

summer beach cruiser surfer

Why should you consider owning a beach cruiser bike? Actually, there are as many reasons as there are cruiser bike owners, but some of the most common reasons include the following:

  • Comfort: One of the most common reasons to own a cruiser rather than some other style of bike is for the pure comfort offered by the ride. These bikes feature much wider seats than other bikes, with springs making you more comfortable while you ride down the sidewalk or bike lane. Comfort is the rule for your riding position, too. You don’t sit hunched over. Instead, you can sit fully upright and pedal comfortably.
  • Plush Ride: You can think of a cruiser bike in a similar way to a town car – they’re about plush comfort and refinement. They tell the world that you’re comfortable with who you are, and that you want to live your life in a mindful way. These bikes say that the journey is more important than the destination when you ride.
  • Style: There’s no denying the fact that cruiser bikes are incredibly stylish. You’ll find a host of individual model options out there, each with their own signature look. However, all cruiser bikes have a few similarities. They’re generally larger than other bike models, with wider seats, larger handlebars, fenders over the wheels and wider, more comfortable tires.
  • Carrying Capacity: Many people choose to purchase a cruiser bike for the carrying capacity offered. Most cruisers can mount a basket on the front and a platform over the rear wheel, which gives you a place to carry anything from a picnic basket to a toolbox or other parts. If you’re looking for a daily driver that can help you get from home to work to the grocery store and back, and carry stuff while you’re at it, cruisers are great options.
  • Enjoyment: Perhaps the single most common reason for someone to buy a cruiser bike is for the pure enjoyment of riding. That’s what these bikes are all about, after all – hitting the sidewalk, the road, or even the beach and enjoying the feel of the sun on your skin and the wind on your face.

Limitations of Cruiser Bikes

Before we get too deep into our discussion, it’s important to realize up front that there are a few drawbacks to beach cruiser bikes. That is, they do have their limitations. While these are great bikes for those who want a laidback means of getting around town, getting exercise, or even tackling the daily commute, they are not well suited to specific activities.

  • They do not handle off-road conditions well.
  • They are not well suited to high-speed riding.
  • They are not designed for tricks or stunts.
  • They do not ride well on loose-packed gravel roads, but do well enough on sand at the beach.

If you need off-road capabilities, high-speed capabilities, want the ability to perform stunts and tricks, or you regularly ride on loose gravel, there are other bikes better suited to your needs. However, if you want a laidback, comfortable, elegant way to get around, a cruiser bike might be the ideal solution.

What to Know about Cruiser Bike Styles on the Market

cruiser bikes for sale

When you hear the term “cruiser” bike, chances are good that you have a specific style in mind. You might see a bike with a wide seat and a large front basket, for instance. While that might be the stereotypical image of cruisers, there’s actually a lot more on the market today. There are excellent beach cruiser options for men and women. In order to understand your options, we’ll need to explore some of the more prevalent styles and their unique characteristics.

Classic Cruisers

This is the quintessential beach cruiser bike, with tall handlebars, a wide seat, a basket on the front, and wide tires. The frame is longer than with many bikes, but not as long as others. The frame is made from steel, and the tires measure 24 or 26 inches. If you want a “beach” cruiser, a “standard” cruiser, a “classic” cruiser, or a “basic” cruiser, this is the model you’re looking for.

Low Riders

If you’re looking for a showy bike that still offers the ability to cruise in style, then the low rider is for you. These bikes have custom frames that drop very low in comparison with standard cruisers, and they often have taller handlebars, mimicking the “ape hangers” of chopper-style motorcycles. You’ll find that the riding position for a low rider is usually more reclined than with a classic style, too. And, while they are more than capable of being ridden like a regular cruiser, they may have difficulty over some terrain due to the reduced height of the frame off the ground.

Stretch Cruisers

Stretch cruisers are longer than standard cruiser bikes, and may have one, two or even three seats in some instances. Most stretch cruisers are custom made, and some of the longer versions are only available as rentals, and cannot be purchased unless you work with a bike fabrication shop. The stretch style allows more than one rider to propel the bike, but single-seater models offer a different riding experience and a unique style. However, these bikes can suffer from reduced handling, particularly around curves and corners.

Multispeed Cruisers

Most cruisers are single-speed affairs, like the old-school bikes from your youth. However, that is not true for all of them. You’ll find that some cruisers have several different gears that offer the ability to change your riding style to suit your environment. Note that multiple gears are not all that necessary for riding conditions that are mostly flat. However, if you regularly ride in hilly areas then a three or even seven-speed model might be a good choice for your needs, allowing you to handle those hills with ease.

Chopper Style Cruisers

If you are a fan of chopper-style motorcycles, or someone you love is, then a chopper style cruiser might be a great choice. These share quite a few visual cues with chopper-style motorcycles, including the raked handle bars, the reclined seat, the steeply angled front fork, and more. Some models have a larger rear wheel and a smaller front wheel, but this is not universal. Note that a chopper-style bike almost completely eliminates the benefits found with the classic style, and the ride comfort is not the same.

What to Look for When Buying a Cruiser Bike?

If you’re thinking about shopping around and comparing the best cruiser bikes, you’ll need to know what to look for in order to ensure that you can make an informed decision. We’ll run through what to look for when buying a cruiser bike below. Many of these considerations are the same as with any other bike, but some are specific to cruisers.

Size: Size is the single most important consideration. If you do not purchase the right size bike, then no matter the style, no matter the brake type, and no matter the gearing, you will not have an enjoyable riding experience. You should be able to mount the bike without difficulty. However, understand that there are fewer size options with cruisers than there are with other bikes. The most common sizes are 24, 26, 28 and 29 inches (measured by wheel size). Note that there are children’s cruisers on the market, too. They are usually 20 inches or 16 inches.

Style: The single most common style on the market is the classic cruiser. You may find these marketed as beach cruisers, basic cruisers, or just “cruisers”, and they may have any number of accessories, but they all boil down to the same thing. However, if there are other styles that you found interesting from our discussion above, it’s best to find a model in person so you can see firsthand how it feels to ride before you make a purchase decision. Interestingly, you’ll even find cruiser trike models available today.

Brake Type: You’ll need to choose the right brake type for your needs. Back-pedal brakes are the most common, and are highly effective, particularly with the laidback style of riding that cruisers are designed for. However, you may be more comfortable with hand brakes.

Gearing: Most cruisers feature a single gear chain drive, but you may want to consider a multi-gear drivetrain if you regularly ride over lots of hills. You might only need one gear for a beach cruiser, for example. Always check the number of gears to ensure it’s what you want from the products.

Tire Type: You’ll find that the most common type of tires here are wide, balloon-style tires. They provide comfort for riding, and offer excellent traction and stability. You may be able to choose from tires with different sidewall colors, though.

Available Extras and Additions: When choosing between the best cruiser bikes, it’s important to consider the available accessories. Not all bikes will come with all accessories, and some bikes may not have the same range of options as others. Some of the most common accessories and parts to consider include the following:

  • Front basket

  • Rear platform/luggage rack

  • Front and rear fenders

  • Horn

  • Cup holder

  • Lights (front or front and rear)

  • Seat cover color, texture and style

The Main Difference Between Cruiser Bikes for Men and Women

One of the questions that are often asked regarding beach cruiser bikes is what the differences between them are and how to tell them apart. You will find that for the most part, these bikes are very similar. There are some differences between bikes for men and women, but they tend to be minor.

On a men’s beach cruiser bike, you will typically find that the frames are going to be somewhat larger. Also, the men’s bikes will often have a tube that runs across the top part of the frame. In some cases, the colors or the graphics on the bike might be what is traditionally associated with men, but this is more a matter of your preference and the colors you would like.

With women’s cruiser bikes, the women’s frame tends to be smaller, and the top tube curves downward rather than straight across, as you would find with the men’s cruisers. The frames may also have more of a streamlined look than what you would find with those typically ridden by men. The shape of the saddle may be different, as well.

What Brake Type Should You Choose? Coaster Brakes or Hand Brakes

There is often a debate as to what types of brake are going to be a better option for your coaster bike. Are the hand brakes or the coaster brakes going to be a better fit for you? It’s important to look at each of these types of brakes to get a better understanding of how they work and what they can offer before you make your decision.

Coaster brakes are a very common option found on many cruiser bikes. They are very simple to use, and they don’t have any moving parts. To engage these types of brakes, the only thing you need to do is push your pedal backward instead of forward. This will cause the chain to lock up, which makes the rear wheel slow or stop. The greater the pressure you are using to push the pedal backward the greater the stopping power.

Quite a few riders are probably familiar with this type of braking because it is so common. They may have had bikes in their childhood that had coaster brakes. Of course, if you have never used these types of brakes before, it can be a bit jarring to acclimate. You need to understand the different levels of pressure that you will have to apply on different types of surfaces and grades, for example.

You will also find that thanks to the simplicity of the coaster brakes, you will not have to worry about changing out pads or problems with the brake lines. This means you will have less maintenance with your cruiser bike.

However, if you prefer to have more control over your brakes, you may want to choose a coaster bike that has hand brakes. This allows you to control the braking of the bike using your hands, so you don’t have to worry about your feet being in the right position to brake properly and safely. These types of brakes are often considered to be more effective and safer, and they can be a good option if you are using your cruiser bike in areas that have a lot of hills that you have to traverse. If you have chosen a multi-speed cruiser bike, you will find that they have these types of hand brakes on them. Again, the multi-speed bikes will be a good option if you have a hilly area where you ride with your cruiser bike.

Once you get the bike, whether you have chosen coaster brakes or hand brakes, make sure that you take some time to practice in safe areas to get accustomed to exactly how they work.

How to Choose Your Bike Accessories

One of the best parts about getting a cruiser bike is the fact that there are so many different types of accessories that you can get with the bike, as mentioned earlier in the article. However, before you start outfitting the bike with all of these various additions, check to see if they have any accessories already includes. Some, such as the Schwinn Meridian Adult Bike, already have a large basket on the rear of the bike.

Having a basket on the front or the rear of the cruiser bike helps to add more versatility to your ride. It means that you can take it with you down to the local market to pick up some groceries, or to carry a picnic basket with you to the park or the beach.

You might also want to consider getting some lights for the bike. Having lights on the bike will make it easier for you to ride at dusk and in the evening. It also ensures that you and your cruiser bike are visible to pedestrians and to vehicles that are on the road. Another safety feature that you might want to include with your bike is a horn. This can be a functional accessory that is also aesthetically pleasing and provides the bike with more of a traditional feel.

When you are outfitting your bike with accessories, think about the various functions that you want, as well as the overall look that you want for your cruiser bike. There are plenty of options out there for you to consider, so you can create a unique bike that suits you.

Choose What Makes You Happy

There are many options available for cruiser bikes that are on the market today, including those mentioned above. Take the time to think about what it is you want and need from the bike, where you will be riding, and the features that you need. You also want to think about the style and the color. People often like to outfit their cruiser bikes to help showcase their personality. Find the cruiser bike that’s perfect for your needs, whatever they might be whether you are looking for a beach cruiser for men or women.


There you have them – some of the best cruiser bikes. Whether you’re looking for a true classic beach cruiser, a trike, a dual tandem bike, or something completely different, you’ll find an appealing option on our list.