The Best Dive Computer for 2023

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Find the Best 8 Dive Computers to Take With You on All Your Dives

If you enjoy spending a lot of time beneath the ocean and exploring everything that this beautiful world can offer, then you already know that it’s important to have quality gear. The right gear will help to make your experience better. This is true whether you are looking for some fins, a regulator, or a dive computer.

Dive computers have helped to make diving safer and easier. Another term often used for these devices is a personal decompression computer. There are a number of different options available when it comes to these devices, and we have collected 9 of the best dive computers for you to consider.

They will help divers to know how deep they have gone and to track the most important details of the dive. One of the biggest dangers of diving is decompression sickness, commonly called the bends, and this watch can help divers to avoid that problem.

The dive computers will monitor the divers and ensure that their nitrogen levels are within safe limits as they are coming up from a dive. They can measure time and depth of the dive and create ascent profiles to eliminate the risk of decompression sickness when they finished with their dive. These convenient devices help save lives.

The Best Dive Computer

Garmin Descent MK1

Garmin has a well-known name in the field of GPS equipment, but they also happen to make high quality dive computers that have many excellent features that divers are sure to enjoy. This option is sleek and it offer a large, bright 1.2” color display.

The dive computer watch has built-in sensors that include a 3-axis compass. It also includes a barometric altimeter, a gyroscope, and it has GPS and GLONASS capability. This can let you mark where you enter the water and help you with surface navigation.

This watch has a dive log that will let you store data for up to 200 dives, which you can then review when you want. It is even possible to send that data to the web if you wish. The watch can help to ensure that you are staying within your dive limits and it can offer tone and vibration alerts.

Another nice benefit of this Garmin dive watch is that it has up to 40 hours of battery life in dive mode, along with 19 days in watch mode, 20 hours in GPS mode, and up to 10 days in smartwatch mode.

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Suunto D4i Novo Dive Computer

Divers will find a lot to enjoy when it comes to this dive computer. This is a popular option that comes in a range of colors today. It has a quality, comfortable strap, and divers will enjoy how sleek and lightweight the dive computer is. They can be sure it won’t get in the way.

There are four different dive modes that the watch can track, including freediving. Syncing the computer with an online logbook is easy, which makes it possible to share information about your dives.

Divers can also find options of this dive computer that come with a transmitter. It screws into the primary regulator, and it will then transmit the pressure information and air consumption to the computer.

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Garmin Fenix 3 HR

Garmin is on the list again because this watch provides a wealth of features, as well as an altimeter. It is water-rated for up to 100 meters, and it could function as a dive watch/computer.

However, the watch has a number of other features and benefits, so users will likely want to keep this on their wrist even when they are out of the water. Not only does the watch have a nice appearance and an easy to read face, it provides GPS and GLONASS satellite reception for tracking, a 1.2” display, and fitness training and tracking.

The watch also has a barometer and a 3-axis compass. Users will also find that the watch has good battery life. While being used as a smartwatch, it has battery life up to two weeks.  In GPS mode, it can work for up to 16 hours, or up to 40 hours when using UltraTrac battery saver.

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Mares Puck Pro Wrist Dive Computer

This dive computer comes in an array of colors, and it has a slim fit design when compared with other dive computers. This not only looks great, but it ensures that it will not get caught up on other diving gear, or anything that you are wearing for that matter.

The watch is intuitive and it doesn’t take long to learn how to use it. the RGBM nitrox computer has all of the features that a diver will want or need, but it doesn’t have any of the other bells and whistles that other watches might have. This helps to make this one of the more affordable options on the market today.

Divers will appreciate not only the aesthetics and the color options, but also the large and easy to read display.

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Mares Quad Computer

Mares appears again, as it is one of the top options when it comes to all sorts of dive equipment, including dive computers. Users will be able to easily see and read their depths, the time, and more. This computer watch features four buttons, which makes for an easy to use interface.

The watch is durable and aesthetically pleasing. It also has a runaway deco alarm, mirrored button function during dives, and it has two customizable fields that can be used to hold ancillary information.

Even though the screen is large and easy to read, and the buttons will be easy to manipulate, the watch has a relatively low profile overall. This ensures that it will not get in the way of anything or snag on equipment when you are diving.

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Cressi Newton Wrist Computer

When it comes to diving, Cressi is a name that most people are very familiar with. The company makes a range of different types of quality equipment for divers, and the series of dive watches and wrist computers that they offer is certainly no exception. In fact, the final three dive computers on this list are from Cressi.

This watch can provide you with the safe decompression information and calculations that you need, even when you are going through multiple dives per day. It is easy to use, it looks good, and it has a display that is nice and easy to read. The wrist computer has both visual and auditory alarms, including a CNS oxygen toxicity indicator.

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Cressi Giotto Wrist Computer

This dive computer is sleek and simple, and it is just what divers need to keep safe without all of the bells and whistles. The computer has three buttons and it can provide information on the dive times, decompression needs, ascent rate, depth, and the time between dives.

The FDive program will process all of the dive data for dives that are performed with nitrox or air, and it will include decompression if needed. The watch has both visual and audio alarms. and it has a backlit display. This will make it easy to see no matter where you are diving.

Like other options from Cressi, this is an option that not only provides you with the vital information you need for your dives, it also looks goods. The style of the scuba computer also makes sure that it won’t interfere or get caught on other equipment that you have during the dive.

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Cressi Leonardo Wrist Computer

Again, we keep coming back to Cressi because it is a quality brand that offers not only excellent performance, but also a cost effective option for some of the best dive computers available. This model offers a quality high-definition screen that is easy to read and that is nice and large without being bulky.

Divers can adjust the unit of measurement, they can easily access and read their dive data, and they can make sure that they have the information they need to stay safe when they are beneath the water. The dive computer can also provide visual and audible alarms.

This could be a very good watch for someone who is just getting into the hobby and who wants to take the next step to have a quality dive computer of their own.  The single button system on this watch will make it easy to set the air, nitrox, and gauge modes.

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Why Do You Need to Use a Dive Computer?

In the past, divers would figure out all of their calculations on their own. While this is certainly still a very good skill to have, it’s not something that you want to have to do all the time. After all, you want the hobby to be enjoyable and not an extended mathematics lesson. Fortunately, the best dive computers will make all of that work easy for you.

One of the biggest benefits of the dive computers is how easy they are when compared with working with dive tables and recording everything on a slate. The watch will know your depth, it can help with decompression, repetitive dives, and more. Once you know how to interpret everything, having a watch makes things much easier for you.

Having diving computers ensures that there are no mistakes made, which can happen when a person is reading a dive table and trying to do the calculations on their own. Since you won’t have to be doing all of the work, it also means that you will have more time to enjoy not doing calculations.

The best dive computers today also have warnings, both visual and audible, that can help to keep you safe. The computers will also help to log and track your dives. They can work with a range of gases, as well. Divers will also enjoy that there are many different styles and colors available, which can provide divers with more aesthetic expression.

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What Should You Look for When You Buy a Dive Computer?

When you are choosing among the dive computers that are available, there are a number of things that you will have to consider. Just because you see an expensive wrist dive computer and it has good dive computer reviews, it does not mean it’s the right choice for you.

Those who are just starting to learn how to dive will want to find one of the best dive computers for beginners. They will want to have something that is easy to learn and understand, so they can make the most use of it. Watch computers that have too much going on can be confusing for those who are just getting started.

Of course, those who have more experience may want to have more of those bells and whistles that they can use. Choose the dive computer that has the features that you will need and want to use the most. Don’t overspend just because it is full of features if you will never use them.

Always look at the face and the overall design of the dive computer. We’re not just talking about the aesthetics, although they can be important. Instead, you want to make sure that the face of the watch will be easy to read. If you are going to be diving in dark locations or at night, then you might want to choose one that has backlighting.

Take your time to figure out what you truly need from the dive computer, and then think about the things that you want. This will help to make it easier for you to find what’s right for you.

Get a Quality Dive Computer Before Your Next Dive

As you can easily see, there are many different options available when it comes to diving computers. The one that you choose will often depend on how and where you will be using it, such as out of the water for other tasks. Whether you want a dedicated dive watch or a smartwatch, the list above should help to make it easier for you to find just what you need.