Top 9 Best Dive Knives for 2023

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It stands to reason that having your own scuba gear gives you more opportunity to do some diving. This can make is easy to get involved in specialized diving, which often is aided by having helpful dive accessories to use in the water. If you find yourself interested in spearfishing or you want to be sure you’re safe during an emergency, a dive knife is a tool that you want at your side.

While you might think any dive knife is going to handle what you need, having a high-quality option is important. That’s why we wanted to offer some information on what to look for when choosing the ideal diving knife for your needs. You need to consider what you plan to use the knife for, what features matter to you the most, and what amount you want to spend on a knife.

We’ve put together a list of the nine best diving knives and will provide information on what makes each of them unique. We’ll also go over the specific things to think about when choosing the right knife for you. But first, we want to share the top knives on the market and what to expect from each of them.

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The Best Dive Knife in 2023

Atomic Aquatics TI6 Titanium Dive Knife

If you are looking for the best possible scuba knife on the market, it’s likely the Atomic Aquatics TI6 will be one of your top options. Its blade is made of titanium, which is arguably the best material for a diving knife. It has a serrated edge as well as a line-cutting notch, so it makes a good choice for entanglements and emergency needs. It needs very little maintenance, which is a perk for many that titanium diving knives offer.

This blade is corrosion-resistant and has a curved 4-inch cutting edge which seems to be well made. It comes with a lightweight locking sheath with a push-button release, so you can get to the knife when you need it most. It also comes with different sizes of leg straps so you can choose the one that fits you best. The handle is well made and feels sturdy when in your hand.


  • Made of non-corrosive, high-grade titanium for strength
  • Sheath is well made with proper leg straps
  • Needs very little maintenance at most


  • Blade length may not be large enough for some divers
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U.S. Divers Titanium 5-Inch Diving Knife

The U.S. divers Titanium 5-Inch Diving Knife is a fantastic scuba divers’ knife that is extremely popular. The long blade is made of a single piece of titanium to make for the perfect blade for a diver. It has both a flat side as well as a serrated side which makes it a versatile option in the water. It also includes a line cutter near the base to use as a quick safety release.

Being made of 100% titanium, this knife is going to stay sharp longer than other knives and resist corrosion to a higher degree. It disassembles quickly for cleaning, although that won’t be needed as often due to the titanium. It may not be the least expensive divers’ knife, but it brings a lot to the table and you will not need a replacement any time soon.


  • Long blade features flat and serrated side for different materials
  • Easy to disassemble for cleaning and maintenance
  • Sheath holds knife right where it should be


  • Length of entire knife might be too long for some divers
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Promate Barracuda Sharp Tip Titanium Diving Knife

The Barracuda dive knife by Promate is a pretty massive knife at 10-inches from tip to bottom. However, the design of the knife’s blade creates a cutting edge that is smaller than some other large knives. It has a line cutter at the bottom and an unsharpened base, so the curved cutting edge is under four inches. The line cutter is adequate but may take extra work to use on heavy line.

There is a serrated edge on the back which cuts quite well and the knife itself has a handle with an ergonomic finger groove design. However, cutting backwards can feel a bit awkward. The blade is made of 304 stainless-steel and is adept at prying and hammering as much as needed. It also easily disassembles through unscrewing the butt. The sheath is quick-release but is large and can take effort to mount.


  • Offers a hammer that can be used in emergencies
  • Features both flat and serrated edges for versatility
  • Comes with strap and sheath for convenience


  • There is no hold-down strap for the handle
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Spyderco Pacific Salt Yellow FRN H-1 Spyderedge

If you’re looking for a knife that turns heads and looks a little edgy, you can’t beat the Spyderco Pacific Salt. The aesthetics are phenomenal but that is far from the end of what to expect from this scuba divers’ knife. It uses a corrosion-proof, top-of-the-line H1 stainless-steel for the blade.

This is a knife with a serrated-edge, which means it can take time to cut through rope. However, it has the muster to get through even the thickest material. One of the other perks is that Spyderco offers a sharpening service for life so you never have to worry about doing it all on your own. It’s fantastic for boating, cutting sea rope, hacking through rope, and even cutting through seat belts in an emergency.


  • Titanium clip is ambidextrous so right- and left-handed divers can use
  • Created from corrosion-proof H1 stainless-steel
  • Features spin jumping for a better grip


  • Can be difficult to work with and close with a single hand
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Promate Scuba Dive Snorkel Titanium Knife

While the Promate Scuba Dive Snorkel is considered a full-sized diver knife, the blade is under five inches. The knife itself is about 9 ½ inches from tip to bottom. One of the perks of this knife is that it can come with a drop point tip or a blunt tip based on what you enjoy doing while diving. The drop point is a traditional diver knife while the blunt point can also work as a screwdriver.

No matter which choice you make on the blade, it is a titanium material for stain and corrosion-resistance. One side of the knife is a tang blade while the other is partially serrated. There is also a line cutter on the other side of the diver’s knife. Due to the ergonomic handle and rubber grip, working with the knife is safe and comfortable.


  • Rubber grip helps offer a secure hold without much effort
  • Has a nice heavy feel to it
  • Blade available in both blunt and pointed versions


  • Knife may be too large for some divers
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Cressi Orca Long Stainless-Steel Diving Knife with Sheath and Leg Straps

If what you want is a classic scuba dive knife, you aren’t likely to find one better than the Cressi Orca Long. This knife has been around for decades and is a constant choice for scuba divers. It features a stainless-steel blade and was built to handle whatever you throw at it. It’s heavier and larger than other models to ensure it can handle larger jobs when it matters the most.

The scuba diving knife comes with loops so you can attach the knife to your leg or your belt. It also comes with two leg straps to keep it secure and safe while diving. Those who want a beefy knife that can handle whatever comes your way will want to consider the Cressi Orca.


  • Large blade with smooth and sharp edge
  • Uses non-slip material for handle to make gripping easy
  • Comes with sheath and thigh straps


  • Some find that the sheath isn’t high quality
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Promate Scuba Diving Snorkeling Sharp Tip Stainless-Steel Knife

The Promate Scuba Dive Knife is a great tool to have while diving. It features a lightweight, non-corrosive titanium blade. This titanium diving knife has a molded rubber handle that is easy to grip while adding to the longevity and durability of the knife. The bottom of the handle features a titanium handle which is excellent for signaling under the water.

There’s not much maintenance needed with titanium dive knives beyond rinsing them and letting them dry after you leave the water. This knife comes in two designs, one with a sharp tip and one with a blunt tip, so you can choose the one you prefer. The leg straps and sheath come with the knife so there’s no need to make additional purchases. If you’re looking for quality scuba dive knives, this one should be on your short list.


  • Blade created of durable 304 stainless-steel
  • Features quick release and adjustable sheath and straps
  • Easy to disassemble for maintenance and cleaning


  • Straps for the thighs are backwards
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Cressi Skorpion Knife Green Visibility

As you may have gathered by this point, the Cressi brand is known for scuba and diving gear and has been in the game since the 1940s. This is a medium-sized knife that is just under 4 ½ inches. Every iteration of this knife has a half serrated side and straight edge blade, along with a notch hook for cutting fishing line and rope. This knife comes in your choice of titanium or 420 stainless-steel.

You can expect the titanium option to cost more but it’s often worth it for the durability and lack of maintenance needed. This knife also comes in both a sharp or a blunt tip. The handle is a decent size to be comfortable in the hand of most people and designed to be ergonomic. The sheath features easy release and straps come with it to keep the knife secure.


  • Features an easy release sheaf for convenience
  • Corrosion-resistant material used for the blade
  • Offers both a sharp and blunt edge for versatility


  • Requires maintenance to prevent rusting
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Mahimahi Morksei Spearfishing Knife

This Mahimahi Morksei knife is designed specifically to handle the rigors of spearfishing. The blade is sharp and sleek on one side with a serrated edge on the other. However, the point of the knife is long and sharp to hit fish with ease. It can also be used as a scuba knife as a backup or primary option for cutting needs.

This spearfishing knife has a secure lock that gives off an audible click so you can be sure it’s exactly where it should be when you need it. The knife can be held on your leg or your forearm with a 3-inch blade and only a 3 ½ inch handle. It also comes at a bargain price that won’t hit your bank account too hard.


  • Has a sharp and pointy finisher for spearfishing
  • Offers a secure lock that clicks to avoid loss
  • Lightweight and compact for easy transport and use


  • Some users find it hard to sharpen to a sharp point
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Choosing the Perfect Scuba Dive Knife

The first thing you want to consider is what your diving knife should be made of. Titanium dive knives tend to be extremely resistant to corrosion and quite strong. They require next to no maintenance but can be difficult to sharpen. On the other hand, steel knives are easy to sharpen but need much more maintenance to keep up.

However, even if you know you want a titanium or steel knife, there are some other things you should consider.

Size of Knife

You might think that having a larger knife is always better than a smaller one, but that isn’t true in all cases. Those who plan to use a dive knife for cutting lines, kelp diving, or spearfishing will need various sizes of dive knives depending on the situation. Recreational divers often do well with a small blade as you won’t be using it on a regular basis.

Blade Types

Most diving knives are created with a folding blade or a fixed blade. Those with a fixed blade typically come with a sheath for safe storage. This blade has the advantage of being able to be taken out with a single hand. Foldable knives are lighter and smaller and can lock in the open position for safety. However, this can be harder to open with a single hand.

Blade Shapes

Two things should be looked at when it comes to the shape of a scuba diving knife. Both the tip and the edge shape will make a difference in how the knife works and what it does best.

The edge of the blade can be serrated or straight depending on your need. Straight blades are great at cutting nylon and plastic while serrated blades cut natural fibers and kelp better. Some knives include both which gives you the advantage of both options.

As far as the tip of the blade, it can be blunt, sharp, or something in between. Blunt knives are ideal for chiseling, prying, hacking, and digging. On the other hand, a sharp tip can puncture and cut well, which makes them a top choice as a spearfishing knife.

Choosing the Knife for Your Diving 

When you take all of these things into consideration, you will find yourself close to finding the perfect knife for your adventures in underwater diving. If you know what you plan to use the knife for, that is half the battle. Many of the other choices rely directly on that as well as your own preferences. Each of the knives shown here today are high-quality options that should meet your needs after you dive into the sea.