Top 7 Best Electric Bike Conversion Kits for 2024

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Electric bikes are all the rage nowadays and as they gain more popularity and are showcased in more places, you may find yourself wondering if making the investment is worth it. The truth is that you do not have to buy a brand-new electric bike to get your feet wet with this hobby. Instead, you can make an electric bike conversion to your trusty current bicycle.

With an e-bike conversion kit, you can take your road bike, mountain bike, or a hybrid bike and bring out its full potential. All it takes is replacing one of your bike’s current wheels with a powered wheel in the front or rear or add a drive unit to the bottom bracket to start zooming up and down hills.

It’s a simple thing to do and can bring you all the advantages of an electric bicycle without spending a ton of cash on a full electric bicycle. However, finding the perfect bicycle electric motor kit can take a lot of research and we wanted to take that load off of you.

Below, we’re going to cover the 7 best electric bike conversion kits for 2018. We’ll look at the specification and what each of the kits brings to the table. We’ll also share some information about how to convert a bike to electric and what things you should look at when choosing the perfect kit.

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The Best Ebike Conversion Kit

Voilamart 26” Rear Wheel Electric Bicycle Conversion Kit


The Voilamart rear wheel bicycle conversion kit comes with a 48V, 1,000W gearless, brushless motor that can reach a speed of 28 mph. In order to be a road-legal option, the wattage is restricted to 750W while the speed maxes out at 24 mph. This makes it an exceptional bicycle for anyone who needs to commute to work or enjoys speeding around the streets near their home.

There is a pedal assistance system included with this contender for best electric bike kit. That means you can enjoy cycling while shooting down the road on your electric bike. The bicycle also features a 440 maximum load capacity which means you can bring along your gear without trouble.

All the components you would need are included other than the battery. The rear wheel with a seven-speed sprocket, controller bag, motor controller, pedal assist crank sensor, twist throttle, ties, plastic coil, brake handles, LCD meter, and a manual are all ready for you.


  • Features an LCD display and speed throttle showing battery level
  • Offers electric brake levers to cut power when braking
  • Comes with aluminum alloy controller for consistent current supply


  • Brakes are not of the highest quality
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AW 26”x1.75” Rear Wheel E-Bike Conversion Kit 48V1000W

This kit from AW can give you a great amount of speed when you add a compatible battery. It offers a full wheel set with reinforced 32mm rim and 40mm tire. The top speed of the bike is around 28 mph which is plenty of speed to slow down your commute.

This bicycle conversion kit comes with a full-featured LCD display. You can check on the battery power you have left at any time. It also allows you to check on speed, mileage, gears, and time in a convenient manner while you are riding.

In addition to the motor and rear wheel, this kit offers everything else you will need expect for a battery. It has a controller, speed throttle, grips for the handlebars, an LCD display, and everything else to put things together and get on the road.


  • Comes with an LCD display showing time, battery power, mileage, speed, and gears
  • Offers pedal assistance for those who enjoy pedaling while using an electric motor
  • Includes reinforced 33mm rim and 40mm tire


  • Instructions may be hard to understand
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Bafang Crank Motor 36v 500w DIY Conversion Kit Motor

Jaxpety offers this 36V electric bicycle conversion kit that has everything you need aside form the battery. It’s fairly straightforward and simple to take your current bike and add a greater level of performance by converting it to electric. You can bike at up to 24 mph without putting in any effort.

While the battery and charger for the battery are not included, the kit will fit many different types of battery as long as it is a 36V lithium-ion battery, similar to the one you use in a cell phone. It’s very energy efficient so there’s no stress about the bike giving out on you while you’re out and about doing errands or heading to work or university.

This bike conversion kit comes with the motor and wheel, a controller, two hand brakes, a twist throttle, indicator for battery power, handlebar grips, a hardness, and a bag for your batteries.


  • Very easy to assemble and get going
  • Features power-cut off button and twist throttle with battery level display
  • Crank speed sensor helps with pedal assist


  • Instruction manual is difficult to follow
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Murtisol 26” Front Wheel/Rear Wheel 500W/48V Bicycle Conversion Kit

If what you want is great performance and a nice dose of speed to get you down the road, the Murtisol 26” front or rear wheel conversion kit is one of the best options on the market. It offers a maximum speed of 27 mph courtesy of a 36V 500W brushless hub motor.

This is a safe kit built to current international standards. There are brake levers that cut off the power supply, so you aren’t accelerating while you brake. There is also a twist throttle that offers a power cut-off button and a battery level display.

This kit works for a bike with a front fork of 3.9” and a back fork of 3.5”. This should fit the needs of most looking for a budget-friendly electric bicycle conversion kit.


  • Features a 500W brushless, gearless hub motor
  • Twist throttle offers power cut-off button and battery level display
  • Easy to put together and get started using


  • Some have experienced receiving no gear set
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Bafang BBS02B 48V 750W Electric Bike Conversion Kit

When you choose to purchase the Bafang BBS02B, you get a motor, thumb throttle, brake levers, wheel, display, crank, speed sensor, headlight and more. You can also choose to have a battery and charger shipped along with it, which is rare.

This motor kit is one that is compatible with a large number of bicycles. It can fit onto mountain bikes, road bikes, and hybrid models. It will fit any bike that offers a standard 68 to 73 mm bottom bracket.

Cyclists who enjoy challenging rides and those who use bikes for commuting purposes are fans of this kit. There are two different riding modes between electric and pedal so you can get some exercise while going faster than you normally would.


  • Comes with a one-year warranty
  • Compatible with road bikes, fat bikes, mountain bikes, and more
  • Easy to install and takes less than an hour


  • May need special tools for installation
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Jaxpety 48V 1000W 26” Front/Rear Wheel Conversion Kit

This wheel conversion kit from Jaxpety offers 48V and 1000W brushless, gearless motor. Keep in mind that you are restricted to 750W and 20 mph in order to use the kit as a road legal option.

The entire kit comes with the motor, a 26” front or rear wheel, a controller, hand brakes, twist throttle, handle grips, a harness, and a carrying bag. The conversion kit doesn’t come with a battery but it’s compatible with many lithium-ion batteries on the market for convenience and ease of use.

This is one of the more lightweight options so you know you can get speed and enjoy your time on the roads, trails, or wherever your travels take you.


  • Features a battery level display and power cut-off button
  • Comes with nylon tire and stainless steel spoke with alloy rim
  • Powerful controller helps guarantee a supply of current


  • May not fit all bicycles properly
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Ebikeling 48V 1200W 26” Front/Rear Electric Bicycle Conversion Kit

Ebikeling is based out of Illinois and is known for providing quality products. This is a very powerful electric bike conversion kit that also is simple to install. What’s great about this kit is that you can choose between a twist or thumb throttle and an LCD or LED display.

This particular kit is designed to work with a 48V battery, but some cyclists have chosen to use a 52V battery to crank up the speed and power of their bicycle. The kit comes with the rim and motor already attached together so all you need to do is swap out your original tire.

This package comes with the brushless hub motor, a controller, display of your choice, throttle of your choice, pedal assist sensor, two brake levers, torque arm, and a tube liner. All needed hardware and ties are also in the kit.


  • Very powerful motor and safety brake levers
  • Offers a top speed of up to 35 mph
  • Compatible with disc brakes


  • May be more expensive than other bike conversion kits
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Choosing an EBike Kit

Electric bikes have been gaining a lot of popularity among hobbyists, sport riders, and commuters. Advances in electric motor technology and the availability of more powerful rechargeable batteries have led to a new era of super high performance, battery powered bicycles. You can get the best of both worlds by choosing the model and make of bike that you prefer and then converting it into an e-bike for the convenience factor.

One of the things that is exceptional about electric bicycles is that you get all the benefits of a traditional bicycle, but you can also go longer distances and faster without putting in so much effort. Many people prefer electric bicycles because commuters and others can get where they need to be without getting sweaty or hot.

The easiest method of owning an electric bike is simply to buy one that comes complete. Bicycles built for be e-bikes are designed around the battery and motor that are required. However, the extra engineering, research, development, and marketing can push the price of these bikes up. Not everyone wants to pay the huge price for an electric bicycle.

If you prefer to save a ton of cash, it’s possible to take your already existing bike and turn it into an electric bicycle. There are a couple of options for doing this. The first is to go out and purchase each of the components you will need and then assemble everything together.

This will require you buying a motor with a throttle, a battery, a controller, and the required wiring to put it all together. In addition to that, you are going to need a dose of technical expertise to put everything together in the safest possible way. This is going to be the least expensive way to convert your bike, but it is also the most challenging.

Your final option for converting to electric is to purchase an electric bike kit which is going to come with all the parts you need. The electrical work has been taken care of, so your only task is to fit the kit onto your bicycle. Anyone with a bit of time, simple tools, and a basic knowledge of bike mechanics can handle it.

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Types of Electric Bike Kits

There are a lot of things that go into adding an electric motor to your bike for power. This also means that there are many different kinds of conversion kits that you can choose from. One of them might be a better option for you than another, so it’s worth being aware of your various options.

E-Bike Wheels Conversion

The most common type of electric bicycle kit you will see on the market is an e-bike wheel. The front or the rear wheel of an existing bike is replaced by a special wheel that includes a unique hub and gearing. The battery is sometimes included in the hub or it may be mounted in another location.

If the kit has a battery mounted elsewhere, a motor on the front wheel works well for road riding as the kit weight is distributed across the entire bike. If the entirety of the weight of the ebike kit is on the front wheel, it can make steering more difficult.

It’s also worth considering how strong the fork of the bike is because electric motors can create a large amount of torque. In most cases, you will need a bicycle stronger than a road bike to mount a motor to the front wheel.

Rear wheel motors tend to work best for use off-road as it provides the best traction. However, those who have a hub gear currently on their bike will be required to replace it with a derailleur and cassette. The best option for the battery is one that is external and can be mounted on a frame.

Mid-Drive Conversion 

A mid-drive conversion takes the design of a complete electric bike and mimics it. With this sort of ebike conversion kit, the motor and battery are both mounted to the bike frame, often with the bottom bracket holding the motor. This keeps the weight down low for better ride feel but it also makes it most likely to be damaged.

Friction Drive Conversion

This version of e-bike conversion kit has a motor and a roller which both sit on the rear wheel so that friction can propel the bike forward. This isn’t the most popular option and is a cruder solution than others. The system isn’t very efficient and has weight distribution issues.

Concealed Conversion

This is a more expensive option, but it appeals to anyone who might have a reason to conceal that they are using an electric bicycle. With this design, the electric bike motor and battery both fit inside of a seat tube which goes into the bottom bracket. This is going to be extremely expensive and should only be considered by those who want to hide that they own an electric bike.

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Power, Capacity, and Range

Now that you have an idea of the different electric bicycle conversion kits, you also want to consider the technical details of the e-bike kit you might consider purchasing. There are a lot of numbers and it can be confusing to know which to pay attention to. We’ll share what to know and why below.


When you look at an electric motor for a bicycle, you’re going to see that they boast having 250 watt, 500 watt, 750 watt, and so on. This number corresponds to how much power the motor can output. The higher the stated number, the more power the motor can offer. However, a higher wattage also means you will need a larger and more powerful battery.


Electric bike motors are powered by a battery, typically a lithium-ion version. You want to choose a battery voltage that matches the voltage from the motor. The most common voltages on e-bike conversion kits are 24V, 36V, and 48V.

Amp Hours

Amp hours refers to the amount of energy that a battery holds which can be extracted and is also called the capacity. A battery that has a higher capacity is capable of running longer so you can ride a longer distance. Most conversion kits range from 8 to 20Ah.

The amount of power and the total capacity that you need with your electric bike conversion kit with battery will depend on how you use your bike. Those who commute short distances on flat roads may only need a small motor and a less powerful battery. Those who ride off-road will want a higher capacity battery and a more powerful motor.

However, make sure you look at local laws regarding use of electric bicycles on the road. Sometimes there are power or speed restrictions.

What a Controller Is

The electric bicycle conversion kit you choose may come with a controller. This component offers a display where you can see information about your speed, power output, battery level, and more. Most cyclists consider this a must-have accessory. Even if you get one that only shows your battery level, it will make riding easier.

Those who plan to do a lot of biking may want to choose one with additional display options to ensure a smooth ride.

Throttle or Pedelec Component

You should always take a look at whether an electric bike motor kit comes with a throttle, pedal assist, or both. If it has a throttle, getting power involves simply pressing a button or twisting and there is no need to use your own leg power. Those with pedal assist will engage the motor as they pedal along.

About Brake Levers

In some kits, you’ll find an included brake lever that you can apply to cut power to the bicycle. This prevents you from both braking and acceleration at the same time. However, these levers are only compatible with cable actuated brakes. Those who have hydraulic disc brakes may be able to find sensors that can do the exact same thing.

Putting it Together

Now that you know which are the best electric bicycle kits, you can browse until you find that one that offers what you need. If there isn’t the perfect option listed, use our buyer’s guide to find one elsewhere. You will be ready to enjoy some stress-free, super-efficient cycling in no time!