10 Best Electric Skateboards Of 2023

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Thanks to electric motors getting both more powerful and more portable almost simultaneously in the past few years, one thing that is absolutely taking over the market is electric rideable tech. Electric skateboards are the latest and greatest in personal transportation, and they are fun for both seasoned skaters and newbie tech lovers alike. We rounded up 10 of the best electric skateboards on the market right now to help you decide where to start. Stick around for the end of this article, where we’ll show you how to shop for electric skate boards so you’ll always have the best ride for you, as well as provide some tips for checking out the warranty on electric skateboards and more.

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The Best Electric Skateboard

Before we jump into the individual reviews, here’s a quick glance at the major features of each board that made the cut.

Best Overall Performance

Boosted Mini x Electric Skateboard

When it comes to pure rideability and power, we kick off our round up with the best on this review list. Boosted Mini x Electric Skateboard offers a supremely comfortable ride, with plenty of speed and great brakes. It also boasts one of the higher weight limits that we’ve seen on electric skateboards, making it more accessible to all kinds of riders. Another big plus is that this high powered skateboard is in compliance with TSA rules regarding lithium batteries, so you can carry this skateboard with you on most planes – great for skaters who travel for work and want to let off some steam in new cities. It is rated for a 25% grade, and does all this with very little extra weight – the board itself weighs only 15 pounds.

One cool feature that the Boosted Mini x Electric Skateboard offers that other boards don’t is the ability to switch between a standard battery use (which gives you six miles of range), or an extended battery mode (which doubles your range). These are also made with vehicle-grade materials for ultimate durability, and the board has a sleek, low-profile design that would make it great for commuting to work. Yes, the price is steep, but the quality and features make this motorized skateboard ideal for the serious rider.

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Best Cheap Electric Skateboard

Razor-X Cruiser

The Razor-X Cruiser is the least expensive option on our list, and as such, it’s not going to hold up to some of the higher range boards. That being said, we were shocked at how powerful this cheap little board really is. It’s got a hefty weight limit to make it more accessible to larger riders; it can get up to 10 miles per hour – which is fantastic for the price – and it seems to handle hills with relative ease. The deck is maple, which may not be as sturdy as some other choices, but it does mean that you’ve got a nice lightweight board that will move easily. One thing that makes this board so inexpensive is that it’s a kickstart – meaning there is no chain or belt involved. That means you have fewer parts to maintain or replace in the future, which could be a plus for skaters who aren’t mechanically inclined.

The board itself weighs just over 10 pounds, so you could use it as a regular cruiser board in a pinch. While it doesn’t offer any of the extra bells and whistles that many other boards have, this one would be the perfect introduction to electric skateboarding for kids.

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Most Versatile

Acton Blink Lite Go

Acton is a brand that got its start on Kickstarter, and it’s been a fan favorite since then. It’s definitely one of the more stylish boards we reviewed, with the signature bear silhouette on the deck, the light wood underdeck, and the lime green wheels. For the price range, the Acton Blink Lite Go is surprisingly versatile. It’s super lightweight and it has a whopping 5-mile range – much farther than some more expensive models.

However, the Acton Blink Lite Go won’t hit the top speeds of other midrange electric skateboards, and it doesn’t have a swappable battery – meaning you can’t extend the range by carrying an extra on you. On the plus side, though, the board was made for carving and gives you a lot more maneuverability than other options. Add on the fact that it offers a heavier weight limit than many of its comparable alternatives, and the Acton is definitely a contender for an adult rider that spends time on curvy routes. It’s one of the few electric skateboards out there so we think it’s more than earned its spot on this list.

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Maxfind Penny Board

Coming in at just eight pounds, this kit is definitely one of the lightest electric skateboards we’ve reviewed. It’s popular as a commuter’s board, but don’t expect much in the way of power or extended range. You’ll get a solid 16 miles on one charge, but it’s light enough to use as a regular skateboard if you run out of charge before you get where you’re going. Additionally, the Penny Board is certified for taking on airlines, so you can pack it for your trip. One thing that makes the Penny Board an excellent choice for the price range is that it offers swappable batteries – carry a replacement with you, and you can extend the range to double the usual amount. That’s not easy to find at this lower price range in electric skateboards, which is a big reason why this one made the list.

If you commute around a very hilly area, you won’t find a ton of use for this board. The Maxfind motor just isn’t powerful enough to handle an incline that could be described as more than slight. Additionally, the weight limit on this one is much smaller than alternatives like the Acton Blink series. But for the price, it makes an excellent starter board for kids or teens, or for adults who don’t want to commit to a large budget before getting a feel for electric skateboards.

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Maxfind MAX C


If the Maxfind Penny Board is made to be a commuter’s best friend, the Max-C takes portability to an almost unnecessary level. This is the lightest board on our list, at just under eight pounds, and measures just 27 inches long. However, it still holds an adult and can be professional enough to get around to work or classes. The big bonus behind the Max-C is its waterproof rating. This is one of the only electric skateboards we reviewed that can handle wet road surfaces and even skates through puddles without worrying about the electric components. This lightweight board also comes with a remote control.

Like the Maxfind Penny Board, you get about 10 miles per charge with this board, but unlike its older brother, this one can handle hills much better. You can go uphill about 15 degrees without losing any power, so it’s much better as an everyday commute board for those who live in slightly hilly areas. With such a lightweight, there is no problem with using this as a regular skateboard when the battery dies. The only downside we saw is that this board takes about twice the time as the Maxfind Penny Board to charge back up – up to an hour, where the Penny Board takes just 30 minutes.

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Most Powerful

Epikgo Electric Longboard

When it comes to aesthetics, the Epikgo Electric Longboard is the clear winner on our list. The all-black design with its sleek profile and almost ninja-like looks makes it a very cool addition to an electric skateboarder’s collection. This one could be considered on the lower end of the high-end skateboards, with a price tag that comes close to four digits. But for all that money, you do get a few pretty cool features. This one is water resistant, though not quite waterproof, and is lighter than other longboards we reviewed, coming in at only 11 pounds. It’s also slightly shorter than other longboards on our list, measuring 35.5 inches long, so it’s slightly more portable.

There are two main reasons that the Epikgo is worth the cash in our opinion. First is the speed; this board will hit up to 25 miles per hour at top speeds. The second is the maneuverability. This board was specifically designed for carving and has extremely responsive brakes so that you can move in whatever way you need to during your commute. You can also get a slightly longer range on this one, about 10 miles, although you can’t change out the battery to extend that range any.

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E-Skateboard Penny Board

The E-Skateboard Penny Board may not win any awards in any categories, but it is one of the most affordable skateboards we’ve reviewed, and it can hold its own among several other midrange options. For that reason, we’re dubbing this one the best option for kids or beginners who aren’t sure that they’re really going to love the electric skateboard. The quick stats on this one are: lightweight at under 10 pounds, small range of seven miles per charge, longer charge time at about an hour, and lighter weight limit of just 178 pounds. That being said, this motor is powerful enough to handle small hills, and the board does qualify to travel on planes.

So with nothing but the affordability to really recommend this board, why did we include it on a list of best electric skateboards on the market? Well, for one, the reviews on this one are pretty much unanimously good. People who’ve gotten this for their kids ended up trying it and liking it themselves – and that prompted us to give it a go. It’s also extremely portable at just 27 inches long, so it’s easy to bring along with you anywhere you go. If you’re looking for an affordable way to get into electric skateboards, this is the way to go.

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Maxfind Electric Longboard

With several other solid contenders on this list, the Maxfind Electric Longboard offers a slightly different skating experience with the same midrange price and features. Made of Canadian maple for extra durability, this board will get about seven miles of range at about 17 miles per hour. It does have a light on the front for navigation, something that is lacking in a lot of other midrange boards, and the trucks are made of aluminum alloy – a much stronger material than the trucks made by several competitors.

The motorized longboard style is often more comfortable for old school skateboarders or people with wider stances, but you don’t lose portability with this board. It still only weighs about 12 pounds, and the deck is only 38 inches long. You can still easily strap it to a backpack without it getting bulky. Unlike a few other Maxfind boards, this one has the guts to make it up hills, and the Canadian maple gives you more stability when you pick up speed going downhill. All in all, this one falls at the upper end of the midrange price range, but it’s a great choice for a rider that wants a more traditional skateboard feel.

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Evolve Skateboards

If you’re trying to balance budget woes with getting a quality electric skateboard, the Evolve Skateboard is the best midrange option we reviewed. It’s not going to give you the same kind of power as a high-end board, but it blew away other boards in the same price range in terms of the weight limit, speed, and durability. It’s also got one of the longest ranges of any of the boards we reviewed, letting you go up to 18 miles on one charge. The design is a little less sleek than other models, but that kicktail shape gives you better balance and control over the board, so the pay off may be worth it to you.

This is not the lightest board we reviewed, coming in at about 23 pounds, but the durable materials and sturdy construction make it great for beginners who aren’t as comfortable on a board. One thing we noticed was that this board didn’t have the best brakes when going downhill, so consider a different model if you live in a very hilly area. Overall though, if you want to get as much of the high-end quality as you can for a mid-range price, this is your board.

Best Commuter Board For Travel

Inboard M1

The Inboard M1 has nearly an equal mixture of pros and cons, and for the price range, there are certainly better options out there – but it did still make the cut as one of the best electric skateboards on the market for a few reasons. First, it’s one of the fastest boards we found, hitting about 24 miles per hour at top speeds. That’s much faster than most midrange electric skateboards, and it’s got a heftier weight limit as well, so it’s accessible to more riders. The braking on this one is much more responsive than even our top-rated skateboard, and according to the Inboard website, you can take this one on airplanes with you.

However, this board has a serious issue with range. It only gets about seven miles on a single charge, and it doesn’t have the guts to make it up steep hills. Just 18 degree climbs will stress the motor. On the other hand, though, it is one of the lighter boards we reviewed at 14.5 pounds, and it comes with a swappable battery so you can carry an extra charge on you to extend the range if you want.

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Just as technology has improved in so many areas, the same can be said of electric skateboards. Skateboards have moved from a simple board with wheels to electronic boards that use wireless remote controls. Due to the large motors on these skateboards, you can go long distances without fatigue or trouble.

The introduction of electric skateboards has led to many different board models from a considerable number of esteemed brands. While we’ve talked about the best electric skateboards above, now we want to discuss what you should know about them when searching for the one that meets your needs.

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What You Should Look for in the Best Electric Skateboard

It might seem like all skateboards are pretty much the same, but that’s not entirely true. If you buy the wrong product, you could spend more than you need to. You could also end up with a skateboard that doesn’t offer the features that matter the most to you.

Because of that, we wanted to share some insight into what is essential to watch for when choosing an electric skateboard.

Wheel Quality

One of the most significant indicators of quality on a skateboard is its wheels. It’s also likely the most essential thing to think about when making a purchase decision. Wheels come in two types: generic and clone wheels.

Generic wheels are the wheels that are branded, while clone wheels come without branding. Most clone wheels are inexpensive but also made of cheap materials. This means that they aren’t likely to last as long as you would like them to.

These wheels are also known as urethane wheels and haven’t been cured the way they should have been. They tend to flake, chip, or even disintegrate, which can be dangerous the longer you use them.

On the other hand, generic wheels on an electric skateboard are going to offer a longer life, better speed, and higher mileage. There’s no reason to choose a skateboard with bad wheels, as you will end up paying for more expensive ones down the line.

Quality of the Battery Cell

While wheels are crucial, the battery cell quality is likely just as important. It affects the mileage and the speed of your skateboard. The good thing to be aware of is that skateboard manufacturers are required to make you aware of the type and brand of battery cells that are used in an electric skateboard.

You can easily see which skateboards use top quality cells by looking at the brand, specifications, and other information. These things will offer insight into whether you can get the distance and speed that you want from the skateboard.

A lower quality battery should be avoided since it will affect the smooth operation you want and the motor itself. You might save a few dollars on low-quality batteries, but it usually isn’t worth it.

Electric Skateboard Motor Type

Along with the battery, consider the wattage that the motor can provide. However, don’t make the mistake of thinking that a high wattage means the skateboard is going to be faster. The two things that influence the speed are the motor controller parameters and the gear ratios.

As such, picking the highest wattage you can find may not be the best idea. In fact, these skateboards may be annoying since they can be overly loud. You’ll also have to choose between a single or dual hub motor. The best option tends to be a dual model since it is going to be the most powerful.

Bidirectional Drive and Brakes

Another thing that you want to consider when purchasing a board is the brakes and the bidirectional drive. Every skateboard offers a braking system that takes motion and turns it into electricity, something known as regenerative braking. Basically, some of the energy is used instead of simply being converted into heat.

The best electric skateboard will have an efficient braking system in addition to a full reverse drive. This can come in handy if you ride too far and notice. Instead of having to flip the board around, you can just reverse it to the destination you missed.

electric skateboards

Connectivity Options

Even if you’re new to electric skateboards, you can probably guess that any of these products can have occasional connectivity issues. However, each skateboard is different, and some may have more significant problems than others.

Even though connectivity can be a problem with any skateboard, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider which brands have fewer issues than others. An excellent way to do this is by checking out customer reviews from people who already own and use the board.

You can also join forums or look for communities related to electric skateboards. These places will let you find other users of products to see what they have to say. You can even ask questions about the connectivity of the skateboard that you are thinking about buying.

This will give you a better idea of which skateboards have the best connectivity, and which may not offer what you expect. However, remember that everyone is different, and the board that is perfect for you may not be the right one for someone else.

Weight and Level of Portability

Take a moment to consider what you plan to use the electric skateboard for. What does your daily commute look like? Some people like to travel from place to place without a break, while others may be on and off their skateboard while jumping on public transportation or running a few errands.

Maybe you’re someone who has a standard work routine where you need to carry your skateboard on a regular basis. Perhaps it’s your only form of transportation to get you to work or to the bus or train.

This is precisely why portability and weight can be so essential to think about. You want something that fits your needs, or else you may end up disappointed. However, not every skateboard that is large is going to weigh more. Some of them can be designed to be extremely light.

Take a moment to look at the boards you like and any features the manufacturer has added to make it portable and lightweight. A good rule of thumb is to avoid a deck with a length shorter than 27-inches. This can throw off the stability of the skateboard and make it harder to ride.

On the other side of the coin, you don’t want to choose an overly burdensome board, especially if you will be carrying it all day long. For a portable commuter skateboard, a 27-inch board that weighs around 15 pounds is an excellent choice for most people. However, remember how often you’ll be using the board and for what.

Friendliness When Traveling by Air

You may end up in a situation where you need to take your skateboard on a plane, and you want to be sure that it will be the right size to be allowed. This is something to know well before you make the purchase. Many electric skateboards are built with air travel in mind, as many people travel with their boards.

If you plan to travel by plane, make sure you consider this before purchase. If you’re wondering what makes a skateboard travel-friendly, it has to do with the battery pack. If it’s under 99Wh, it will be capable of taking a flight with you. However, if the battery pack can’t be removed from the board, this can be a problem.

Rules, regulations, and laws about lithium-powered electric boards will vary based on whether it’s cargo or you are going to carry it on. Make sure that you always check the rules of security in advance to avoid losing an expensive board because you weren’t sure of the rules.

Need for Water Resistance

Since these skateboards are electric, you have to take into account their level of water resistance. You might be surprised to find that many of these skateboards do not offer any sort of environmental sealing.

Maybe you won’t be riding your board while it’s raining, or you plan to stay away from puddles. It doesn’t matter because there is water all around you and you are bound to run into it. You never know when you might go riding past a sprinkler.

You don’t have to be concerned that a bit of water will break down your board, but it can result in speed and connectivity issues. This is precisely why you should consider water resistance when you choose an electric skateboard. However, you don’t have to buy one. It’s a personal decision and you’ll have to assess the potential risk for yourself.

Reputation of the Brand

No technology is every perfect, and that means no electric board is going to be perfect either. However, there are ways to ensure you get a board that is better than your alternative. In some cases, people make purchases without researching what others say about it and checking out a few reviews.

While opinions are always influenced by emotions, joining forms and visiting review sites is an excellent idea to get an idea of how people feel about a specific skateboard. This can give you more information about a product, provide insight into a brand’s reputation, and let you know what features a board offers.

You want to read both good and bad reviews before you make a decision. Keep in mind that a reputable brand is often a better option than a brand that you can find no information about. Some of the latter companies aren’t as transparent and may not have the knowledge to provide the best products.

In some cases, these brands merely buy up low-quality electric skateboards, put a logo on top of it, and then sell it for more than it is worth. Investing in a brand you can trust is well worth it, even if you need to spend a few extra dollars to do so.

motorized board

Quality of Components

You might think that buying a skateboard with components of steel is the same as purchasing another board with those same steel parts. However, not all steel is the same quality. The same applies to wheels, motors, decks, and any other part that is inside of an electric skateboard.

If you choose to buy a super inexpensive skateboard, it’s likely to have a cheap construction, a less than great motor, and other inexpensive parts. You want to buy a skateboard that fits your needs rather than focusing solely on price and getting a board that won’t last the distance.

Stability and Control of the Board

Everyone wants a skateboard that integrates quality control and products into it. Having the most efficient control of your skateboard is going to provide you with an exceptional experience. This comes down to quality assessment, which is another thing you can learn by reading reviews and talking to people who have used the skateboards.

Customer Service and Warranty Status

When you’re invested hard-earned money into an electric skateboard, you want to be sure that it’s going to last. This is an item that you can use for your daily commute, so just like a vehicle, it should come with stellar customer service and warranty policy.

Before you decide to purchase a skateboard, make sure it has a warranty and delve into the level of customer support available to you. You’ll be glad you did if something goes wrong down the road.

Frequently Asked Questions About Electric Skateboards

Even knowing the top electric skateboards and being aware of the features that matter most, you may have additional questions. We want to answer some of the most common questions, so you don’t have to do extra searching to get the information you need.

Why do people use motorized skateboards?

There are many reasons to use a motorized skateboard. They are designed for use traveling, which means they work well when going long distances. They have powerful motors that can go for a number of miles on a single charge.

Some people choose an electric skateboard because it has a smoother ride, thanks to the softer wheels and the wider wheelbase. These skateboards are more protracted than a typical skateboard, which means they offer you better coverage.

In addition, electric skateboards are more durable than a traditional board. This is because they are designed with innovative, modern technology that offers longevity.

Are electric skateboards ideal for beginners?

As long as the skateboard doesn’t go extremely fast, it can be an excellent choice for a beginner to skateboards. However, since they can be a serious investment, some people choose to learn on a traditional skateboard first. This can let you get used to the feeling of being on a skateboard first. You can decide if it’s right for you before you spend extra money on an electric version.

Can electric skateboards be used as traditional skateboards?

An electric skateboard can be used as a typical skateboard. However, this is usually not recommended. This is because an electric skateboard has at least one motor which can be damaged when doing things like pulling tricks at a skatepark. There are dozens of electrical parts in the boards, and when they are damaged, it can cause injury.

How do I control an electric skateboard?

There are several ways in which you can control an electric skateboard. Some of them have a wireless controller that lets you control their power and speed. This option gives you the best control of your board, no matter where you are.

Other skateboards use a mobile application or device to control the board. This is something specific to various models and brands. The actual skateboard you choose will determine what kind of controls you will be using.

How should I maintain my electric skateboard?

You are going to need to do some maintenance at times to ensure your skateboard has a long life. However, this maintenance doesn’t require any significant investments or effort if you do it on a regular basis. Some of the ways do this include:

Making sure you always keep your skateboard indoors when you are not using it, which will prevent it from getting wet or otherwise damaged.

Cleaning your bearings, something that should be done after every use of the board. If the bearings get dirty, it can wreck your ride the next time you use it, so this is essential.

The nose and tail of your board can wear thin as time goes on, and you are going to need to handle any significant chips as they occur. That means you should round off the sharp areas, sand down any splintered bits, and don’t let the tail get too thin as it can cause issues later on.

As you use your skateboard, parts can break down, which is natural. The best thing you can do is to replace them as they need to be. If you don’t take the time to ensure all parts are functioning correctly, it can lead to injuries when you ride.

Follow these steps, and you should have a board that will last a good, long time. It all comes down to choosing a quality electric skateboard and giving it the care that it deserves.


Because this technology is still evolving, the current market for electric skateboards is all about getting what you pay for.

If you are an experienced skater, and you know that you want something that will offer you specific functions – such as a long range, high speed, or excellent maneuverability – then be prepared to spend some money. Even in the midrange prices, you’ll be compromising on one feature or another for the most part. At the upper end of the midrange options, you can find boards that start to include great ratings in all these areas, but it’ll be hard to keep your budget low and still get it all with this technology.

If you are a new rider, or you’re purchasing for a child, then you can find an excellent, inexpensive board that will offer a decent amount of speed, range, and maneuverability for what you need. Even seasoned skaters may find that this is the best way to get an introduction to the world of electric boards – just be ready to want to move up to something with more power pretty quickly.

When you’re ready to find the best electric skateboard for your needs, let this guide help you narrow down your options for the best choice.