Top 11 Best Folding Exercise Bikes for 2024

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While there are many ways to exercise and get into better shape, an option you might want to consider is a folding exercise bike. Folding bikes work well for those who want to save some space, but who still want effective ways to exercise. There are many different exercise bikes on the market today that may work for your needs.

Of course, because there are so many different options available, it also means that it can be difficult to know which of these folding exercise bikes to choose. You have a wealth of options from which to consider, and some might be better choices than others are. To help make things easier on you, we have collected 11 of the best folding exercise bike options on the market today. Check out the features that are available with each of these exercise bikes and find the one that you feel will work best for you.

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The Best Folding Exercise Bike

Schwinn Recumbent Bike Series 270

Schwinn has been popular in the biking world for many years, and that includes the world of exercise bikes. The Schwinn 270 is part of the company’s Recumbent Bike Series and it provides users with a wide range of features and options. The exercise bike is one of the top options today. Let’s look at some of those features that help to make this exercise bike such a popular choice.

For starters, there is the fact that it provides Bluetooth connectivity. The bike will connect with the Schwinn Trainer App, as well as other apps that can be used for fitness tracking. One of the apps you might want to use with the Schwinn 270 is called RideSocial, which allows you to see the world virtually and ride with friends in real-time even though you are at home.

The bike provides many different programs including 12 profile programs, nine heart rate control programs, two fitness test programs, a quick start, and four custom options. Additionally, there are 25 levels of resistance. This can provide you with a nice selection of workout intensity options.

The bike rides smoothly thanks to the quality of the flywheel and the high-speed, high-inertia drive system. The folding exercise bike also features LCD displays, a media shelf for your phone or tablet, and speakers with an MP3 input. Users will also find an adjustable fan and a charging station for USB media. The adjustable fan is great, because it can help to keep you nice and cool while you are exercising.


  • The backlit LCD displays are easy to read
  • Using the exercise bike and the controls is simple
  • The Explore the World App provides fun and immersive training


  • The bike is on the heavier side and may be difficult for some to move to different locations on their own
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Marcy Recumbent Exercise Bike ME-709

The ME-709 exercise bike from Marcy features a step-through design, which makes it easy for you to get onto and off the bike. One of the nice features of the folding exercise bike is the durability of construction. It is made from 14-guage steel tubing and it has a powder coated finish.

You will find eight resistance levels with this stationary bike, which uses magnetic resistance to control the level of difficulty of peddling. This allows you to simulate riding on a variety of different terrains. The bike also has an ergonomic saddle seat that is extremely comfortable. This is nice when you have a long exercise session.

The ME-709 also features an easy to read LCD screen that works as an odometer. You will be able to tell how far you’ve gone, how many calories you have burned, your time, and your speed quickly and easily. The bike also features transport wheels, so you can easily move the bike to the location that you need before you start exercising, or when you are ready to put it away.

The recumbent handlebars, along with the safety straps on the pedals, help to make this one of the best options on the market today. The construction is high-quality, and the folding exercise bike is easy to use.


  • Easy to maneuver
  • Textured pedals along with safety straps to ensure your feet don’t slip
  • Lightweight


  • It does not feature a cupholder
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Exerpeutic 900XL Recumbent Exercise Bike with Pulse

The exercise bike features a step-through design along with a comfortable seat and recumbent handlebars. This helps to provide you with a comfortable ride even for those long workout sessions. The oversized seat cushion and back help with this, making it a solid solution for riders of any size.

It provides a heavy-duty steel frame and extended weight capacity. You can adjust the seat to make it usable for people from 5’3” all the way to 6’6”.

The exercise bike features eight tension levels using a magnetic tension control system. You can quickly and easily adjust the intensity of the workout. Another feature that makes this one of the best folding exercise bikes available is the Hand Pulse, which will monitor your heart rate.

The exercise bike features a 3.5” LCD display that is easy to read. It shows your distance, the number of calories you have burned, the time, speed, pulse, and scan. You will also find that the operation of the exercise bike is quiet, so you can exercise without disturbing others in the home.

Thanks to the Bluetooth, you will be able to connect the bike to the MyCloudFitness App with iOS or Android. This will allow you to track your workouts through your mobile phone or tablet. You can also set your workout goals through the app.


  • There is also an option without Bluetooth if you prefer
  • Easily adjusts to users of different heights
  • Quiet enough to watch TV at a normal volume while riding


  • Some users have complained that the setup instructions are difficult to follow
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PLENY 3-in-1 Total Body Workout Exercise Bike

You will find plenty to love with the PLENY 3-in-1 exercise bike, as it features several great ways for you to get in a full workout. The exercise bike can quickly and easily switch between an upright, semi-recumbent, and recumbent exercise bike. This provides you with more workout options without taking up more space in your home.

In addition, it features resistance bands for the arms and the legs, so you can exercise after your workout on the bike, or even while you are riding. This will provide you with a total body workout, which is something you can’t get with other machines. The foldable workout exercise bike can be stored away easily, so you can use it nearly anywhere.

The exercise bike is comfortable and easy to use. It has a high backrest and back handles. It also features anti-slip pedals with a soft shoe strap. This makes the workout comfortable, as well as safe. The backlit monitor makes it easy for you to see the data on the screen including the time, speed, distance, calories and your pulse.

The comfortable folding exercise bike can hold up to 300 lbs. The bike is easy to use, easy to fold away, and is versatile.


  • Comes with transportation wheels, making it easy to move
  • Pedal straps ensure your feet stay where they belong
  • Multiple exercises for a full body workout


  • A small number of users have claimed that the seat and other elements broke on the bike after a short amount of use
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Exerpeutic ExerWork 1000

If you have a busy schedule that makes it difficult to work out and to get all your work done, you may want to consider the ExerWork 1000. The bike features a sliding desktop, which you can use with a laptop, notebook, books, etc. The large, fully adjustable desktop can tilt up and down and can move forward and backward. It also has three angle adjustments – 0 degrees, 16 degrees, and 33 degrees depending on your needs.

The semi-recumbent exercise bike and desk also has a large soft, seat that can provide additional comfort. When you are exercising, you could be working on your laptop or even streaming a show that you want to catch up on. The bike could be a nice solution for those who want to have a way to work out while getting more done.

The weight capacity for the bike is 300 lbs., and you will find that it can fold up easily. In fact, it will still fold up while staying fully assembled. The small footprint makes it a solid solution for those who don’t have a lot of room.

You can change up the difficulty of your workouts easily thanks to the eight-level magnetic tension control system. The work surface on the desk is 24” wide and 16” high, and it is able to hold up to 44 lbs.


  • The bike/desk allows for multitasking – work out and work at the same time
  • Easy to read LCD screen
  • You can also use the product as a standing desk


  • Some customers have reported noises and sounds coming from the bike after several weeks of use, but this seems to be a rare problem
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Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Recumbent Exercise Bike

The exercise bike features a sleek and comfortable design that includes a wide bike seat and mesh back support. The bike features two seat-level pulse sensors that are easy to hold onto while working out. It features a step-through design, along with wide foot pedals with straps.

The color performance monitor makes it easy for you to track and monitor your rotation per minute, calories burned, pulse, wattage, distance, speed, and time. The console also makes it easy for you to control the amount of magnetic resistance the bike is providing, so you can determine how difficult or easy your exercise routine will be.

The folding exercise bike also has a tablet holder. This makes it easy for you to watch your favorite shows or browse the web while you are working out. The bike seat is easily adjustable, it features self-leveling pedals, and transportation wheels. This makes it possible to move the bike from room to room as needed.


  • The bike is easy to use, and the monitor is easy to read
  • The inseam range is adjustable from 29” to 38”
  • The folding exercise bike is comfortable


  • Some customers have had trouble with the belt coming off
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XTERRA Fitness FB350

The FB350 folding exercise bike can fold away to take up just 20.5” x 20” of floor space when it is not in use. The bike features a seat and a padded lower back area to provide a comfortable experience while riding and exercising. The LCD screen is 2” x 1”, so you will be able to see all the important information about your session including pulse, speed, distance, time, and calories.

The dial tension knob makes it easy for you to control and change the resistance. It is important to note that there are no custom or preset programs with the exercise bike. One of the nice features of the bike is the accessory pocket. This could be used to hold a remote control to a television or your mobile phone, for example.

The folding exercise bike provides you with a smooth feel while riding thanks to the 3.3-pound precision balanced flywheel. It operates quietly, and it features transport wheels that make it easy to move the bike when it is not in use. The bike should be able to fit users between 4’10” and 5’10” with no problem.


  • The bike easily folds away into a small form for storage
  • The heart rate pulse grips make it easy to monitor your pulse
  • The pedals and foot straps ensure your feet stay in place while you are riding


  • The bike has a weight capacity of just 225 lbs., which is much lower than many of the other exercise bikes on the list
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Marcy Foldable Upright Exercise Bike

Another one of the best folding exercise bike options comes from Marcy. The bike can provide the users with a fantastic cardio workout thanks to the adjustable resistance. There are eight preset levels of magnetic resistance control, so you can determine the intensity of your workout.

The bike has adjustable pedals and transport wheels, and the quality display monitor showcases the speed, distance, time, and calories. It also has an odometer. The folding exercise bike is lightweight, so you should not have any trouble moving it around the home to just where you need it.

The bike also features an adjustable seat height. You can adjust the seat using the knob beneath the padded seat. It will adjust to provide an inseam height of 28” to 33” from the seat to the pedal. Overall, the bike is easy to use, easy to put together, and easy to fold away. However, it might not have the higher weight capacity that you need.


  • The pedals come with safety straps, so your feet will not slip off
  • The bike features a 14-gauge steel frame
  • The bright LCD screen has a scan mode


  • The maximum weight the bike can hold is 250 lbs., which might not be enough for some users
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BulbHead 2-in-1 Stationary Bike

The BulbHead 2-in-1 is an upright position exercise bike that can transform easily into a recumbent position bike. This allows you to work out in different ways based on how you want to cycle and the types of intensity that you want from the routine. The eight different resistance options help with this, as well.

The bike also features built-in arm resistance bands. This allows the user to get in an arm workout while they are cycling. It can help to save time for those who might only have a limited window during which they can work out. You could get the great results that you want in less time.

The exercise bike features a simple digital display that will let you see your distance, as well as speed and calories. It will also provide you with an accurate heart rate reading. Thanks to the small size, you will find that this can fold up and store away in just about any area of the home without issue. In fact, it stores flat, so you could even store it under a bed if you choose.


  • The bike is easy to assemble
  • The folding exercise bike is relatively light and easy to move, even though it doesn’t have transportation wheels
  • Includes arm resistance bands


  • Some customers have had trouble with the build quality of the bike
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XTERRA Fitness FB150

XTERRA is on the list again, this time with the FB150. This folding exercise bike features a large seat that is anatomically designed and made to be comfortable. It has a solid x-frame that is strong and that can fold away to take up only a small amount of floor space – 18.1” x 18.1”. It also has transportation wheels to move the bike easily to different spaces.

Users may also appreciate the 2” x 1” LCD screen, so they can easily read out all the pertinent information they need including the distance, time, speed, calories, and pulse. The dial tension knob makes it easy to switch between the eight different tension levels. The 3-piece pedal crank provides some added durability.

Another nice feature is the quiet nature of this folding exercise bike. It has a 3.3-pound precision balanced flywheel, which helps to ensure a smooth and quiet operation. The bike should be able to fit most users from 4’10” to 5’10”.

The bike is quite similar to the FB350 except that it doesn’t have an accessory holder, seat handles, or a seat back. In addition, the FB150 is slightly smaller.


  • The folding exercise bike is easy to put together and to use
  • The console and LCD screen are easy to read and use
  • The padded handlebars are comfortable


  • The max weight for this bike is 225 lbs., which may not be enough for all users
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Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B0418

The SF-B0418 exercise bike is different from the other folding exercise bike options that are on the list. As you will note, there are not any handlebars or a seat with this exercise bike. Instead, you can simply use this small unit with any type of seat that you might already have. You could even exercise right from the couch or from your work chair.

The pedals can work very well for the feet, and you will not have to worry about them slipping thanks to the straps. However, some users have also found that they can use their hands on the pedals, which can provide them with an upper body workout, as well.

The unit has an LCD screen that provides the same types of information as on the full folding exercise bikes including the odometer, time, speed, distance, and calories. There is a carrying handle, and you will find that the exercise bike is small enough that it can easily store away in a closet. Those who have a limited amount of space may find that this is an ideal solution for their exercise needs.


  • Eight levels of tension
  • The unit is durable
  • Getting set up and started with the exercise bike is fast and easy


  • Although this unit doesn’t have a seat, it is important to keep in mind that there is a 220 lb. limit.
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Why Are Folding Exercise Bikes Such a Good Option?

With all of the various exercise options that are available today, why would you want to choose a folding exercise bike? You will find that there are many benefits to choosing this type of exercise equipment. Naturally, one of the biggest benefits is that you will be able to work out easily right from home. This will help you cut down on expenses, as you will not have to get a separate gym membership.

You will also find that it is useful to have a folding exercise bike for those days when you can’t get outside to exercise. If it is raining, you aren’t going to want to head out for a hike, jog, or to ride your actual bike. Instead, you can simply stay at home and still get in a great workout. One of the other nice features is that when you have a folding exercise bike at home, you can exercise while you are watching TV, streaming a show, listening to a podcast, etc.

Working out at home is also comfortable for many people. Not only will they not have to get out and go to the gym, they also don’t have to deal with all of the other people that would be at the gym. It saves time and money, and hassle.

Even if you have a small apartment, you will find that the folding exercise bike could be the ideal solution for you. Because they are relatively small, and they can store away easily, you don’t have to worry about them taking up too much floor space. They could go into the closet, under the bed in some cases, a corner of the room, the garage, etc.

Those who are looking for an affordable and effective method of working out will find that the folding exercise bike could be an ideal choice. The options on the list are the best on the market today and could be exactly what you have been looking for.

What Should You Look for with a Folding Exercise Bike?

As you are sorting through the various options for folding exercise bikes, it is important to understand the most important features that you should be looking for when purchasing. This will give you a better understanding of what the different bikes can offer and whether they are the right solution for your needs or not.

Console and Screen

One of the benefits of using an exercise bike is that it can keep track of your progress. They can track the number of calories you are burning, how long you have been exercising, how far you have gone, etc. This information is communicated to you through the console and LCD screen. It is important to find an exercise bike that has a screen that is large enough to easily read when you are sitting and exercising on the bike.

You will find that the options on the list above are all easy to read and understand. The controls on the console and on the bikes are easy to use, as well. This is important because you want to make sure that the bike is simple to operate. You may want to look for an option that provides backlighting, as this will make it even easier to see when there is low light and to combat glare if the bike is in a sunny room.

When choosing a bike, make sure that the LCD screen will display all of the information that you want and need from your exercise bike.

Resistance System

Something else you will want to consider when you are choosing a folding exercise bike is the type of resistance system that it offers. Bikes on the list above feature magnetic resistance, and they have a minimum of eight resistance levels. The best folding exercise bike on the list actually has 25 levels. However, you will want to understand the different types of resistance systems.

There are two basic types of resistance systems used with exercise bikes today. They include friction resistance and magnetic resistance.

Friction resistance uses a system that is akin to the braking system in regular bikes. There is a resistance pad that is placed against the flywheel to provide the resistance needed to exercise. With magnetic resistance, there is a magnet that will attract or repulse the flywheel, which is made from metal. This provides the resistance in this type of system.

Why would you want to choose a magnetic resistance system? There are a number of benefits to using this type of system. It tends to be smooth since there is no direct friction. It also happens to be much quieter since there is nothing touching the flywheel. Those who are looking for an exercise bike that is nice and quiet will appreciate having a magnetic resistance system.

Overall Size and Weight of the Exercise Bike

How much space do you have available for the folding exercise bike when it is folded and when it is in use? You will want to make sure that you understand just how large the bike will be in all of its positions to ensure that you have the proper space available. Because these are folding exercise bikes, they tend to take up less space.

Still, check to see the overall dimensions of the system before you make your choice. After all, you want to choose an exercise bike that still leaves you with some room when it is fully assembled and in use.

In addition to the size of the bike, you must also consider the weight and your ability to move the bike from one area or room to another. If you are not able to lift and maneuver a lot of weight, you will want to choose a lightweight exercise bike. Fortunately, many of the options on the list above come with transportation wheels. This will make them easier to move around.

Most of the folding bikes are under 50 lbs., but several on the list above weigh more. When you are choosing a bike, make sure its weight will not be an issue for you.

Height and Weight Limit

Other important factors to keep in mind when buying your bike are the weight and height limitations. Some of the bikes on the list above will only accommodate users who are 250 lbs. or below. Some, such as the SF-B0418 have a limit of 220 lbs. Those who are heavier will want to choose a heavier duty option, such as the Schwinn, which has a 300 lb. capacity.

Your height, and the height of everyone who uses the bike, will also be an important factor to consider. You want to be sure that you are neither too short nor too tall to use the bike. The bikes have adjustable seats in most cases, but this does not mean that they are ideal for all heights or weights. Double-check to make sure you are getting the right bike for your needs.

Ease of Assembly

How difficult will the exercise bike be to put together? Depending on the type of folding exercise bike you choose, they will need to have different amounts of assembly. Most of the bikes tend to be easy to assemble, and they will have instructions for putting them together and getting started. Since they are foldable bikes, most will be almost ready to go out of the box.

Still, make sure you read the assembly instructions to ensure that you are putting them together properly. That allows you to know that they are working correctly and that they are safe to use. Additionally, it is important that you always follow the instructions for use of the exercise bike. Do not exceed the weight limit, make sure the straps are attached properly, etc.

Ease of Use

In addition to the easy of assembly, you want to consider the ease of use of the machine. This includes folding and unfolding the bike, as well as getting onto the bike, starting it up, and using all of the controls. You will find that the bikes on the list are all quite simple to use once you have set them up. The controls are intuitive, and they have manuals that will tell you how to use them.

Always make sure that you are reading through the manuals to ensure you understand how to properly and safely use the bike. The systems tend to be easy to use, which is nice, and you will find that there tend to be similarities from one bike to the other. Some might have more features, but the basic use tends to be the same.

Other Features and Benefits

The list above features an array of different types of folding exercise bikes with various features and options. For example, there is an option with a work desk, options that provide multiple positions for the bike, resistance bands for the arms, and more. These additional features can help you to make up your mind when you are looking for a folding exercise bike.

You will also have noticed that some of the bikes on the list above are Bluetooth capable and can work with various apps through your mobile phone. This can provide you with greater functionality that you might be looking for in an exercise bike.

Whether you are hoping to find a simple exercise bike that you can store in the closet when you fold it down, or you want something that can connect to your apps and that provide you with a virtual bike ride, there are options for you. Take the time to look at the various options above, consider the features you need, and find the best solution.

Your Budget

In addition to all of the above considerations, you will also want to think about your budget and just how much you can afford. Find the solution that will meet your needs and that will still be affordable for you. Choose the best option that you can afford and that has all of the features and options that you want and need.


As you can see, there are many different options available when it comes to finding folding exercise bikes. Ultimately, you will want to choose an option that will work best for your space requirements and your specific needs. However, the clear winner of this roundup is Schwinn Recumbent Bike Series 270. Not only will you have a known and trusted brand, but you will also receive more resistance levels and more options when it comes to your exercise routines.

Take the time to go over the options on the list above and find the best folding exercise bike for you. It’s time that you got a piece of exercise equipment that you like and that will work well to help you get in shape or stay in shape.