Gifts for Snowboarders & Skiers – Ultimate Gift Guide

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The Top Gifts to Purchase for the Snowboarder in Your Life

Shopping for the snowboarder in your life doesn’t have to be a tricky proposition. It’s one of the easiest sports to shop for because there are so many options on the market. There are expensive gifts to take out on the snow as well as smaller and less costly presents that will help keep your favorite snowboarder safe and warm while outside.

No matter what your budget or who you are shopping for, you want to make sure you make an impact with your gift. That’s where we can help. Below we’ll showcase the top gifts that are sure to bring a smile to the face of your loved one when they tear off the wrapping paper.

Catch Every Trick with a GoPro HERO4 Video Camera

Anyone spending time outside on the snow and tossing out some sick tricks is going to want a way to document every flip, jump, and grind. That’s where the GoPro 4 comes in handy. It is a small and compact camera with all the technology that the brand is known for in a convenient package that can be taken anywhere your favorite snowboarder needs to go. It’s a rugged camera so it can handle a spill and keep right on going.

This little camera comes in either black or silver and will work in the hands of a beginner just as well as someone who is an expert at taking action cam shots. It offers a vivid touchscreen, great wi-fi, and creates photos and videos that will look amazing on Instagram.

Keep Feet Warm and Comfortable with Snowboarding Boots

Is the snowboarder in your life in need of a new pair of boots? This is one of the best gifts you can give since the right pair can seriously alter performance. On top of that, the right pair is going to keep their feet warm even when they spend hours out in the cold and snow. Make sure you know the proper size if you go for this gift since boots that don’t fit won’t be a lot of use for anyone.

There are boots for those who spend all their time on mountains, boots for freestylers, and even boots created explicitly for beginners. If you ask a few questions about how your snowboarder enjoys their sport, it shouldn’t be too difficult to find a pair of boots that your loved one will go crazy over.

A Pair of Ski and Snowboard Goggles for Visibility

For a snowboarder, having a great pair of goggles can make a difference between heading out on the slopes in any condition and being forced in early because visibility isn’t so hot. Snowboard goggle lenses are high contrast, so it’s easy to see obstacles and bumps out on the powder. When the sun is beating down, goggles can also protect the eyes better than traditional sunglasses. These goggles are also created to work well with snowboard helmets.

Keep in mind that large frames give a better field of vision but may not fit small faces. The lens color also matters since high contrast works well for low light days, and dark mirrored lenses are best for super sunny situations.

Protect the Noggin with a Ski and Snowboard Helmet

Snowboarding is a thrilling sport, but that also means that safety has to be considered. With spills and bumps around every corner, the last thing you want is for your loved one to end up hurt in an accident. This is precisely why you want to ensure you gift a solid helmet that will take any blows that are coming. The best helmets will feature MIPS technology, which means rotational forces are reduced if the helmet is hit at an angle.

Helmets with height adjustment are a great choice since they can fit heads of all different sizes. You should also look for plenty of ventilation. Even when it’s cold outside, the head can get sweaty and uncomfortable when you’re physical on a mountain. Don’t forget to pick a helmet in your snowboarder’s favorite color!

Keep Things Organized with a Snowboard Bag

You may have started to realize that there is a ton of gear associated with snowboarding. That also means that having somewhere to store everything is essential. A snowboard bag can be a fantastic gift that your snowboarder might not want to pick up on their own. These bags protect the snowboard and make it easier to cart it around on the mountain.

There are many different types of snowboard bags out there from traditional models to options with wheels, snowboard backpacks, and snowboard boot bags. Those who spend lots of time out on the snow might want to opt for a backpack which can store all the gear and food needed for a long excursion. Other might just want a simple snowboard bag to keep it protected during travel.

Bluetooth Gloves for Warmth and Practicality

When it’s time to head to the mountains, having a pair of warm gloves is an absolute must. You want a pair that is durable, comfortable, and warm the entire day long so your favorite snowboarder can enjoy hours in the snow. Look for something that is water repellant with a liner for warmth, and you’ll be set up for a great gift that your friend or family member is sure to love.

Bluetooth gloves add an extra level of functionality that snowboarders will appreciate. Instead of fumbling through pockets to get to a phone, Bluetooth gloves let a rider answer a call, switch songs on a playlist, control a GoPro, or do other things without ever touching a device. These gloves have a small strip that you touch to operate technology when on the mountain efficiently.

A Warm and Insulated Jacket for Cold Days on the Mountain

When it comes to a snowboard jacket, there are so many options that it can make your head spin. There are top brands like Rossignol and Burton, but plenty of others are offering the same quality for competitive prices. However, there are some things you should look for when you are gifting a snowboarding jacket. The first is that it’s nicely insulated, so the rider stays warm all day long. Jackets with hoods compatible with helmets can also be a huge help for keeping in the warmth.

One of the things that makes some jackets stand out is the addition of extra pockets for things like goggles. This makes it easy to get items in and out without digging into a snowboarding bag. Other things you should look for include waist gaiters, ventilation in the armpit region, and an assortment of colors. You want to be sure your snowboarder can show off their special style any time they hop on their board.

Ski and Snowboard Pants Fit for a Day on the Slopes

If your snowboarder already has a jacket, the other half of the equation is an excellent pair of ski and snowboard pants. One of the first things to know here is that these come in insulated, non-insulated, and three-in-one versions. There are a ton of options out there beyond insulation though. You want to think about the cut of the pants and make sure they are going to fit your snowboarder perfectly when they’re cutting through the snow.

Pants with built-in venting can be useful for keeping cool and controlling moisture so look for that. There also are often pockets with these pants, which can give a rider somewhere to put all their devices and gear that can’t stay in the snowboard bag. Some even have pockets that facilitate headphone wires, so great tunes are easy to access.

An Inexpensive Container of Snowboard Wax

If you aren’t a snowboarder, you may not realize how vital waxing up the board is for having the best time out on the slopes. When the board has been recently waxed, it will slide better on the snow. What that means for your athlete is that they aren’t going to get stuck in flat areas and find themselves needing to unstrap. Snowboard wax goes beyond that, though, since the wax protects and hydrates the board so it’s sure to last longer than it usually would.

Wax comes in cold temperature, warm temperature, and all temperature and the one you choose should be based on where your snowboarder rides. If you aren’t sure about which to choose, all-temperature is probably the best option. Wax can also be made of several different materials, and each has its own set of pros and cons. For instance, racing wax offers the best performance while hydrocarbon wax is an economical option that does the job just fine.

A Snowboard Tool for Keeping Things in Shape

Another item that can make a great stocking stuffer or a simple gift for someone who spends time on the snow is a snowboard tool. There are many options out there, but we recommend a tool that has many purposes. This ensures that even out in the backcountry, your rider can adjust their snowboard or other gear without a problem.

If nothing else, a tool that holds a slotted screwdriver, #2 Phillips, and #3 Phillips is going to be pretty useful. However, some tools go far beyond that and include items like keychain loops, bottle openers, pliers, scissors, nail files, and more. These tools range in price from around $10 to over $100, so you can work with your budget to decide on the gift that works best for you.

A Snowboard Backpack for All Your Gear

Those who are planning to take to the backcountry for snowboarding are going to want to be prepared for any situation. Having extra space is possible when a snowboarding backpack is available. Any backpack can be used for the purpose, but those made specifically for riding are often full of unique features like offering pockets for goggles and safety gear and straps which can carry your snowboard.

There are many styles of snowboarding backpacks from street style to backcountry bags. You also want to think about the size of the bag. If you are gifting someone who goes on short rides, a backpack of less than 35L should be fine. Those who spend the night in the snow are going to appreciate something a bit larger. Style and size are the two most important things to consider.

Face Masks to Keep Out the Elements

The last gift you might want to choose for the snowboarder in your life is a face mask. There are used to prevent frostbite, windburn, sunburn, and to keep snow and rain from falling on someone’s unprotected face. When headed downhill on a snowboard, even rain can feel like a thousand cuts when it’s colliding with the face. Goggles can help, but a face mask picks up the slack.

The great thing about face masks is that they come in a variety of styles and designs. Some have one hole, others have two, and some have three. Some of them cover the entire face while others focus on the bottom half of the face instead. Look for a breathable material that allows for airflow, and you’ll have the perfect gift for your loved one.

It might seem like shopping for a snowboarder would be challenging, but there are plenty of options out there. It’s just a matter of deciding which is the right gift for you to purchase. So think about what your friend could use the most and let that aid you while using this list to choose the perfect gift to head out on the mountain. No matter how large or small a gift you want to provide, there are choices. You can be the one who offers up the gift that lights up someone’s eyes and makes them feel truly seen.