Top 10 Best Kayak Carts for 2024

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Kayaks are a lot of fun, but when you are just getting started with owning one, you may find you have quite a bit to learn. In addition to needing a place to store it, a way to hold it onto your vehicle, and finding other accessories are helpful, a kayak cart can be a great purchase for the new kayak owner. A kayak cart is used to transport your boat from home to a fishing area and back again without all the hassle. The cart can also help when you need to move your kayak to an area where you need wheels to maneuver properly. As with all other major purchases associated with a kayak, it’s important to seriously consider which cart you choose based on your needs and the feature set that is available.

We’re going to look at the ten best kayak carts out there today to give you an idea of what to expect from a high-quality option. We’ll also go over what makes one kayak cart better than another one on the market. But first, let’s look at the best carts for purchase today.

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The Best Kayak Cart for 2024

TMS Cart-Canoe/Kayak KY001

The TMS Cart KY001 allows you to transport a single kayak or a canoe from your home or another location to your favorite fishing destination. It has a capacity of 150 pounds which is fairly reasonable, but make sure that your kayak doesn’t go over the limit. The way this cart is designed allows it to be held by the hull in a V-shaped cradle. There are foam bumpers on each arm to prevent the device from causing any damage to your favorite boat. The arms are also connected via a nylon strap so that the opening doesn’t stretch farther than needed.

The large pneumatic tires on this cart make it easy to move your boat, even over gravel or sand. When you get the cart, there is very little assembly required. All you have to do is attach the wheels and you are good to go. The cart also features a double-leg kickstand which makes loading your boat as simple as can be. The cart is constructed from aluminum pipe and can also work as a dolly for a canoe.

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C-Tug Kayak and Canoe Cart

The C-Tug is a cart made in New Zealand and it offers great features at an inexpensive price. It is constructed from plastics and stainless steel which have been built to be non-corroding and resistant to ultraviolet rays. If you are looking for massive capacity, this cart may be your new best friend since it can easily move around a kayak of up to 300 pounds. The tires are large for uneven terrain and made of a material that prevents punctures from happening.

The assembly process for this cart is straightforward and requires no tools. In fact, you can have it ready in under 60 seconds. If you want to get it in the mail and immediately head off to hit the water, you should run into absolutely no problems. It also breaks down in seconds and can easily be stowed away in your kayak, so you have it ready for your next destination.

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Suspenz Smart Airless DLX Cart

This cart is a bright yellow with black accents and could easily fit the aesthetic of your favorite garage tools. The reason for that is the powder coated aluminum frame along with stainless steel hardware that make up this budget-friendly and high-quality kayak cart. The tires on the Smart Airless DLX will never go flat and punctures won’t cause an issue when you are on the beach. However, the cart has a capacity of only 125 pounds which may not be enough for everyone who takes a look at it. For those who it does accommodate, it’s an excellent option.

Rather than having foam pads like most carts, this one comes with rubber, which is a much more durable choice. This likely means you can expect to get years of good use out of the cart while heading off to your favorite fishing hole. This is an easy choice if it works for your boat due to the price and the nice construction.

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OxGord Kayak Cart Dolly Wheels Trolley

With the OxGord cart, you get a nice construction that is made of corrosion resistant aluminum and foam padding to keep your vehicle and boat from being scratched up or otherwise damaged. It also folds up easily once you are doing using it, so you can store it in the kayak or your vehicle depending on your preference. The cart can hold a boat of up to 165 pounds, which is a reasonable amount for most kayak lovers. It has a cam buckle tie which helps you secure the boat when it’s on the cart to avoid an accident.

One of the nicest features with this kayak cart is that it comes with a one-year limited warranty. That seems to stand out from all the other carts with no guarantee mentioned. It also has substantial 10-inch tires of the pneumatic sort so there’s no worry about a puncture when you’re on rocky or sandy terrain. It’s a true bargain and a cart that would be perfect for someone who is on a budget or just getting started in the kayak world.

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Malone Xpress Scupper Style Kayak Cart

Malone is a fairly well-known brand when it comes to kayak carts and the Xpress Scupper Style cart is no slouch in its own right. The price is reasonable, although not as inexpensive as the last cart, and the design allows the cart to accommodate any standard kayak. This cart has 200 pounds of capacity which is pretty good based on the other carts we’re looking at. It also has removable foam pads included to keep your kayak from getting scuffed up.

The Xpress Scupper has airless tires and features an adjustable locking width control, so you can customize it to fit your specific boat. It also has the distinction of offering a warranty, but in this case, it is a lifetime warranty. Considering the price, that’s a great deal and gives peace of mind that the cart isn’t going to give out on your anytime soon. All in all, this one is a great value and will suit nearly anyone with a standard kayak to cart around.

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Malone Clipper Deluxe Universal Kayak Cart

Another Malone offering is the Clipper Deluxe which is also a universal cart that holds nearly any kayak you own. It comes in silver, red, and black so it has an aesthetic than many will enjoy. The price is also right and runs about average, which is great when you consider the features of the cart you are getting. The cart has tires that cannot be punctured, and they are 10-inches in size. The frame is padded in all the right places and oversized to protect your kayak. There is also a locking kickstand for extra stabilization.

The loading capacity for the Clipper is 200 pounds and, as with the other Malone, it comes with a lifetime warranty in terms of defects. The construction makes it a great choice even for larger kayaks. It’s easy to use and quick to assemble for a great experience from start to finish.

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Bonnlo Kayak Canoe Boat Cart Carrier Dolly Trolley

This kayak cart from Bonnlo comes at a complete bargain and doesn’t even lack features because of it. The capacity is a reasonable 165 pounds, which is plenty to transport most kayaks. It also has foam bumpers on the arms for additional protection to avoid boat damage. The tires on this cart are large at 10-inches and are made of a solid rubber that will easily move across gravel and sand. Once you get the cart to your home, it’s also simple to assemble with no needs for tools. It will also break down into a tiny size for storage purposes.

The stand for this cart is spring-loaded which means you can easily prop it up when you need to load your kayak out of the water quickly. It comes complete with two tie-down straps of 12-foot which allows you even more security when carting around your kayak or canoe.

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Seattle Sports All-Terrain Center Cart

Want massive tires to transport your boat? Seattle Sports All-Terrain cart is going to the be the thing of your dreams. It has substantial tires of 16-inches which are going to effortlessly move across any terrain, no matter how rugged, rocky, or sandy. It can cart around a weight of up to 300 pounds, which is the highest of any of the carts on this list. That makes it a fantastic option for anyone with a heavier and larger canoe that won’t fit on other options. While it’s a little more expensive for that fact, it’s still not outrageous and it won’t set you back too much.

This cart collapses down quite well for easy storage, which is nice if you don’t have a lot of space in your car or kayak. It also comes with padded bars which are adjustable, a spring-loaded kickstand, and a cinch strap for extra security. There isn’t a lot this cart can’t do, and it would be fine for a more experienced kayaker.

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Malone Xpress Scupper Kayak Cart with Beach Wheels

Our final cart from Malone on the list is the Xpress Scupper with Beach Wheels. These are some massive wheels at 12-inches in diameter and 7-inches wide. They are balloon wheels, so they are fantastic for use on sand or other soft terrain. The capacity isn’t the best at 150 pounds, but many kayaks will be under that anyway. The cart features locking width control and has a non-corrosive frame with stainless steel hardware. There is also a foam black in the center which is removable along with upright foam padding.

As with the other Malone carts, this one has a limited lifetime warranty, so you know it’s made to last. Another interesting aspect of this cart is that it comes with two different crossbar assemblies that you can use based on the size of your boat. The price is pretty average and will likely be in the range of most people who are looking for a nice cart for a decent value.

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Hobie Heavy-Duty Plug-in Kayak Cart

This last cart is the Hobie Heavy-Duty Plug-in, which is made of stainless steel for the best durability. The plug-in aspect of the cart refers to the fact that you can plug the cart directly into the bottom of a Hobie kayak through the scuppers. The wheels on this cart are made of plastic and polyurethane foam, which is excellent for going over rough terrain. Not even gravel or compacted soil will be issues for this well-constructed kayak cart.

This is one of the pricier carts, but it isn’t out of the normal range. It also stands to reason that it has a higher price due to the all stainless-steel construction which is capable of wear and tear. It might not be the cart you want for as a beginner or a bargain hunter, but more experienced boat fishermen will see the value in the features that make up this cart.

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Choosing the Perfect Kayak Dolly

Choosing a kayak cart can be difficult if you aren’t sure where to start. However, there are a few things you should look for to ensure the cart you choose is right for you and your boat. We’ll go over some of these options and what they mean for you when making a purchase or researching carts.


Since you are using the cart to move your kayak from one place to another, the wheels are an important component to consider. The largest wheels are going to have the easiest time on tricky terrain, so those are often more popular. In addition, having wheels that are airless or otherwise impenetrable will ensure that any rocks and debris in your path won’t stop you in your tracks.

Adjustable Width

Some carts come with adjustable widths, which can be useful if you plan to transport various types of kayaks. If you plan only to transport one, it may not be worth an additional price. This is largely a matter of preference and may depend on whether you have a single kayak or a few.

Ease of Storage

Once you move your kayak wherever you are going, you want to be able to store it easily. Models that can be broken down or easily disassembled tend to be popular because you can store them in your car or, in some cases, even on your boat itself. However, large wheels can be more difficult to store so keep that in mind, too.

At this point we’ve shared our favorite ten kayak carts and some pointers on choosing one of your own. Any of the carts on this list are backed by positive reviews and should be durable and easy to use. Consider what you need for your specific kayak and go from there. Good luck!