9 Best Penny Boards Of 2023

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In the world of skateboards, there are multiple different types of boards that offer a unique riding experience. One of these is the penny board, which is essentially a miniature skateboard, that comes in three different sizes. They are hefty enough to carry adults, so don’t think they’re just for kids – there are many things you can do with a penny board that make them challenging and fun for adult riders who want to explore new ways to ride. But they are made for cruising and commuting primarily, and offer a great compromise between ultimate portability and smooth, easy riding.

To help you find a great starter penny board, we put together a review of the best penny boards on the market right now. Below, you’ll find a quick comparison chart, and a brief review of each board. Then we’ll talk about what features will help you determine which penny board is best for you. Looking at every aspect of these best sellers will help you find the right penny board to try.

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The Best Penny Board

Best Penny Boards and Mini Cruisers Reviews

Skatro Mini Cruiser

If you are looking for the smoothest ride possible with a penny board, the Skatro Mini Cruiser should be your go-to. Built like a traditional 22-inch penny board in every other way, this cruiser is created with machine-calculated plastic that ensures a flexible, consistent ride unlike anything else out there on the market. This is an exclusive manufacturing trick that only Skatro has, so you definitely won’t find a comparable option if what you are looking for is a flexible board that can handle plenty of pressure.

Additionally, Skatro’s bearings are made from bearing steel, a different material from the usual carbon steel bearings that are on most penny boards. This is significantly stronger stuff, so you’ll see less breakdown over time, and that also adds to the smoothness of the overall ride. Keep in mind that this one is made to flex a bit under your weight when you use it – we were slightly concerned when we stood on one for the first time. But it’s never a problem when riding, and with the durability and ultra-smooth ride, that moment of uncertainty was definitely worth it.

The board comes in a rainbow of colors, perfect for teens who want to get into penny boarding. And while it’s a lower price than a lot of other penny boards you’ll see, you aren’t skimping out on the quality with this one. It also comes with a matching T-tool, very handy, and is still strong enough to support an average-sized adult.

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Penny Nickel Complete

Originally, penny boards were made in Australia, specifically for cruising. The Nickel Complete takes us back to the history of the penny board, with the same classic quality and style you’d find in an original from the 70s. The strong molded plastic is durable and flexible, allowing for plenty of speed and smooth riding, and you can toss it in a backpack or carry it with you. This is another mid-sized board at 27 inches, and it also comes in a huge array of colors and patterns to choose from. Personally, we think this would be a great option for teens that wanted to get into penny boarding but didn’t really know where to start.

At just over four pounds, this one is a bit lighter than the other mid-sized penny boards we reviewed, so it’s perfect for taking with you. As with other true Penny products, the ride is smooth and quiet, and the extra length on this one makes it a bit more stable than the smaller 22-inch boards. The classic waffle pattern on the deck also offers a bit of grip for even more stability, a trademark of real penny boards.

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Rimable Complete

The Rimable Complete is one of the few penny boards we saw that would handle a larger adult, with a weight limit of up to around 200 pounds. This is a 22-inch penny board, with aluminum trucks that support the deck to help the board handle the extra weight. The board itself is a throwback to the 70s when penny boards were all the rage. The same heavy-duty plastic that made penny boards such durable and fun rides is back on the Rimable, but it comes with a fun new graphic design that kids will want. One thing we thought was an especially nice touch is the fact that the graphics extend to the wheels for a totally seamless look.

Once again, this one of the more affordable options out there, but don’t let the price fool you into thinking you’re getting a cheaper product. This is one of the most consistently high rated boards we reviewed, and we can see why. You get to cruise just like you may have as a kid, on the same mini board, without the worry about the weight limit, and those three-inch trucks give the entire thing a bit of meaty durability that you don’t see on other penny boards. Despite the added security, this is still a very light board at barely over four pounds, so it’s just as portable as any other option out there.

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Penny Nickel Pantones Cruiser

A study in sleek minimalism, this is the penny board for the rider who still wants a bit of modern style in his or her accessories. The Pantones is an all-black version of the mid-sized penny board, measuring 27 inches long. The Abec7 bearings offer support so that this board will comfortably hold around 200 pounds, and offer smooth riding that is just as sleek as the design itself.

Many riders like the 27-inch penny board because it offers a bit more stability without losing the speed and flexibility of the smaller boards. If you’re worried about balancing on the smaller boards, or you can’t find a smaller board that offers the weight limit support you need for a full-sized adult, this could be a great answer. The sleek black appearance may also make this one more suitable for commuting, and at five-and-a-half pounds, you can easily carry this one with you on the bus, in a skateboard backpack, or wherever you may need to go.

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Penny Pastel Complete

The Penny Complete line is one of the best-selling collections of penny boards there is, and the Pastel is no exception. As the name implies, this collection features a rainbow of pastel color options for the rider with bright style. The classic Penny board offers a smooth, controllable ride that is suitable for all sorts of riders, including kids and total beginners. This board is the classic 22-inch size, with the standard waffle pattern on the deck to make for better stability during your ride. The lilac and mint styling may not be for everyone, but it does make a fun change compared to many of the more retro-styled penny boards out there, especially if you’re trying to introduce a young child to the sport.

Although authentic penny boards are known for being incredibly durable, and many riders have found them to be just fine for heavier weights, most agree that this board is meant for average-sized adults only. However, it’s another great option for teens and kids who want to get started. Being just over four pounds, it’s also easy enough to carry around. It fits in a school locker, in a backpack, and on public transportation very easily. Anyone can take this board on the go with them and get some riding in between errands or daily activities.

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Penny Australia Classic

If you are already an old hand at penny boarding, and you want a board that has truly fine-tuned the details, the Penny Australia Classic is for you. This beautiful burgundy board features a 22-inch deck with soft wheels for an extremely smooth ride, and cutting-edge bearings that are both durable and better performing than many of the other penny boards on the market today. It looks and feels like the original from the 70s, but performs better and lasts longer thanks to more modern technology.

This is also one of the lightest boards we reviewed, coming in at just under four pounds. It’s easy to carry with you anywhere, and the simple styling may not appeal to all riders, but for those who want a more sophisticated look while cruising on their commute, this is perfect. You can get the same board in a variety of other colors and patterns if you prefer, however, so don’t let the aesthetics put you off. Once again, you’ve got that classic waffle patterned deck for extra grip, and this board includes three-inch aluminum trucks for more durability and a higher weight limit.

If you’re looking for a true cruiser to get you around a campus or around town, this one would be one of our top picks. It has all the right combination of elements that we are looking for in a penny board today.

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Penny Standard

The Penny Standard is a great choice for beginners – maybe even our top choice if we had to narrow it down. It’s a mid-sized 27-inch board, so it adds a touch more stability than the smaller 22-inch boards. Penny’s standard features, like the waffle grip pattern on the deck, the quality bearings, and the soft wheels for a smooth ride, are all present. What makes this board so great for beginners is that it is rated for adult weights, and has fantastic reviews as a speedy penny board. Our opinion is that this is one of the best beginner boards for cruising down hill, and the durable plastic can handle any wipeouts that you can.

It also comes in a few different colors, including some more modern palettes like mint green. It is extremely lightweight, so it’s easy to cart around with you when you need to head indoors for a quick errand. Use this to commute around campus, get around downtown, cruise the boardwalk, slide down some amazing hills, or just have fun around the neighborhood. This board would be ideal for a teen or adult who was just starting out with penny boarding, but could just as easily work for a child, particularly one who doesn’t feel comfortable on the smaller and more flexible penny boards.

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Penny Complete Longboard

This is the only long penny board that we reviewed, mostly because these are not as popular on the market. By the time you get to the 36-inch long board, you often find yourself bumping up to a standard skateboard for more versatile riding. However, don’t discount the penny longboard just yet. It is still constructed of that extremely durable plastic that makes these boards so popular, and it features that natural concave shape and a bit of flex that makes cruising more comfortable. Once again, you’ve got the waffle top non-slip deck, but this particular board adds a layer of texture to the pattern for even better stability.

Despite being longer, this is the lightest board we reviewed, coming in at just 3.3 pounds. It is insanely easy to carry with you between commutes for that reason. The trucks and wheels are all made of Penny’s high-quality materials, and the retro pintail shape is a lot of fun for riders who want to remember the good old days. You can choose from five colors (navy, blue, mint, cream, and black) and be cruising around in no time on this amazing board.

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Penny Nickel Graphic Complete

The last, but certainly not least, on our list is the Penny Nickel Graphic. This board combines everything that you love about the Penny Nickel, but adds fun graphics to the deck for a truly unique board. You can also purchase extra decks and switch them out if you want to change up your style based on your mood. This is a mid-sized penny board at 27 inches long, with that classic Australian styling that makes the penny board so unique.

Durable, flexible plastic, waffle-patterned top, and high-quality trucks and wheels make this one just as good as any of the others we’ve reviewed. Where it stands out is definitely in the cool graphic design and slightly transparent wheels that add some extra cool to the look. Choose designs based on outer space, tribal patterns, animal prints, abstract geometrics, or solid color combinations that show off your personality.

You can carry this one with you in a backpack, and the ride is smooth and quiet thanks to the four-inch penny trucks. This deck is rated for adult weights, so you can ride one yourself, or let the cool designs entice a teen or child to give the sport a try. And that durable plastic material can take a heck of a beating, so it’s easy to pass these down to kids once you’ve moved on to something else in the future.

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Quick Guide to Choosing the Best Penny Board

As you can see, any of these might be a great buy depending on your riding style or needs. If you want to zoom around on your penny board as fast as you can, the smaller boards, under 22 inches, would be best. If you prefer the more balanced feeling of a bit more deck, try the medium-length 27-inch boards. Finally, if what you’re after is a long cruise on a boardwalk, the penny longboard is the best choice

Beyond the size, the other components you’ll want to consider are the deck material, how high the quality is on the components, and finally, the aesthetic. All of the boards we reviewed have great materials and quality components, so you just need to choose one that you love the look of and hit the street!

This Cool Board Is Here to Stay

Penny boards are definitely making a comeback, for both kids and adults. Maybe they are a little bit of a fad, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t a fun fad to try out while there are so many excellent options on the market. These smaller boards are light and flexible, which makes them great for speed, but due to that super-tough plastic deck material, they can handle a beating, perfect for passing off to your kids when you’ve had your fun. And being able to just toss one in your backpack to take your board on the go with you anywhere is always a plus. Whether you want to master tricks, speed down hills, or just cruise around, we recommend grabbing a penny board for a fun new riding experience this year.