14 Best Skateboard Backpacks for 2023

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Looking for a way to carry your books with you while you skate to school? Perhaps you ride a longboard to the office and need a way to carry your belongings. It could be something completely different boarders are always on the go, and they always need a way to carry their gear with them. The answer is a skateboard backpack, but given the wide range of styles and designs on the market, how do you choose the right one? We’ve sorted through your options for you and created a list of the 14 best skateboard backpacks. Check out our shortlist below, then get in the know with our meatier reviews to ensure you’re buying the right backpack for you.

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The Best Skateboard Backpack

Now that we’ve given you an overview of the available models, let’s break things down into greater detail with a review of each potential backpack.

JanSport Right Pack Laptop Backpack

The JanSport Right Pack Laptop Backpack might seem an odd choice for the second position on our list, but it is a real contender, particularly for those looking for a sturdy pack for their on-the-go needs, but who do not need a traditional skateboard backpack. This pack lacks skateboard straps but offers a suede reinforced bottom for additional strength. The zippered main compartment delivers plenty of room for books or other gear, and the Cordura® material is strong enough to handle whatever life might throw your way. This is the original style that has been around for over 40 years, and the bags are incredibly durable. The straps offer decent padding and are straight cut rather than angled. There is an internal sleeve capable of holding a 15-inch laptop or smaller. Measuring 13 x 8.3 x 18.1, it’s large enough for most any needs, but small enough to store easily when not in use.

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Element Mohave Skate Backpack

The Element Mohave Skate Backpack takes our first choice slot for a number of different reasons. Stylish and available in a very wide range of different colors, it also offers two polyester clip straps to secure your board to the backpack when it’s not in use. It offers a 13.5-inch shoulder drop, and the bag measures a full 18.5 inches in height. The main pocket offers a zippered closure, and there is even a tricot-lined sunglass pocket to store your shades. The included sleeve is capable of fitting laptops from 13 to 15 inches. The mesh backing is designed to help you keep your cool while you’re on the go, and both straps are well padded. While it offers plenty of storage capabilities for your gear, this backpack also strikes a minimalist chord and does not have any unnecessary bells and whistles. Note that the total volume of this backpack is 30 liters, including all pockets (main and secondary).

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Burton Kilo Backpack

Stylish and unmistakable, the Burton Kilo backpack is an excellent option for anyone who wants the best combination of performance and design. Featuring two ratcheting, clip-ended straps to secure your board and two covered outside pockets, the Kilo’s main claim to fame is the roomy interior. A single main zipper gives you access to the spacious center pocket, where you can store all your gear. There’s also an included laptop sleeve capable of holding devices that measure up to 15 inches. The Kilo is available in a significant number of colors and patterns, but they all offer padded straps for comfort, a dedicated water bottle pocket, a tablet sleeve, a key and phone compartment, and a chest strap to secure your load correctly. Best of all? The Kilo comes with a full lifetime warranty that ensures your bag is repaired or replaced within two days of the company receiving it, if there’s a problem.

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RVCA Curb Backpack

The RVCA Unisex Push Skate Deluxe Backpack offers quite a few perks for the discerning boarder. One of the most interesting is the addition of the two Velcro skateboard straps. This allows you to get the perfect fit for your board of the moment without having to spend a ton of time fiddling with clip adjustments – just cinch and go. When not in use, the straps can be tucked away out of sight, giving the pack a more traditional appearance. The single large compartment offers a zippered closure, and the bag itself is made from durable nylon. The 13-inch shoulder drop offers a comfortable fit, and both shoulder straps are padded for protection. The dedicated laptop sleeve can fit devices up to 15 inches (or smaller). Between the reinforced stitching and the high-quality construction materials, the RVCA Push stands the test of time and hard use – it will become your primary go-bag quickly and be there when you need it.

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Dakine Mission Backpack

Slim and streamlined, the Dakine Mission Backpack is an excellent option for boarders who need to carry their gear, but who do not want a bulky pack on their back. It comes in a number of color and pattern options, but all feature the same removable strap drop and dual ratcheting board straps on the back of the pack. Both straps are padded for comfort, and inside you’ll find both a padded laptop sleeve (up to 15 inches) and a padded iPad (or other tablet) sleeve. The front pocket of the bag is designed with all your organizing needs in mind, and there’s even a sunglass sleeve lined with fleece to protect your eyewear. The waist belt can be stowed if not needed (note it simply packs away out of sight – it is not removable). This bag features a compact design and measures just 9 x 20 x 14 inches and weighs only 1.5 pounds empty.

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Eastsport Multi-Compartment Skater Backpack

Turn to the Eastsport Multi-Compartment Skater Backpack when you need a high-capacity pack capable of also storing you board. It offers two Velcro straps to secure boards of virtually any size, and the interior is roomy enough for just about anything you might need to carry with you. There’s a dedicated tech pocket that can fit laptops up to 15 inches, and several front zipper pockets to help you organize your smaller items. The dedicated glasses/sunglasses pocket is fleece lined for protection, and the mesh bottom of the dedicated hydration pocket ensures that condensation can evaporate easily from your water bottle. The back of the pack features high-density foam padding for additional comfort while on the go. The top carry strap features a molded rubber handle, and both straps are well padded. The bag also features a full lifetime warranty to ensure peace of mind – when you need your pack, it will be there.

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Nike SB RPM Solid Backpack

Nike might be a major player in the footwear industry, but the company offers help and support for those on the go in many ways. Their SB RPM Solid Backpack is just one excellent example of this. The bag features two Velcro straps to secure your board, as well as durable nylon construction for longevity and wear resistance. There is a dedicated laptop sleeve capable of holding devices up to 15 inches, and the shoulder straps are curved to offer a more natural fit. A dedicated water bottle pocket can hold up to one liter bottles. The main storage compartment is quite spacious, and the dual clip straps on the bottom of the bag allow you to carry additional gear easily. This bag measures 21 x 13 x 6.5 inches, ensuring that you have a solution to your carrying needs that doesn’t take up a ton of space on its own.

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Dakine Wonder Pack

The second Dakine pack to grace our list, the Wonder Pack is smaller than the Mission, but no less beneficial for your needs. It offers two clip cinch straps to hold your board in place, as well as an elastic Z cord on the back that can be easily adjusted. Two mesh side pockets allow you to store additional gear, including water bottles, and the main compartment offers a decent amount of space. The shoulder straps are triple seamed on the inside for durability, and well-padded for comfort. A chest/waist strap offers better securement and ergonomics, as well. However, note that this is a smaller bag – it measures just 6 x 18 x 12 inches and weighs less than a pound when empty. If you need to carry a lot of gear with you, this may not be the best option. In that case, the Dakine Mission might be a better choice.

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Element Men’s Jaywalker Backpack

The Men’s Jaywalker Backpack is our second entry from Element, and it’s definitely a worthy contender for your money. It features a single main pocket and four exterior ones, along with two cinch straps to hold your board secure when it’s not under your feet. The body of this pack is made from 600 denier polyester with ripstop technology to ensure the bottom holds up to wear and tear. The bell-shaped body construction offers better comfort and ergonomics when wearing the bag correctly, as well. A sunglass pouch ensures that your shades are always protected, and the sternum securement system is adjustable to ensure that you get the best fit. You can store a laptop (up to 15 inches) in the dedicated tech sleeve, as well. This pack offers up to 30 liters of capacity when you include all of the pockets. Note that the board straps are stowable if they are not in use.

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Oakley Enduro 30L 2.0

Brought to you by a company renowned for performance and quality, the Oakley Enduro 2.0 offers a full 30 liters of carrying capacity. One of the most interesting things about this particular pack is the wide-mouth entry – the entire top flips open to allow easy access to the spacious interior. The pack is machine washable, which is a rarity, and the two wide Velcro straps offer plenty of securement for your board. You’ll enjoy a total of nine exterior pockets, including two mesh compartments ideal for water bottles. The built in laptop sleeve will hold a 15-inch laptop with ease, and there is plenty of storage for anything else you might need to carry with you. The bag itself is made from durable nylon, and the bottom is reinforced for additional wear resistance and longevity. The straps are thickly padded and feature additional stitching for longer use.

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Penny Men’s Slater Pouch Backpack

The Penny Men’s Slater Pouch Backpack is the only one on our list made by an actual skateboard company (Penny). It offers two thick Velcro straps to hold just about any size board, and there’s even a dedicated pull-out pouch to hold smaller penny boards. The laptop sleeve is padded and capable of holding devices up to 15 inches, and there’s also a built-in tablet pocket, as well. The body is made from 600 denier polyester, and the bottom, sides and back are reinforced for additional durability and wear resistance. The mesh side pockets are ideal for carrying water bottle, and the back is padded for additional comfort while wearing the pack. The shoulder straps are designed to be extra wide to help disperse weight properly and provide greater comfort. Choose from stylish black or go with the multicolored design to stand out from the crowd.

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Element Men’s Sparker Backpack

Another entry from Element, the Men’s Sparker Backpack is an interesting addition to our list for a number of reasons. However, it might not be the ideal option for a boarder’s needs. First, it lacks any straps to secure your board, so you’ll need to be comfortable carrying it. Second, it offers only four pockets for storage. With that being said, it is available in a number of different colors and color combinations, and it does offer durable 600 denier polyester construction. The single large main compartment includes a dedicated laptop sleeve that can hold devices up to 15 inches. The two side pockets feature elastic closure at the top, and the front zipper pocket gives you room to carry smaller items easily. The ripstop design of the bottom helps to improve the bag’s wear resistance, as well. All in all, if you don’t need a way to carry your board with you, this might be an ideal bag.

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JanSport T501 Superbreak

The JanSport T501 Superbreak is the iconic backpack that you’ve been searching for. Virtually unchanged through the company’s 40+ year history, this bag offers the legendary durability that you demand. It provides four storage compartments – one main pocket, a front pocket, and two side pockets. The wide shoulder straps are padded for comfort during use, and the bottom is designed to withstand a great deal of wear and tear. However, understand that this is a general-use backpack. As such, it does not offer skateboard straps. It measures 16.5 x 13 x 8.3 inches, meaning that it is large enough for most needs, but small enough that it can be stored away easily when not in use. Finally, the backpack can hold laptops that measure up to 15 inches, but there is no dedicated sleeve.

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Vans Off the Wall Jetter Carry All Skate Backpack

For those looking for an outstanding skateboard backpack, the Vans Off the Wall Jetter Carry All Skate Backpack might be an excellent option. While it’s a bit higher in price than some packs, it does offer a few niceties. You’ll find two Velcro board straps on the back, as well as two zippered side pockets, and a zippered main pocket, and a smaller front zipper pocket. The laptop compartment can hold devices that measure up to 15 inches, and the reinforced bottom ensures durability no matter what life might throw at you. However, this bag does not offer the same versatility and storage capacity of some of the other bags on our list, which is why it’s included at the end.

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Now that we’ve gained a closer look at the various skateboard backpacks on the market, let’s consider a few of the other things you’ll want to keep in mind when shopping for the ideal option for you.

Board Straps

First, let’s talk about the elephant in the room – board straps. Specifically, why did some of the packs we recommend NOT have straps? That’s easy – not everyone needs a pack that’s capable of carrying their board when they’re not riding it. With that being said, if carrying capability is important to you, then only consider packs that come with straps. Don’t stop there, though. Look carefully at how the straps work – do they use a simple cinch system? Are they complicated to use? Are they wide enough for you? Can you adjust them to handle your specific board?

Shoulder Straps

The key to any good backpack, whether a skateboard backpack or not, is the shoulder strap design. The right straps will do more than just let you hang the pack on your body. They should be able to distribute the weight of the pack evenly, so that no one part of your body is overloaded. They should be wide enough to do this without digging into your shoulders, and they should be well-padded to ensure comfort. Also consider the durability of stitching and webbing on the shoulder straps.


Volume refers to the total carrying capacity of the pack. Most manufacturers list the volume based on all pockets, not just the main compartment. Do not let this confuse you – a 30-liter bag does not usually have a main compartment volume of 30 liters. Expect to see less (sometimes much less) space in the main compartment than the primary volume rating. With that being said, you also don’t want to go too big. Be choosy about what you carry with you, and about the size of the bag. A bag that is too big will not fit properly, and the associated “slop” can make riding your board difficult.

Comfort While Wearing

How comfortable is the pack to wear? Look for features like padded shoulder straps, padded backing, and more. You should also consider how the design of the pack will help alleviate heat buildup between your back and the material. Some manufacturers use a mesh material to help here, but not all do.


How durable is the bag? Does it have a reinforced or double reinforced bottom? What about the shoulder straps and connected webbing? What about the board straps? Skateboard backpacks are investments, and you need to ensure that you’re going to get enough use out of it to warrant the purchase.

In Conclusion

When buying a skateboard backpack, it’s important to keep several things in mind. One of those is whether or not you need the pack to stow your board when not in use. You’ll also want to consider just how much stuff you’ll need to lug along on a regular basis. Finally, consider the style you want and choose from the options we’ve provided above.