11 Best Skateboards for Beginners of 2023

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Skateboarding is one of the most popular alternative sports around the world, for kids and adults alike. But before you hop on a board and take off, it’s important to choose the right kind of board for you. Most beginners will simply grab the board that they like the looks of, and with the endless array of deck art and styles that exist, that kind of attitude can lead to choosing a board that isn’t right to learn on.

In this in-depth guide, we’re going to cover how to choose the best skateboard for beginners, and review the top five beginner skateboards on the market right now. We’ll talk about how to choose the right size, what parts of a skateboard you should pay attention to, how to choose the right shape, choosing the right wheels, and more. First, let’s talk about the top five skateboards for beginners.

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1. Powell Golden Dragon Flying Dragon 2 Complete Skateboard

The No products found. is a fantastic board for beginners, and it’s all in the wheels. The high-rebound polyurethane wheels are hand-cast and offer amazing grip as you ride, plus fantastic roll. The deck itself is just slightly longer than a standard skateboard, which offers a bit more stability for beginners, who might be worried about sliding or slipping off a shorter board. Additionally, this board features the All Powell-Peralta Ligament strap, an important safety feature that keeps the deck together if it should break. This helps prevent injury and provides a little more peace of mind for the rider.

However, the Golden Dragon does have pretty soft trucks bushings, which means the board will lean very easily and be more responsive to weight distribution. This is good news for more intermediate skaters who want easy turns, but not necessarily great for those who are still learning and may not be familiar with controlling a board. But for the price, and considering the great durability of all the other components, this is a quality choice.


  • Affordable price for a complete board for both beginners and advanced users
  • Comes with high rebound, PU wheels for exceptional grip and roll
  • The top of the board is grippy and measures 7.625 inches wide with a length of 31.625 inches


  • Some skaters have experienced receiving complete skateboards with tops peeling off
No products found.

2. Atom Drop Deck Longboard

If what you want out of your first skateboard is something very stable to just get the feel of riding without the danger, the No products found. is perfect. This is a longboard, meaning it’s perfect for longer rides and cruising around. The components are made to handle lots of wear and tear, and the low-ride deck makes you feel more in control, closer to the ground, and more stable.

This board also has a unique shape that makes it a lot easier to ease into turns, which is something that longboards aren’t always known for. It’s a lot easier to push off on this deck thanks to how low it sits, and you also get a one-year warranty from the manufacturer should anything go wrong. If you’ve never ridden on a board before, and don’t want to learn tricks right away, this is a great choice, especially if you’ll be riding around a lot of mostly flat areas.


  • Features a full laminated maple deck with a reserve kingpin and longboard trucks with 245-millimeter axles
  • Offers a low-riding longboard experience for an experience ideal for kids and beginners
  • Board comes with a one-year limited manufacturer warranty for peace of mind


  • Some users have received a complete board with missing parts or broken components
No products found.

3. Penny Complete Skateboard

If you want to be able to practice your new hobby anywhere and everywhere, the No products found. is an excellent choice. This is a short skateboard that measures only 27 inches long, made of lightweight (yet still durable) plastic. That means it’s easy to toss into a backpack and carry with you on your commute, to school, or anywhere. It’ll also fit into a locker at the gym or school quite easily.

As with all penny boards, the Penny Complete has a waffletop on the deck so that you have plenty of grip and stability as you ride. The plastic material of these boards is durable enough to withstand being run over, and the trucks and wheels are of similar high quality. This board is not made for the beginner that wants to skate downhill or do a lot of speedy skating – the short length makes it dangerous for that. But if you’re just interested in commuting and want something portable, this is a great choice.


  • Offers color-coded ABEC 7 stainless steel bearings for a smooth learning process
  • Cruiser skateboard has a 22-inch deck size with black trucks and red wheels for style
  • Skateboard comes with a substantial lifetime manufacturer’s warranty to cover any problems you have


  • Packaging for the skateboard may be insufficient, and some have received damaged items
No products found.

4. ENJOI Skateboards WHITEY Complete Skateboard

No products found.

The ENJOI line of skateboards is made to professional standards, which means that not only are you getting a durable ride, but you’ll also get a skateboard made to handle a lot of situations. You can ride this board on the street, at the skate park, on trails, and more. These decks are made with a very consistent method that is ideal for trick riding, especially.

If you’re a beginner and you want a board that gives you a little of everything to discover, you cannot go wrong with this No products found.. You get everything you need, all ready to go out of the box, and made with professional-grade components. The ENJOI also earns points for having that classic cool artwork on the deck that makes it fun to show off at the park.


  • Comes with a top of the line maple deck that uses a special epoxy resin waterproof glue
  • Arrives unassembled so kids and adults can customize the skateboard to their personal preference
  • Offers amphetamine bearings with rubber shields, light synthetic oil, and Delrin crowns for smooth skating


  • Skateboards do not come with instructions so assembly may be challenging for some
No products found.

5. MINORITY 32inch Maple Skateboard Sunset

If what you want is the classic skate park skateboard that you see teens riding around all day, the No products found.is the board for you. This is an extremely sturdy and durable board that can hold up to 220 lbs, and is made for trick riding especially. The strong trucks, medium concave shape, and high-rebound bushing all make this a fantastic board for ramps, pools, and street riding.

This board is also a very smooth ride, and surprisingly offers plenty of stability as well, which makes it safe for beginners to learn with. Finally, it’s one of the few boards on this list that comes in a huge array of styles and artwork so that you can get the board that suits your style best. If what you want is a board that looks and performs like the boards you see at sporting events, this is the perfect choice. The only downside is that it’s not the most flexible board out there, which could make it a little harder to ease into turns – however, this feature is what makes the board just right for learning tricks on.


  • It offers a high weight capacity of 220 lbs. so beginners of all sizes can use the skateboard.
  • Made of seven-ply maple with a concave design that makes it easy for skating and doing tricks
  • Includes ABEC-9 speed bearings made of chrome steel with 52m 102A PU wheels


  • Some skateboards have come with missing pieces or improperly installed components
No products found.

6. Cal 7 Complete Skateboard, 7.75, 8.0 Inch

If you’re looking for a great skateboard that someone can use as a beginner and continue using as they learn more, the No products found. is one of the best options on the market. The board comes in a 7.5-inch size perfect for someone new to the sport whether you want to learn some tricks at home or spend time at the skate park. It’s an adaptable board that can offer versatility to any rider who appreciates that.

This board has been designed by skaters who know what other skaters are likely looking for. They have the knowledge of what a good skateboard consists of, depending on its use. It offers a solid construction to be stable under your feet and premium hardware to keep everything together even when you’re going hard. It’s also available at a reasonable price point, so those with a budget can experience outstanding skateboarding.


  • Comes in a size of 8 x 31.75 inches and is made of maple with polyurethane wheels and ABEC 7 bearings
  • Skateboards include sturdy hardware including aluminum trucks, three-millimeter riser pads, and HR95A brushings
  • Ready to ride by children or adults when received with pre-applied grip tape


  • Some users have received a cruiser skateboard with one or more chips present
No products found.

7. Krown Rookie Skateboard Complete 7.5

Krown is a skateboard manufacturer that has been around since 1996 with the mission of creating the best beginner skateboards that can work around a small budget. This No products found. is 7.5 inches wide and 31 inches long, which is the ideal size for a beginner to the sport. However, it’s not so far off the traditional size that it can’t be used by someone who is more proficient with a skateboard under their feet.

This skateboard is durable and strong through the use of included and already assembled five-inch aluminum trucks. Whether you’re riding through the streets to work or school or you want to grind and pull tricks at a park, you can trust this skateboard to handle it with ease. The skateboard also offers matching 52mm wheels to give a look that comes together and will draw eyes to you when you skate.


  • Mini-cruiser size is 31 inches in length and 7.5 inches in width with 52mm urethane graphic wheels
  • Comes with assembled five-inch aluminum trucks that are durable enough for skating the neighborhood or the skate park
  • Offers black grip tape on top for an easy riding experience for anyone new to alternative sports


  • Some skateboards come with peeling grip tape or loose wheels and bearings
No products found.

8. Punisher Skateboards 9001 Cherry Blossom Complete Skateboard

This skateboard from No products found. is one of the best beginner boards and is made from seven-ply Canadian wood with a double kickboard for versatility. It offers a mild concave design deck profile that ensures you get the best possible control when you’re pulling tricks, riding, or making turns. The decks on these skateboards offer a cherry blossom graphic on one side and grip tape on the other. They also come fully assembled for ease of use.

The wheel bearings with this skateboard are high-quality and designed for top speeds. The other components consist of polyurethane cushions and riser pads along with Punisher logo printing to show off. As far as the wheels go, you’ll have 54x35mm wheels in ivory white, along with five-inch alloy bases and trucks. Each of the skateboards comes with strict quality control to ensure the grip tape is properly applied and adhered so you can use it immediately.


  • Ideal to start learning on with high-quality 80AB grip tape for control when riding
  • Features painted skateboard trucks with high-speed bearings and polyurethane wheels
  • High-quality option for beginners or advanced users with a weight limit of up to 200 pounds


  • May experience a warped skateboard deck that is hard to control and use
No products found.

9. Retrospec Zed Bamboo Longboard Skateboard Complete Cruiser

If you are interested in a skateboard that has a distinct design and shape, the 44-inch long No products found. could be the best option you will find on the market. This skateboard is made of a flexible maple and bamboo construction that is perfectly suited for cruising around the neighborhood. It’s an eight-ply skateboard with a classic shape that lets it easily move around corners with speed and precision. It harkens back to a time when Californians rode around in the sun and near the surf during all times of day or night.

This skateboard is great when it comes to maneuverability and offers milled wheel wells. This is what helps prevent the impact of wheel bite, which can damage the skateboard. The wheels on this board are 70mm, which offers a smoothness when you are riding. It also comes with reverse kingpin trucks that are responsive when you need it. Best of all, this skateboard comes out of the box in a fully assembled state that is ready to use.


  • Skateboard size is ideal for longboard lovers at 44 inches long and made from eight-ply wood
  • Offers smooth and reactive riding using reverse kingpin trucks, PU casted black bushings, and precision bearings
  • Design of skateboard includes a Californian look that will stand out at the skate park or on the city streets


  • Mini-cruiser has cracked for some users after only a minimal amount of use
No products found.

10. RIMABLE Complete 22 Inches Skateboard

Want a skateboard that can show off your personal style? The No products found. comes in an assortment of designs and colors and comes fully assembled so you can use it right away. Some of the designs include a galaxy scheme, a red flower scheme, and a black and red scheme that is a little more underrated. The plastic cruiser is 22 inches long and has a six-inch-wide deck with high-quality three-inch-thick aluminum trucks. This also happens to be an extremely inexpensive skateboard if you’re on a budget or not sure you’ll be interested in the sport as a hobby.

These make a great fashion accessory for younger people who want to skateboard and show off at the same time. They’re great for college campuses, skate parts, and other places frequented by young people. It can be used by both adults and children and has a smooth surface that lets you use it even with bare feet. The board has a weight capacity of 198 pounds, which will carry most skaters wherever they want to go.


  • Skateboard comes fully assembled with a plastic cruiser at 22 inches long and six inches wide
  • Included trucks are made of aluminum and three inches thick for durability and stability while in use
  • Comes at a reasonable price for someone who wants a skateboard on a budget


  • Some riders have experienced the board breaking in half while skateboarding
No products found.

11. KPC Pro Skateboard Complete

KPC has been making skateboards for years and makes it a priority to create them with high-quality components and a lack of a high price tag. This skateboard is eight inches across and 32 inches long, which is why it is used by both beginners and professional skaters out in the world. It has a modern concave design that offers comfort when you ride around, as well as a dose of pop so you can learn new tricks more quickly and easily.

This skateboard comes professionally assembled so you can ride it immediately. It has heavy-duty aluminum trucks, 99A urethane wheels, high-tensile mountain hardware, high-speed bearings, and 80 black grit tape. These are all components that are commonly used by skaters around the world. It’s well-made and has the parts that will get you down the road while commuting or up on a ramp if you want to do something more extreme.


  • Skateboard comes fully assembled out of the box and ready to ride wherever you want
  • Features a modern concave design that creates comfort while making it easy to pull off tricks
  • Offers 52mm 99A high-rebound wheels, precious bearings, mounting hardware, and black grip tape


  • Bearings on the skateboard may not be as high-quality as the other components
No products found.

How to Choose the Right Beginner Skateboard: Buying Guide

There are multiple things to consider when you choose the best skateboard for beginners.Choosing the right skateboard involves a lot more than just finding a cool design and looking at the size of the board. Each review above gives insight about the quality and size of the products, but if you are looking elsewhere, you might need to know a bit more to be sure you make the right purchase. Every skateboard is different, and all have unique features. Some are great for cruising down the street while others are better for trips like flips and ollies.

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Skateboard Size

First, you’ll need to consider the size of the skateboard. Most skateboards are about eight inches wide, but if you have very large feet, or you really want to feel very stable as you learn, consider going with something wider.Skateboards can be a bit smaller in size or go up to around 10 inches in width.
Remember that the wider you go, the harder it is to learn tricks and to go around curves. If you want to rotate your board mid-air during a jump, you need a board that is no wider than eight inches.Once you find a size that works for you, you will find that it becomes something you are used to, and you will likely not want to change that out later on.

Deck Size Chart

Micro DecksMini DecksMid DecksFull Size Decks
For users five years of age or olderFor users between the ages of six and eightFor users between nine and 12 years oldFor skaters who are 13 years old or older
Best for those under 3’4” tallBest for those between 3’5” and 4’4” tallBest for those between 4’5” and 5’2” tallBest for skaters over 5’3” in height
Size three shoes or smallerSize four to six shoesSize seven to eight shoesShoe size nine or larger

Keep in mind that the deck width will also affect the size of the trucks that you use. You’ll need wider trucks to make a wider deck more stable. If you see a wide deck with narrow trucks, you can expect the ride to be wobbly and hard to manage. Your personal preferences will play a part in what size of trucks are best for your needs.

Pay attention to the bushings on the board as well. If the bushings are very firm, you’ll have a more stable ride, but it also makes it harder to turn. Soft bushings are much more responsive, but you do lose a little bit of stability. If you don’t know if your bushings are firm or soft, you likely have soft bushings, since this is the default.

Skateboard Deck Material

Next, you’ll need to look at the deck material. Decks are typically wooden or plastic, but they may also be made of materials like carbon and fiberglass. Plastic boards, like even the best penny board, are more affordable, and still very durable, but many adult riders find that they can look a bit like a child’s toy rather than a “real” skateboard. Wood is the most popular choice for most skateboards, although if you want to invest in the pricier fiberglass or carbon options, you’ll get a very good quality deck for your money.

The deck will also have a material on top called grip tape. This textured surface is what keeps your shoes from sliding all over the place as you ride. Look for a very high-quality grip tape for extra stability as you are learning, or something that is very visibly textured (like the waffletop from the pennyboard on our list above). You can also replace the grip tape if you love a board but don’t love the grip tape it comes with.

Be aware that the deck of the skateboard is the most important component. This area is that part that supports your body weight and offers grip and balance for a smooth ride. For a beginner, some people recommend a plastic board as it can offer an easier learning experience. However, those who are more progressed in learning may want to choose a slimmer board with more grip on the surface for fun and convenience.

Skateboard Deck Type

There are also various types of decks that you can choose from, and each of them is going to be best for a different type of skating. Think about what you want from your board and then narrow down the deck type that offers that for you. The most common types on the market include:

  • Mini Boards – These are designed and best used by children. They are going to be smaller than the typical skateboard at around 22 inches long and six or seven inches wide. This kind of board will be simple to control and lightweight. It’s easy to use for beginner tricks, such as ollies and flips. While this kind of board is typically used for children to learn to cruise and balance, teens can also use them to get started practicing on a skateboard.
  • Full-Size Boards – This is a deck that is made for teenagers and adults, both at the beginner and professional level. If you start with a mini-board, it’s best to move into a full-sized board as you grow and gain weight. This board is great for controlling the feel and motion of a skateboard. It’s also universal for anyone looking to learn more about the skateboard. Nearly any beginner or advanced trick can be done using this board. It’s going to typically be around 31 or 32 inches long and seven and a half or eight inches wide.
  • Cruisers and Longboards – Both of these types of decks are typically used for transportation and commuting rather than focusing on tricks. The length is typically going to be longer than for a full or mini-board. They work well for anyone who wants to skate along from one place to another. The difference between a longboard and a cruiser is that longboards have tails and tips that look similar. Cruisers, on the other hand, have different shapes on the tip and tail.

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Skateboard Shape and Design

The next thing to consider about your board is the shape. If the tail and nose of the board are slightly raised, this is called a concave board. It’s the most common shape of skateboard out there, and it is made that way to allow riders to do kick tricks. The deeper the concave, the more dramatic the tricks can be.

However, the deeper the concave is, the less stable the board will be for beginners. If you are still gaining confidence on a skateboard, it is best to start with something less dramatic. A longboard is often completely flat, or nearly so, and that makes it better for cruising on a very stable surface. This is a great choice for riders who aren’t necessarily interested in learning tricks.

Another point of design to consider is the color and style of the board. Many skateboards have eccentric, interesting designs. There are hundreds of different designs and patterns that you can choose from. Most companies offer their own trademark, such as ENJOI offering a panda logo on their boards.

Having an idea of what designs resonate with you will make it easier to choose the perfect skateboard. Krown, which is listed above, is known for offering a massive variety of color options. Sometimes they may have 10 or more colors for a single design, even the most intricate ones available.

Because people have different preferences about designs, we’ve tried to offer a variety of prints and patterns in our review skateboards. You can find everything from fire-breathing dragons to cherry blossoms or boards that come in just one or two simple colors. There are plenty of options to explore, but remember that this skateboard is an investment that you will be using for years to come. This means you should choose a design that you and other people will love seeing on the road.

Skateboard Wheels

Now you need to look at the wheels of your skateboard. There are dozens of different sizes, materials, shapes, and features of skateboard wheels, and it can get confusing for beginners. The most common type of wheel is a hard plastic wheel, and for beginners, you’ll usually see a “90a” level wheel. Professional skaters often choose even harder wheels, up to a 100a, because it gives them more “pop” for tricks. But somewhere between a 90a and a 97a is usually best for beginners.Softer wheels can also be used when you’ll be cruising around, and you know the surface is going to be uneven.That’s why we wanted to offer some insight so you can be sure the wheels on your board offer the experience you want.

The smaller the wheel diameter, the easier it is to do tricks, because it makes the board sit closer to the ground. But beginners will definitely have an easier time controlling a board with larger diameter wheels. Think of the larger wheels as being akin to training wheels. You should also know that bigger wheels are going to be faster, while small wheels will take longer to get you to your destination. If you don’t want your board to have “pop” as you are learning, you can choose softer wheels, all the way down to a 73a. They won’t let you go as fast, and you’ll have to push off more often, but they do make it more likely that your board will stay on the ground.

Skateboard Trucks

If you’re wondering what sort of trucks are best for a beginner, the answer varies based on what you’ll use the board for. It can be challenging to check truck materials, but you can take a look at the profile. When you’re taking time to look for a skateboard to purchase, consider which of the following will meet your needs in the best way:

  • High Profile – These trucks are best used with large wheels and are ideal for cruising streets and curving around corners. That also means that most of the time, this profile type is going to be seen on cruisers and longboards. If you want efficient steering and pivoting, a high profile truck is the best choice you can make. It offers the top mobility while reducing impact when surfaces are uneven. This allows you to gain more control and keep yourself going in the right direction.
  • Medium Profile – A medium profile truck is going to be used mainly for street and park skateboarding. It’s a jack of all trades that is suitable for nearly any sort of skateboard. Most beginners are going to choose this since it offers a higher degree of flexibility and lets you pull off all the essential tricks you want to learn. If you go with this profile, you want to pair it with a 53 to 56mm wheel to get the best performance you can.
  • Low Profile – Low profile trucks are best used for a skateboard that utilizes small wheels. The main advantage of using low profile trucks is that you get an extra dose of stability and a higher level of control when you ride. The wheels are going to be set closer to the deck for that extra stability. It also makes it even easier to perform ledge grinding and flip tricks when learning. The best wheels to use with these trucks are 48 to 53mm in size.

Skateboard Bearings

If you aren’t familiar with bearings, they are small round metal parts that connect your wheels and the axle on the truck of your board. The function of bearings is to lessen the amount of friction between the wheels when they are spinning on the truck axle.

Steel bearings are considered highly durable and are most often less expensive than other options. For a beginner, this sort of bearing is likely to work just fine. Every brand designs its own bearings, which can make it difficult to check which are the best quality. That means if you are choosing between two different bearings of steel, you likely should choose the more expensive one. The quality is baked into the price in this case.

However, some metal bearings can malfunction through energy. When the wheels and axle rub together, it creates a large amount of friction energy that may make your bearings useless after a certain amount of time. The best way to avoid this is by ensuring the bearings are always lubricated, clean, and dry.

You can also choose to go with ceramic bearings, which are more effective at lessening friction energy. These bearings are going to be more resilient and smoother than steel bearings. They stay solid under pressure and can handle more pressure before becoming deformed.

Because of the perks of ceramic bearings, you will find they are often more expensive than steel bearings. These are often used by professional skaters who want the competitive advantage they offer, as well as the knowledge that they will last a long time.

As far as ABEC ratings go, beginners will do find with anything ABEC-5 or higher. It’s going to be inexpensive but functional for riding or tricks.

  • ABEC 1 through 3 – These are the lowest quality and tend to be the most inexpensive. It works well for someone who has a very tight budget, but the bearings will not be as precise or smooth. They are also going to promote extra friction, which means they will become inefficient more quickly and need replacement.
  • ABEC 5 through 7 – These are the standard bearings on most boards and make a great beginning point for the new skater. The bearings will help your wheels run more smoothly, and they will be more responsive as you push off your foot.
  • ABEC 9+ – This type of bearing will have superior precision and will be very fast. Professionals choose these to get the best speed and control during competitions. However, these also tend to be the most expensive, so there’s no need to use them unless you are a heavy rider.

Skateboard Price

You may have noticed that skateboards can come at many different price points, even when they are designed for newcomers to the sport. Some are going to be only $30 or so, while others can be $150 or even more. It’s all a matter of being aware of your budget and the amount you want to spend on skateboarding. Before you even start looking for the right skateboard, it’s best to decide on a budget.

When you know how much you are willing to spend, it gives you a way to narrow down your options. The last thing you want to do is get your heart set on a skateboard of one sort or another only to find that it is double the amount you want to spend. The truth is that those expensive boards can be hard to resist if you aren’t prepared to do so. It’s not uncommon for people to end up spending more than they expected.

What Type of Skateboard Do I Need?

If you are a beginner, the best thing you can do before you buy a board is to ask yourself what kind of skateboarding you want to do. Do you want to go cruising around a mostly flat area for fun? A longboard may be the best choice for you. Are you interested in learning tricks and stunts? A double-kick skateboard may be the best option. A classic skateboard is perfect for the rider that isn’t really sure what they want just yet.

Next, ask yourself what special features you need from a skateboard. Do you need a wider deck to handle your large feet? Do you want bigger wheels to make your ride more stable? These things can help you narrow down your options within the category you choose.

Our final tip for beginners that don’t know where to start is to simply choose a deck that is wider than most. The wider the deck is, the easier it will be to ride smoothly and easily. This is a great way to learn if you’ve never been on a board before.