17 Best Skateboard Decks for 2024

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As any avid skateboarder knows, the deck of a skateboard provides the foundation that gives your skateboard its unique feel under your shoes. Everything from your own style of riding to the tricks and obstacles you skate will have a huge effect on which skateboard deck is the perfect one for you. Thankfully, today there are nearly limitless options in terms of skateboard decks. Things have changed a lot since the first skateboards came out in the 1960s, which is a positive since those decks were hard to control, narrow, and heavy.

If you’re reading this, you’re probably trying to decide what skateboard desk is the right one for you. This article will look into the factors that answer that question for you. We’ll look at what makes certain decks different from each other and how your body and shoe size affect the deck you should choose. We’ll talk about the size and shape of different decks and what type of skateboarding works best for each. But first, let’s look at 17 of the best skateboard decks you’ll find on the market today.

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The Best Skateboard Deck

Bamboo Nebula Graphic Skateboard Deck

Bamboo is a popular skateboard brand that is based out of San Diego, California. It’s also a company that puts an emphasis on providing skateboard decks that do not cause harm to the environment. Rather than using maple wood, Bamboo uses, well, bamboo. This leads to a deck that is more shock-absorbent, lighter, and stronger than a maple board. You can expect that your board will be less likely to crack and may last longer than a maple deck.

The Nebula Graphic skateboard is part of the Bamboo Earth Series, which celebrates the earth we all live and skate on. This deck is made of a hybrid of bamboo and maple and has six plies. It is also non-carbonized to offer a lighter colored texture. It comes in widths from 7 to 8.75 inches with lengths ranging from 28 to 32.5 inches and weighs from 1.85 pounds to 3.00 pounds. The glue used in the Nebula is water-based to comply with European Standard EN71.

You’ll find this deck has a deep concave and a great construction which leads to better performance and durability. Every Nebula deck is emblazoned with a heat stamped label to verify its authenticity. For someone who cares about the planet and wants a high-quality board, this is a great option and it’s fairly inexpensive as well.

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Baker Brand Logo Black/White Skateboard Deck

Baker Skateboards came into the world in 1999 when it was started by pro skateboarder, Andrew Reynolds. The company mainly produces and sells decks, wheels, soft goods, and accessories. Several professional skateboarders are a part of Baker, which works to innovate the skateboard industry through their personal knowledge of the hobby.

The Logo Black/White is emblazoned with a massive Baker logo on a seven-ply deck. This is the most traditional skateboard type and it ensures the skateboard deck is poppy, durable, sturdy, yet affordable. The deck comes in a few sizes with varying lengths and widths. It has predrilled holes so once you get it in your hands, you can snap on your trucks and be out in the street skating in no time.

This deck is a great all-around option if you skate both street and transition. It’s a reasonably priced option from a brand that is well-known for providing quality skateboard decks. This is a recommended skateboard for a beginner who is just getting started, but it can also do the trick for someone with more experience. Baker is a trustworthy brand and you are sure to enjoy doing some flips and grinds with this skateboard.

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Santa Cruz Skateboard Deck Screaming Hand

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Santa Cruz is quite likely one of the most well-known skateboard companies out there. It’s also the longest running skateboard company on a global level. It was started about 40 years ago by a team consisting of Doug Haut, Jay Shuirman, and Richard Novak. The logo for the brand is a screaming hand which is recognized in the skateboard community worldwide.

This deck features that same logo on a gray background and is a simple design for the minimalist skaters out there. It comes in widths ranging from 8 to 8.5 inches and lengths from 31.7 to 32.3 inches. This deck has a unique taper tip that has been redesigned from the original and is based off of 90s skateboard style except with a wider nose for better control. It’s built for a technical street skater with extra scoop for flips in switch and regular.

The price for this deck is pretty average and won’t break the bank. It’s made of North American maple wood and weighs in at 2.54 pounds so it’s lightweight enough for all your tricks. It’s a great classic that has been updated for the skating needs of the modern world and will make a great choice for you if you love the street.

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Powell Peralta Flight Skateboard Deck

This sleek and dark skateboard deck is from Powell Peralta, which was founded in 1978 by two men named Stacy Peralta and George Powell. It became extremely popular in the decade following and was known for featuring a team made of some of the best skateboarders of the time. In 1991, Peralta left the company, but he reunited with Powell later on to produce classic gear as the company Powell Classic.

The Flight Deck is one that is manufactured in San Diego and is known to be thinner but stronger than most seven ply skateboard decks. The idea behind this deck is that it will make it easier and more comfortable to do flips, ollie, and practice other tricks even for long periods of time. These decks come in various lengths and widths and will be suitable for most street skaters out there.

This deck is made from hard rock maple and premium fiberglass. All graphics are also created by the company and are applied using non-solvent paints and inks that are better for the atmosphere. The Flight deck is a little more expensive than the Nebula above, but it still a reasonable price for an avid skateboarder. You’ll also find that this deck comes with a warranty for your peace of mind.

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Element Skateboard Deck Star Wars Mandalorian

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Element is a highly respected skateboard company that came into the world in the early 1990s. The idea behind the company was to offer skateboards made in the most ethical and honest way possible. There is also an underlying desire to bring change and progress to the world of skateboarding. The company has had some hard times and struggled to become a popular company but now is considered one of the best in the world.

The Element Skateboard Deck Star Wars Mandalorian is a deck that comes in widths between 8 and 8.5 inches with a length of 31.75 or 32 inches. It features a maple construction with seven plies. The veneers used for this board are stronger and thinner than many competitors, while still offering the strength that a serious skateboarder desires. This is an excellent option for a transition skater as the board has a performance concave that adds extra boost.

The design on this deck is pretty unique and features a wooden background with art of a sailor near the sea with a shark in the background. It also has the well-known Element logo on the nose. It has an average price and will provide real performance for only a small hit to your bank account.

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Enjoi White Spectrum Skateboard Deck

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Enjoi is a modern skateboard company that was formed in the early 2000s. Professional skateboarders Rodney Mullen and Marc Johnson started the brand after being former teammates. The company is known for its panda logo, as well as the strange name of the company. The main product offered by Enjoi is skateboard decks, but they also offer skating apparel and accessories.

The Spectrum White comes in two different sizes. The first is 7.75 inches wide and 31.1 inches long with a wheel base of 13.88 and a full concave. The other option has the same concave but is eight inches wide and 31.6 inches long. The board is mostly white with the company name across the bottom with each letter in a different color.

Don’t worry about the price, since it’s relatively low for a high-quality deck from a major brand. Even those with a budget will likely be able to save the pennies to snatch this one up. It is a popsicle shaped board which will do well for street or transition skating. This skateboard has some amazing ratings, so it stands to reason that it will work well for most skaters.

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Skateboard Collective Shaped Blank Skateboard Deck

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Skateboard Collective is a brand that is dedicated to providing creativity to skateboarders. This company has competitive prices while offering high-quality products that last. One of the goals of the brand is to make skateboarding into something that anyone can enjoy and access. Each deck with graphics was designed from a curated selection of artists who are involved in skateboard culture. The company also donates 1% of profits to various non-profits.

This particular deck is blank and has no design on it. It comes in an 8 ½ inch pointed nose variation and a 9-inch shovel nose option. The blank deck offers you the chance to customize your ride however you like. You can even keep it pristine if you prefer. The board does come with a topcoat of a random color to add a little pop to the aesthetic of the deck.

The bottom of the deck is completely blank, so you can add any brand stickers, artwork, or colors that you must enjoy. This is one of the best decks out there for showing off your own creativity and artistic talent. It’s also available at a budget price so you won’t have to wait to get one of your very own.

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Vision Jinx Mini Skateboard Deck

Are you looking for an iconic skateboard that turns heads every time you roll down the street? Vision Skateboards are the perfect option for you, if so. This is part of the reissue collection that updates classic designs for the modern skater. It has the same great artwork from the 1980s, but the concave has been adapted for modern techniques.

The Jinx Mini is a seriously impressive looking board with a colorful background and graphics of a city with both the Vision and Jinx logo across an adapted Batman graphic in a moon over the city. You can choose from backgrounds that are blue, gray, natural, red, turquoise, and white to really make this deck fit your own personal style.

The shape of this deck is also unique with a rounded nose and a squared tail. That makes it an excellent choice for those who commute or cruise around on their favorite skateboards. It measures 9.5 inches wide by 29.5 inches long with a low concave and a traditional truck hole pattern. It’s also not expensive so you can show off your style without breaking the bank.

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Globe G3 Bar Street Skateboard Deck

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Globe is a skateboard company out of Australia which was started in 1994 by three brothers who also happened to be professional skateboarders. While the company may be best known for their high-quality skate shoes, they also offer several other items. Their boards are known across the globe with the mini and full-size cruisers being the most popular. All their decks are designed in sunny California and manufactured in the company’s own facility which offers the best possible quality control available.

This skateboard deck is a street deck which features a truly understated design. The majority of the deck is natural wood with black on the tail of the deck. This skateboard deck is composed of a seven-ply hard rock Canadian maple. It measures 8.25 x 32 x 14.25 inches including wheelbase. It’s a full concave design for the pop you want when throwing out tricks on the streets of your town.

The decks are created in a single press process, which makes them stronger and longer lasting than a typical seven-ply skateboard deck. You can find this deck for an inexpensive price and it makes an excellent deck for a beginner or a professional skater, either one

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Powell Peralta Skateboard Deck OG Ripper

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Skate One is the distributor and manufacturer for Powell Peralta skateboards, which we talked about earlier in the article. The Bones Brigade Mike McGill is a reissue of a 1980s board and comes in four different colors. Every color is available in limited amounts so getting your hand on one can give you some serious street cred. Your friends will be jealous, and you’ll have a piece of history under your feet when you skateboard.

This deck has screened graphics on both the top and bottom which are applied with pressure and heat. It features seven plies made out of United States hard rock maple and the old style of hole pattern. The design on this deck was produced in order to celebrate the release of “Bones Brigade: An Autobiography” by Stacy Peralta.

The measurements on this deck are 30.125 x 10 x 16.625 inches with a deck nose of 2.5 inches and a deck tail of 6 inches. Considering the limited release of this deck, it’s a reasonable price and you can find it in stock at many locations. Whether you want to cruise around on it or hang it on your wall, it’s a beautiful board that is sure to appeal.

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Alien Workshop Spectrum Foil Skateboard Deck

Alien Workshop was formed in town near Dayton, Ohio in 1990, making it a fixture of the skateboard community for nearly thirty years. The company now resides in Dayton with a headquarters located inside of a former nuclear bunker facility. The company is dedicated to offering high-quality products that speak to the needs of the modern skateboarder.

This deck is made of seven-ply Canadian hard rock maple and features a black veneer on the bottom with customizable top veneer color options. The design on the bottom features three aliens surrounded by a barrage of bright colors. It comes in an 8 x 31.625 size and comes with free griptape that can be applied on your own. It’s built to meet the needs of any skateboarder, no matter what their current skill level is.

In addition, this is a great deck for skating on the street, vert, pool, or a park. It has a nice pop on it that will make running tricks extremely simple, which may be appreciated by the beginning skateboarder. The Spectrum Foil deck is one of the less expensive boards on our list and well worth every penny.

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Baker Beasley Skateboard Deck

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Another fantastic deck from Baker Skateboards is the Beasley. It features crazy artwork with a design that resembles the characters from a popular 90s cartoon program. Any skater looking for a dose of nostalgia will enjoy the look of this board, which is designed to offer a solid foundation for the beginner or expert skater out there. The price is right for a great modern board with a touch of history attached to it.

This board is 8 x 31.5 x 14.25 inches and is manufactured from Canadian maple. It’s a traditional seven-ply model that is a reproduction of an earlier model. The shape is the same with a light concave to it. The background stains may vary based on the individual skateboard deck you get but is sure to appeal, regardless. The deck is the professional model for Theotis Beasley, who is a pro skater from Long Beach, California.

If you enjoy a cartoonish design and are a fan of Beasley, this is the right skateboard deck for you. It’s not going to cost you too much and it will have the long life you need, even if you abuse your skateboard on a regular basis.

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Vision Psycho Stick Skateboard Deck

Our second offering from Vision is the Psycho Stick skateboard deck, which is a reissue of a popular original. Just like the other Vision board we looked at, this one has a design that originated back in the 80s. The reissues is made with the same specifications as the original but can also be ordered with a more modern concave design.

There are numerous colors and stains available and the graphic is of a punk rocker with bright colors incorporated. If you were an 80s kid who loved the look of Vision Skateboards, this is one of the best ways to bring that desire into the current time. Maybe it isn’t an original but it’s exactly the same and can be used for skateboarding or display, depending on your preference.

The Psycho Stick has specifications of 32.5 x 10 x 16.25 inches, which makes it an excellent board for cruising around town. That added to the ability to choose the colors you want makes this a steal at its current price. For the vintage collector, you can’t go wrong with having another Vision deck and we recommend this one to you.

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Santa Cruz Abyss Dot Green Skateboard Deck

We’re bringing it back to Santa Cruz Skateboards with the Abyss Dot Green. It features the new warp dot logo on American hard rock maple wood. The deck is mid-sized for someone who likes to hit up the skatepark but also enjoys hitting the streets sometimes. This is an eight-inch width board that incorporates green and purple with a white logo that looks cracked and well-worn.

The length of the board is 31.6 inches and is the right size for any skateboarder with the chops for even professionals to ride. If you’re looking for a skateboard with a dose of pop, this is one that should be toward the top of the list. You’ll catch air while you ollie and do other tricks on the street and the stability is there for transition riding, too.

This is a board that is understated but has the durability and potential that makes it a hit. It’s fairly inexpensive and has fantastic ratings from skaters who have put it through its paces. Those who prefer a minimalist design that clearly spells out the Santa Cruz brand are likely to hop on this deck for their next build, no matter what sort of skating they have in mind.

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Primitive x DBZ Rodriguez Super Saiyan Goku Skateboard Deck

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We haven’t looked at the Primitive Skateboarding company yet, which is a shame because they offer distinctive and great looking decks. It was founded back in 2008 by Jubal Jones, Paul Rodriguez, Heath Brinkley, Jay Partow, and Andy Netkin. The company is known for offering a wide range of collaboration decks that have featured Rick and Morty, Dragonball Z, Tupac Shakur, and the Notorious B.I.G.

This board is one of the Dragonball Z collaborations and it features a large, high-quality graphic of Super Saiyan Goku. The background is a yellowish-gold with Goku in a fighting stance, wearing clothing that largely matches the background. It’s sure to be a hit for any anime fan who wants to wear that like a badge while taking to the streets or skatepark in town.

This is a deck that is 8.5 x 32 x 14.38 inches with a regular seven-ply construction. This is a Paul Rodrigues professional model so it’s sure to resonate with any of his fans. This is another of those boards that works well for skating or for displaying and will offer a design that not every other skater in town has access to.

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Element Tyson Peterson Section Skateboard Deck

This is our second skateboard deck by Element and it has a unique aesthetic that some will love and some may not. The top of the board has a number of colors that blend into each other over the look of the wood found underneath. The bottom of the board has a large Element logo and features Tyson Peterson’s first name in a massive font. The colors for this part of the board are white, black, and red.

This is a deck that is 8.25 x 32 x 14.25 inches and will do the job for most skateboarding types. It has predrilled holes, so you can throw on some trucks and get riding quicker than expected. The nose is 7 inches while the tail is 6.5 inches and the board itself is built of seven-ply hard rock maple with a strong veneer and performance concave.

The price for the Tyson Peterson Section deck is fairly inexpensive and will make a great board for many skaters. It doesn’t matter if you skate on the street or on a pool and it will make a reliable deck for a professional or a beginner to skateboarding.

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Primitive x DBZ McClung Krillin Skateboard Deck

Coming back around to Primitive, we have another Dragonball Z collaboration for all the fans out there. This one features a graphic of Krillin and is part of the Trent McClung professional series. As with the other Primitive board, some people will probably want to buy it for display, but it makes a great choice for a street or transition ride, as well. The sky is the limit and whatever you do with it, the deck is going to look excellent.

As far as dimensions go, this board is 8.12 x 31.7 x 14 inches and uses a seven-ply Canadian maple construction which is typical for Primitive. It’s a traditional popsicle deck shape that will be easy to adapt to for an experienced skater. It will also be a great beginner board for someone who loves anime and wants to get involved with skating.

Don’t worry about this being an expensive deck, because it isn’t. Despite being a popular collaboration deck with premium features, it has an average price that won’t be out of the budget for most people. Make sure you grab this one early because there’s no telling how long it will be available at this fantastic price.

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Deciding on the Right Skateboard Deck

The skateboard decks on the market today are composed of several small sheets of wood, known as plies. The sheets of wood are bonded together to offer a deck that is able to flex even under extreme pressure. Most skateboard decks have seven or nine plies of wood and many are made from maple. That means you can expect a modern skateboard to be light, responsive to your body movements, and resistant to breaking when you’re flipping and grinding. You can see the plies of wood quite easily if you look at a deck from the side.

First, raw wood is cut into super thin sheets of a rectangular shape. Those are then stacked on each other with a layer of glue in between each sheet. These sheets are then clamped together which is what creates the concave shape of the skateboard. Once the glue is nice and dry, the clamps are taken off and the result is a rectangular wooden shape. The actual deck is cut out and might have any number of sizes or shapes. There are many characteristics that make a deck unique and that’s what we’ll be looking at next.

The Width of a Skateboard Deck

The majority of skateboarders will find that, in terms of measurement, the width is the most crucial one when picking a comfortable skateboard. There is a wide range of widths available, but most are between 7.5 and 10 inches in width. Many people believe that wider boards have better performance but that doesn’t mean the widest board is always the best choice for you. So how do you know what width is the right one for you? You’ll have to consider a few different things.

First, you want to think about what sort of skateboarding you plan to do. The two main types when it comes to skating involving obstacles are street skating and transition skating.

The former involves spending time skating on vertical ramps and walls that transition 90 degrees from the ground. Most forms of transition skating take place in pools, bowls, vert ramps, and skateparks. This skating style involves the use of speed to drop and climb vertically and shoot up into the air. This type of skating is best done on a skateboard that is stable and wide. This makes it easier to keep your feet on the board and your feet stable even when going fast.

On the other hand, street skating is done where you might expect, right out on the street and the world at large. If you plan to head out and use stair sets, benches, and ledges to skate, that’s street skating. In most cases, this type of skating has an emphasis on flip tricks where your skateboard is rotated horizontally or vertically while the skater is in the air. These tricks are easier done with a lightweight board that is simple to maneuver. In most cases, a narrower board will fit the bill here.

What if you aren’t sure which type of skating you want to do or you plan to partake in both? In this case, go with something in between for the best results no matter where and how you skate. The good news is that the largest number of skateboard decks are somewhere in the middle, so you won’t have a problem choosing.

Wheelbase and Length of Deck

After the width, the length of your skateboard deck is also important to consider. Most typical decks are going to range from around 31 to 33 inches, but there are outliers on either side. If the deck is 33 inches or longer, it’s typically going to also have a larger width at 8.5 inches or wider. This also means that the wheelbase, or distance between the rear wheels and the front wheels, will be larger than with shorter decks. These decks are typically the most stable and have a larger turning radius.

Going with a shorter wheelbase will offer less stability but a smaller and sharper radius when turning. This type of skateboard deck will also be quicker to respond to any movements you make. Essentially, the turning radius refers to the sharpness of turning when skating. A shorter turning radius gives sharper, more precise turns while a large radius will turn less sharply.

If you skate transition, a longer wheelbase will be best, so you remain stable even when launching up a wall, rather than falling to the ground. This isn’t required with street skating. In fact, a shorter wheelbase is a negative since it adds weight to the board which makes pulling tricks more challenging.

skateboarder riding

Shape of Your Skateboard Deck

Everyone knows the typical skateboard shape with a rounded off tail and nose and a mostly symmetrical design. This is the most popular shape, but there are other options out there. Some decks have fishtails and taper in and out, others have squared off tails and noses, and some even have a tapered nose that ends in a point. Which is the right one for you? Glad you asked!

Technical and street skating of any sort will find the best results when using the standard deck shape. It’s largely symmetrical with a tail and nose that are upturned slightly. The idea here is that whether you’re skating in normal or switch stance, using your dominant or non-dominant foot forward, the board feels and rides the same. The symmetry makes this deck and excellent tool when attempting to learn new flip tricks.

That said, if you don’t skate in anything but normal stance and you don’t have a major interest in flip tricks, you may be fine using a traditional skateboard deck shape or choosing something a bit more unique. However, in most cases, a deck with a curved tail and nose is the best choice. The curve makes it easier to do maneuvers and tricks whether skating street or transition. If you just want to cruise around on your board, the need for a curve is eliminated.

Below, we’ll look at some of the most common skateboard shapes and what sort of skaters excel on each type.

  • Street Decks – This is the most common shape of skateboard deck and is typically used for park and street skating. As we mentioned, the tail and nose are largely the same shape which allows you to ride switch. This type of shape is also sometimes referred to as popsicle shape and has been the traditional shape for decades.
  • Bowl & Pool Deck – This deck is typically wider than a street deck with an average width of about 8.25 inches. Some bowl decks are also designed to look more like skateboards from decades past. These are often called shaped decks.
  • Shaped Decks – This type of skateboard deck is a combination of modern street decks and older bowl decks. When these decks were introduced, they were intended for those who mostly skated transition but also wanted to street skate on occasion. This deck has a curved tail and nose and a large concave so it is great for pool skating but also allows you to do tricks while street skating.
  • Cruiser Decks – The cruiser is an interesting deck that might be made from maple, bamboo, or a mixture of the two. There are even some decks that are made of plastic. These skateboards can come in various shapes, lengths, and widths but what they are known for is extreme maneuverability and a soft wheel. These are used to get from one place to another rather than pulling off tricks.

The Concave of Your Skateboard Deck

The final aspect of the deck that makes a huge difference when skating is the concave of the skateboard deck. This variable relates to how the skateboard is going to feel underneath you and the way in which it responds to any movements you make. Essentially, concave refers to the curvature up and down across the surface of the deck and its edge. You’ll be able to visualize the concave by looking at the profile of the skateboard deck. You’ll see how the wood flattens and curves and has bowing from side to side.

Skateboard decks can vary massively in terms of the degree of the concave and the concave of your deck can make it better or worse for specific types of skateboarding. When you have an elevated concave, that means you will easier be able to feel the deck under you. Having an easier way to locate where your feet are in relation to the sides, tail, and nose of your skateboard without staring down is crucial, especially if you happen to be skating at top speeds.

This is the reason why most transition skates tend to choose a larger concave which gives more speed to make it up a wall. Street skates typically prefer the opposite, a small or medium concave. There is more area for your feet to rest on which makes it more comfortable to skate and easier to land tricks.

Choosing the Right Deck for Your Body Size

If you’re new to choosing a deck, one of the easiest ways to do so is by taking the size of your body into account. If you’re petite, a shorter skateboard is likely going to be the most comfortable option. In addition, for a beginner, a board that is small can be less difficult to control and will allow you to get used to the movement you feel skating. On the other hand, a taller skater might want to select a deck that is longer.

Weight also comes into play when deciding on a skateboard deck. The good news is that skateboards don’t come with a maximum weight limit. Anyone who wants to get into the sport can do so. However, a person who is heavier is going to have a higher likelihood of breaking their deck while attempting to learn tricks. If you’re a bigger person, the best option is to go with a large number of plies in your deck, so it is more durable and built to last.

Final Thoughts

We’ve provided our thoughts about what the best skateboard decks are and stand behind this list for a skateboarder of any skill level. You can find minimalist boards, boards with extreme graphics, and everything in between. If this is the first time you’re buying a deck, we’ve also provided information about how to make sure you get the right one for your size and body shape, as well as which boards are best for skateparks and which are better for street skateboarding. Any of these decks will be an excellent addition to a deck collection and will last while making your skating a great time.