Top 10 Best Ski Mittens for 2024

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Skiing offers a great source of exercise, lets you enjoy the natural wonders of the world, and provides some fun when snow is falling. Sometimes it can be tough to stay warm on metal lifts and while traipsing to trails, which is where having the best ski mittens comes into play. The right gloves or mitten will keep your hands warm and make it easy to enjoy some time up on the slopes.

But how do you know which ski mittens are the right ones for you? Should you go with something that has a Gore-Tex insert, choose Black Diamond mittens, or go with a Hestra army leather option? There are indeed lots of mittens vying for the best ski mittens, but sometimes it can be challenging to decide precisely where to start.

Today, we’re offering insight into 10 of the best ski mittens on the market so you can make your decision more easily. We’ll look at what makes each mitten better than others, discuss the pros and cons of each choice, and even go into detail about the aspects that matter the most when choosing ski mittens. But first, let’s take a look at the 10 skiing gloves on our list and what they offer.

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The Best Ski Mittens

Black Diamond Mercury Mitts Cold Weather Mitts

Black Diamond is a top brand in the world of ski mittens, and this particular model is both fashionable and flexible for skiing. It has a versatility that isn’t always seen in a mitten with a removable liner so it can even be used in the heat of summers. The liner can be placed right back inside when winter comes around.

The insert included with these gloves for skiing is a BDry that makes the mitten water-resistant. The mitten also has PrimaLoft Gold insulation that feels comfortable while ensuring there’s enough warmth to prevent cold hands. These best ski mittens also have a Pertex Shield with four-way stretching to ensure smooth movement. The addition of goatskin palm shelling also offers an excellent grip.

Kevlar stitching is one of the things that makes this mitten so durable. The gloves also incorporate a split-finger design in the liner to add extra dexterity. These ski mittens are great for those who quickly get cold, but the palm will need to be maintained regularly to ensure water resistance.


  • Offers the top materials to keep your hands warm when it’s cold outside
  • Features a high-quality construction that lasts even when it’s freezing
  • Includes excellent thumb ergonomics to make it easier to ski or snowboard


  • May have poor dexterity due to holding the fingers together when skiing
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Burton Gore-Tex Mittens Men’s

These ski mittens provide a Dryride 2L fabric that is designed to keep you dry, along with Gore-Tex, to insulate your hands from the cold in the winter. There is a synthetic leather palm, similar to Hestra army leather, that lets you access mobile devices without getting your fingers really cold.

The main reason that ski mittens cause cold hands is that the insulation creates moisture. This is one of the reasons that these best ski mittens are designed to be waterproof, so the user doesn’t experience freezing water or other moisture. Also, these gloves have a four-way stretch fleece that dries out quickly and offers options no matter the season.

Some of the other features included with the mitten include a brushed microfiber fixed lining, a heater or vent pocket, and Thermacore insulation. The removable liner can be used for snow shoveling, the shell can be used in warm conditions, and both can be combined for the top warmth.


  • Features a waterproof fabric shell with a Gore-Tex insert to keep you dry
  • Includes a heater/vent pocket that can provide ventilation or hold a warmer
  • Compatible with a touch screen for device control without losing warmth


  • Gloves might not be as durable as some choices on the market
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Hestra Heli Ski Women’s Glove for Skiing and Mountaineering

This pair of best ski mittens were designed to fit the needs of ski instructors, free riders, professional mountain guides, and others who need the best mitten. As a women’s mitten, this model has a slim profile that makes a great choice for looking great and keeping plenty of warmth. The backhand incorporates a water-resistant, windproof, breathable fabric, while the palm and fingers make use of durable leather.

When it’s winter, you want ski mittens with plenty of warmth, which is what is offered here. It’s one of the warmest options from the brand, and it comes with a thin polyester fiber that ensures you’re insulated from cold and moisture. It includes a lining that is soft and comfortable that can be removed or combined with additional liners for more versatility.

When looking for gloves and mittens, the extras play a part, and this model has plenty. It offers a Velcro closure on the wrist, a snow lock to keep heat in, and a design that follows the curve of your hands for a natural grip. The addition of army leather also means they are sure to last.


  • Includes a removable liner that can be combined with others for versatility
  • Designed for experienced skiers who want high durability, function, and form
  • Made of a thin polyester fiber that has the capability for extreme insulation


  • Ski mittens require some maintenance to keep them water-resistant
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Carhartt Men’s Waterproof Insulated Mitt

If you are looking for a skiing glove that can handle even the coldest weather while keeping your hands and fingers filled with warmth, this model from Carhartt could be a great choice. These mittens provide soft insulation and a waterproof shell that is sure to keep your hands warm and dry. They measure in at four inches high and seven inches wide for plenty of coverage.

Each of these over mittens comes in a variety of colors so you can select the one you like the most from black and gray to black, brown and black, or dark gray and black. The shell is made from 100% polyester, which is designed to be durable enough to enjoy over several seasons. The cuffs are fleece and have an adjustable wrist strap, while the insert ensures the gloves stay waterproof.

These mittens also offer a digital grip palm and stick grip on the thumb and fingers to hold onto poles easily. They come with FastDry technology to wick away sweat and other moisture and include a fleece cuff that has an adjustable wrist strap closure to keep the warmth in.


  • Feature an insulated lining that keeps moisture away from your hands
  • Utilizes Storm Defended material so the mitten is waterproof and breathable
  • Includes additional insulation in the fingertips to keep your fingers warm


  • Might be bulkier than other gloves and mittens and hard to pick up items
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Carhartt Women’s Quilt Insulated Breathable Mitt


Carhartt is a well-known company that offers reliable, durable, and comfortable items, including gloves and mittens. These women’s best ski mittens are made of durable polyester material and come in a wide assortment of colors so you can show off your style. Each mitten has a stretch fleece cuff with a hook and loop closure to keep the warmth in.

Sometimes ski mittens can get moist and uncomfortable, but this mitten incorporates fast dry technology in the lining that keeps sweat away from your skin. The shell of the glove is a quilted ripstop that ensures durability, while a waterproof insert is found inside to increase comfort.

These gloves are designed to be the warmest out there, so you can hit the slopes for hours without getting cold. While these gloves have a ton of great features, they don’t come at a price point that will break the bank. Enjoy polyurethane reinforced fingers and palms, so the mittens last for years.


  • Offers a waterproof insert that keeps warmth in your hands while skiing
  • Includes a ripstop shell for durability and a hook and loop closure for warmth
  • Comes equipped with a stretch fleece cuff for comfort and convenient usage


  • Finger area may be looser than expected so users can’t keep fingers together
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The North Face Men’s Montana Etip GTX Mitt

This pair of ski mittens come from the North Face and are designed for use in moderate temperatures when out on the slopes. These are one of the most dexterous options on the market, partially because each finger has its own slot in the mitten. That means you can comfortably grip items like boot buckles and zipper pulls without taking them off.

These mittens are made in the United States and come with a Gore-Tex insert that offers breathability and resistance to water, so you’re always protected. The outer layer is synthetic leather that adds extra water resistance and is comfortable with a durable palm. The mittens are also a full-coverage model that helps keep out snow and ice.

When using these ski mittens, you’ll have access to a 5 Dimensional Fit so you can be sure the gloves fit the way you want them to. Users can also enjoy keeping their hands in a natural, comfortable position through the use of Radiometric Articulation.


  • Features a 5 Dimensional Fit to promise consistent sizing and gloves that fit
  • Offers flexibility through the use of Gore-Tex to easily grip buckles and pulls
  • Includes individual finger slots for a higher level of dexterity than some gloves


  • Might not provide as much warmth as other mittens supplied on the list
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Dakine Men’s Titan Mitts

When you choose these mittens from Dakine, you’re going to get plenty of warmth since the outer cover is made of insulating material. Also, this part of the mitten is water repellant to avoid getting moisture on your skin. There is a stretch lining with these mittens that can be removed but which is ideal for use in cold temperatures.

These gloves also feature many extras that many skiers will appreciate. The gauntlet closure is easy to use and adjust, while a zippered pocket is found on the hands of the glove so you can add a heat pack. The ski mittens also come with a liner that is compatible with touchscreens so you can use your favorite devices.

These gloves come in several colors and sizes to fit your needs and are three inches high and seven inches wide. They are made of durable materials, including polyester, polyurethane, and Rubbertec.


  • Incorporates a nose wipe thumb panel for extra convenience on the slopes
  • Includes a waterproof stash pocket on the back of the mitten for storage
  • Offers Gore-Tex to protect user’s with insulation from melting ice and snow


  • Gloves might not be as dexterous of tough as some other models
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Gordini Men’s Gore Gauntlet Mitten

These gloves from Gordini are made to ensure you keep your hands warm and dry when skiing or snowboarding. Each of them is hand washable and made of polyester to ensure durability even under heavy use. The Gore-Tex can be taken in or out of the mittens and will make them windproof, waterproof, and more breathable.

The polyester shell is matched with mini-ripstop trim and has a textured area on the thumb and palm to make gripping poles simple and straightforward. The area where someone will place their fingers has leather, which makes it apt to last longer than other models. The mittens also have an adjustable closure so you can get the fit that you want.

The Megaloft synthetic insulation used in these mittens keeps moisture away from your skin while providing extra warmth. The only thing they are missing is a wrist leash, but one can be added on if that’s something important to you.


  • Includes Gore-Tex to make gloves waterproof, windproof, and breathable
  • Features a gauntlet cuff with a wrist strap and drawcord closure method
  • Offers a textured thumb and palm for increased grip and leather fingers


  • Some users may find the ski mittens run too large for use when skiing
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MCTi Kid’s Waterproof Mittens

These best ski mittens are designed for children who are at least three years old. Each of them is insulated with a thick fleece that will ensure young children’s skin stays dry and warm even in the cold of winter. They are made from a nylon fabric that repels water so children can engage in skiing, sledding, snow games, and other winter fun.

Each of these gloves includes reflector tape, which makes it easier to keep track of a child. There is also an anti-loss string to keep the gloves together, so one doesn’t become lost. The mittens have gripping abilities on the palm and fingers so children can play with toys or sports equipment without trouble.

The cuff design on these mittens is long, and it has a double tightening method to prevent the mittens from falling off. There is an elastic wrist, as well as a buckle, to ensure you get the perfect fit while getting the gloves on quickly.


  • Includes a long cuff design with double tightening to keep the gloves secure
  • Features reflector tape and anti-loss string for safety and security of mittens
  • Offers easy gripping of various objects through the non-grip palms and fingers


  • Might not be as warm as some other children’s mittens on the market
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7-Mi Snow Gloves for Kids

Another great pair of mittens for children comes from 7-Mi, and it incorporates a shark design that can be purchased in a variety of colors. These are fleece with a polyester and cotton lining to ensure small snow lovers can do the things they enjoy. The shell is coated with a waterproof material and a built-in bag prevents water from soaking into the mittens.

With these gloves, ski slopes are available for all ages. The mittens include connect clips to keep the pair together, while the lanyard can be worn around a neck when it’s not being used. The gloves have elastic in the wrist so they can easily be adjusted to fit a child of any size to keep them warm.

These winter mittens have a large cuff so it can tuck up into jackets or sleeves, so snow doesn’t fit inside. However, they only come in a single size that is manufactured for children from four to six years old.


  • Comes with a set of connector clips so you can avoid loss of the mittens
  • Designed with a 2.5-inch cuff that can go into sleeves to avoid snow buildup
  • Created of polyester and cotton for insulation to keep small bodies warm


  • Comes in a single size so may not fit every child in the cold
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The Most Important Aspects of Choosing the Best Ski Mittens

There are several things to consider when choosing the best ski mittens, including whether mittens are even the right decision. Below, we’ll look at some of the most important things to keep in mind when choosing the right winter gear for your needs.

Choosing Between Gloves and Mittens

In some cases, people prefer gloves since they keep the fingers separated, which will offer a better grip on the poles. However, some mittens also have separate fingers, so that isn’t always the deciding factor. Mittens tend to be the warmest option if you are planning to ski somewhere that is extra cold. Think about what your priorities are and decide which fits your needs.

The Best Ski Mittens Materials

You can break down ski mittens into those that are made of leather and those made of synthetic materials. Many gloves have both of these materials, so the strengths of each are present, but it’s still smart to know what each brings to the table. Leather tends to be more durable and comfortable, while synthetics are often touch and pliant to fend off wind and cold.

Level of Warmth with the Mittens

The best ski mittens for someone who skis in very cold areas are going to be different than those for someone in a more moderate climate. While many of the warmest mittens cost more than the others, that isn’t always the case. The important thing is to look at what kind of insulation is provided and how much of it you get for the money. Keep in mind that mittens are warmer than gloves, so that should also factor into your decision.

Need for Water Resistance in Mittens

Being warm on the slopes is essential, but equally important is staying dry. Even if the gloves are warm, getting wet can make your day a disaster. The insert in a mitten will determine how breathable and waterproof the mittens are going to be, with Gore-Tex considered the top of the line when it comes to material choices.

Staying Dexterous While Skiing in Mittens

In most cases, gloves that have more insulation are going to offer less dexterity than mittens that have less insulation. Gloves are generally better at dexterity than mittens, but some mittens have separate fingers to render that point moot. Some of the high-quality mittens on the market are tailored to fit the hand perfectly and will let you grip anything you need.

Thinking About Cuff Length Options

Cuffs come in various styles and sizes, but the two most common are under cuff and gauntlet. Gauntlets will be longer and reach well beyond your wrist, while under cuffs typically reach only the wrist. The latter is going to be more versatile, have better ventilation, and offer increased wrist movement. Gauntlet cuffs are warmer and better for sealing the cold outside.

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Wrapping Up

All in all, there are a lot of great contenders on the market for the best ski mittens. These mittens come in a variety of designs and sizes and offer many features that make it easier to enjoy a day (or a season) of skiing. While everyone has their preferences, we think the best ski mittens are the Burton Gore-Tex Mittens Men’s.

These mittens offer a lot of features and come at an affordable price that won’t break the bank for your next ski trip. Also, these mittens have touchscreen capability so you can use your devices and include a heater/vent so you can stay as warm or cold as you like.

Whether these are right for you or not, you’re sure to have an idea of what pair is ideal for your needs by now. So get out there and get a pair, and you can start planning your next trip to the slopes!