Top 11 Best Snorkel Masks for 2024

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Regardless of whether you’re packing up for an exciting vacation on a tropical island or just looking to replace gear to enjoy the summer heat, there are many options to enjoy everything that can be found under the water. Snorkeling is a popular hobby that lets you enjoy swimming among the fish and taking in the underwater plants. The best way to do this is by having one of the top full-face snorkeling masks on the market.

The only issue with that is determining which masks are of great quality with the best features and which are going to be less useful once you’ve headed down under the waves. That’s why we decided to compile a list of the top 11 snorkel masks, so you don’t have to do all the research on your own. We’ll share what makes each of them a great buy and you can decide if it has the features you want while enjoying the water and sun.

Beyond that, we’ll also share some buying tips for choosing snorkels in case the ones on this list don’t fit your needs. This will give you the knowledge you need to look at a pair of scuba goggles and decide whether they’re going to work for you. First, we want to share a table with some important information about the masks on our list so you can see if any of them are options you want to explore more thoroughly.

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The Best Snorkel Mask

Greatever G2 Full Face Snorkel Mask

The Greatever G2 Full Face Snorkel Mask comes with a snorkel mask, a storage bag, an accessories bag, and a user manual. The company offering this mask has been creating diving products since 2015 and is known for being one of the top brands on the market. This snorkel mask, which comes in more than a dozen colors, is no exception to that rule.

This inexpensive mask offers a 180-degree view so you can enjoy seeing everything you want under the water. The panoramic design is unique to other masks and includes a curved mirror design to offer even better visibility. The mask also utilizes a dry top system with a two-channel exhaust to make breathing smoother under the water.

The skirt of this mask is made from food-grade silicone and is fully wrapped to be fully leakproof. The layer of silicone inside the mask helps isolate air from the mouth and nose and can help prevent condensation. It also offers adjustable straps and quick-release so you can get the mask off quickly in an emergency.

An additional feature on this mask is a camera mount so you can take photos and videos of what you experience in the water. It is made of a high-quality PU resin for durability. It can be used by hand or removed and used that way depending on your preference.


  • Features a 180-degree view to enjoy seeing everything under the water’s surface
  • Made of food-grade silicone with anti-leak and anti-fog properties
  • Equipped with an underwater camera stand that can be used by hand or removed


  • Some experience trouble breathing in this mask compared to other models
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OMORC Professional Snorkeling Set for Adult and Youth

The OMORC Professional Snorkeling Set is made to be easy to breathe and drain. It has a dry top snorkel that prevents water from coming in and lets air come in more easily. There is a purge valve on the bottom of the snorkel which helps remove any water in the tube so you can breathe easily.

The lens of this snorkeling set is made of crystal clear tempered glass which has been anti-fog treated. This lets you have the best vision possible so you can see all the wildlife around you in the water. The lens is scratch-resistant to keep high clarity and prevent accidental scratches.

With this snorkel mask, there is an adjustable elastic silicone strap that lets you keep the mask on snugly. This also means it can be used by people of all ages and face shapes. The mask also has a soft liquid silicone skirt to reduce face pressure. It seals onto your face well without the worry of water leakage.

The materials used for the snorkel are high-quality and durable to last a long time. The silicone mouthpiece is food-grade and meant to stay comfortable for long periods of time and prevents mouth fatigue while under the water.


  • Features a dry top socket to prevent water from coming in so you can breathe smoothly
  • Uses a clear tempered glass lens with anti-fog treatment for the best visuals
  • Includes an adjustable elastic silicone strap to fit snugly on different face shapes


  • Some people find that the mask is not very comfortable
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WSTOO Full Face Snorkel Mask


The first thing that stands out with the WSTOO Full Face Snorkel Mask is how many designs and color options are available. You can choose from black and yellow, orange and black, bright pink, and several other options. This company also offers an 18-month free replacement guarantee so if the mask isn’t right for you, you can get a replacement.

This mask uses a new safe breathing system with three separate air channels including two air outlets and an intermediate air intake. This helps prevent re-inhaling CO2, so you get fresh air each time. That means when you head underwater to snorkel, you don’t need to worry about feeling dizzy from breathing in a mix of CO2 and oxygen.

This mask has a double exhaust passage to double ventilation speeds which prevents exhaled gas entering the sun visor to cause fogging. The mask is made of safe, non-toxic, food-grade silicone that is suitable for the face and helps prevent leaking. The silicone lining also prevents adding too much pressure to the bridge of the nose for comfort.

There is a transparent flat lens on this mask that prevents distortion of your vision. It offers a 180-degree panoramic view so you can see everything going on around you. It also has removable camera brackets so you can share what you see with those around you.


  • Comes with an 18-month free replacement guarantee if it doesn’t meet your needs
  • Offers three separate air channels to ensure fresh air on every inhale
  • Made with a transparent flat lens that offers a 180-degree panoramic view


  • Some experience issues breathing through the nose using the mask
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Cressi Panoramic Wide View Mask Dry Snorkel Set

This panoramic wide view mask is made by Cressi, which was founded back in 1946 and has consistently created quality products for watersports lovers. This mask is designed for professional snorkelers who want to get a clear view of the world underwater. This panoramic mask was designed to offer a great fit, top visibility, and top durability while being comfortable at the same time. It comes in many eye-catching colors so you can choose the style that fits your preferences.

This mask incorporates the first submersible dry top snorkel for Cressi. That makes this a fantastic option for children or adults so anyone can make use of the device. The mask incorporates a silicone skirt that increases your level of comfort while ensuring a perfect seal to keep the water out. There are also adjustable buckles to you can adjust the length of the silicone strap.

There is a bottom purge valve on this snorkel mask to help blow out any water in the tube along with a soft silicone mouthpiece to prevent mouth and jaw fatigue. The mask is made of a hypoallergenic soft silicone material and has a soft nose pocket for comfort and easy equalization.


  • Offers a split mask strap design for the best fit and comfort underwater
  • Made with a high-quality silicone rubber skirt and double feathered edge for seal
  • Lenses fit perfectly to the main lens to create an uninterrupted field of view


  • Side can sometimes show reflections of the image in front of the user
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OUSPT Full Face Snorkel Mask

This full-face snorkel mask from OUSPT comes in 14 different colors so everyone in the family can have one and keep them sorted without any trouble. This mask incorporates a new design where the tube is folded using an elastic band so it can be rotated in any direction. The interior is made of food-grade silicone that is suitable for the face. A single button can be pressed in an emergency to get out of the mask.

With this mask, there is an intermediate air intake, as well as an air outlet on each side. This helps with inhalation and exhalation without breathing in exhaust gas along with fresh air. This new design helps you enjoy snorkeling for longer periods and prevent fogging from the water temperature or your breath. It also comes with a one-year warranty in case it doesn’t meet your needs.

This is a full face snorkel mask that has a natural curve and offers 180-degree panoramic views. The mask also comes with a detachable mount that can be used to attach a camera and capture photos of what you see underneath the water. The mask itself is made of food-grade silicone that is environmentally friendly and non-toxic. It has great fit, airflow, and visibility for an enjoyable time in the ocean.


  • The manufacturer offers a free 12-month warranty in case of dissatisfaction
  • Made of high-quality, food-grade silicone which is environmentally safe and non-toxic
  • Features a curved 180-degree panoramic design for the best visibility


  • Some people have experienced leaking seals over time
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Greatever Foldable Panoramic View Snorkel Mask

The WildHorn Outfitters Seaview mask has a 180-degree full-face design that makes it simple to breathe comfortably through the nose or mouth while snorkeling. The viewing area is large so you can get a great look around you while swimming. It also has a GoPro mount that you can attach your camera to in order to take photos or videos to share with friends or family members.

This mask makes use of dry snorkel technology which is meant to prevent saltwater from getting into your mouth. This helps you breathe with peace of mind since you don’t have to worry about getting a mouth full of water. You can enjoy more time enjoying the water and less worrying about the mask. It’s also a simple to use device that is great for kids or adults.

Nobody wants to deal with a mask that fogs up when you’re looking around the ocean and that’s why this one has a fog-resistant design. There is a separate breathing chamber that moves airflow away from the viewing visor to cut down on fogging so you can snorkel for longer periods of time.


  • Features a large 180-degree viewing area to see more fish and sea creature
  • Offers a separate breathing chamber for airflow that doesn’t cause fogging
  • Uses dry snorkel technology to keep water away from your mouth


  • Some users have experienced issues with leaking or trouble breathing
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WildHorn Outfitters Seaview 180 Degree GoPro Compatible Snorkel Mask

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Cressi Panoramic Wide View Mask and Dry Snorkel Kit

This wide view mask and dry snorkel kit from Cressi is like some of the others in that it comes with a wide selection of colors so you can choose your favorite. It’s an inexpensive option that is comfortable to use and designed for use by semi-pro and professional snorkelers. This mask is designed to offer top visibility, durability, and fit all at once.

Each of these snorkel masks is made of a soft silicone material that is hypoallergenic and soft on the skin. This also ensures the seal between the mask and your face is extreme so there’s no need to worry about leaking. It has a soft nose pocket for easy equalization and tempered glass lenses that are simple to clean. The straps can be adjusted through push-button buckles.

This Cressi snorkel mask has a dry top which makes it safe for both children and adults. Anyone who wants an extra dose of safety will appreciate this feature that keeps water out of their mouths. There is also a soft silicone mouthpiece that helps prevent jaw and mouth fatigue. The bottom purge valve lets you blow out any additional water.


  • Precisely fit lenses fit into the main lens for the best possible line of vision
  • Comes with a tempered glass lens and a frame of durable, tough polycarbonate
  • Offers a double feathered edge skirt for a good seal and quick-adjust mask strap buckles


  • Some users have experienced flooding of the mask during use
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Cozia Design Snorkel Set with Full Face Snorkel Mask and Travel Adjustable Swim Fins

The Cozia Design Snorkel Set starts off on a great foot by offering not just the snorkeling mask itself but also a set of diving fins to give you speed and versatility in the water. This mask comes in both adult and children’s sizes so anyone in the family can use it. It is a full face mask that prevents fogging and lets you breathe in a natural manner through the nose or mouth.

This snorkel mask is ideal for a beginner and designed to prevent claustrophobia and discomfort when under the water. All you do is put on the mask and you are ready to go. Leaking is very minimal and if any occurs, all you need to do is blow in the mask to get rid of the excess water without having to take it all the way off. This means you can stay in the water longer.

These masks are durable and created with polypropylene frames and shatter-proof polycarbonate windows. The finds are comfortable and easy to wear with adjustable straps to get a good fit. They also include a soft foot pocket and easy-click buckles for comfort. Sets are available for children seven and up as well as adults of any age or size.


  • Offered in adult and child sizes with all the items you need to enjoy snorkeling
  • Easy to use mask is full face and prevents most leaking
  • Comes with diving fins for additional fun and versatility when under the water


  • May experience some amount of leaking after using for a long period of time
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COSSCCI Snorkel Mask Full Mask

The COSSCCI Snorkel Mask Full Mask is an updated version made of high-quality, food-grade silicone material. The airflow, fit, and visibility of this mask has recently been improved to offer the best experience when enjoying snorkeling. Safety has also been improved and there is now a detachable camera mount so you can take photos of all the things you see under the sea.

This mask has a naturally curved design which is meant to perfectly fit the human face. The 180-degree panoramic design lets you enjoy seeing everything around you without compromising any comfort while you do it. There is an intermediate air intake along with two air outlets for easy breathing. This helps prevent fogging from the water or your breath.

This snorkel mask has been created using high-quality silicone with exceptional elasticity. This material is ideal for making sure the mask and your face are fitted to prevent any leaking. This is a foldable mask model that can be stored in small spaces like suitcases. There is an anti-shedding silicone band on the breathing tube to prevent it from falling off.


  • The updated mask is made of food-grade silicone with improved airflow and visibility
  • Full face snorkel includes a curved 180-degree panoramic design for the best view
  • Made of high-quality silicone with good elasticity to prevent leakage


  • Some users have experience CO2 buildup after time which can affect breathing
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ZEEPORTE Mask Fin Snorkel Set with Adult Snorkeling Gear

This snorkel mask set form ZEEPORTE offers a high-quality snorkel mask but it also comes with a wide range of accessories. It also comes with a set of adjustable fins, a travel gear bag, and a dry top silicone snorkel. Everything you could need to start snorkeling is included in one package. Even better is the fact that the price is quite inexpensive for all the items you get in one place.

This mask has a four window design to provide a panoramic view while under the water. It offers a tempered glass lens and a hypoallergenic silicone skirt to offer the comfort you want while in the water. The mouthpiece is food-grade and offers a watertight seal without causing distress to your mouth or jaw while in use.

The inclusion of a dry top valve helps seal the breathing tube when you are under the water. This prevents any water from going down into the tube to choke you while using the tool. It has a lower purge valve that expels water quickly so you can enjoy normal breathing while diving into the depths of the water.

The fins that come with this package are powerful but nearly effortless to use. They have an adjustable strap with an open heel to fit all users. With only a small amount of kicking, you can fly through the water while snorkeling or diving. The package has everything you need for recreational or travel use.


  • Comes with the mask, adjustable fins, silicon snorkel, and a travel gear bag
  • Made with four windows for a panoramic view with a tempered glass lens
  • High-quality dry top valve seals the breathing tube when you are under the water


  • Some individuals have experienced issues with the mask not sealing properly to the face
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Factors to Consider When Choosing a Snorkeling Mask

You may have noticed that the masks on our list come in many styles, sizes, and designs. This lets you enjoy a mask that is comfortable and stylish when you spend time underwater. While these are all excellent snorkel masks, there are features you want to watch for when making your final decision.

Comfort Level

The comfort level of a snorkel mask is more important than you might immediately think. You aren’t going to want to spend hours underwater if you have a mask that fits poorly or presses on your face to be uncomfortable down the line. What you want is to be sure that the mask will feel great no matter how long you leave it on.

The good news is that many of the scuba masks on the market come with an adjustable strap, which lets you personalize the fit. This can add a huge deal of comfort when you are spending time underwater. When you have a mask that fits well and is comfortable, it will sit close to your face and work better than another mask.

Anti-Fogging Feature

When using a full snorkel mask, condensation can start to build up which makes it hard to see. Your nose and sweating both can lead to fogging of your snorkel mask. Thankfully, many snorkels come with anti-fog technology that helps prevent this annoying issue.

This is an important feature as fog can make it hard to see and require you to come to the surface to wipe down the inside of the mask. Choosing a high-quality snorkel mask with an anti-fog system will let you enjoy more time underwater without unnecessary pauses.

Range of View

As we mentioned earlier in the article, there are tons of different mask styles available now ranging from wide-angle to frameless. This is an important consideration when snorkeling since you want the option to see everything going on while under the water.

Full face snorkel masks are a great option as they offer an unobstructed 180-degree view, but there are other options. Many masks will provide a wide-angled view, and some have an excellent downward view. A frameless snorkel mask design will let you see more than ever before once you submerge into the ocean.

snorkeling masks

Seals on the Snorkel Mask

Every snorkel mask is going to have seals that hold them tight against your face while underwater. High-quality seals are a must since the last thing you want is having water come into your mask. When water enters, it can lead to fogging, cause water to pool at the bottom of the mask and require you to surface to clear the mask.

Since your goal is a great view while underwater, you have to be able to see. If you get water in your eyes, especially saltwater, it can burn them and make the entire excursion less exciting. Choosing a mask with durable and strong watertight seals will ensure you can enjoy the ultimate snorkeling experience.

The Case for Dry Snorkels

While you may be using a snorkel mask in a wet environment, a dry snorkel is still a great option. This type of snorkel offers a valve at the end of a tube that sits above the water. The use of a valve ensures that no water is going to be inside the snorkel. This is a major safety feature since you do not want to inhale water and begin choking. Those who are poor swimmers, as well as children, should make this a priority.

This snorkel type is ideal for purposeful dives, waves, and unintentional splashing. When you have a dry snorkel, you get a better range when diving deep underwater without worrying about water getting inside.

Level of Flexibility

Since many people enjoy snorkeling when on vacation, looking for a snorkel and mask set that folds down into a compact size is important so it will fit into your luggage. This gives you the flexibility to take your snorkeling gear anywhere you want.

This also is useful for actual snorkeling too. When you have a set that is easy to adjust, you can enjoy being in whatever position you like underwater. Those who dive can also twist the snorkel away to make room for a regulator when needed.

Purge Valve Thoughts

The purge valve is a large opening found at the base of a snorkel which makes cleaning and maintenance much easier. If you have anything other than a dry snorkel, this also helps you more easily clear water from the snorkel when needed.

Mouthpiece Considerations

The mouthpiece of your snorkel is also crucial, and it should fit into your mouth in a comfortable way. The top recommendation is to choose a flexible silicone material that can easily fit into your mouth. Flexibility is important since a comfortable fit means you won’t have to contort your mouth in a strange way. Since mouth fatigue is common when snorkeling, having a mouthpiece that fits comfortably is a priority.


Snorkeling is one of the most exciting ways to spend time in the water and enjoy seeing what goes on beyond the surface. Since the hobby requires little gear, it also makes for an affordable activity for the entire family. Having the proper gear, including a snorkel mask, will ensure you have a great time in the water. Any of the masks listed here will make for a whole lot of fun while exploring the underwater world.