Top 8 Best Snowboard Bags for 2024

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When you are traveling with your snowboard, you want to make sure that it is always as safe and secure as possible. After all, you invested money into the board, and you want it to last for a long time. Having quality snowboard bags will help to make that much easier to accomplish, naturally. Of course, whether you are just now getting started with snowboarding, or you have been involved in the sport for years, it can be difficult to know exactly what you should choose.

Fortunately, we’ve collected the best snowboard bags that are available today below. Learn more about these bags, how to choose the right one, and how to keep the bag and your board in great shape. Let’s get a close look at some of the best snowboard bags you can find.

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The Best Snowboard Bag

Burton Wheelie Gig Snowboard Bag

Here is a great looking, simple to use wheelie bag from Burton that could be just what you need to help keep your snowboard nice and safe. The snowboard bag is made from durable 600D polyester, and it features TPE backing. In addition, the bag is fully padded. This means that you will have that added bit of protection with these snowboard travel bags to keep your board nice and safe.

The main compartment is very easy to access and it features a full zipper. With these snowboard bags, you will also get a padded shoulder strap, which can be removed if needed. Of course, one of the other nice features is that this bag is designed so that it can hold more than one board.

It features internal webbing straps that will help to keep the board in place. There are also side and front haul handles on this snowboard bag with wheels. The bag has an IXION skate wheel system, so it will be smooth to haul around. You will also find an accessory pocket with a zipper on the external part of the bag. This can be helpful for some extra storage.

It is lockable, and the contoured zipper pulls will accommodate TSA-approved locks. Another one of the benefits of the bag is that it comes with a lifetime warranty.

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Dakine Unisex Low Roller Snowboard Bag

This beautiful snowboard bag from Dakine is another quality choice that could be just what you have been hoping to find. This bag is able to hold two boards, or a single board if the bindings are mounted. It can hold more than just the board, though. It is large enough that it could also hold a pair of boots and outerwear. The boot bag in the main compartment is removable.

The snowboarding bag has a zippered pocket on the exterior that will let you store items that you might need to keep close to you and within easy reach when traveling. You can choose from multiple sizes with this bag, as well, making it possible to find one that will fit your board. When you do not have any boards in the bag, it will pack down nicely, to make it easy to store.

This is a snowboard bag with wheels, which can make it easier to carry. It features oversized 9cm urethane wheels that are highly durable, and the handles make it easy to grab and haul with you whether you are going through an airport or across the lobby of a ski lodge. This is a durable, good-looking bag that could be a nice option to consider.

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Athletico Maverick Padded Snowboard Bag

Here is a simple but very effective bag that might be a perfect solution for you. It has padding that will help to protect your snowboard and other equipment that you might carry in the bag. Within the snowboard bag, you will find 10mm of dense foam padding that really does add a nice, protective layer.

Because this is a long bag, you will find that it can accommodate just about any snowboard, which is nice. It means that this one bag will work for you whether you have some boards of varying sizes that you use. Instead of needing to have more than one bag, just this one will work for you.

The snowboard bag also features a separate boot storage compartment on the bag. This means you can keep your boots and your board together. The snowboarding bag also happens to be quite durable. It is made from 600D water-resistant polyester. It is lined with a thermal and waterproof material, as well. This means that it is built to last for years.

The bag features a carrying handle, as well as a comfortable shoulder strap for easy transport. Another one of the nice features of this snowboard travel bag that is sure to please potential buyers is the fact that it has so many storage pockets to help carry all of their other gear. The double zipper-pulls are TSA lock compatible, as well.

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Sportube Series 3 Wheeled Snowboard Case

This snowboard case is quite a bit different from the ones you’ve seen on the list so far. However, it certainly deserves a place on the list of the best because of everything that it can offer. For starters, this is a telescopic high-density polyethylene plastic case that is able to change in size in order to accommodate different needs.

The snowboard case has the ability to fir two board, boots, and bindings, or three pairs of adult skis and poles, or one board, boots, and bindings, and one pair of skis and poles, or a pair of ski poles, boots, a helmet, and other gear. It can accommodate to fit many different needs, which can be quite helpful.

When compared with many other similar cases, you will find that this is still a very lightweight option. The nice bright color also means that you will not have to worry about misplacing this in the snow. If you are traveling and flying with it, there’s a good chance that you will be able to spot your luggage immediately, too.

This case features wheels, an easy pull handle, ski straps, and a pin to close the case. It is easy to use, it looks great, and it could be the ideal option for those who are looking for a case that will work for both their skis and snowboards.

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High Sierra Snowboard Sleeve & Boot Bag Combo

Here is a high-quality and affordable snowboard bag from High Sierra that could be of interest to you. The bag is made from 600D with a water-resistant coating, so it should not have any trouble standing up to a bit of inclement weather when you are traveling. This is a basic snowboard bag without a lot of bells and whistles, but that doesn’t mean that it is not a good solution. The bag features excellent construction, and it is durable.

It is nice to have a combo set with one of the bags just for your boots. The boot bag is able to hold snowboard boots up to size 13. The snowboard bag has durable webbing on the handles, it features self-repairing nylon coil zippers and a nice overall look. The bag itself only weighs 3.25lbs, so it will not be adding a lot of weight to what you are carrying when you are hauling your snowboard.

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Element Equipment Tour Deluxe Padded Snowboard Bag

This padded snowboard bag is the top of the line option from Element Equipment, and they boast that it was designed by people who actually snowboard. The entire bag has padding, which will provide some extra protection for your board inside. The snowboard bag is made from 600D PVC coated polyester, and it is water resistant. The bag is nice and durable, and it will help to keep your gear clean. Once you are finished on the slopes, it also helps to keep your vehicle clean.

The bad features reinforced construction that has double stitching. The liner is waterproof, and there are comfortable carry handles and a padded shoulder strap. These features help to make it easier to haul your board along with you. In addition to the board, you can put other items into the main compartment. For example, you might want to add your boots and some extra outerwear. You can put other items into the exterior zippered pocket.

When it is empty, the snowboard bag will weigh less than 4 lbs. When you are not using the bag, it will pack down easily, so you can store it away. This is a high-end option that is still affordable, and that could be just what you need.

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Thule RoundTrip Snowboard Bag

This Thule bag is made from 600D polyester, as many of the snowboard bags on this list are. This means that it is capable of providing the user with a high level of protection. The internal compression straps will also help to ensure that the gear does not slide around and move. It is easy to transport thanks to the grab handles and the padded shoulder strap.

The zippers are lockable, although a lock is sold separately. The bag always provides reliable and easy access thanks to the YKK zippers. It is easy to stow and retrieve gear that you need thanks to the accessibility the zippers provide. The bag also has an internal zipped pocket, where you can store additional accessories and layers. There are many things to like about the bag, and it might be a good option for your needs.

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Athletico Conquest Padded Snowboard Bag with Wheels

Athletico is on the list again with another quality bag. This padded snowboard bag with wheels is available in two sizes and it offers some great benefits, just like the other bag on the list. Since this bag has wheels, it means that it could be a good snowboard bag for air travel. Wheels will always make it a little easier to get around the airport and other locations.

You want to keep your snowboard and other equipment safe, and thanks to the 10mm of dense foam padding, you will be able to with this snowboard bag. The bag also has internal straps, which help to keep everything in order. There is plenty of room int eh bat to hold many of the items that you might need to take with you including your gloves and outerwear, for example. The bag has an XL storage compartment on the outside, a no-catch double zipper to make loading gear and finding it again as easy as possible. There is an internal zippered dry bag, plenty of pockets, a detachable shoulder strap, a luggage ID, and more.

The bag is rugged and it is built so that it will last. Even though it might have a simple look, it is highly functional and can be a great choice when looking for a snowboard bag with wheels.

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Most Important Things to Consider When Choosing a Snowboard Bag

You have seen the best options for snowboard bags on the market today, but you might still be wondering just how to make your choice. If you are looking for a quality bag, you first need to ask yourself how you will be using it and where you will be using it. Those who are going to be taking their own vehicles out to some nearby hills or slopes might only need a simple bag without wheels. Those who are going to be traveling not ski lodges and who might have to fly to get there may need something with a few more features.

For example, the best snowboard bags for air travel tend to have wheels. This makes it easier to transport. Once you know where and how you will likely be using the bag, you need to consider the size, of course. It needs to be long enough to fit your snowboard. However, if you are traveling with more than one board, you might want to choose a bag that can hold more than one board. Otherwise, you will need to get two bags.

The material for the bag will be important, as well. Naturally, you need to be sure that you have something that will be nice and durable. However, do you want a hard plastic snowboard case like the Sportube Series 3 mentioned above, or do you want something made from durable polyester? It will often depend on what you are carrying, and how you will need to store the bag or the case later.

snowboard bag for air travel

Always take the time to look at the features of the snowboard bags you are considering, as well. Do you need internal straps to help keep everything in place? Do you need to have some extra pockets for storage?  Does the shoulder strap have padding? While that might seem like a small thing, if you are hauling the bag around for any length of time, you will surely want to have some padding. Make sure that the snowboarding bag has the features that you need.

One of the least important elements to consider when you are choosing your snowboarding travel bags is the aesthetics. After you have narrowed down your choices to the bags that are going to meet your needs in terms of features and functions, then you can worry about the aesthetics of the bag. Fortunately, you will find that all of the options on the list above have a great look.

Find Your Snowboard Bag

Whether you are going to be getting a brand new snowboard bag of your own or you are buying one as a gift for someone, the list above presents you with the best options available today. They are excellent choices that could work well for many different types of snowboarders. Consider what you will need from the bag and then make your choice. A great snowboard bag can make a huge difference.