Top 11 Best Spearguns for 2023

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11 of the Greatest Spearguns to Use on Your Next Underwater Fishing Trip

Fishing is a lot of fun and it can be relaxing. Fishing underwater is an entirely different ball game altogether. While it can be fun, it will require some very different tools. You aren’t going to be using a fishing pole and a lure. Instead, you will want to make sure that you have a quality speargun on hand, and that you know how to use it properly.

Having a high-quality speargun, along with the other gear that you need, will ensure that you are ready for your underwater hunting trip. The right speargun can mean the difference between coming home empty handed and coming home with some fish to throw on the grill.

Speargun fishing is becoming more and more popular around the world. Whether you are just now starting to get into this type of fishing/hunting, or you have been spearfishing for years, you need to be sure that you have a great speargun. The following are the best spearguns, along with some information on how to choose the right one for your needs

The Best Speargun for 2023

JBL American Made Speargun

JBL is one of the top brands in the world when it comes to spearguns today. This Oceanside, CA company offers a range of options, and this gun, made from African Mahogany or aluminum could be just what you’ve been hoping to find. It provides excellent overall craftsmanship.

The speargun has a three-piece M8 trigger mechanism, along with a high-quality laser-cut steel trigger. The shaft is made from hardened 17-4 spring stainless steel. This means that the shafts will be resistant to corrosion, which is essential, since you will be using this underwater.

This is a good looking speargun that is easy to use and has the JBL pedigree behind it. It has a comfortable handle and is relatively easy to maneuver in the water. When you take care of this speargun, you can expect it to last you a long time.

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Rob Allen Aluminum Tuna Railgun Speargun

Quality and durability are always important when you are choosing a speargun. You want to be sure that you have something that will be reliable when you are in the water and after your game, of course. This speargun is made from aircraft grade aluminum, so you can be sure it is built to last.

This speargun has a wall thickness of 1.45 mm, and it features the newest version of the Vecta 2 trigger mechanism. This is a reliable trigger that’s easy to pull. It also features two power bands to provide the speargun with plenty of power. The speargun also has a 7mm spring steel shaft.

One of the things to keep in mind with this particular speargun is the fact that it’s available in multiple sizes. Whether you want a relatively small speargun that’s a little over 27” long, or you want a larger speargun that’s 59” long, they have you covered. Think about the fish you’ll be going after and choose accordingly.

This is a highly accurate and reliable speargun that could make a nice first spearfishing gun for someone or a good option for those who have been spearfishing for years and who want something new.

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Cressi Apache Speargun

This Cressi speargun is a fantastic choice for someone who is just starting to get into spearfishing, and for those who are younger and smaller. However, the quality of the Apache and everything else that Cressi makes is high enough that even those who have been spearfishing for some time might want to pick one up as a second gun.

Those who are interested in this speargun can choose from black and silver, as well as the Lion Fish editions, which have different spears than the Tahitian-style flopper that’s on the regular option. The Lion Fish edition is a good choice for those going after small fish. These are both an attractive and easy to use gun that is available in multiple sizes.

This band speargun has a closed muzzle, which provides a substantial amount of accuracy. The Apache is a compact speargun, which means it will work quite well for those who are going after small to medium-sized fish. The ergonomic handle ensures the user will be able to maneuver it easily.

Cressi has been making quality spearguns since 1946, and they have gone on to become a very trusted name in the business. From the style, the design, the quality trigger and everything in between, this speargun has a lot to offer, making it a fantastic starting point for those who want to spearfish.

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Mares Sten Pneumatic Spear Gun

Those who might not be as interested in a band speargun will want to consider this option from Mares. The spearfishing gun, which is available in a range of sizes, features a threaded tip, a two-piece head, and an 8mm diameter shaft.

This speargun was first introduced all the way back in 1967, and in that time, it has grown to become a very popular option around the globe. It can provide accuracy, as well as plenty of power. Of course, this is also a very reliable spearfishing gun to have available. The speargun has options both with and without a power adjusting option.

This package features not just the speargun, but also the rod and harpoon, a line for the shaft, and a pump that is used to charge the pression for the speargun. Everything from the design of this speargun to the durability and reliability help to make it a top choice when you are considering a pneumatic speargun.

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AB Biller Wood Mahogany Special Speargun

One of the first things you are likely to notice with this speargun is that it has a traditional, wooden body that gives it a classic look and feel. This particular speargun is available in not only mahogany but also in teak and padauk, providing three very distinct and beautiful options that also happen to be highly functional.

This is one of the top speargun brands, and once you start to look at the features of this speargun, you will see why. It has a stainless steel shaft with a double barb rock point tip that’s made from hardened stainless steel. This is a highly reliable option that can be a perfect first speargun or a step up from the one you have now.

Because there are so many different size options available for this spearfishing gun, you will find that it can be very versatile. You can find options that will work for you based on the type of fishing that you want to do and your preference and experience level.

This is a band spearfishing gun, which means that the range of the spears will be about three times the length of the speargun itself. Beyond that range, the spears will not be as effective.

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AB Biller Spear Gun Padauk

Let’s look at another option from AB Biller. This speargun has the level of quality that you would expect from AB Biller. It is made from beautiful padauk, although there are other styles available, including mahogany, teak, and aluminum. You will notice that all of the options have a unique look, but they are all quite attractive.

Of course, the looks of the spearguns you are considering aren’t the most important part. You want to know what they offer and whether they will be a good choice for your needs or not. This spearfishing gun is available in a number of different lengths. It has a hardened stainless spring steel tip with a double bard, along with swivel and safety cap.

The speargun has natural rubber slings, along with a steel wishbone. The grip, the muzzle, and the butt are all made from quality, rugged plastic that is made to last.

One of the other benefits of this speargun from AB Biller is the fact that it has a patented safety system that makes one-handed operation simple, and it is possible to lock and unlock the safety silently. The speargun also features a patented trigger mechanism that provides a smooth pull each time.

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SEAC T-Combat Sling Speargun

This is billed as a revolutionary type of sling gun that has a line-release trigger and safety. It also features a tri-purpose muzzle. This means that it could be used with a circular sling, a dual-sling, or even both. The slings will mount easily, and this speargun has a comfortable and ergonomic handle that makes it nice and easy to aim.

This accurate speargun from SEAC comes in a range of sizes. You can choose a smaller option if you tend to go for smaller fish or one of the larger options for some bigger fish. This gun is made from aluminum. This means that it is lightweight, and you will find that it is also easy to maneuver underwater.

This underwater speargun is nice and sleek, and it has an aesthetic that will appeal to many. Despite being slim, you will find that the high-quality aluminum barrel happens to be very durable.

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Cressi Optimum Maneuverability Speargun, Mohicano

Cressi continues to make some of the best spearfishing guns in the business, as evidenced by the Mohicano. This Cressi speargun has a lot to offer, which helps to make it a real standout. It is a compact speargun that is easy to maneuver, but it is still available in a range of sizes.

The muzzle on the spearfishing gun can handle both regular bands, as well as circular bands. It has a rigged and reinforced barrel, along with an anatomical white grip. This grip allows for better control when aiming and firing. The white on the grip will make it easier to find the speargun in the event that you drop it.

The style, size, and the durability all help to make this a good option for those who are out looking for smaller fish.

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SEAC Asso S/R Pneumatic Speargun

SEAC appears again on the list with this pneumatic option. This is made from high-quality aluminum, and it has a cylinder that is 40 mm in diameter. These are available in several sizes, and you will find that they are all quite small. This is a pneumatic speargun that is lightweight, very easy to carry and maneuver and good for going after smaller fish.

The speargun includes the steel shaft/spear, along with the injector, harpoon, the loader, and the line. The handle has an ergonomic grip, to it should be easy to handle for any size hands. Overall, the speargun is easy to use and it is highly durable.

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Mares Bandit Sling Band Speargun

If you are just a beginner, or even if you are an intermediate spearfisher, you will want to consider this speargun. There is a lot to enjoy when it comes to these particular spearfishing guns. They have ergonomic loading plates and an extruded aluminum barrel. The guns are durable and easy to use.

The speargun has a toggle safety lock, so you can be sure you don’t fire off the spear by mistake. It utilizes a tri-cut 7mm spring steel spear, and users will enjoy the over-molded handle, which provides a comfortable grip. This quality speargun features minimal recoil, and it is very easy to use overall.

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SEAC Sub Sting Spear Gun with Sling


Once again, SEAC shows up on the list. This is a relatively small speargun, and the largest size available is just 29”. The barrel features anti-rust aluminum, which helps to reduce the risk of corrosion. The aluminum is also durable and can ensure that there is no bending.

The double muzzle will allow users to put on one or two slings as they need. It has an anatomic handgrip, along with a sternum rest and a line release safety and trigger catch.

This speargun could be a nice entry point for those who might want to go after some smaller fish. It could also make for a nice second gun for someone who has been spearfishing for a while.

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The Types of Spearguns Available

When you are choosing from among the many options available for spearguns, one of the most important things you will need to consider is the type of speargun that you feel will work best for you. There are two general “types” of speargun available today – band and pneumatic.

A band speargun can be made from sealed tubing, or from wood, and these tend to be very quiet when they are shot. They are the original type of underwater speargun, and they can help you to maintain an added level of stealth when you are underwater. These tend to be the most popular type of speargun.

These band spearguns are a versatile option. However, in order to make sure that you have enough range with the gun, you will need to remember to replace the bands about every six months or so.

The pneumatic spearguns are another good option. They utilize compressed air to fire the spears, and many of these types of spearguns will have a smaller and more compact appearance. Having something so compact can be a benefit when you are diving.

The pneumatic spearguns tend to be a good option for shallow waters. However, they are slightly more difficult to load, and they may require more maintenance in some cases.

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Important Things to Consider When Choosing a Speargun

In addition to understanding the different basic types of spearguns, there are plenty of other factors that will need to be considered when you are making your choice.

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The overall length of the speargun can be quite important. The length will naturally determine the size and type of spear that can be loaded. Larger spears will generally mean larger fish, of course. If you are looking for larger fish, then a larger speargun will naturally be your best choice.

However, those who want to have something that is easier to wield and carry, and those who are just getting started, might want to consider a smaller option. Medium and small spearguns will still work quite well, and they will help you to get accustomed to fishing/hunting underwater without carrying around a bulkier speargun.

What’s the Range of a Speargun?

The answer to this is, unfortunately, that it will depend on a number of factors. This includes the quality of the speargun and the type of speargun, typically. Pneumatic spearguns will have their power based on the amount of air that is pushed through them to propel the spear forward.

With the band spearguns, you will generally be able to estimate that the average effective range underwater will be three times the length of the speargun itself. Therefore, if you have a band speargun, and it is 44” long, the range would likely be 132”, or about 11’.

Type of Spear

The type of spear for the speargun is also important to consider. The spear will have a shaft and a tip, and they will generally be made from stainless steel. The width will vary. They are typically between:

  • 6mm
  • 8mm
  • 9mm

Spears that are thinner will generally be able to travel faster, but they don’t have the same penetrating power as a thicker spear. The smaller options will, as you may have surmised, work well for smaller fish. When you are after larger fish, you will need the thicker spears if you hope to be successful.

The tips of the spears could be fixed or they could be threaded. If they are fixed, it simply means that they are literally affixed to the shaft. If they are threaded, it means that they can be taken off and exchanged for another threaded tip. This brings us to the styles of tips available, whether they are fixed or threaded.

The single flopper has just one barb, and it can work well for medium sized fish and many reef fish. The double flopper has two barbs, and it will work well for larger fish. The breakaway tips will detach from the shaft. These are heavier than the other two options, and they are used for large fish.

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What Else Might You Need?

If you are going to be buying a speargun, you might find that you want to buy a few accessories at the same time, or soon after. This can help to ensure that you have everything that you need when you finally get to go out and go fishing.

For example, you might be looking for a tether that can attach to your wrist, and that is comfortable, so you do not have to worry about dropping your speargun. Another one of the best speargun accessories to have on hand will be an extra spear or two.

Having an extra spear, and extra tips, ensures that you will have enough of these extra items on the boat to continue with your fishing throughout the rest of the day. No one wants to be sat on the boat with the bent spear while their friends are still fishing.

Also, be sure you have a way to safely transport your speargun, and the tools you need to maintain it properly. After all, if you don’t take proper care of your scuba equipment, it won’t last.

The Danger of Choosing Cheap Spearguns

Naturally, people like the idea of saving money whenever they can. However, taking the “cheap” route when you are buying certain types of items tends to be a bad idea, and that includes any type of sporting goods, such as these spearguns.

You want to be sure that you have one of the best spearguns possible, so you can rely on it when you are under the water and searching for your dinner. Using a cheap speargun will only net you disappointment, and it could mean that you will need a replacement sooner rather than later. Quality is always the most important factor.

Keep in mind that cheap often equates to the quality of the materials, not just the price. Poor materials, even from an expensive gun, will lead to a disappointing purchase for you.

Find the Right Speargun for You

The spearfishing guns discussed above are the best on the market currently, and one of these could be just what you’ve been hoping to find. Consider what you want and need from the speargun in terms of range and size, and then make your decision that you are happy with from one of the tops brands mentioned above.