Top 10 Best SUP Paddles for 2024

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Even if you have the best paddle on the market, it isn’t going to make much difference if you have a paddle that can’t match up to it. When you choose a quality paddle that fits your padding style and body type, paddle boarding will be even more fun than usual. However, that doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune on a paddle. There are paddles at many different price points that work well on the water, no matter what your use your paddle board for.

Today, we’ll be looking at 10 of the best paddle board paddles on the market to give you an idea of what you should be looking for before your next water adventure. We’ll also provide a few tips on choosing the paddle that best meets your needs. By the time we’re done, you’ll be well on your way to choosing the perfect paddle for yourself.

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The Best SUP Paddle

BPS Adjustable 2-Piece SUP Paddles

This adjustable paddle by BPS is created to separate into two different pieces. This makes it easier to transport and store, but it also prevents the issues with weakening that can occur with a third joint. You can adjust the length of the paddle from about 70 to 75 inches.

The paddle is interested in that the shaft may be made of fiberglass or carbon fiber while the blade is nylon. This makes the paddle durable, affordable, and lightweight. It’s also what makes the paddle float in any water. This is a huge perk when you don’t want to deal with diving to retrieve a lost a paddle while fishing, surfing, or doing yoga.

The handle of the paddle is rounded to offer an easy grip when paddle boarding. This can be a good thing, but those who aren’t used to this sort of grip may find it takes some time to get used to it. The paddle also comes with a year-long warranty and the company has great support when and if needed.


  • Durable construction to last a long time
  • Comes with a 12-month warranty for peace of mind
  • Guaranteed to float in any kind of water


  • Some paddlers find it doesn’t adjust as well as desired
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BIC Sport Original Adjustable Aluminum or Fiberglass Shaft SUP Paddle

The BIC Sport Original is another two-piece paddle with an aluminum or fiberglass shaft and a thin polycarbonate blade. There is a 15” portion of the shaft which is wrapped in foam for comfort and softness when paddling. It’s a paddle that is light on the wallet and one of the heavier paddles you’ll find.

The paddle being partially wrapped in foam makes it simple to see and keeps it from sinking if you drop it in the water. This is a great thing for a beginner who may fall of their paddle board more often. The grip is rubberized to make it easier to hold onto and the handle is a bit small but perfect for small or average sized individuals.

This paddle is fantastic as an all-around paddle, especially for the entry level paddle boarder. However, remember that it is a bit heavy which may not be the right choice for everyone. The paddle has a 16” range which is perfect for families using the paddle or others who will be sharing the paddle between people of different heights.


  • Paddle won’t sink due to foam float
  • Simple to adjust and use
  • Offers a comfortable T-grip


  • Shaft can rust if not cleaned properly when used
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Super 3-Piece Adjustable SUP Paddles with Carrying Bag

This SUP paddle is functional while looking beautiful at the same time. It has a carbon fiber shaft and paddle with a bamboo veneer over the top of it for a unique appearance. As the paddle is three pieces, that gives you the best portability possible. When you take it apart, it’s only about three feet long to store anywhere you need.

This paddle can adjust from 67 to 85 inches and has an easy-to-lock design that is secure and strong. Most paddlers with experience using it noted being able to put it together in less than 20 seconds, which means getting to the water is now simple and quick.

The blade of the paddle is chip resistance and touch so you can easily use it to avoid obstacles and to push off. It’s also quite lightweight so it won’t tire you out like fiberglass or aluminum paddles. It also floats, which is always a nice extra when available.

This paddle boarding paddle also comes with a high-quality storage bag with three compartments and plenty of padding.


  • Can be put together in less than 30 seconds
  • Includes a bag for storing the paddle
  • 12-month replacement guarantee


  • Adhesive doesn’t always hold tight
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iGK Pure Carbon Fiber SUP Paddle 3-Piece Adjustable Stand Up Paddle

The iGK Pure Carbon Fiber is great for a recreational paddler who wants a great value, sturdiness in the water, and lightweight paddling. It weights less than two pounds and is one of the lightest paddles available. It’s a three-piece adjustable paddle and it can adjust between 72 and 86 inches in length.

This paddle comes with a three-compartment storage bag, so each piece of the paddle is separate and the pieces won’t rub against each other to cause damage. The paddle itself comes with two options, a fully carbon fiber paddle and one that is carbon fiber with a fiber glass blade.

The locking mechanism on the iGK paddle is one of the easiest out there so you can put together the entire thing in less than 15 seconds. The shortest adjustment is great for someone who is about 5-foot-tall, which makes it ideal for even kids and teens. Whether you surf, race, fish, or just paddle for fun, this is a top choice to consider.


  • Made of carbon fiber for lightness and durability
  • Simple and easy to put together and use
  • Three-piece design is easy to store and transport


  • Some paddle boarders find the plug on the end can leak
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Aqua-Bound Malta Fiberglass Stand-Up Paddle

Aqua-Bound’s Malta Fiberglass Stand-Up Paddle is the most high-end paddle from the company. It is a top end choice for paddlers who want something lightweight that works well in the hands of someone with some technique. The paddle is built to create the smoothest forward stroke you can imagine while paddle boarding.

This paddle has a carbon shaft with a compression molded fiberglass blade. It is adjustable from 76 to 86 inches, which is great for most adults. It also weighs in at just a smidge over a pound so you’ll barely even notice it while paddling, even on long days and journeys where your arms might otherwise get sore.

The two-piece construction makes it an efficient option, although it will be a little larger when it comes to transport and storage. The paddle is handmade which means it comes at a higher price point than some other paddles, but it’s well worth it for the person who wants the best paddle out there.


  • Lightweight and efficient for experienced paddlers
  • Every paddle is hand built for quality and consistency
  • Easy to adjust as needed


  • Long blade may not be ideal for beginners
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Isle Surf and SUP Stand Up Paddle Board Paddles

The Isle Surf and SUP is a two-piece adjustable carbon shaft that comes with a nylon blade. It comes in several colors so you can choose the option that best fits your preferences and style. It features a rounded shaft to make it easy to paddle through whatever water is in front of you.

The paddle is a two-piece that is adjustable from 67 to 84 inches for a large amount of versatility if used by multiple people. There are printed lengths to help you quickly change the sizing. With a nylon blade, this paddle helps protect your paddle board from any scrapes or dings that other paddles might cause.

The lightness and stiffness of the shaft makes this a lightweight option that won’t cause arm fatigue when fishing or surfing for a long period. The shaft locks in securely so you can expect very little movement when you’re out on the water. It’s also an affordable model that is perfect for beginners and those on a budget.


  • Created of carbon fiber for strength and durability
  • Easily adjustable and breaks down for transport
  • One-year warranty and a 30-day guarantee


  • Clip on the paddle may snap after some use
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Crazy Abalone 3-Piece Adjustable SUP Paddle

This adjustable paddle by Crazy Abalone is three-piece, which makes it portable and easy to transport. It has a large range of sizes through simple adjustment from 89 inches to 87 inches. There is another model that ranges from 49 to 61 inches that is better for children and teenagers.

This is a high-quality paddle that comes in many brilliant designs that will stand out while in the water and out. It’s lightweight and designed to be used by beginners as well as those who are already proficient with using a stand-up paddle board. It can be used for everything from surfing to touring, fishing, racing, and more.

This paddle has an inside made of PVC foam which has been shaped by CNC machine technology. The blade has slight dihedral power to offer better stability and prevent fluttering when paddling. It has a carbon fiber shaft, carbon fiber handle, and carbon fiber blade for the best durability possible. This isn’t a paddle that is going to give out on you easily.


  • Lightweight paddle designed for beginner and professional paddlers
  • High quality paddle with carbon fiber materials
  • Easy to control with excellent buoyancy


  • Some people prefer a palm-grip to the T-grip provided
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Abahub 3-Piece Adjustable Carbon Fiber SUP Paddle

The Abahub SUP paddle has a polypropylene and fiberglass blade which makes it extra durable without hiking up the price too far. The blade is double concave to ensure stability and power when paddling without the need to worry about paddle flutter. It’s lightweight and floats in all sorts of water. It’s ideal for use by beginners and intermediate users.

The shaft is carbon fiber, which helps add to the lightness of the paddle as a whole. It has flexibility but has enough stiffness to offer great performance and prevent the shaft from shattering under the power. The handle is ergonomic and has a pattern that helps with grip and makes the paddle comfortable in your hand.

This is an adjustable paddle that has a length ranging from 67 to 86 inches. As such, it’s best for someone who is five feet tall or more. It also comes with a travel bag to make transport and travel easier. It includes a handle, shoulder strap and an inner flap for the blade.


  • Includes high-quality paddle bag
  • Fiberglass and polypropylene blade is durable
  • Carbon shaft offers high performance and powerful stroke


  • Some paddlers find the paddle uncomfortable
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BPS Adjustable 2-Piece Alloy SUP Paddles

This BPS paddle is created using lightweight aluminum in the shaft, which adds strength and reliability to your paddling. The blade itself is a nylon composite which is also lightweight and prevent chipping. The handle is made to be ergonomic for long periods spent paddling. The paddle is a two-piece which makes it easy to transport compared to a single piece paddle.

Adjusting the paddle is fairly simple and it can go from 71 to 84 inches. No matter your height, you are likely to find this SUP paddle works well for you. It weighs just over two pounds and makes a good choice for advanced and intermediate paddle boarders.

One of the perks of this BPS paddle is that it has a foam core, which is what keeps it from sinking if it falls into the water. It also has a blade cover with a lining that reflects heat to protect the blade when being transported to and from the lake or ocean near you.


  • Great value for high-quality paddle
  • Features a lock mechanism for secure adjustment
  • Offers a smooth stroke when paddling


  • Blade may be too stiff for many beginners
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Great SUP Pure 100% Carbon Fiber SUP Paddle

The Great SUP paddle is fully manufactured of carbon fiber to create a strong paddle with a great level of flexibility. The combination of those two things leads to a better performance for beginning to experienced paddling. It ranges in length from 72 to 86 inches and you can adjust it to best fit your needs and style of paddle boarding.

The blade of this paddle has a round blade design with medium dihedral, which is associated with great power and a good amount of stability. The paddle has a scale marked on the stick so you can easily make adjustments on the fly when passing off the paddle or trying something new.

In addition to the paddle, this package also includes a paddle bag with three compartments. It has close-cell foam padding and a nylon exterior for supreme protection when traveling with your paddle. The paddle and stick can be placed in separate areas to keep them from scuffing each other.


  • Paddle is 100% carbon fiber for strength and high performance
  • Includes a three-compartment paddle bag for transport
  • Handle is ergonomically designed for comfort


  • Paddle is best for use by adults
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Factors to Consider When Choosing a Paddle Board Paddle

There are several things to take into consideration when choosing the paddle that will work best for you when out on the lake or ocean. The length is a huge part of that, but so is the type of material that the paddle shaft and blade are made out of. The shape, and size of the blade will also factor into the equation of which paddle is right for you.

SUP Paddle Length

Above all else, having a paddle that is the right length for you is crucial. If you get a paddle that is overly long, it’s going to be a hassle to use. If you end up purchasing one that is too shore, you may have to get into an awkward position to put the blade into the water. Neither of these things are very much fun. The good news is that choosing the right length of paddle isn’t overly difficult. What you want to do is look at paddles that are around six to eight inches taller than your height.

There are both adjustable length paddles and ones that are fixed in length. Most people go with an adjustable length paddle since they are more versatile. This means you can experiment with what works for you. It also means that you can adjust the length based on what you’re doing on your paddle board.

family paddling on sups

SUP Paddle Materials

In only a couple of hours of paddling, you’ll make thousands of strokes. Having a heavy paddle can make that draining, which is why many paddlers prefer a light paddle. There are a few different options for paddle material and they each have their own pros and cons.

  • Aluminum – Lightweight and affordable, but not as stiff of light as some options. Typically used for the shaft along with a plastic blade, this makes a good beginner paddle
  • Carbon Fiber – Stiffest and lightest option, often more expensive. Best for those who do a lot of paddling or go long distances. Often found in high-end paddles made for long-term use.
  • Fiberglass – Lightweight and may be in the blade or shaft. Fairly stiff for transfer of power in your strokes. Typically less expensive than carbon fiber but more expensive than plastic or aluminum.
  • Plastic – Often seen in grips and blades of beginner’s paddles. Affordable and durable, usually paired with an aluminum shaft.
  • Wood – Used as a veneer or to make an entire paddle. Often quite beautiful but may cost more and weight more than other materials available.

SUP Blade Considerations

The biggest thing to keep in mind with the blade is that larger blades are more powerful while smaller blades tend to be the most efficient. Those who have a larger body size will often want to choose a larger blade. As far as blade shape goes, the most common options are rounded or rectangular. Rounded is better for those who want power and don’t mind being slower, while rectangular have a higher speed.

Wrapping Up

At this point, you’ve checked out 10 of the best paddle board paddles on the market and learned about what you should watch for when making a purchase. Other than the tips above, you can use your own taste to decide which paddle will be the right one for you. No matter which you choose, the list above offers great versatility and all are high-quality options. Good luck!