Top 10 Best Towable Tubes for 2024

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Hanging out on a boat all day can be fun and relaxing, but sometimes you want to add an extra bit of excitement to the experience. Maybe you want to do more than dip a toe in the water and would prefer to feel waves washing over you instead. If you have a speedboat, that’s one option but it isn’t the only one. If you want to enjoy a ride like that of a speedboat but without spending so much money, what you need is a towable tube.

Towable tubes can give you a ton of excitement on the water when the weather is nice. You can use one on the ocean or the lake and even if you just feeling like lounging, a tube for the water is perfect for that situation. Regardless of whether you want a thrilling tube ride or to relax on the water, there are a ton of towable tubes out there. We wanted to delve deeper and find the 10 best to give you an idea of your options.

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The Best Towable Tube

SportsStuff Super Mable


The SportsStuff Super Mable can hold up to three riders and has a weight capacity of 510 pounds. This towable tube is great for kids or adults and is sure to get a rave review from everyone who gives it a try.

It doesn’t take long to pump this bad boy up as long as you have an electric pump available. A hand pump will make it a bit more time-consuming. There are two different inflation points for this tube, which speeds up the action. We recommend having a pump that deflates as well to make things simple.

Some may wonder if the Super Mable does well with one rider and it does. However, the ride will have a totally different dynamic. You can expect to fly through the air, which might not be the ideal situation if you’re someone who gets motion sickness.

As far as speed goes, it’s recommended to go 20 mph at highest with adults and to drop that to 15 mph if kids or teens are on the tube. That may not seem super-fast, but trust us, you’ll have a blast.

This tube is fairly sturdy, but it can flip so you should always have someone watching out when it’s in use. That said, it doesn’t come with a tow rope and you should use one with a tensile strength of 3350 pounds. The rope should be around 50 to 65 feet in length.


  • Features a backrest to avoid riders being tossed into the water
  • Several grab handles with knuckle guards for comfort
  • Full double stitched nylon cover with bailing drain vents
  • Seating pads made of EVA foam


  • May take a long time to inflate if using hand pump
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Kwik-Tek AHM2-2 Mach 2

The Airhead Kwik-Tek AHM2-2 Mach 2 is a fantastic inflatable with space for up to two riders. The space for seating is recessed to allow less movement. This is a great option for children but the tube itself is fairly small, so adults may not find it to be the most comfortable tow-behind tube on the list.

This design is called a cockpit tube and it’s designed for younger and more timid riders, but teenagers and smaller adults will also enjoy it. The seats are soft and comfortable. The air-cushioned bottom makes bouncing on the water less dramatic than with some tubes.

Another perk of the Mach 2 is that it’s simple to inflate and deflate. It has a patented speed safety valve to ensure it’s not time-consuming to get going so you can get out on the water.

There are handles on each side, as well as in the middle between the two rider seats. This placement on the tube can help the people riding feel more secure and safe while riding the waves. There are also cup holders and headrests which really make this a comfortable option.

The bladder of the tube is made from heavy-gauge PVC and a strong double-stitched nylon cover. The size of the towable tube makes it a great option for transport since it won’t take up much room.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the cover doesn’t enclose the entirety of the Mach 2 so there’s a small chance that it could come off at high speeds or in extreme waves.


  • Has inflatable floors for extra comfort
  • Features a secure cockpit for children
  • Offers durable handles with knuckle guards for comfort


  • Best used by children or smaller adults
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Kwik-Tek HD-3 Airhead Hot Dog

This inflatable tube is designed in a shape like a kayak and is 103 inches long and 44 inches wide. It offers space for up to three rider and includes knuckle pads, seat pads, and side extensions that can be used for straddling. It can be used in rivers, oceans, and other bodies of water.

This towable tube has a Boston vale to make both inflating and deflating simple and quick. Those who want a tube that lets you sit comfortably upright, even on choppy waves, will find this is a fantastic option.

The inner tube of the Airhead Hot Dog is made of 30-gauge PVC joined using Radio Frequency seam welding. The tube itself is reinforced using double stitching and 840-denier nylon that will withstand wear and tear and towing pressure.

There are also three seat pads, nylon wrapped handles, and neoprene knuckle guards, as well as extra foam pads to protect the elbows and knees. Riders can see front to back rather than side by side like other towable tubes.

This tube is strong and can handle up to 500 pounds of rider weight. Weight distribution has to be considered as too much on the ends can destabilize the tube itself.

It’s recommended not to exceed 15 mph with all adults using the tube or 10 mph if children or teenagers are aboard. The tube can facilitate a mix of ages or can hold all adults or all kids. 


  • Unique knuckles guards for comfort and safety
  • Rigid construction for durability and long life
  • Constructed of high-quality nylon


  • Valve area is poorly designed
  • Extended use can sometimes cause knee rash
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SportsStuff 53-1750 Poparazzi

The SportsStuff 53-1750 Poparazzi towable tube is a great option or kids as well as adults of all ages and sizes. While the tube has a recommended number of riders set at three, you can easily wrangle more than three small children onto the tube. The tube is pretty large at 77” x 80” when inflated so doing tricks is difficult, but the amount of people who can enjoy it together is a big plus.

There are plenty of handles and you can ride in many positions to be comfortable in whatever way works best for you. There are also EVA foam knee and knuckle guards to keep you safe and comfortable. These are heavy-duty and nylon-wrapped. The rear deck includes a high-rise area and you can even use the tube while standing for extra fun.

This tube makes used of a patented aluminum quick connect system which means getting out on the water takes little time. It also offers a patented safety valve for quick and easy inflation and deflation.

This Poparazzi is a great tube that can be used in any sort of water body. It can be towed on the ocean, lake, or rivers to get the fun of being splashed around in water. It also works well as a pool float if you want to hang out and relax. It’s a durable, functional tube with all the features you could want.


  • Can be used by kids, teens, and adults of all ages
  • Offers a high degree of maneuverability
  • Can provide both relaxing and thrilling rides


  • Tow rope needs to be attached before inflation
  • Some riders note the tube loses air quickly

Airhead Switch Back 4 Rider

Airhead is one of the top companies offering towable tubes, which means you can trust you are getting a great product when you order one of their tubes. This is no exception with the Switch Back 4 Rider offering capacity for four people.

This tube is created of high-quality materials and offers a double stitched rugged nylon cover. This means you can count on a certain level of durability and strength even when using the tube on a regular basis in whatever waters are near you.

The ride style has two seats for riders in the front sitting with room for two to kneel in the back of the tube. This gives extra versatility to switch between the two riding options. It also allows the chance to enjoy time with three of your favorite people, something most other towable tubes do not allow.

With the included quick connect system and the speed safety valves, once you get to the water, you can enjoy it rather than spending ages getting things ready to go. This is a plus if you have limited time and want to immediately hit the water.

The tube has a design with several boarding straps so getting back on is simple. There are also side panels and a backrest that ensure you’re seated comfortable and are less likely to fall off into the water. However, due to the size of the tube, it’s best used for smaller children as adults may not find it comfortable.


  • Chariot style towable tube looks impressive on the water
  • Facilities several types of riding for versatility
  • Speed safety valve makes inflation and deflation simple


  • Works best for smaller children
  • Some riders note leaks after a few months of use
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Airhead EZ Ski

This is an innovative product made to offer a fun way to learn to water ski. The Airhead EZ Ski is a hybrid between a ski and an inflatable which allows beginners to learn in a low-stakes environment.

Due to being inflatable like other towable tubes, beginners won’t have to deal with the struggles of popping up and being dragged through the water. This is part and parcel of learning to ski but the EZ Ski makes it even more simple and a lot of fun at the same time.

The uncomplicated design of this inflatable is great for all ages and sizes of riders and this tube is the official youth training tool of USA water ski. Based on that, you know you can trust the quality of the product. It’s durable and built to last so your investment will go farther.

The EZ Ski has integrated trainers and bindings so it feels just like skiing but without all the more difficult parts. This allows the person using it to learn without stress before moving on to a more traditional water ski. It’s also a lot of fun for those who just want to fly through the water behind a boat but may not want to delve deeper into water skiing.

After the seat is inflated and on the water, the rider sits on it to start up. They can then stand up to take advantage of learning ski stance, balance transfer, and handle positioning.


  • Easy option for learning the basics of water skiing
  • Features integrated water ski trainers and bindings
  • Teaches handle position, stance, weight and balance transfer


  • Only holds one rider at a time in a stance not all find comfortable
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Airhead Transformer Rope

The Airhead Transformer Rope is an interesting towable tube that can be used in two different ways. It can be used as a deck tube or a cockpit tube through only a few seconds of setup. Kids especially will appreciate the cockpit option when out on the water while teens and adults may enjoy the deck tube option.

The floors are inflatable and the deluxe handles on the tube have neoprene knuckle guards for safety and security while riding. If you want to move the tube from deck to cockpit, all you have to do is insert one or two of the inflatable bladders and you’re good to go.

The Transformer Rode is built from rugged 840 denier nylon for durability and features a 30-gauage electronically welded seam. This towable tube also offers the heavy-duty Kwik-Connect system and a Boston valve, which lets you quickly get up and running when at the water.

The Boston valve lets you inflate the tube without losing any air that may already be inside using a double-cap system. One of the caps lets air in but air isn’t able to escape. Deflating just involves opening both caps

While this tube can be used by children, teens, and adults, larger teens and adults may find that the size isn’t optimal for them.


  • Offers the experience of two tubes all in one
  • Features Kwik-Connect and a Boston vale for quick setup
  • Great for people of all ages


  • May be too small for many adults
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World of Watersports 13-1020 Tri-Pod

If you want the ultimate in innovation, you can’t do better than the World of Watersports 13-1020 Tri-Pod. This towable tube can be used in three different and unique ways. It can be used as a cockpit tube with wings, it can be used as a traditional cockpit tube, and you can even use it as a deck tube.

When using it as a cockpit tube with wings, you get a drop speed bottom for excitement with the wings to add extra stability. Taking off the wings takes only a moment and offers you a faster ride and better steering. Zipping together the wings creates a deck tube. You can also use the deck tube with the cockpit tube if two people want to enjoy tubing together.

The bladder of the tube is created of heavy-duty PVC and covered by a tough nylon cover with a zipper. There are foam handles with double webbing along with knuckle guards for security and safety. There are also EVA foam pads for extra comfort and to prevent you from taking the brunt of the waves when riding.

This 13-1020 Tri-Pod is 75” x 75” when fully inflated and it includes a speed valve to make inflating and deflating the tube a breeze.


  • Can be used in three different ways for ultimate versatility
  • Includes an 11-inch 4K EZ tow connector
  • Flex wing system and drop bottom for more control


  • May be smaller than some will prefer
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Airhead Rebel 54” Durable Red Towable Tube Kit

If you are looking for something for a beginner or only plan to have one rider on your towable tube at one time, the Airhead Rebel is a great option from a well-known brand. It’s created to be simple to use and maintain for those who prefer their fun to come easily.

One of the perks of the Rebel is that it comes with extras. You get an air pump along with a tow rope, so you have no need to go out and buy those things separately. For a beginner who may not have those things laying around, this is a huge perk.

The tube is durable and 54” in diameter to hold a single rider on the ocean or river. There are four handles so you can situate yourself on the towable tube however you like. It also has neoprene knuckle guards for safety, which is important for beginners.

Along with the air pump, the tube itself comes with a Boston valve which makes it easy to both inflate and deflate. The pump that comes with it is a portable 12-volt that you can take along with you wherever you go.

There are boarding straps and drain vents to make the tube even easier to use. The tow harness is triple reinforced for durability and the tube is simple to steer because of the handles that make it easy to pull up. For kids, the boarding steps also make it easy to get off and on of the towing tube.


  • Comes with an air pump and tow rope
  • Simple to get on and off of
  • Offers a great experience for beginners


  • Will only hold one person at a time
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When to Consider When Purchasing a Towable Tube

Water towables offer a great way to enjoy the water with family and friends. Tubing has come a long way in recent years and the devices of today are higher-tech with new materials, designs, and features. This makes it important to understand your options when choosing the right tube for your needs. We’ll share a few of the most crucial things to consider when choosing your new fun tube for all the fun you can imagine.

Material Choice

Most of the tubes you find are going to be made of nylon. However, there are some that utilize polyester, PVC, or neoprene. Nylon comes in several thicknesses, which you’ll see referred to as denier. The larger the denier number is, the stronger the nylon on the tube is going to be. However, you should keep in mind that the stronger nylon is often found on more expensive tubes or those that hold multiple people.

A 420 denier is fine for a single rider tube but 840 is often found on the most durable and strong options. These tubes will typically be more expensive but that’s because the tube is going to typically last much longer and handle more wear and tear.

Shapes of Tubes

While years ago, all tubes were tube-shaped, that is no longer the case. The round donut is still around and popular, though. These are often the least expensive option and some allow multiple riders or even have a bottom rather than being open to the water.

Another popular option is the deck tube, which are tubes you can lay on top of. These come in several different shapes and can hold anywhere from one to four riders at once. These are fun and challenging, making a great option for someone who is a teenager or young adult.

There are also ride-in tubes in many sizes and shapes that hold up to four riders. A ride-in model is self-explanatory in that the rider is inside of the towable. There are usually inflated floors or seating that are dry and comfortable. These tend to be best for kids and adults who prefer not to get overly wet.

Ride-on models let you ride on them instead of in them. They can hold up to six riders in some cases. These are great for multiple riders and offer high-speeds while still giving a supported position for the riders.

There are other options, but this gives and idea of what to expect when choosing the right tube for your needs.

Picking the Perfect Towable Tube

At this point, you should have the information you need to make an educated decision about which tubes are going to work best for you. We’ve given you our pick of the 10 best tubes out there right now waiting for you. Take some time to look over your options and our tips for selecting the best tube for you to hit the water with. No matter which one you choose, we’re sure you will be pleased. Good luck!