Top 9 Best Wakesurf Boards for 2024

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Wakesurfing may not be the best-known sport but in the world but that doesn’t mean it can’t be exciting and rewarding to get involved with. Wakesurfing combines the sports of surfboarding and wakeboarding to offer an exhilarating watersport experience for those of all ages. Those who are looking for a new way to enjoy the water will likely enjoy giving wakesurfing a shot.

The sport involves a ride being pulled behind a boat by a rope on a special board. After hitting a wave, the rope is dropped to allow free movement through the water. The main difference between wakesurfing and wakeboarding is that a wakeboarder stays attached to the rope throughout the entire process while a wakesurfer does not.

While wakesurfing may not be as popular as surfing, that doesn’t mean that there is a lack of options for wakesurf boards on the market today. Since you may be new to the sport, we wanted to offer insight into the best wakesurf boards you can find and what makes them better than the other options available to you.

We’ll also be sharing some information about the different features of wakesurf boards, so you know what you’re looking out when you glance at a product description. We’ll talk about how to size a wakesurfing board, choosing one that works for your lifestyle, and much more. But first, here is a short table offering a comparison of the best wake surf boards.

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The Best Wake Surf Board

CWB Connelly Ride Wakesurf Board

While the CWB Connelly Ride Wakesurf Board is created for beginners to the sport, it also has the features that a more experienced wakesurfer will appreciate when in the water. The board features a three-stage rocker which means it has a great deal of stability, which is exactly what a beginner needs. It offers the chance to learn the sport and get more confident engaging in it.

In addition to the actual wakesurf board, this package also comes with a high-quality tow rope to use while on the water. The wakesurf board has a triple fine design which means the user has full control in the water. It can also be customized to use with a two fin design or switched to a single fine configuration if that is preferred. This means you get extra versatility in an inexpensive product.

This is a user-friend option that promises an enjoyable first experience on a board. It’s desirable as a beginner board since it makes for a smooth, predictable, and stable feel on the water. The wakesurfing board is designed to work with riders of all sizes and comes in at over six feet in length. The all-in-one package lets you get started right away.

The board is compression modeled and built to last for years as long as you take good care of it. It features a two-piece EVA traction pad so your feet will be comfortable without having to give up a good grip. This is a versatile and customizable board that will help you enjoy getting out on the water.


  • Features three 1.75 foot tail fins for stability and speed while on the water
  • Compression-molded surf style for predictable turns and easy traction
  • Offers a double edge rail and a diamond-cut EVA pad with a kicktail


  • Foam on the edges can start to peel after using for a while
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Hyperlite 2019 Byerly Speedster Wakesurfer Premium Signature Wakesurf Board

Some wakesurfing boards are designed for beginners, while others are best for those who are already at home on the water. That’s where the Byerly Speedster Wakesurfer comes in. The board offers all the features that an experienced wakesurfer could want in one package. This wakesurf board is one of the most stylish options out there with a design that will make heads turn.

One of the biggest perks of this board is that it incorporates Biolite 3 technology which the manufacturer has been perfecting for some time down. The core material is one of the best you could find and is used on all wakesurf boards by the brand. Biolite 3 is the most durable and lightest formula you are going to find in a wakesurf board.

This wakesurfing board has a blend of durability and performance to appeal to those who know what they want out of a board. While it may not be the least expensive board on the market, it can offer some amazing performance under your feet with waves coming up. This board has a compression molded construction and offers a high-quality RTM surf fin system.

The fiberglass used to create this board is made from layered glass since woven glass fibers separate over time. The choice to use layered glass promises a board with great pop even after you’ve owned it for months or years. The board has minimal rocker with a dual concave base and five fin placement options. An optional tip fin is also included for versatility.


  • Offers a distinct design that will stand out when spending time on the beach
  • Features Biolite 3 technology to be both lightweight and durable
  • Includes a compression-molded construction and high-quality surf fin system


  • Is designed for intermediate and expert riders and may not be suitable for beginners

Rambler 52-Inch Wakesurf Board


This 52-inch long wakesurf board from Rambler is just over 20 inches wide and designed to accommodate riders of all ages. It has a skimboard style that makes it quick and lets you easily rip through wake waves. The flat base of the board is also able to add speed to your ride. It has a three fin setup for sharp riding around corners. The shape is focused on riders who want to do tricks and enjoy the water.

This wakesurfing board was created using a polyurethane resin core that has been compression molded to ensure a sleek and low-profile design. It is built to last a long time and has the strength needed for any kind of wakesurfing you want to get involved with. The board has a fingerprint texture EVA top deck in a great design. This is a fantastic board for anyone who wants to get some air and enjoy pulling a few tricks.

One of the perks of this wakesurf board is that it has an outline that allows it to be used in regular or switch stance for the experienced wakesurfers out there. It also has a largely flat bottom deck with a slight rocker on the tail and nose which offers great control without sacrificing any speed.

This wakesurfing board comes with the board itself along with a center skim fin and a textured deck pad. The board was designed in the United States and comes with a 30-day guarantee as well as a one-year warranty on materials.


  • Board was created to offer great performance for those of all ages
  • Made with a polyurethane resin core for a sleek, low-profile design
  • Offers a design that allows for regular and switch riding by experienced users


  • The fins on the board are not as high-quality as the rest of the components
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 CTRL Slash Wakesurfer

CTRL Slash is a company that offers tried and tested watersport products like the Wakesurfer. The company has high standards for each of the boards it releases and a motto of “We dream it, we test it, we break it, we fit it. We are creators and innovators. Ride locally and think globally.” This board has great ratings from riders and comes at a reasonable price compared to some of the other models you will run into.

This particular wakesurfing board is made for a beginner and works well for those who have some experience wakeboarding but want to ditch the rope for even more fun. While it is designed for a newcomer to the sport, it also has plenty of features that make it easy to learn how to get up speed and start running a few tricks without needing an upgrade.

The nose of this board has a subtle rocker which helps prevent you from falling headlong into the water when catching a wave. There is also a small swallow tail that gives you a little more control when making turns. This is one of the best tails available for a beginner since it gives control as well as speed so you can have an exciting time on the water.

The board is made with compression molded construction to ensure it lasts a long time. It also incorporates an EVA foam pad on the top deck for comfort, grip, and stability. This is a great board for a beginner who wants to work their way up to doing tricks and going quick.


  • Offers a high-quality core with fiberglass on top and another layer on the bottom
  • Fin is a swallowtail design for easy control and quick speeds at the same time
  • Compression-molded for high durability and includes a comfortable EVA pad top


  • Some find the lack of camber makes it less exciting than other boards
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Hyperlite Gromcast Wakesurfer Kid’s


It isn’t only adults who want to take on the wild and wonderful world of wakesurfing. There are plenty of children who are interested in enjoying the waves from behind a boat and that’s why the Hyperlite Gromcast is designed for. It offers great performance for younger individuals with all the features needed to enjoy speed and trying out some new tricks.

This wakesurfing board is layered with fiberglass, but the company goes beyond the traditional and incorporates the glass on top and the glass on the bottom together. This is a board that is quick, very buoyant, and offers a great boost on the water. It has a tri-fin set up so a child can start out with a beginner’s board and work up to something better for more experienced riders.

The layered glass used on this board is a trademark product for Hyperlite and the kid’s board uses it just like the adult ones do. The fiberglass is layered instead of woven since the latter will separate at some point and make the board unusable. With this board, you know you can keep doing all your favorite tricks for years to come.

The board as a rolled edge profile as rails and includes a fully machined EVA traction pad. The board is a hybrid style that is made for beginners and intermediate riders. It has minimal rocker and a dual concave base for comfort and stability. It has a reasonable price tag and is sure to work for your child for a long time.


  • Child-specific wakesurf board comes with a squash tail design for adaptability
  • Offers a dual concave base, rolled edge profile, and an EVA traction pad
  • Features a monocoque construction where the top and bottom glass are integrated together


  • Only made for use by children so not appropriate for adults
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Driftsun Throwdown Wakesurf Board

The team behind the Driftsun Throwdown Wakesurf Board is super passionate about water sports and the outdoors. The company was founded in northern California in 2014 and since then, it has been developing products for people like them. One of those products is this wakesurfing board which is designed for use by beginner and intermediate riders.

This wakesurfing board is small, fast, and simple to use for anyone. It’s 56 inches long, 20 inches wide, and less than two inches thick. It has been created of sturdy materials that will ensure the board lasts a good long time. This board is created of expanded polystyrene and has a full natural stringer hand finish to add a great aesthetic. It has a weight capacity of 250 pounds, which is higher than many other models.

This board is designed to work for anyone with a diamond tail, a square nose, low rails, and a concave base contour. This combination ensures a maneuverable and consistent ride in any kind of water. The fins on the board are adjustable so you can get the exact ride that you want. With the low rail, this increases stability and helps it stay up in the water.

Another feature that is great with this board is the EVA traction pad which is included to prevent you from slipping off the board. For a beginner, this lets you focus on catching waves without other worries. It’s also a rather lightweight board at less than 13 pounds so transporting it shouldn’t be a problem.


  • Board is built to grow with you so you can use it even when your skills are more advanced
  • Offers a rocker line and dual concave base for a responsive and fast ride
  • Constructed with an EPS core that is custom shaped and hand-finished with epoxy


  • May experience delamination after using several times
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RONIX Marsh Mellow Thrasher Wakesurfer

The RONIX Marsh Mellow Thrasher is a fun board that offers an interesting design on both the top and the bottom. It has a design that is intended to offer a high degree of maneuverability while ensuring you can get great speeds. This wakesurf board is inexpensive compared to other models of the quality level so it won’t break the bank for you.

The cost and appearance check out with this board, but the construction is really where it steps up and sets itself apart. It is durable but it’s also super lightweight, something that can be difficult to find in a premium wakesurfing board. The top exterior is soft for speed and the design prevents gouges and scratches. It also comes in two different sizes so you can pick the one that works best for your riding style.

The board has an advanced recreational core with the weight and performance of more expensive options. It has a machined EVA concave pad for comfort and stability along with a tail kick for speed. It comes with three fins made of polycarbonate that are two different sizes so you can set up the board in the way that works best for you. The board is made by robots so you always get a consistent product that you can trust.


  • Soft top construction offers the best of durability, speed, and weight
  • Features a machined EVA concave pad to prevent slipping along with a tail kick
  • Handmade by robots for consistency and vacuum bagged with epoxy resin


  • Color can fade out if left in the sun for extended periods of time
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O’Brien Haze 2 Wakesurf Board

The O’Brien Haze 2 Wakesurf Board is created for use by riders who want a floaty and wide board that will handle whatever waves come your way. It’s great for someone with a cruise style and can keep you stable on smaller waves while enjoying the water.

This wakesurfing board is made in a surf style and created using hand-shaped epoxy. These boards are high buoyancy and lightweight which makes them quick and extremely responsive when riding along behind a boat. There are also compatible inserts so you can use any fins you like that fit the boat to customize it to your style.

Something else that sets this board apart is the beautiful wooden top that feels great under your feet. You might think this would result in a slippery top that is less stable but that is not the case. There is also padding on the top of the board to keep you attached even in serious waves.

The Haze 2 offers plenty of speed and push so it’s nearly effortless to enjoy. It can be used by someone just getting into the sport or those who have moved on to ripping huge amounts of air and pulling tricks. The tri-fin design means you can get some great speed and never worry about falling.


  • Features a squash tail and wide midsection for exceptional speed and push
  • A very stable board that can grow confidence in beginners to wakesurfing
  • Made with a hand laid epoxy in a surf style and incorporates a wood top


  • One of the more expensive wakesurfing boards and not ideal for those on a budget
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Connelly Ride Wakesurfer

The Ride Wakesurfer by Connelly is surprisingly high-quality considering its reasonable price. It also looks great every time you take it out with a red, black, and yellow deck. While this isn’t the right option for an expert, it does well in the hands of a beginner or intermediate wakesurfer. This is due to the stable base and exceptional design that can handle surfers of all sizes.

The design of this board lets you easily ride waves in comfort. It has a high-quality feel and offers compression construction with a polyurethane resin core. This not only offers excellent performance but also promises a great deal of durability, so you don’t have to worry about it breaking and needing to be replaced in the near future.

This board has a two-piece EVA pad to offer you the comfort you want and comes with three tail fins so you can set up a configuration that works for your riding style. This is a high durability board with a stylish design that can be used by those of various skill levels. It also comes at a great price so you aren’t going to have to empty your wallet to get one.


  • Offers a compression-molded design with a soft EVA pad and molded kick tail
  • Comes with three removable tail fins for versatility to your riding style
  • Features high durability construction and a stylish design


  • May not be the best option for someone who is an expert wakesurfer


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What to Know When Choosing the Perfect Wakesurfing Board

Wakesurfing is a sport that can be enjoyed by individuals of all ages and experience levels. Having the perfect wakesurf board will make the experience a lot more fun and comfortable for you. While many wakesurf boards look similar, that doesn’t mean that they are all made the same. We’ll look at the different types of wakesurf boards as well as the most important components to be aware of before you go out n the water.

The Various Types of Wakesurfing Boards

Each wakesurf board is going to fall into one of three categories including boat, park, and hybrid. The classification of a board gives you insight into what the board is best used for. That doesn’t mean you can’t use any of these boards for other activities, it just gives an idea of what a specific board will do best at.

Boat Wakesurf Boards

A boat board is designed to use the wakes that are created by boats to surf, which means they are less flexible than a park board. These boards offer very smooth and simple landings. You may not get as much air with this board as a park board, which means they also have a different base than other wakesurfing boards

Park Wakesurf Boards

The main design feature behind a park board is extreme durability, which means the boards are exceptional for use of rails and ramps. The base on a park board is reinforced and smooth with precise edges. These boards are also smaller which means they can take sharper turns. A park board is very slim and has a high flex rating which makes it easier to handle corners and pop up into the air.

Hybrid Wakesurf Boards

The newest design of wakesurf boards is the hybrid design. It is a bit of a mixture of a surfboard and a skimboard. Those who want to try different things without needing to buy multiple boards may find this is the best choice. It also makes an excellent choice for those with a tight budget.

Wakesurf Board Tail Choice

One of the most important parts of a wakesurfing board is the tail. This component determines how well you can balance on the surface of the water as well as how the board rides. Since these can determine how your wakesurfing goes, it’s a great thing that there are several options to choose from on the market.

Pin Tail

As you might guess from the name, a pin tail is the narrowest you will find. This makes it a fantastic option for anyone who wants to take on huge waves. The small size of the tail means it dips just right in the water to offer a low center of gravity. This offers a better grip while in the water, which is why it’s a popular choice. However, this can present issues with smaller waves.

Square Tail

Those who want to enjoy a great deal of speed may enjoy the square tail since that is exactly what it is built for. This tail has you sit high up on the water, so it can make it a bit more difficult to keep traction and gain footing. This tail has an excellent pick up so you can hit high speeds quickly.

Swallow Tail

If you aren’t sure a square tail or a pin tail wakesurfing board is right for you, the swallow tail is something that gives you the best features of both. This also makes it one of the most popular tail designs. A board with a swallow tail is perfect for small and moderate waves. It is simple to control while it can still get up to some exciting speeds.

Squash Tail

While we’ve talked about a few of the most popular tail designs, none are as used as the squash tail. These are going to be the most common wakesurf boards you see on the market since they are adaptable to many kinds of wave conditions. Whether you are in powerful waves or smaller ones, the tail can handle them all. It has the potential to reach good speeds and offers great performance for an easy ride.

Round Tail

The round tail design is ideal for wakesurfers who like to hang out in various types of water. This design works well in many wave conditions and is similar to the pin tail, but it also has a larger surface area. The inclusion of a wide back makes it great to get started with turns and simple tricks.

Diamond Tail

Those who have tried and enjoyed a squash tail will find the diamond is another good option. This is a great choice that incorporates features of the squash and pin tail for great levels of speed and easy maneuverability. Those who want a simple ride but also want to pull a few tricks will be well-served by this wakesurf board. This tail is great for riders of all skill levels so you will see it on many boards on the market

Half Moon Tail

This tail design isn’t super common, but you can run across it on occasion. This design has a small board area beyond the fins. The design is great for turning in the water and makes it easy to do a few tricks in the water. No matter the size of the waves, this wakesurf board is easy to maneuver.

Bat Tail

The last tail type is the bat tail, although it isn’t very common. It has a very wide tail to offer the most stability possible on the water. It also has sharp corners which make it easily cut through water so it’s simple to maneuver.

beginner wake surf boards

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Wakesurf Board Rails

While the tail is important, the rail might be even more crucial to get right. This component helps you control the amount of water that can flow over your board. For a beginner, a thicker rail is ideal since it offers a bit more grip. However, this also means the board will be slower and water cannot easily flow over it.

If you are more experienced with wakesurfing, you may want to choose a board with a thinner rail. This gives you the ability to get up to high speeds since the water can flow over the board without resistance.

When choosing a wakesurf board, there are three types of rail systems:

Full Rail

A full rail design is ideal for beginners since it gives you additional stability on your board to enjoy a smooth ride. This is not recommended for more experienced wakesurfers since the performance is limited and it may not be capable of making sharp turns.

Hard Rail

Those who are already comfortable on a wakesurfing board will find that a hard rail is an excellent choice. It lets you do all the stunts and tricks that you could want. It has less stability and a harder ride but can turn much more easily than boards with other rails.

Blended Rail

Most wakesurfers will find that a blended rail is the best option since it offers both performance and stability. For intermediate and beginner riders, the rail can help you keep your balance and ride in a straight line without issues. It also can make fairly sharp turns for those who want to do a few tricks.

Rockers on Wakesurf Boards

If you are someone who has been involved in other watersports, you may be familiar with the rocker component on a wakesurf board. The rocker is an amount of curvature that your board has when sitting on a flat surface. The level of curvature has an effect on how the board will perform. A heavy rocker is going to sit down in the water more which makes the board easier to maneuver and more stable. A board with less rocker will sit higher and give you better speed.

Wakesurf Board Fin Configuration

As with a surfboard, a wakesurf board can have various fin configurations. Some boards come with a single fin while others have three or even five. The configuration will determine how the wakesurf board is best used so you can reach your goals.

Single Fin Design

If you choose a wakesurfing board with a single fin, this component acts as a rudder on a boat. The fin helps keep the board on a straight path and guides it through the water. A board without a fin would simply slide around on the water. This is an adequate fin configuration for some people, but it does not add speed to your ride as multiple fins would.

Double Fin Design

There are lots of watersport enthusiasts who prefer a board with two fins since it offers greater control while in the water. However, keep in mind that this configuration works best with small waves.

Triple Fin Design

A three fin design may be the most common to see on the market. These are very versatile boards that can be used on waves of any size. Due to the additional fin, you can easily get more speed when you would with a one or two fin wakesurfing board.

Quadruple Fin Design

Those who want the most speed possible will find a four fin design is a great option. This lets you enjoy even the largest of waves when you are out on the water. While a three fin design might have the best ride, the four fin option is very close.

Five Fin Design

Adding another fin to the board will not add additional speed. It will decrease speed but give you additional stability based on the resistance and drag as you go through the water.


At this point, you have all the information you need to select a wakesurf board that meets your needs. Whether you are a seasoned professional or a complete newcomer to the sport, there’s a board on the list that will meet your needs. If you don’t find one that will work for you, you can use the information above to make an educated decision. Either way, you can be out on the water having a lot of fun soon!