20 Celebrities Who Skateboard

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Let’s be honest. From its infancy, skateboarding has been cool. People have been grabbing skateboards and hitting the streets of Los Angeles and New York City for decades. Chances are, one of your favorite celebrities is also into skateboarding. It’s become an exciting pastime for famous people around the world.

From members of punk bands like Black Flag to comedians like Dave Chapelle, musicians like Justin Bieber, and actors like Jonah Hill – celebrity skateboarders are doing tricks and having fun skating, just like the average fans of the sport.

Curious which actor you could see skating around on a movie set? Want to know which singer has videos of them on a sweet skateboard? You’ve come to the right place. Below, you’ll learn all about celebs who ride and some of them might be totally unexpected.

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Justin Bieber

You can’t walk through the magazine section at a grocery store without seeing a photo of Justin Bieber. Whether you love him or hate him, he’s the ultimate example of celebrities who skateboard. When he’s not writing music or singing on stage, he’s plastered across the internet in videos riding on a skateboard.

Not only that, but Justin Bieber even has his own piece of skateboarding culture. So if you’re a fan, keep your eyes open for the skateboard emblazoned with his name and face. It’s the perfect option for pulling sick tricks at the skate park for a fan of the Biebz.

Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne is one of the most committed celebrities when it comes to the sport of skateboarding. While this famous guy is best known for his tunes, he’s also made the news for all the skateboarding he does. Lil Wayne has been showing his passion as an avid skateboarder for about six years now.

During some of his concerts, the musician has showcased professional skateboarders on a half-pipe in the background. On top of that, Lil Wayne teamed up with pro skater Tony Hawk for one of his top-rated video games.

Professional Skateboarder Tony Hawk

Not all the famous folks who spend their time skateboarding are known for other things. For example, Tony Hawk is a name who eats, breathes, and lives skating. The man is a skateboard icon who revolutionized what the sport looks like today.

Known as Birdman, he has his own line of boards and has even created amusement park rides designed to look like skate parks. He turned pro in 1982 and retired in 2003 but still skates today for a bit of fun.

Rob Dyrdek

Rob Dyrdek is perhaps best known for his work on Fantasy Factory, but that hasn’t always been the case. He’s also a skateboarder who used to do it professionally.  Rob is a TV personality, producer, and entrepreneur so he wears many hats. But he still skates whenever he has time in his busy schedule.

Jason Lee

Jason Lee is the star of My Name is Earl, but he has a history steeped in skateboarding. He was a pro at one time before he turned to acting and producing. In fact, he was a founder of Stereo Sound Agency, also known as Stereo Skateboards, along with Chris “Dune” Pastras. The company was revived in 2003 and it’s likely Jason Lee still skates on occasion.

Avril Lavigne and Music Videos

No list about famous folks who skateboard could leave out Lavigne. Her celebrity life began with the song “Sk8r Boi,” where Avril herself does some skateboarding and belts out a modern love song. Whether Lavigne spends a lot of her life skating is up for debate, but she qualifies as a skater in our book.

Bam Margera

Bam Margera is another skateboarding sensation that many people will recognize. He was popular in the early aughts for his crazy stunts on Jackass and Viva La Bam. He and his skater friends were known to cause trouble and create a lot of entertainment for their audience. Lately, he can be seen on YouTube in silly water balloon fights.

Evan Mock

When Evan Mock isn’t filming scenes for the new Gossip Girl on HBO Max, he’s likely out on the streets having fun while skateboarding. He’s well known among skaters for appearing in a music video by Frank Ocean. What was he doing? Skating, of course. Mock is also a model who has done shows for brands like Louis Vuitton.

David Lee Roth

It doesn’t matter your age, you can enjoy a spot of skateboarding. You might not guess that the lead of Van Halen enjoys getting on a skateboard on occasion, but it’s true. Roth was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2007, but he’s been skateboarding for decades.

Jonah Hill

Not every A-list celeb is dedicated to skateboarding, but Hill is one of a kind. This famous actor is part of a group of skaters who came out of the culture before blowing up among their fans. He made the film Mid-90s as a way of showing what skating is all about. The photo of success, this man could skate way before it was cool again.

Miley Cyrus

Shocking pop star Miley Cyrus is another person you might be surprised can ride with the best skaters. There are tons of videos out there of this star skateboarding with and without friends. And her skills don’t stop at the basics, she can pull off some incredible stunts when she skates.

As the second woman on this list, she’s one to watch – both in terms of music and skate skills.

Zac Efron

When Zac Efron isn’t filming scenes as a heartthrob actor, you can also find him out on the streets skateboarding. It makes sense that a guy with such an incredible physique has started skating, offering a glimpse of the fun it offers to his fans. If you want to skate like him, check out his skateboard company, created with the help of David Boortz.

Will Smith’s Son Jaden Smith

Initially known for his famous father, Jaden Smith has since shown a whole lot of talent. The kid has been skateboarding since he was six years old. In addition to his skateboarding skills, Jaden is known for his acting chops, rapping ability, and singing voice. He’s a great skateboarder who seems capable of anything he tries.

Heath Ledger

Before Ledger passed away in 2008, watching him on screen was like a dream. The man was confident, talented, and remained down to earth, something that set him apart from other celebrities. Some of the work he was best known for include acting in 10 Things I Hate About You, The Dark Knight, and Brokeback Mountain.

However, this actor was different from other celebs in additional ways. He had been skateboarding since he was a kid in Australia. Co-stars have commented on watching him skate around sets in between takes. There are even photos of him skating around Chicago in his full Joker costume.

Travis Barker

Travis Barker has been a famous musician for decades and reached fame as the drummer for Blink-182. However, photos show that Barker also likes to skate. In fact, his original goal was to pursue both skateboarding and surfing on a professional level. While he moved to drumming, he’s still an example of an excellent skateboarder.

Dave Chapelle

Most people are familiar with Chapelle for his stand-up comedy, but he has other skills like the rest of the celebrities on the list. For example, he’s one of the most famous skateboarders featured here and has stated he likes to find parks to get in a spot of skateboarding when he’s touring from city to city.

John Lennon

If you’re a kid, you probably know of the one and only Lennon but not why the world loved him. This skateboarding music artist was a member of the Beatles and the height of popularity in the 1960s. This groovy dude was a huge skateboarder who found time to enjoy the hobby whenever possible.

Mike Vallely from Black Flag

Also known as Mike V, this professional skateboarder is also the lead singer of Black Flag. He started skateboarding with a friend in his teen years and fell in love with it. Skateboarders will likely know Mike from his youth, when he was pictured in magazines, competed in hardcore competitions, and tore up the streets.

Steve Caballero

Like Hawk, Caballero is actually famous for all the cool skateboarding he does. Anyone who has skated will know him for all the vertical air variations he has come up with, changing the face of skateboarding forever. It might seem unusual since he has scoliosis, but he’s stated it doesn’t affect him as a skateboarder.

His first skate experience was at only 12 and he moved into a career two years later. Anyone who wants to skate or get better at their skills should be looking to this guy for direction. He’s won several titles and has also been a member of a few punk bands.

Jodie Foster

So far, we haven’t mentioned a lot of ladies and none who are an actor. We’ll change that by ending off this list with Foster, a woman who loves to skate. Foster is a world-class actress who also dabbles in producing and directing.

When she’s not playing parts like Clarice Starling in The Silence of the Lambs, you can find this dame out on the streets skateboarding. Foster has a host of awards for acting and yet still makes time for a hobby that many of us are crazy about.

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Wrapping Up

Who knew that so many celebrities loved skateboarding just like the rest of us? It’s true. Whether you’re into music, art, films, or other things, there are likely a few of your favorite people who spend their free time skateboarding.

There’s always a chance you could head to the local skate park and see an icon doing something you love.

Skateboarding is fun. It’s exciting. It offers a way to spend your energy and make friends. And the truth is that no matter how famous or rich someone is, that kind of hobby appeals to everyone.

Of course, this list is by no means exhaustive, so feel free to Google and find out if your favorite celeb spends time on a skateboard!