20 Funny Skateboarding Quotes That’ll Put A Smile On Your Face

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Everyone loves skateboarding quotes. In a sport full of a wide range of characters, most of whom are outgoing and into living life by the minute, there’s no shortage of hilarious quotes. Skateboarding quotes are everywhere you look.

We see them plastered on actual skateboards, bumper stickers, t-shirts, hoodies, and sometimes spray-painted on walls. Sometimes they’re just caught in random interview moments.

Some of the quotes here are credited to celebrities and a pro skater or two, and some are from unknown authors that made it onto merchandise around the world. Regardless of where they came from, they’re still entertaining. Keep reading for the best skateboarding quotes.

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Funny Skateboarding Captions

These are some quotes that you might find in prominent places like t-shirts or bumper stickers. Some of the authors are unknown.

1.    “Skateboarding, Proudly Annoying Pedestrians Since 1972”

This one is appropriate when it comes to the relationship between skaters and commuters.

2.    “Cool People Skate”

This simple yet effective quote has been on t-shirts for a long time.

3.    “Doing this Sweet Thing Called Skateboarding”

This is a great summary of the sport everyone loves.

4.    “Sorry Couldn’t Make It, Had a Board Meeting”

This is a hilarious spin on business and a great excuse to use.

5.    “Eat. Sleep. Skate. Repeat”

This is a good quote about the routine of skateboarders.

6.    “When In Doubt, Skate It Out”

If all else fails, jump on your skateboard, have fun, and live it up.

7.    “I’ll Catch You On the Flip Side”

This one shows up on t-shirts, playing on the kickflip trick

8. “Must Love Skateboarding”

There’s something simple and effective about “must love skateboarding.”

 9. “Quite Hiding Your Skateboarding Skills”

A call to the skateboarder in everybody.

10. “Life Revolves Around Skateboarding”

This one is a popular favorite.

Funny Skateboarding Quotes by Skaters and Celebrities

These are the best quotes from people directly tied to the sport.

1.       “Skateboarding teaches you how to take a fall properly. If you try to kickflip down some stairs, it might take you thirty tries – and you just learn to take a tumble out of it without getting hurt.” – Bam Margera

2.       “I feel like skateboarding is as much of a sport as a lifestyle and an art form, so there’s so much that that transcends in terms of music, fashion, and entertainment.” Tony Hawk

3.       “I consider skateboarding an art form, a lifestyle, and a sport. ‘Action sport’ would be the least offensive categorization.” – Tony Hawk

4.       “All I wanted to do was ride skateboards – I wanted to be a professional skateboarder. But I had this problem. I kept breaking half of my body skateboarding.” – Travis Barker

5.       “Hopefully, kids realize you can do anything you want. Skateboarding can be that gateway.” – Ryan Sheckler

6.       “Thank you for reminding Canada that I’m a disappointment to them. I like hockey, I love it, but I’m not an avid hockey – let’s face it, true Canadian – fan. I’ve always been more into snowboarding and skateboarding and sort of the alternative sports, I’m not crazy about hockey – but love it!” – Dustin Milligan

7.       My youngest son’s pre-school class was recently asked what their dads do for work. The responses were things like, my dad sells money, and my dad figures stuff out. My son said, ‘I’ve never seen my dad do work.’ It’s true. Skateboarding doesn’t seem like real work, but I’m proud of what I do.” – Tony Hawk

8.       I grew up skateboarding; it was fun. I didn’t think about money, I didn’t know how much professional skateboarders made. I just knew that if I became a professional skateboarder, I would achieve a lot and get to travel and do these great things.Jason Lee

9.       I’m riveted by extreme sports like big-wave surfing, ‘megaramp’ skateboarding and half-pipe snowboarding. I’m fascinated partly because the sports are so exhilaratingly acrobatic. But I’m also captivated by the fear that a terrible accident might happen at any moment. And accidents do happen.” – Lucy Walker

10. “If I wasn’t a pro I’d still be skating every day. I’ll probably never stop skateboarding.” – Rob Dyrdek

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That wraps up all the funniest and best quotes related to skateboarding. Keep your ears open anytime a pro skater speaks because you might catch fresh, funny skateboarding quotables.