Gifts for Scooter Riders 

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The holiday season is coming up, and it’s time to prepare for buying gifts. Electric scooters can be a great gift for a teenager or even people who use alternative means of transportation to commute. These scooters have been a popular gift idea for the last few holiday seasons, and there are a lot of great models out with a wide price range to fit any budget.

It’s important to get a scooter of fairly decent quality to ensure the gift lasts the recipient a fair amount of time. While scooters aren’t the most expensive gift on the market, they certainly aren’t the cheapest either. Many people work with limited money during the holidays, so finding a fair balance between a quality product and a fair price is important. You can browse ads, but sometimes you need more details.

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How We Tested Gifts for Scooter Riders 

We aren’t experts on electric scooters by any means, so we did a little research when we put together our list. Scooters come in a wide variety of styles and price points, so we had to test out several different models before we felt good about compiling our guide.

During our process, we looked at things like price, speed, size, and battery life. We didn’t want to go for the top-of-the-line scooters exclusively because that would mean a list full of expensive scooters. We wanted the most relevant results possible, so we did some riding.

If you’re considering buying a scooter as a gift for someone, you should consider things like their riding habits and other models they have owned in the past. It’s also important to find out whether they have the accessories they need like a lock, a helmet, and other items.

One idea for a combination gift would be to get a lower-priced scooter and include a helmet. Giving gifts that complement each other is always a good idea during the holiday season. This adds more value to the gift and ensures that your loved one can immediately begin using what you bought for them. How about a fresh pair of wrist guards or elbow pads? What kid wouldn’t want a scooter that includes knee pads?

As you read through the article, you will find we grouped the scooters into several different categories for your convenience. We included a section for the best scooter under $500, the best bargain-priced scooter overall, and other different characteristics. This might help you arrive at an easier decision and give you more background information regarding these electric scooters.

Gift Ideas List – Best Gifts for Scooter Riders

Best Overall Electric Scooter: GoTrax GXL V2 Commuter 

We felt this was the best scooter model for anyone with a modest budget. This scooter comes with a price tag of around $250 and doesn’t disappoint when it comes to quality. The GoTrax GXL is a popular scooter and is used widely among adult commuters.

You won’t find the specifications to be over-the-top. Still, it’s sufficient for commuting and has proven to be a durable selection. The top speed clocks somewhere near 16 mph with a range of 12 miles. Incredibly, the weight limit on this scooter is 220 pounds, but the scooter itself only weighs in at 11.5 pounds itself.

The GXL is equipped with an electronic front brake and rear disc brakes, 8.5-inch tires filled with air, and an IP54 water protection standard. The quality of this scooter is very impressive, with very few defects.

Overall this scooter is lightweight, portable, and overall a great option. It won’t hang with any stunt scooters at a skate park, but it does its job. For the average commuter or first-time rider, this scooter makes a great gift.

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·         Top Speed: 16 mph

·         Range: 12 miles

·         Weight limit: 220 pounds

·         Approx. Weight: 11.5 pounds

What We Like

·         Great beginner scooter

·         Lightweight and durable

·         Reliable brakes

·         It’s portable

What We Don’t Like

·         Short range

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Best Electric Scooter Under $500: Xiaomi M365

Statistically, this is the most popular scooter of all time. This latest version shouldn’t disappoint as a gift, as the earlier version has proven itself as a quality scooter over and over again.

The price of this electric scooter can vary depending on the retailer, but normally it hovers right around $500. It has a top speed of about 15 mph and a range of nearly 19 miles. The 250-watt hub motor and 36-volt battery are more than efficient for this model. The 8.5-inch tires provide a comfortable and stable ride, and the IP54 gives this scooter plenty of protection.

The weight limit is 220 pounds, and the scooter itself clocks in at 26 pounds. That makes this electric scooter lightweight and portable, giving a scooter rider the ability to take it anywhere they go. 

This scooter makes a great gift for the intermediate scooter rider who has had a scooter or two already. The durability and range of this scooter make it excellent for heavy usage. We could even see this model at a skate park. This would be the perfect scooter for learning new tricks.


·         Top Speed: 15 mph

·         Range: 19 miles

·         Weight limit: 220 pounds

·         Approx. Weight: 26 pounds

What We Like

·         Decent top speed

·         Portable for its weight

·         Fair amount of range

What We Don’t Like

·         Could be more durable

 Best Electric Scooter Under $1,000: Ninebot Max

The Ninebot Max is one of the most impressive scooters on the market. Scooter riders with the privilege to have owned one brag about it, and people who have taken it for a test ride never stop wanting one. This selection is quickly becoming the most popular brand on the market, despite the $899 price tag.

It’s important to note that this is a large and powerful scooter and also one of the heaviest models on the market. Despite the size, the range of this scooter is incredible. With 40 miles of battery time, long-distance rides are no problem with this beast.

The top speed is 19 mph, and the scooter is pushed by a 350-watt motor. The 36-volt/551-watt battery is what gives this scooter its incredible performance. The 10-inch tires are a step above the average wheel and make for a comfortable ride. All of these characteristics make this scooter a level above the average everyday electric model.

Overall, this model is great for everyday scooter riders. It would suit an expert the best, but it’s not unheard of for beginners to start on this model, although we wouldn’t recommend it.


·         Top Speed: 19 mph

·         Range: 40 miles

·         Weight limit: 220 pounds

·         Approx. Weight: 37 pounds

What We Like

·         Good top speed

·         Incredible range

·         Strong battery

·         Comfortable

What We Don’t Like

·         Could have a better visual design

·         Expensive for the specs.

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 Best High-End Scooter: Inokim OX

The Inokim OX would have to be a gift for the most special person in your life – and we mean really special. The price tag on this beauty ranges anywhere from $1,800 to $2,400, depending on the retailer. This is the most luxurious electric scooter on the market, hands down.

The 21 Ah LG battery provides a range of about 33 miles. This incredible machine is made with incredible engineering and glides like a dream. The visual elements of this scooter are also very impressive. The immaculate finish makes this scooter a ride that anyone would be proud of owning.

For an electric scooter, this model is incredibly fast, gliding at an unbelievable 28 mph. This monster weighs in at 62 pounds, so it’s not very portable, but we can’t find any reason why you would want to quit riding it anyway. The 60 volts on the 13 Ah battery put out plenty of energy to power this scooter.


·         Top Speed: 28 mph

·         Range: 33 miles

·         Weight limit: N/A

·         Approx. Weight: 62 pounds

What We Like

·         Incredible top speed

·         Long battery life

·         Great range

·         Beautiful design

What We Don’t Like

·         Very heavy

Best Scooter for the Young Scooter Rider: Razor E100

This model is perfect for scooter riders between ages 8 and 11. Razor is the leading brand for scooters made for kids, and this model doesn’t disappoint. This scooter is stable, sturdy, and reliable and has a steel frame that can take the punishment a kid can put it through.

The E100 moves at a speed of 10 mph, so it’s important a helmet is used for scooter riders that own this model. The range is about 7 miles, which is the only downside of this scooter.

8-inch tires can hold about 120 pounds, and the scooter itself is fairly heavy for a child’s model. At 30 pounds, a kid will have a hard time carrying this one around.

For a child that wants their first scooter, or even if they are on their second, this is a great choice. This scooter can take a large amount of punishment, so it will last quite a while. There’s no breaking the scooter bars on this Razor. The downside is there is no scooter stand. However, this is the perfect entry model for kids to use at a skate park.


·         Top Speed: 10 mph

·         Range: 7 miles

·         Weight limit: 120 pounds

·         Approx. Weight: 30 pounds

What We Like

·         Safe top speed for a kid

·         Very durable design

·         Sleek body

What We Don’t Like

·         Heavy for the age group it’s made for

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Best Electric Scooter for Children 13+: Razor E300

Kids between the ages of 13 and 16 will look at this electric scooter like a real prize. It’s designed for bigger and taller kids, with a weight limit of 220 pounds; even the biggest kids can fit on it.

This scooter zips along at 15 mph and has a range of 10 miles. The 9-inch tires provide more than a comfortable ride on this intermediate-level scooter.

For a kid that’s already ridden for a while, this scooter is a great gift. Regardless of their experience level, you might want to consider gifting a helmet with this scooter. Safety is always number one, especially for kids. Design wise, teens will love the style of this fresh pair of wheels.


·         Top Speed: 15 mph

·         Range: 10 miles

·         Weight limit: 220 pounds

·         Approx. Weight: 37 pounds

What We Like

·         Fun top speed

·         Very durable

·         Great for intermediate levels

·         Supports tall and heavy kids

What We Don’t Like

·         Short range

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Best Overall Electric Scooter: Dualtron Storm

This scooter takes the cake for the best overall scooter of the year. It might not be the most luxurious, but the design specifications are out of this world. Capable of speeds of 50 mph, this scooter is not for the faint-hearted.

That’s only the beginning. The range on this monster is an incredible 80 miles with a full charge. On top of that, it only takes 7 hours for the battery to reach full charge. But wait, there’s more.

This bad boy can support riders of up to 330 pounds, framewise and performance-wise. Larger riders can hop on this electric scooter, and it won’t miss a beat.

The extra-wide deck makes for great control and stability. Riding at night is no problem, thanks to deck lights, rear lights, and even a horn.

Eleven-inch tubeless tires make it possible to take this scooter offroad. Also equipped with disc brakes, this machine can stop on a dime in case of emergencies.

For everything this scooter does, the price is very fair. At $1,399, this model would make the perfect gift for any expert-level rider who lives on their scooter.


·         Top Speed: 50 mph

·         Range: 80 miles

·         Weight limit: 330 pounds

·         Approx. Weight: 107 pounds

What We Like

·         Lightning-fast speeds

·         Very long range

·         Beautiful design

·         Supports heavyweights

What We Don’t Like

·         Very heavy frame for the scooter stand to hold

Takeaway on Gift Ideas

Hopefully, this list provides you with a great range of options for every age and type of rider. The most important points to remember when buying an electric scooter as a gift are durability, speed, and price. Consider how experienced they are and how well they take care of their past scooters, and you should arrive at a fairly educated decision. As far as price, it’s up to you to choose what best fits your budget (and how much you love the recipient). 

Remember to choose the gift carefully; you want your hard shopping time to produce relevant results. Don’t jump on the first scooter you see! Well, maybe to test it…