Best Gifts for Skateboarders of 2024

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If you know someone who is a skateboarder, you may feel clueless about what sort of gifts they will most appreciate. Don’t worry. Take a deep breath. It’s actually much easier to shop for an avid skateboarder than you might think. We’ll share some great options for products that will bring a smile to the face of even the most angsty of extreme sport lovers. Check below for some great ideas and links to products that are sure to please!

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The Best Gifts for Skateboarders

New Complete Skateboard

There’s nothing like getting a new skateboard. That said, if you aren’t a skateboarder yourself, you might be overwhelmed by the options available. There are shortboards, old school boards, cruisers, and longboards. The latter is for someone who enjoys using a skateboard for transportation, while the first is best for doing kicks, flips, and other tricks. Cruisers are versatile and good at many things, while old school boards work well in ramps or skating pools. If you aren’t sure which skateboard your gift recipient prefers, it might be better to go with a gift certificate for an online skate shop, so they can pick the new ride out on their own.

Skateboard Decks

No lover of skateboards can ever have enough decks. The deck is the main board part of a skateboard, which is often outfitted with exciting designs in all sorts of colors. With so many design options, you should look for one that shows off the skateboarder’s interests. If you have access to their current boards, you can get an idea of the type of design and brands that are their favorites! If not, logos on their t-shirts and hats may also give you a great place to start. Decks come in all sorts of price ranges, so you should have no trouble finding something that works as a great gift.

Skateboarding Wheels & Trucks

If you are gifting a skateboarder a deck, another great option is a set of trucks or some new wheels. These are stronger than decks and don’t take as much abuse, so you can expect your giftee to get a lot of good use out of either option. Most trucks come in a polished metal color, although some have a more intense color like green or orange. However, for wheels and trucks, you may want to get more information about the skater’s likes and dislikes. Everything from size, shape, and tech differs and many skaters have favorites. If you aren’t well-versed in skating, you may want to choose a different option.

Skateboard Bearings

Need a stocking stuffer? There’s nothing like a set of bearings to bring joy to a skateboarder. These are fairly inexpensive but super important for anyone who enjoys stepping onto a board. Even if the skater doesn’t need them right now, they are sure to be used in the future. This is the ideal gift if you don’t have a lot of cash to spend but you want to make a great impression on the person the gift is for. Other great stocking stuffers include shoelaces, patches and pins from popular skateboard brands, and gift certificates.

Skating Shoes

Along with the board comes the need for a great pair of shoes. Skateboarders can go through a pair of sneakers in no time, so a new pair will always be a great choice for a gift. Shoes can be expensive, so you may want to do a little digging on your giftee’s style before making a final choice. If you aren’t sure where to start, consider brands like Adidas, Vans, Nike, or Converse. Take a look at the colors your skater usually wears and find something that fits for the best gift possible.

Jeans & Pants

Just like shoes, the clothes a skateboarder is wearing will often end up tattered and torn. Jeans and pants are often the first things to go when doing flips and tricks on a skateboard. There are many popular styles of pants and jeans for skaters, so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding some options that make a great present. Baggy jeans, wind pants, work pants, and sweatpants are a few of the most common options. Take some time to notice what your skater usually wears to ensure you purchase something that fits their unique style. Other than that, all you need to know is their size and you can get them fresh duds to wear out on the ramps or street.

Jackets, Flannels & Hoodies

Skating doesn’t stop when the weather gets chilly, but the need for layers is crucial. Your skater is likely to appreciate a new hoodie or flannel to keep warmed up when outside for hours on end perfecting a new trick. Dark colors are good here and many of these items come with logos from skateboard brands that your skater will love showing off. You also can’t go wrong with military colored hoodies or crazy skater designs. For flannels, go with dark plaids, perhaps with a pop of color to add to the aesthetic of the piece of clothing. If you go with a jacket, look for something that is a windbreaker and remember that anything too heavy is going to make skating more difficult.

Skate Socks

Sure, socks might seem like a boring gift, but they are also a super useful one. Everyone wears socks and skateboarders especially will enjoy the feeling of cushioned new socks. The best part is that you can truly consider the skater’s personality with a pair of socks. They can come emblazoned with a skate shop name, graphics from a favorite film or video game, or a sleek logo. Even the simple black or white options are mandatory for everyone and likely to please the discerning skater. It may not be glamorous but sometimes practicality is appreciated.


If you’re hooking up a skater with new shoes, what about a pair of nice insoles to go with them? The truth is, many skater shoes look fantastic but do not have the best support and cushioning. Slipping a set of insoles into a pair of sneakers can make skating a lot more comfortable and fun. Try some high-quality moldable insoles or insoles with a fun design to get the best reaction out of the person you are gifting. Toss in new laces or a moisture pouch for the shoes, as well, if you feel like it.

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Headphones & Audio

When skateboarders are traveling around the neighborhood, there’s one thing you can be sure of. They almost always have a pair of headphones in or on their ears, so they can enjoy their favorite tunes. There are a lot of options here depending on your budget. Go with a simple pair of earbuds or purchase wireless headphones that allow the skater to move without stressing over getting tangled in a cord. You might want to determine whether this skater is more partial to in-ear headphones or the big over-the-ear options before making your final selection.

Skateboarding Safety Gear

You want to be sure your skater is protected when enjoying their favorite sport, which is where safety gear comes in. A skating helmet in bright colors is a great option. You can also pick up elbow and knee pads for added safety. If you want to go all out, get a matching helmet, pads, and gloves. Your skater is more likely to use the safety gear if it looks good while being worn. You may need to take a look at sizing charts to be sure you get the right items. You can also pick up a set of safety lights if your skater likes to play after dark. Plus, cars and other passersby can see your skateboarder from far away.

Awesome Extras

There are tons of other gifts that will make a great option for a skateboard aficionado. You might want to pick up a few small parts for a board, like grip tape, hardware, tools, or paint pens. You can also add in a few inexpensive gifts like sunglasses, phone cases, decals, and wallets. A small and lightweight video camera can also be a great gift, so your skateboard lover can make clips of their action when out on the streets with their friends.

If you want to go big, buying a launch ramp, quarter pipe, or a rail for the boarder to pull tricks on will be sure to cause some major excitement. If the skater is also a fan of building things, there are even do-it-yourself ramp kits they can put together on their own. Do it together to spend some quality time together, if you prefer!


At this point, you should have some great ideas about what to buy for the avid skateboarder in your life. Whether it’s apparel, a new board, bearings and wheels, or a new set of headphones, you will be good to go. No matter what you go for, if you follow the tips highlighted above, you’re sure to get the reaction you are looking for. Good luck and enjoy!