High‌ ‌Trucks‌ ‌vs.‌ ‌Low‌ ‌Trucks‌ : Benefits & Differences of Each

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Whether you’re purchasing a new skateboard or just different trucks, you should know everything possible about the components. 

For example, choosing between high trucks or low trucks determines how the structure is shaped and what height you get when riding.

As expected, high components are going to keep skateboard decks farther from the ground. Low trucks are going to be responsible for the exact opposite.

However, a lot goes into which truck height is ideal for your needs. This article will explain what high trucks and low trucks are and what to consider when choosing between the two.

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What Are High Trucks

High trucks are going to hold the deck farther from the ground and make you taller. 

However, different manufacturers use different truck heights. Below are a few of the most common so you can have an idea of what to expect.


  • 139 Standard: mid 50 mm
  • 149 Standard: mid 50 mm
  • 159 Standard: mid 50 mm
  • 169 Standard: mid 50 mm


  • 145 High: 50 mm
  • 147 High: 50 mm
  • 148 High: 50 mm
  • 149 High: mid 52 mm
  • 151 High: mid 52 mm


  • 5.0 High: 53 mm
  • 5.25 High: 53.55 mm
  • 5.8 High: 53.55 mm

Top Features

In most cases, high trucks will range from 50 mm to 55 mm, but the actual truck’s height will vary based on the dimensions and designs used by the manufacturer.

However, high trucks will provide additional distance from the deck to the ground, making it easier to navigate.

With a larger space between the ground and the board, you can choose a large wheel size or a small wheel size based on personal preference. 

In addition, high trucks create a more even distribution of gravity due to the style and various axle widths.

Understanding Low Skateboard Trucks

Offering the reciprocal of high trucks, low ones will reduce the distance between the ground and the skateboard due to the smaller component height.

Some of the standard brand dimensions you will run into are listed below.


  • 139 Low: 48 mm


  • 5.0 Low: 46 mm
  • 5.25 Low: 46 mm
  • 5.5 Low: 46 mm


  • 145 Low: 47 mm


  • 5.0 Low: 48 mm
  • 5.25 Low: 48 mm

Top Features

For low models, the size will typically average between 44 mm and 48 mm 5.0, but it can sometimes be slightly larger. 

The limited distance between the ground and deck helps while skating in streets to retain balance.

Low skateboard trucks also offer better speed than high trucks.

When using low skateboard trucks, the center of gravity decreases. This can be helpful in some cases as it stabilizes your posture so you can go fast while skating. 

In addition, low trucks are perfect for pulling off impressive tricks and techniques.

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Should You Choose High or Low Trucks?

Choosing between truck heights can be complicated. 

For example, you might be wondering whether to go with a mid-52 mm 5.25 truck height, a 50 mm 5.25 truck height and width, or a 48 mm 5.0 truck width.

There are many numbers to consider with skateboard trucks and then you also have to consider choosing between large wheels or small wheels and whether you want more pop or less.

Why Choose High Trucks

If you are thinking about mid 52 mm 5.0 high parts, it’s a great choice if you are new to skateboarding. 

However, the truck’s height will be farther from the ground, which makes balancing a bit more complicated.

However, this is the most supportive design made by truck companies.

A beginner using mid 52 mm 5.0 devices will find it easier to skate because of the height. Beyond that, this truck height is ideal for anyone who is of average or taller height.

When it comes to these vs. low trucks, you won’t have any trouble controlling and holding onto your skateboard tail. However, loose trucks will be a bit harder to handle.

Are you the kind of person who uses longboards? The height makes them great for 52mm large trucks. 

The height adds balance to the length and ensures the longboard can move through the street smoothly. Higher components also help you avoid wheel bite.

Reasons to Choose Low Trucks

Of course, a pair of low 48 mm items can also be helpful for some people. Younger children will find them safer and easier to control. 

If you have a child choosing between high or low trucks, a low truck skateboard is the best option to let them have fun without any worries.

On top of that, when it comes to high trucks vs. low trucks, such as mid 52 mm 5.0 trucks or low 48 mm 5.0 trucks, the low truck will be the better choice if you want to try new tricks and take up innovative techniques. 

If you’re training to be a professional, you need the best quality low trucks.

A low truck adds top cornering to great speed for performance purposes. 

Low trucks are also helpful for street, carving, and cruising styles of riding.

All About Wheel Bite

Choosing a high truck that can accommodate larger wheels is also responsible for cutting down on bite. Lack of bite will have a positive effect on your ride. 

However, if you decide to go with low trucks, the same can’t be said. Wheel bite is much more likely to occur.

Tips for Choosing Between High and Low Trucks

Even knowing the difference between types of trucks, you might be confused about which to choose. 

For example, do you go for a mid-52 mm with large wheels and a wide hanger width? Or are you better with a lower than 52 mm truck with smaller wheels? 

Read on to get some insight into what might best fit your needs.

  • Deck Size

When choosing between 52 mm vs. low trucks, remember that this part helps with stability and the turning radius as you skate. 

That’s why you need to understand the size of the deck you’re using before you make a choice.

One helpful tip to keep in mind is that the trucks should get taller as the deck gets longer and wider. Therefore, you should make sure to measure the wheelbase and base width for the best results.

  •  Ability

You also want to think about your current ability. Are you new to using skateboards or pretty experienced? 

Beginners typically want tall trucks vs. low trucks since the board will be easier to control and wheel bite will be limited.

However, low trucks are better for professionals who need to upgrade their skateboard trucks. These are best for getting lots of speed and pulling off crazy tricks and techniques.

  • Riding Style

When choosing between 52 mm items and other options, the style you prefer also comes into play. 

For instance, those who enjoy cruising or street skating will get the best support from lower trucks. However, downhill skateboarding pairs well with taller trucks instead.

This is a flexible situation that depends on your specific needs. Think about your favored style when you decide which trucks will work best for your next ride.

  •  Wheel Size

As we’ve mentioned, the size of the skateboard wheels and the truck height influence each other. You can select high or low trucks based on the wheel size or go in the opposite direction. 

Use little wheels? You can use short trucks without losing any efficiency.

If you have high trucks, any wheels can be used. Assemble them with any size of wheel and never worry about issues like unbalancing and wheel bite. 

Low versions are more challenging. They tend to do best with small wheels from 50 to 53 mm in diameter.

Wrapping Up

Whether you use smaller or larger wheels, ride looser trucks or more stable ones, or choose to cruise or do tricks, there is a version of trucks that works best for your needs. 

You can use the information above to understand which component will be best for your height, style, skateboard type, and more.

The truth is that neither is inherently better than the other. It all comes down to what works best for you. 

If you aren’t sure which is the best for you, consider trying a few sizes of trucks so you get some experience to make an educated decision. But most of all, have fun out there.