How Long Does a Skateboard Last?

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If you have a fantastic skateboard and take good care of it, it could remain in excellent condition for years. However, some people ride on hard surfaces, which adds an extra load to the deck. Others enjoy riding regularly and performing tricks, which can cause damage to the trucks and wheels, deck, and other parts of the board.

All sorts of things can create extra damage. Some parts will last several months, while others might be in excellent condition for years. So, as a rider, you might want to know exactly how long do skateboards last?

The truth is that it comes down to the board you use and how you ride. We’ll provide all the information you need in this article to answer your questions.

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How Long Do Skateboards Last?

There are many types of skateboards offering different qualities, features, and characteristics. Everything from the strength to the weight and the stiffness of a board will affect how long it lasts. You also have to consider maintenance since putting off board care can cause parts to break down more quickly.

Riding might feel perfect for a few months, whether you have the best branded skateboard or a more generic deck. Whether you’re spending time on a flat road or rough surfaces, the skateboard can usually stand up to your riding. But as time passes, it might not ride as well.

Level of Usage Is Important

Some individuals will break a board in a matter of months, while others can do tons of tricks and ride fast but keep the skateboard in good shape for years. It really depends on the level of care and how you treat the board.

If you’re on your skate tool nearly constantly, it’s more likely for the board to break. That means you’ll need to change out components and clean them for the best results. This requires knowledge of the proper cleaning technique and choosing the right hardware. Even the wrong size of skateboard nut can affect how your board works.

Length of Time Skateboard Trucks Last

Skateboards are a standard mode of transportation today. They can be an excellent option for having fun and avoiding boredom. However, skateboards need to be cleaned and serviced for the best results. Only the best skateboard will give you a riding experience that you want to capture time after time.

The trucks and wheels on a skateboard play a huge role in transporting you from place to place. They also have an effect on the quality of the skateboard itself. Over time, even the best parts can start to wear down. You’ll notice that your skateboard doesn’t work the way it used to. This is why you need to watch for the wear of parts. When it comes to the suspension, the details matter.

All moving and riding, including tricks and turns, are made using the trucks. While they have a simple design, the trucks’ materials, size, and quality can vary. However, the weight of this part isn’t a big part of the grade of the skateboard. What matters is choosing reliable and robust components that fit the deck and the wheels.

When you replace trucks, think about the format. For instance, you want quality trucks if you want high speeds. Wider trucks can create better stability. The trucks will likely need to be swapped out once every two to four years, depending on how you ride. Trucks last longer than other parts, and heavier trucks will have the most extended life.

Average Life Span of a Skateboard Deck

The first thing to consider is the skateboard deck, which is the part that holds you up when you travel. Professionals spend a lot of time on the deck, which creates a heavy load. In that case, changing the part might occur every one to two months.

If you use your skateboard less often, the deck wood needs replacement every four to six months. A longboard will last the longest time since they are used for transportation and not for tricks. These boards might last several years.

When you start to see chips and cracks, begin watching the deck. These are signs that you may need to switch it. A nose or tail that is cracked is another sign. Injury can occur if the old deck isn’t changed when it should be.

If you have a razor tail that is too sharp, that’s an additional reason to change the deck. But consider the budget as well. There may be options for repair in some cases. However, this is only the case with minor damage. If you plan to go onto hard surfaces, jump, and otherwise use the deck in a rough manner, replacement might be necessary.

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Skate Shoes Matter

If the tail or nose are damaged, you’ll probably notice issues with your shoes, too. Tyler Huff from California Polytechnic State University researched the benefits of shoe toe caps for skateboarders. Since skate shoes last a short period of time, you should remember to change them regularly.

How Long Skateboard Wheels Tend to Last

Skateboard wheels are essential parts of the board. The best wheels are rugged and robust. Wheels are made of polyurethane and can last three to four months or even longer when using your skateboard regularly.

Once the wheels start to break down, you will slowly notice that riding is rough and off. Keep in mind that wheels are quick to break down, even if you don’t use the skateboard often. Those who use the board a lot may need to replace the wheels once every two months.

If you ride less frequently, you may only change the wheels once every three months. However, replacement is needed whether you ride on roads, in parks, or on streets. Repairing, cleaning, and replacing the wheels can prevent injury. If you only rarely use the board, you still need to switch the wheels every six months to once a year.

Expected Time Before Skateboard Bearings Fail

As a skateboard rider, you’ve probably needed to replace certain parts of the board. How often this happens depends on how you ride, what load you carry, and where you ride.

Some people do an occasional light ride, which means you may not change the wheels, bearings, and other hardware for several years. However, some parts break down before others, whether you’re an amateur rider or someone more experienced.

For instance, dirt can get trapped between the skateboard wheels and bearings. Therefore, the skateboard bearings need to be cleaned regularly. You should also lubricate them using oil to extend their lifespan.

However, riding hard may mean you still need to change the bearings every two years. This is because the rotation speed of the wheel and the ride itself has an impact on bearings. If the ride feels slow or inadequate, you should install new quality bearings.

Things That Affect How Long Skateboards Last

Many people who skateboard compare their ride to others and wonder why some seem to last forever while others break down quickly. However, there are all sorts of factors that come into play with how long a skateboard lasts.

Having an understanding of these factors can help you ensure your skateboard stays in good shape longer. In addition, you can use this information to prevent damage and save money on new components. The factors below aren’t all the means of changing how long a skateboard lasts, but they are often the most important.

Quality of the Skateboard

The first thing to consider is the quality of your skateboard. If it needs replacement regularly, it may not be the best quality. However, the deck’s elasticity, the material’s strength, the rotation speed, and other factors also come into play.

You’ll find that more expensive skateboards are often of better quality. But never be afraid to do some research to make sure you’re getting the best bang for your buck.

Your Intensity Level

Some riders will break a skateboard all on their own. For instance, a beginner rider might try a few tricks, get frustrated with falling, and toss the skateboard to the ground. Therefore, you need to consider whether the skateboard damage is due to the board or how you react.

If you’re calm and ready to learn something new, you’ll be less likely to damage your board. So do what you can to control your emotions and keep things together when you are on a skateboard.

Where You Ride the Skateboard

Also important is considering where you use your skateboard in most cases. For instance, asphalt roads and areas with obstacles will cause more wear and require more frequent replacement of decks, suspensions, wheels, and more. That’s why you should think about where you are riding.

A skate park is best for a professional rider, but not everyone has them available. If that’s the case, ride in light places. Asphalt is sure to cause damage to your skateboard.

How Active You Tend To Be

Riding on challenging roads and doing tricks can create damage to the skateboard. The more tricks you do in hard locations, the more damage you should expect. However, that doesn’t mean you should completely avoid trying stunts.

The best way to avoid damage while learning tricks is by practicing at skate parks or in a grassy area. This will ensure your skateboard stays in good shape even when you are learning new things.

How To Extend Use of Your Skateboard

Skateboard riders can do several things to extend how long a skateboard will last. This is proven by the fact that some people need to change parts every few months and others might not need to do so for twice as long. However, it also matters how quality the board actually is.

Below are a few tips for caring for your skateboard and getting the best use out of it to maximize your return on investment.

Consider Storage

The skateboard’s life will be longer if you store it somewhere properly. For instance, you could hang the board on a rack on your wall. This takes up very little space while making sure nobody trips over your skateboard. Keep in mind that you should avoid storage in areas with heat, cold, or moisture. Proper storage will ensure the skateboard lasts.

Try To Relax

Many professional riders destroy skateboards quickly. Being able to calm yourself if you fail at something is an important thing to master. If you start to get angry when you don’t manage a jump or have trouble with a trick, step back for a few minutes and compose yourself. Trashing your board won’t improve the situation.

Ride in Good Weather

Many riders head out in any weather, but that should be avoided. Rain and snow can damage the skateboard since moisture causes the parts to deteriorate. In addition, the board itself will start to fall apart and the iron hardware tends to rust. So be careful about when and where you use the skateboard.

Handle the Cleaning

Cleaning and maintenance are essential to make the skateboard last. You should do this once a month at a minimum. First, take time to clean the wheels, trucks, and board of dirt before drying everything down. Next, lubricate bearings and check for damaged grip tape. Finally, the small parts can be cleaned with alcohol before adding lubricating oil.

Cleaning can also give you a smoother ride that makes you capable of great speed and stability on the road. Make it a habit and you’ll ensure your skateboard lasts longer than those of the people around you.

Final Tips

If you want to avoid a severely damaged board, there are different factors to keep in mind. A few of the rules to keep in mind include:

  • Be a rider who understands how to land and brake on a skateboard.
  • Avoid rubbing the tail of the board since this will create quick abrasion.
  • Ask questions of professionals so you can always learn more.
  • Make sure you ride the skateboard only in areas that are safe.
  • Avoid use on stone, sand, and hard asphalt.
  • Clean and lubricate all of the skateboard components regularly.

Wrapping Up

Whether you’re a professional or an amateur rider, it’s a big mistake to assume your skateboard will last forever. Each skate tool requires replacement from time to time, even if the board doesn’t break during use. However, now that you know how long different parts of the skateboard last, you can be ready for the future.

If you maintain your skateboard, ride on smooth surfaces, and spend money to replace failing components, many riders can enjoy a skateboard that lasts. Instead of asking “how long does a skateboard last,” consider asking yourself what you can do in terms of proper care to keep the board in excellent shape.