How Much Does a Good Skateboard Cost?

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You are getting ready to buy a skateboard and you don’t know how much you should be spending. Maybe you are going to buy a skateboard as a gift for a child or a friend. What does a good skateboard cost? How can you be sure you’re getting an affordable skateboard that is still worth the money and will last?

You have a lot of things to consider, including the type of board that you choose, the trucks, wheels, etc. Naturally, different types of boards will have different costs associated with them. Consider exactly what you will be doing with the board. Are you looking for a longboard for cruising around town or are you looking for a board for street skating?

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How Much Does a Decent Skateboard Cost on Average?

A good skateboard will cost around $170 on average. However, the price can vary for quite a few reasons. Where you buy the board, whether you put it together yourself or buy one already assembled, as well as the brand, materials, etc. will all factor into the cost.

In some cases, you can bring this cost down by shopping around for deals. In some cases, you can find packages that will have everything you need. You just have to put it together. Other times, there are complete, premade boards that can be a good deal.

You could also buy each of the parts individually, but this will often cost more. This is especially true if you are buying online and have to pay the shipping for each of the parts individually. The costs can start to add up. However, there are still places where you can find some good deals, so be sure to shop around.

Where Can You Buy a Decent Skateboard Today

Today, you have more options for buying skateboards than you did a few decades ago. In the past, the only thing that people had available to them would be their local skate shop and perhaps a catalog from one of the skateboard manufacturers.

Local Shops

Today, you can still find a local skate shop in many areas. However, these are not as popular as they once were, and if you live in a smaller town, chances are you won’t have a shop available.

This is a shame because those local shops would often be a hub for skaters to gather and talk. You could learn more about skating, manufacturers, how to pick the right board, and much more from those other skaters and the employees.

The Internet

Fortunately, the Internet has helped to make it easy to get skateboard decks, custom boards, skateboard trucks, wheels, gear, and anything else that you might need. You can often buy from manufacturers, from dedicated online skate shops, from Amazon, and countless other places.

When you are buying from an online retailer, make sure that you take the time to look up the brands they are selling, and that they have reviews for their products. You need to be sure that you are buying quality products, not just any cheap skateboard.

Should You Choose a Complete Skateboard Package?

To make things easier, you might want to consider getting a complete skateboard package. This will include all of the components needed for the board. While this is easy, the quality of the materials is not always as high as you might like. The parts tend to be basic.

However, this option can work well for beginner skateboarders. It can also be good for those who don’t use the boards much, or who are just using them for short-distance transportation.

Just make sure you stay away from boards from places like Target and Walmart. They are cheap skateboards, but they are not quality boards. They won’t ride well and they won’t last.

Choose a known brand and check to see what types of trucks, wheels, etc. they come with. You can often find a decent skateboard package for around $100 or so. It might not have all of the bells and whistles of a top-of-the-line board, but it can work well for beginners.

What You Need When Buying a Good Skateboard Piece by Piece

Skateboards are made up of many different parts and pieces. You have the option of buying the parts separately and putting them together on your own

Regardless, you want to be sure that you are getting quality parts. Let’s look at what’s needed.

Skateboard Deck

Getting the right deck is essential, and you need the best quality possible if you want to have a decent board. It will determine the style of skating you do, how the skating feels, and more. It’s worth it to spend a bit more on a good brand.

When buying decks, you have several basic options available. The deck tends to be one of the most expensive parts. Good brand-name skateboard decks will typically cost $50 to $80 or so. The design and graphics, pro models, etc. will add to the cost.

You could opt for a blank deck, which tends to be the least expensive option. You can find plenty of options for these types of decks in terms of size and concavity.

There are also shop decks, which will have the local shop logo on them. The mini logo blanks tend to be affordable and provide a good surface on which you can build the rest of your board.

Skate Trucks

Right after the deck, the most important thing to consider will be your skate trucks. The trucks determine how the board feels when you are leaning and turning. If you have bad trucks, it will diminish the fun you get from skating. Bad trucks can make the landings from tricks more difficult, as well.

Typically, the best trucks will be made from cast aluminum and will have quality pivot cups and bushings. A few of the brands to consider include Silver, Royal, Thunder, and Independent. There are other good options, too. Check out a few different brands and reviews to see what other skaters have to say.

Typically, good skate trucks will cost somewhere between $30 and $60. When choosing, make sure that you have trucks that will match the width of your board.

Skate Wheels

Naturally, you want to have some good wheels, as well. Even though they aren’t as important as the deck or trucks, you should still find a good set of skate wheels. The type of skating that you do will determine the wheels that you are getting.

If you have a longboard, for example, and you are using the board for cruising, you will want some large wheels. 70mm is common for these boards. If you opt for softer wheels, you will find that they can help to absorb some of the shocks from rough terrain.

Those who are street skating will want to have smaller wheels that are around 53mm. These are good for tricks and going shorter distances. Street skaters will often choose harder wheels, as well.

The wheels vary in cost. They are usually between $30 and $50.


The bearings are the parts inside of your wheels that let them spin freely. You will usually have two bearings in each wheel. They come in packs of eight. While some don’t feel that the bearings are too important, it’s still a good idea to buy a decent brand.

Some of the popular brands include Fireball, Bones, and Oust. The bearings will cost between $10 and $30 in most cases.

Grip Tape

You will also want to add some grip tape to the top of the board. This will have a textured surface that’s similar to sandpaper, and it’s used to help ensure your feet stay on the board.

You can put the grip tape on yourself, or you can have someone else do it for you. You’ll find that it’s not easy to put on if it’s your first time. You want to make sure that the tape is properly lined up on the board, and that you don’t get bubbles. Take your time applying the tape and watch some videos to get some pointers.

The grip tape is available in a wide range of colors and styles from many companies like Black Diamond, Mob, and Grizzly. The cost for the tape ranges from $5 to $15.

Check Reviews of Everything You Are Buying

When you are buying the components for the skateboard, or you are buying a complete skateboard package, you should always check reviews. You want to know more about the brands you are choosing, as well as the seller.

Look for both professional reviews and user reviews. This will give you a better, well-rounded understanding of what to expect from the products you are considering. It can also help to keep you from spending money on something that’s just not a good fit for you or that won’t last.

Why You Should Avoid Buying Cheap Skateboards

Most people like saving money wherever they can, but sometimes, it’s better to spend a bit more to get a board that’s going to last. Cheap skateboards are often available at retailers that do not specialize in skating, which means they don’t care about the quality of materials.

Poor quality boards will present you with a lot of problems, and they could even be dangerous. If the wheels lock while you are riding, it could cause a nasty fall. Low-quality trucks could snap, leading to falls, rolled ankles, and worse.

It will be difficult to perform tricks on cheap boards, and the decks could even snap if they aren’t made from good materials like maple.

Even though you might think you can save money getting one of those cheap $30 or $40 boards, they are going to cause nothing but trouble. They won’t be as durable as the better quality boards, which means you might have to buy replacements sooner than you think.

Before long, you could end up spending more money on a couple of these boards than you would have if you had chosen a better board in the beginning. Spending some extra cash now could be a better solution than needing to buy yet another board in a few weeks.

Other Expenses to Consider

The board is only one of the expenses that a skater has to consider when they are boarding. There is also the matter of safety gear. Quality gear can help skaters, especially those who are just starting, to feel more confident on the board. The cost of the gear can vary.

Let’s look at the most important protective gear to have.


This is the most important piece of safety equipment to have and wear when you are skating, even if you’ve been on a board for years. Head injuries can cause serious damage, even if they seem minor at the time.

Whether you are at a skate park or just in your driveway, make sure you have your helmet on and secure before you start skating.

Wrist Guards

These guards will help to provide support for the wrists and could help to prevent broken bones. It’s also important for you to learn how to fall when you are on a board, which can help to reduce injuries.

If you feel you are losing your balance, for example, crouch. This ensures that you do not have to fall as far. Also, avoid using your hands to catch yourself when you fall, as this can cause sprains and breaks. Instead, try to land on the fleshy parts and roll.

Elbow Pads

These pads help to protect your elbows and the skin around them. They are made from foam, which provides cushioning for your arm. They will often have a hard plastic shell on them, which provides extra protection if you fall.

The pads can help to ensure that you don’t skin your elbows if you happen to fall and should be used by beginners and those who are trying out new tricks.

Knee Pads

The pads will serve the same purpose as those for the elbows. They keep your knees from getting skinned or having gravel burn when you take a tumble off the board. The foam pads also have a hard plastic shell.

Like the pads for your elbows, these should always be used by beginners. A good set of pads can be a real benefit even if you’ve been skating for a long time.

Skate Shoes

Skate shoes are a good idea. Old school skaters from the earlier generations may not have used these types of shoes, but that’s just because they weren’t readily available. The skate shoes that are available today are designed specifically for skating.

They are comfortable to wear, and they can help to keep you on the board. The cost of skate shoes can vary, but on average, they will be about $60. Although the shoes and the safety gear will add to the overall cost of getting started with skateboarding, it’s well worth it.

If You Are Buying a Skateboard as a Gift

If you aren’t buying a board for yourself and are instead buying it as a present, you will have to be careful. Make sure you know what the person wants, their skating style, brand preferences, etc.

Are they into street skating? Do they want a longboard? You don’t want to get a board that the recipient won’t get much use out of.

If they have never skated before, get them a versatile beginner skateboard that will make learning easier and that can grow along with them. If you have a good skateboard deck, it’s possible to change out things like the trucks and wheels without much trouble.

Those who aren’t quite sure what they should get for their loved one for a present might want to have the recipient pick out what they want. It might not be as exciting, but it will ensure they get what they want. Alternatively, instead of buying the board, they could buy some of the safety gear.

What’s the Life Expectancy of a Skateboard?

This is a common question when people are buying a skateboard. Since the boards can be expensive, they want to know how long they can last. There’s no good answer that will satisfy everyone. This is because it will depend on how you are using your board.

If you are doing a lot of tricks and riding the board a lot, it will not last as long as one that’s used for cruising and commuting. When you go down stairs or drop from rails, there’s a chance that the board could break.

Trucks, wheels, and bearings can last for years, but again, it will depend on how you use them and how well you maintain them. With proper care, your board will last longer.

Find the Right Board Without Spending a Fortune

Now that you have a better idea of what you should look for when it comes to the skateboard cost, it’s time to find the board that’s right for you. Are you looking for a longboard skateboard that you can cruise around town with? Are you looking for classic skateboards that work well for tricks?

Find high-quality components and decks and build or buy the board that’s right for your skating style.