How to Hang a Skateboard on a Wall

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Tired of searching for “how to hang a skateboard on a wall?” Today, we’ll be sharing everything you need to know about the process. Then, we’ll explain how to secure and hang a skateboard in whatever room you like. It’s a great way to show off a retired skateboard or display your favorite deck designs.

One remarkable thing about adding boards to a wall is that there are tons of ways to do it. Many of the deck display options we’ll be sharing are cheap and easy to do. So if you have rope, screws, and a fishing line, you’re well on your way to displaying a skateboard on the wall of your choice.

Read through the options to hang a board deck to a wall for a permanent deck display and then hang your own board.

Table of Contents

The Fishing Line Method

The most common way to attach a board on a vertical wall is with a few fishing lines. It’s a cheap solution to create an invisible display of your favorite deck. However, keep in mind that the skateboard’s trucks and wheels need to be removed from the skate deck before you start.

Needed Tools

To hang a board with this method, you need a fishing line or transparent string, a pair of scissors, a nail or screw, and a hammer or drill.

The Process

First, add a screw or a nail to the part of the wall where you want to show your skateboard deck.

Use scissors to cut the string to a length of about 10 inches.

Next, take the string or line and insert it into the topmost screw holes on your skateboard deck.

Tie a knot or several of them to ensure they remain permanent. The granny knot should face the upper area of the deck or where the foot would be placed.

The last step to this board hanging option is taking the deck and placing it on the wall along the vertical lines.

Extra Information

Keep in mind that this option can remove paint on the deck. It’s also essential to use the correct string size so it’s not seen above the skate deck.

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Rope Hanging for Skateboard Decks

This is the best choice if you want to hang a skateboard on the wall without removing the wheels. That means you can use your board as floating art or pull it off and use it as a standard skateboard.

Needed Tools

What do you need for this process? A thick rope of at least 25 inches long, a drill, drilling screws, a ruler, a pencil, a lighter, wall anchors, and a screwdriver.

The Process

Start by taking the rope and tie a knot at each end.

Use the lighter to burn the rope slightly on each end. Don’t light it for more than three seconds. This will prevent fraying.

Take the ruler and pencil and use them to draw two small vertical lines on the wall. Place them about 37cm apart. In addition, create a horizontal line that intersects the first two you have drawn on the wall.

Create a hole in the wall where the lines pass each other and place the wall anchors.

Use the screwdriver to go through the center of the first knob and then do the same with the other.

When these are connected to the wall, place your skateboard on the wall with the lower edge on the top. Slide the board inside the ropes and the wheels will create grip so the skateboard doesn’t fall.

Extra Information

This offers a horizontal way for the board to hang. However, the rope can fray and could leave scratches on the skateboard.

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How to Wall Mount and Wall Anchor a Skateboard Deck

This is the most common method to hang skateboards on walls. It’s a durable option that is perfect for displaying decks in your home. However, this is also the most expensive way to hang a skateboard.

Needed Tools

This method requires a drill and a wall mount kit for skateboards. The kit includes two long bolts, two T-nuts, a wall mount plate, a wall screw, and a plastic wall anchor.

The Process

Make a hole in the desired area of the wall for hanging boards.

Place each of the bolts into the wall mount plate. Make sure they are pointing in the same direction and parallel.

Wind the nuts into the bolts while ensuring they press against the plate.

Take the wall anchor and put it into the depression in the wall.

Screw the plate on the hole near the wall screw. Tighten so the plate can no longer move.

Take the deck and move the bolts so they go into the top holes on the board. The bolts will now be visible on the trucking area of the deck.

Use the T-nuts on the bolt and tighten them to complete the process.

Extra Information

This is the most accessible mount and hanging option with long bolts to secure the deck. However, choosing to hang a deck on walls this way is expensive.

Hanging a Skateboard Using Plastic Hooks

Wall hooks are a great way of hanging things around the room. The process is simple, it doesn’t leave holes, and it’s entirely safe. So if you don’t want to worry about safety precautions or are renting a home, this is a suitable solution.

The idea here is that the skateboard is mounted on a wall hook made of plastic with adhesive on the back. One side sticks to the wall and the other has a hanger for items to sit on. These can be used to hang various items.

However, strips and hangers have weight limits. You’ll want to be sure you test them before you hang something expensive on them. Look through the available options and choose one that handles the weight of your board.

This is the simplest of numerous methods but may not last a long time. In addition, the adhesive can dry and cause them to fall, so keep an eye on them from time to time.

Wrapping Up

There are many ways to add a skateboard to your wall and sometimes experimentation is the best option. However, you can also choose the method that sounds easiest to you and consider moving to a more challenging project later on.

All sorts of skaters use the methods above to display the art on their deck. With a few items and some time, you could create a gorgeous pop of color in any room that you like.