How To Hold a Skateboard Like a Pro

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If you ask the average skater, there’s only one correct way to hold a skateboard. It involves holding the skateboard underneath your arm so everyone can see the cool art.

The mall grab is another method, which means holding the board using the hardware underneath. It’s a little controversial but feel free to give it a shot.

When it comes down to how to hold a skateboard, we can give you tips and tricks. But it all comes down to which method feels suitable for you and your skateboard, not what other skaters say.

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Quality Stopping

Before we get into the right way to hold a skateboard, let’s talk about stopping. Coming to a slow stop can look amazing and it’s a straightforward process. Then you can move to a walk with your skateboard on your back, at your knee, or in your hand.

Turn your toes facing away from the tail while turning your chest to face forward. Move your weight off your back foot (often the right foot) while lowering the back leg to the ground. Keep riding without leaning to either side.

Push your foot into the floor as you slow the wheels by adding more pressure as you ride. Then, watch as your skateboard starts to come to a halt. It’s the perfect way to end a skate session.

The Simple Mall Grab

We mentioned this as one of the board carrying methods since it’s popular for anyone with a skateboard. This holding method involves grabbing the skateboard by the trucks with the graphics facing away from you. Then, place your fingers over the hanger and down the middle of the kingpin. It would help if you had a primarily closed fist at the board’s base.

Some skateboarders consider this the absolute wrong way to carry a skateboard, but that doesn’t mean anyone will bother you about it. When it really comes down to it, the way you choose to carry a skateboard is a matter of personal style.

Carrying a Skateboard With the Grip Tape Outwards

Some people who skateboard love this method, but others find that it creates a weird sense of balance. What you do is hold the board in the center where the tape is facing out to others around you. Your skateboard should be near the hip while you grip the board with your fingers in a way that feels comfortable.

People end up holding a skateboard this way because the tape doesn’t touch your clothing and create wear.

Holding a Skateboard With the Grip Tape Facing Toward You

Those who don’t like the above methods can try something different. It uses the same idea as the last option for how to hold a skateboard, but it does things backward. However, it’s also generally considered the “right way” to handle skateboards.

Curl your fingers around the side of the skateboard and keep a good grip so you don’t roll the board on the ground. It will hang there until you want to slide back on and start skating.

The Skateboard Pinching Method

Another way to carry a skateboard correctly is by a pinch method. Lift the board in the center at one side and pinch with the entire hand. Use your thumb on the grip side and your fingers underneath.

Carrying a skateboard this way can cause hand cramps. It’s also going to result in a drop or two when holding the skateboard this way at first.

The Stocks

When figuring out how to hold a skateboard, some of the methods above focus on one of your arms taking the brunt of the work while the other is allowed to rest.

The stocks is one of the methods that gets equal use out of your body parts. Place the skateboard over your shoulders with one hand on the tail and one on the nose.

Consider the Cycling Shoelace Method

For those of you who enjoy time on your board but also appreciate bikes, there’s a carrying method just for you. It also happens to be pretty easy to use and all you need is your skateboard and a shoelace.

All you need to do is take the shoelace and attach it to both the upper and lower trucks. Then, carry it over one of your shoulders and you can cycle away to your next spot.

If you commonly go between skateboarding and biking, another option is purchasing a skateboard bike rack for the side of the cycle. It may cost more, but it’s going to be durable and secure.

Try a Skateboard Backpack

If you prefer an easy method for carrying your board, the best option you have is purchasing a skateboard backpack. Not only is it great for holding your skateboard, but you can choose a backpack that matches your usual clothes.

Any Pack

Your skateboard can be placed through the straps of any pack before you add your arms, but this can cause issues. If the grip is against your back, it can cause a rash.  However, if the image is at your back, you’ll bump your elbows into the trucks and wheels.

Specialized Carry

Instead, get a pack made for carrying your board. Then, you can carry your skateboard while having full use of your body. Most of these items have clips or Velcro straps that you can carry your board with. In addition, they come in various colors, sizes, and shapes so you can show off your personality.

Here are a few things to consider when choosing one:


Make sure the pack is relatively large and has plenty of pockets for all your tools and devices. It should also have straps that are durable and strong. Finally, make sure it fits your favorite board easily.


Two side pockets are a good option for your new pack. You can slip in snacks and drinks for long sessions. It isn’t mandatory, but it’s something to look for if you spend a lot of time outside away from home.

Water Resistance

Water leaks can be frustrating so make sure your pack is water-resistant. A lot of the options will claim to be, but make sure it’s true. It’s the difference between frustration and enjoying a skateboard, no matter the weather.


Your pack should be made of durable materials, such as polyester. If it isn’t, it might not carry everything you need when you head outside. However, since you’ll have valuable items with you, this isn’t something you should skimp on.


These should be sturdy and strong enough to carry all the items you take with you. You also want the shoulder straps to be comfortable. Padded is a good choice since it can make the bag easier to travel with.

Wrapping Up

Choosing how to hold a skateboard comes down to which option is the most helpful for you. If you favor your left hand or right hand, try carrying it at your side and using the dominant hand. Those who like to bike can use a shoelace to move between skateboarding and riding. Finally, if you want to show off your style, consider a backpack.

The point is choosing a proper way to carry the skateboard so you can walk and stand without worry. Try a few options with your favorite skateboards and decide what works best for you. That’s really all that matters in the end!