How to Lock Up a Skateboard

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Skateboards are compact enough to stay with the owner wherever they go. Generally, they can be carried under the arm or slid through the straps of a backpack for more convenience.

Regardless of their small size, carrying a board everywhere you go can get tiring. However, it’s risky to leave a skateboard unattended. You’re asking to be a victim of theft when you leave a skateboard unattended in a public area.

Recently, there have been items manufactured that are efficient in the department of skateboard security. Different types of skateboard locks have hit the market and have been efficient alternatives to combo locks and security cables.

You’d be surprised at the list of unconventional security accessories that have been released recently. Some are practical, and some are a little over the top. Regardless, it seems that all of them provide a skater with a more convenient method of protecting their board than lugging it at all times.

If you haven’t been made away of these new inventions, you’re in the right place. These are new items and efficient ideas for how to lock and protect your skateboard.

Table of Contents

1.    Old School Bike Rack and Combination Lock

We figured we would get the older, more boring method out of the way first. Despite how basic this method might be, using a bike rack in conjunction with a combination lock and a security cable is still reliable. Make sure you’re using a steel cable, so they’re harder to cut through.

Safety Element

Since a board doesn’t have the same type of design that makes locking a bike up so easy, you’ll have to use an alternative method. Loop the cable around the rack or pole, then thread it beneath the wheels of the skateboard and back around the pole. Get the cable as tight as you can, and attach the pad or combo lock. If you use the latter, just don’t forget the combination. Alternatively, you can use a chain depending on whether you have access to a cable.

This method may be old, but it is a safe way for skaters to secure their boards.

2.    Large Lockers

You can grab your own padlock and use a large locker to store your board. Certain public areas have locker facilities to store things in. Carpool areas, recreation areas, parks, train and bus stations, and many other facilities usually come equipped with some form of locker service.

Pay Attention 

If you do use a large locker, be mindful of how the facilities are managed. There should be some form of security there to prevent locker theft. For this method, you’ll have to find a certain place that has lockers, and not everyone is comfortable with using them. You’ll also have to make sure you don’t forget which locker is yours. What other secure options does a skater have?

3.    Skate Snatch Skateboard Lock or Longboard Lock

Some devices attach to skateboards that are specifically made for locking them. These components are installed underneath the baseplate of the trucks and form a loop that allows a thinner cable to be threaded through. Use some form of padlock to secure the cables, and you’re good to go.

These board locks are made for use wherever there are bike racks. Alternatively, you can also hook them around a light pole or something similar. This can be an efficient way to lock your skateboard so you don’t have to carry it around. You might have seen skaters using these to secure their boards in public transportation areas, so you know this option for locking is fairly safe.

4.    Use a Carry Strap or Skate Pack

This won’t allow you to leave your board somewhere locked up, but it makes it easier to carry it than just tucking it under your arm. These straps are designed specifically for use on a skateboard and are threaded around the wheels and deck.

They contain some form of handle to make them easy to carry and more comfortable for your hand. Alternatively, there are special backpacks you can get that are designed perfectly for a skateboard.

The Board On Your Back

They’re actually designed only for skateboards. These awesome carriers have shoulder straps just like a conventional bookbag, but they’re in the perfect shape of a skateboard, equipped with sections to accommodate the wheels too. These are neat gadgets, and some even come with a built-in bottle opener, extra pockets, and other cool components that make your life easier.

You can find the bags in multiple sizes as well. Versions are made that accommodate a normal-sized board and longboards.

5.    Foldable Locking Skateboards

If you’ve never seen one of these, they’re something to behold. I’m sure the forefathers of skating never imagined they would see a design quite like this one.

These skateboards fold in the middle and lock to make carrying or storing them much easier. Do you realize how small a skateboard is when you fold it in half?

A Commuter Option

Carrying one of these under your arm would be the equivalent of carrying a book. If you’re not comfortable with leaving your board in a public place, this could be a great alternative for you.

This means buying a whole new board, of course, but it would be well worth it if you’re a commuter who travels primarily by skateboard. This could be the invention you’ve been looking for.

6.    Use an Alarm

This is also another unconventional method, but it works. This is on the more high-tech side, but there’s no doubting the efficiency of an alarm at deterring would-be thieves in public areas.

An alarm for your skateboard is usually a disc-shaped component that can attach to the skateboard. It’s better if you tuck them behind the wheels or somewhere less visible so thieves don’t notice. There’s a second component that is kept with the skater, alerting them to any suspicious activity.

Making a Scene

When a thief attempts to move the deck in any direction, the gadget picks up on the movement and releases a very loud, high-pitched alarm sound that’s sure to jar the thief. 90% of the time, they’ll drop our property and run away.

The component that stays with you also beeps and flashes to alert you to the fact there’s been a problem. The only additional item you need is a small battery. This is almost the same thing a car uses as an anti-theft device.


There are certainly more ways to protect your skateboard than hauling it with you everywhere you go. That was the old-school method. All the changes in technology have given skateboarders a plethora of ways to make sure their skateboard stays safe and sound.

Depending on where you plan on traveling, one of these methods should be able to accommodate you. Consider how long you’ll be away from the skateboard and the area you’re going to be leaving it in. Good old-fashioned attention to detail, combined with one of these high-security features, will ensure you don’t lose your favorite mode of transportation.