How To Store Skateboards: Tips & Ideas For Skateboard Storage

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When you have a few boards at your disposal, you need a way to store skateboards well. If you just leave them on the floor, someone could end up getting hurt by tripping over them. 

On top of that, using the wrong form of skateboard storage could cause harm to your decks, trucks, wheels, and more.

There are a few solutions available to hang your skateboards if you use a little creativity. Read on to get some ideas for pretty rad hanging options you can handle on your own.

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How To Store Skateboard Decks Properly

So, what are your options to place a board? A few ways to mount a skateboard include:

  • Use a guitar hanger for a single board
  • Try a skateboard rack you buy or build yourself
  • Implement garage hooks for individual board storage
  • Use coat hooks that can hold the trucks
  • Hang the decks on your wall with a frame

The best place to store a deck is in an area that is dry but not overly warm. Moisture can cause issues with various components of the skateboard. Heat can also diminish the performance of your board.

Skateboard Storage on Walls

A great solution for a deck that you want to keep in pristine condition is through a wall mount. This is ideal for expensive skateboards that you wish to display safely. Drilling a handful of screws through the holes will work in a pinch. However, you might want something more aesthetically pleasing in some cases when creating a skateboard wall.

Try a Deck Display

This kind of mounted option is easy to install. Once you purchase the display, all you need to do is drill a hole and hang it up before adding your board. You can quickly place multiple boards on any wall in your home. Below are a few tips that can help make them even.

  • Use a 7/32 inch drill bit size
  • Place a drywall anchor
  • Screw the bolt in and make sure the mount is leveled
  • To lock the deck, remove the T-nuts, move the nuts down, and reattach them for safe locking action

Use a Deck Frame Kit

Another wall method is using a frame kit. These are useful for extremely rare boards that you want to show off to all your guests and friends. If you prefer not to risk damage, a framed skateboard is the best choice. 

Check out the available frame kits and choose one with the mounted wall aesthetic that appeals to you. It’s a great option to create a wall that shows off two boards or even more that you prefer to use as artwork.

Skateboard Storage in Garages

Leaving skateboards on the floor is the worst thing you can do so you need genuine storage space. A closet or cabinet works as long as it’s not too hot and stays dry. 

Make sure the board is on its side above the ground in an area where nobody will step on it. You can also mount it on the wall.

Wall hanger straps, a garage hook, or a guitar hanger work well for an individual skateboard. Each is inexpensive and simple to set up in minutes. You’ll store your board out of the way and keep moisture and dirt away. Then, hang it by your skis to keep all your sports gear together.

Skateboard Storage Rack

When you have two or more skateboards, one idea is to use a skateboard rack. You can find a rack in various designs, but it may be a bit more expensive than single skateboard mounting options. On the other hand, you can make your own rack and save some money if you have a little bit of knowledge.

Building Your Own Skateboard Rack

If you want to create your own wood skateboard racks, that’s a great option. It’s likely to be cheaper than buying a Pacific Southwest redwood rack from a retailer. You can even make your rack out of blank decks if you want something unique.

Before you begin, think about how many items you want to place on the skateboard storage rack. You can also leave an open rack for anything you might purchase in the future.

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Skateboard Racks Materials

Use whatever materials you like but realize not all woods are the same quality and some can be expensive. You’ll find designs for a variety of skateboard racks online. You can also search for a video that shows you how to go through the process.

Visiting websites like Etsy and Pinterest can also give you insight into the best rack for your needs. Remember that the rack that catches your interest might not be the first rack that you encounter. Make sure to do some research to be sure you get the design you want.

Reasons to Store Skateboard Decks

Proper skateboard storage is essential for many reasons. Whether you like penny boards, longboards, or something in between, you need storage to keep your gear running as long as you want to use it. While a skateboard often sees dust, rain, sun, and all sorts of other damaging elements, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t treat the board right.

Buying new wheels and other hardware is possible, but it also means spending your hard-earned money. A few reasons you should consider storage include the following:

  • When the trucks have moisture on them, this can cause them to oxidate and wear out more quickly.
  • Bushings can start to dry out and no longer work properly when they spend too much time in the sun under extreme heat.
  • The bearings will break down when they get wet and cleaning and spinning often won’t do much to help the damage.
  • Decks shouldn’t be wet since too much water can cause the deck to lose its pop and snap when it’s being used.
  • If the hardware on the deck oxidates, it might make the trucks fall off.

Final Thoughts

If you have a skateboard, it’s essential to know how to store it. Having a skateboard storage system will save the wheels, trucks, and other components of the board. You can choose any of the methods above to keep your boards in great shape in any location around your house.

Consider whether you want to purchase a storage system or make one on your own. There are plenty of options and one of them is sure to stand out to you. From there, it’s a matter of making or buying it, setting it up, and placing your favorite decks in a location specified for them.