How To Wrap a Skateboard

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If you have a loved one who would go crazy for a skateboard as a gift, there’s no reason you shouldn’t go for it. Sure, a skateboard has a unique shape, but that doesn’t mean you can’t produce a gorgeous present with some wrapping paper and a few other tools.

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How to Wrap a Skateboard as a Gift

The reason wrapping a skateboard seems challenging is because it has a strange shape. However, it can be done. You can wrap up a complete skateboard, including its trucks, wheels, and additional hardware, or wrap up the parts separately to make things easier.

Skateboards are available in many styles and sizes, which is what makes wrapping complicated. However, the average size of a skateboard is about eight inches in width by 30 inches in length. Therefore, wrapping the skateboard deck is simple, but the wheels and trucks can be a bit more complicated.

Those who have a box that will fit the entire skateboard, including wheels, can make it easy by using the box. If you save extras for gift purposes, check whether you have a container large enough for a skateboard. However, if you don’t have an appropriate box, that’s okay.

So, a skateboard has a distinct look. Therefore, you want to wrap it in such a way that the recipient doesn’t immediately realize what the present contains.

That’s why we recommend you wrap a skateboard in something thick, like butcher paper, so the wheels don’t rip through the wrapping paper.

A Complete Guide On How to Wrap a Skateboard With Butcher Paper

Before you begin wrapping the board, read through the steps and make sure you have everything you need.

Get Out the Butcher Paper

If you want to hide the shape of the skateboard but don’t have a box, butcher paper is a good choice for wrapping. Other thick paper can also do the trick before you add wrapping paper.

Start Wrapping the Skateboard

Take the paper and wrap it around the skateboard several times to create a flat surface. Use tape to keep the paper in place and pull everything tight to conceal the board.

Once you have it completely covered, you can add the wrapping paper. Flip the board so the wheels are facing toward you. You’ll have a flat surface when you finish. Wrap the present carefully and avoid creating excess pressure.

Utilize Tape

While you wrap the gift, you should use more tape than you might expect. Since a skateboard is bulky and has an odd design, the tape will ensure everything stays together. Also, be sure the corners are turned in at the end so the edges are flat and cover the sides.

Once you’re done, you can decorate with a ribbon, add tissue paper, or develop other ideas to make the gift special.

Wrap a Skateboard With a Box and Wrapping Paper

If you already have a box, creating a skateboard present is more manageable than expected. This is a fun way to wrap your gift in a flat package that bears no resemblance to a skateboard.

Take Measurements

Measure the height, length, and width of the skateboard using a measuring tape.
Measure from one end to the other to get the most accurate number. Then, write down the numbers somewhere where you can find them later in the process.

Prepare Your Box

Break down the tabs on the bottom and top of the box and then use a cutter to take one of the corners off from top to bottom so you can unfold it. Finally, remove all the leftover tape from the box to make a straight piece of cardboard for your wrapped skateboard.

Lay Out the Needed Items

Next, you’ll be putting the skateboards onto the cardboard. Make sure you have enough room on the sheet to cover all the hardware. Look at both pieces to be sure you have enough before you proceed. Make another piece to be the cover for the present.

Cut to Scale

Watch as you cut a line into the cardboard and remove any extra. The edge should be as straight as you can as you continue to move down. Using a ruler and a pencil to create a line, you can trace with scissors or a razor blade if it makes it easier.

Enclose the Skateboard

Once everything is measured, the skateboard should be placed on the cardboard. Fold up the sides to cover them and then close the box by putting the other piece of cardboard on top. Make sure all sides are taped up with packing tape.

Wrapping a Skateboard

Take the wrapping paper and lay your box with the skateboard in the middle. Make sure there is plenty of room on all sides to overlap the edges. Take a look at each side to make sure the present will be evenly covered with gift wrap paper.

Wrap the box one section at a time, starting with the long edges. Fold the paper and pull it tight against the edges to build a crisp edge. You can begin taping some of the wrap onto the box as you move along the surface.

Add More Gift Wrap

Place more paper on the top of the box where it overlays the bottom sheet you already applied. The edges of the base should be fully wrapped with the sheet. Then, stick the edges down the side and use the tape to secure them.

Build triangular flaps on the top of each side. Fold the side flat and move your way down. The flaps should press against the box before you finish up with more taping.

Finish With Decorations

If you have a ribbon, pull it over and above the box. Hold onto it as you pull tight to tie it in position. You can also search Google for other ideas to add pizazz to your gift. Then, add a card, place it in the site where you plan to hold it, and you’re ready to go.