Shark Wheels Review: Did They Really Reinvent The Wheel?

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The classic longboard wheels now have some competition. Shark Wheels are a unique take on the wheel, and they have proven to be quite popular. They have a shape that’s different from a typical wheel, which has the potential to improve your performance and speed. Instead of being perfectly round, you will find that these wheels are instead more of a combination between a cube and a sphere, along with a sinewave.  While the odd shape of the wheels might seem a bit strange at first glance, they do have a substantial amount of potential, and they could be just what you have been looking for to take your riding up to the next level.

To help you find the very best Shark Wheels available today, we have compiled a list, which you can see below. Then, learn more about each of the models, along with what you should be looking for with your Shark Wheels.

The Best Shark Wheels

Now that you have a better idea of the options available for Shark Wheels, it is time that we took a closer look at what each of these can offer.

First, lets talk about the durometer and what its for. The durometer scale is a type of measurement that is used to denote just how hard a rubber material is going to be. This is important to know for wheels, as it tends to coincide with their durability. The higher the number, the harder the material. All of the wheels that are mentioned here are in the normal range for soft wheels for a skateboard, so you can be confident that they are going to work well when you put them on your board.

Shark Wheel Sidewinder Longboard Wheels

The Shark Wheel Sidewinder Longboard Wheels can be a fantastic choice for skateboarders for a range of reasons. These interesting looking wheels are going to be a nice option for those who may be going over rough terrain, for example. In addition, these wheels can provide the rider with a substantial amount of slide control. They are 70mm, 78a wheels, and they are going to provide less friction. This means that it will be possible to get them to go fast without putting in as much effort. If you are looking for speed, then these could be some great wheels to consider. In addition, you will find that you can choose from a wide range of colors for your wheels. This is important for those who are going for a certain aesthetic or color theme for their board. You can choose from blue, amber, green, orange, red, smoke black, transparent green, transparent red, and turquoise. There will surely be a color that is going to appeal to you.

Shark Wheel California Roll Skateboard Wheels

The Shark Wheel California Roll Wheels are another top option for those who are looking to get started with Shark Wheels. These are 60mm, 78a skateboard wheels that are going to be a good option for mini-longboards, but they are not likely to be as good of a choice if you have a full longboard. These wheels are capable of providing the rider with a smooth overall experience when they are riding, and you will find that when you compared them to other skateboard wheels on the market, they tend to be quieter. The wheels have a great reputation for being able to deal with many different types of terrain without much of a problem. Riders have reported that they can still work quite well when they are going over cobblestone, and even grass, dirt, and wet surfaces. You can choose from six different colors with these wheels – black, white, blue, green, orange, and red.

Shark Wheel Mako Longboard Wheels

The Shark Wheel Mako wheels are a good option, as well, and they definitely deserve a place on your list of potential wheels. They are 70mm, 80a wheels that have great slide control, and they can go over rough terrain with ease. Those who are looking for some speed will find that these wheels can work quite well. When you compare these to standard wheels, you will find that there is no comparison. They are going to provide you with a level of speed that the standard wheels are unable to match. These wheels have a higher durometer than any of the other wheels on the list have. While it is true that they are harder, the level of hardness with the other wheels is still very close, and you shouldn’t notice too much of a difference in the quality, performance, or durability. With these wheels, you will not have as many options when it comes to colors. However, the colors that are available – black and white – tend to do well with a range of different color boards.

Shark Wheel Ghost Formula Clear Wheels

Another fine option is the Shark Wheel Ghost Formula wheels. These feature Shiver Abec bearings with built-in spacers and speed rings. These 60mm, 78a wheels are relatively new to the market, but they have a substantial amount to offer in terms of quality. They have an excellent amount of grip, which means they are going to be a solid solution for those who need to hug some tight turns when they are riding. They are long lasting and can last up to 15% longer than standard wheels, as is the case with most of the Shark Wheel options. These wheels have less friction than standard wheels, and they are going to be able to get up to speed quickly. Those who choose this Shark Wheel will find that it can provide them with a grippy and smooth ride. These wheels are clear, and there are no other colors available, as the clearness is a part of the overall ghost theme for this model.

How Do the Shark Wheels Work?

When people first see this type of wheel, they immediately need to know how it works. After all, these wheels look like they are squares. It seems to go against the laws of physics to have these things roll at all. However, they are not truly squares. The reason that they look like they are squares is that of an optical illusion. When they are looked at from certain angles, they look square. When you look at them from another angle, such as from the top, you can see that they are actually round. However, because of their unique design, you will find that they have some excellent benefits, which is helping them to quickly become some of the most popular types of wheels on the market today.

When you start to look for wheels to buy, you will want to notice that the diameter ranges from 60mm to 70mm. The 60mm wheels are going to have faster acceleration. However, they will have a lower top speed than the 70mm wheels. The larger wheels also tend to handle going over debris more easily.

What Are the Benefits of Shark Wheels?

If you are still new to Shark Wheels, then you might be wondering what some of the biggest benefits are going to be and if they are worth buying. With Shark Wheels, you will find that you are going to have more grip and sliding control. The design of the wheel provides a better overall grip because there are three areas per wheel that are touching the surface. However, they are still fast because it is essentially only three ridges on each of the wheels, rather than the entire wheel, that is touching the ground. This means less friction and greater speed.

You will also find that these tend to be great wheels for those who are going to be heading onto the rougher terrain. They work very well when you are going over gravel, cobblestone, and even dirt and grass. If you have always wanted to have wheels that are capable of taking you easily over a wide variety of terrain, the Shark Wheels are a perfect option. In fact, they can even perform quite well in the rain.

Of course, one of the other things that you will find with these wheels is that they are going to grab quite a bit of attention when you have them on your board. Their unique look is sure to get some stares and some questions. The quality of the wheels is undeniable, and they could be exactly what you have been looking for with your board.

Shark Wheels Vs Regular Wheels

In Conclusion

When you are choosing your skateboard wheels, you want to have wheels that are going to work well for your skating style, and that are going to last. Shark Wheels, including all of the models that are discussed above, are a fantastic option for many longboard skaters out there. Consider the benefits of these wheels and then choose one of the models featured here. The can help to take your riding to a whole new level.