What Size Skateboard Do Pros Ride?

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What Size Skateboard Do Pros Ride?

Professional skateboarders are very particular about the boards they ride. They tend to have the best quality equipment and gear because skating is their job and such a big part of their lives.

Skaters who are interested in the sport often want to know as much as possible about their favorite pro skaters. What type of skateboard deck do they have? What’s the deck width? What other gear are they using?

Below, we’ll look into different sizes of decks and get an idea of what many pros tend to use.

What You Need to Know About Deck Sizes

There are many types of skateboard decks available today in different shapes, weights, colors, and styles. When you are just beginning, one of the things that you need to pay close attention to is the size of the deck.

The main sizes include:

  •         Micro Deck
  •         Mini Deck
  •         Mid Size Deck
  •         Full Size Deck

Micro Deck

The micro deck is quite small, and they will work for small riders. They are often used with kids who are just starting riding and who are about 3’6” tall. The decks are about 27.2” long and 6.6” wide. This can be a good choice for riders who are five and under.

Mini Deck

A mini deck will work nicely for kids who are between six and eight and who are between 4’ and 5’ tall. The mini decks have a width from 7.25” to 7.75” wide. The length will be 28”.

Mid Size Deck

Mid decks are a good option for teens. The length of the boards will be around 29” and the width is 7.4”. Riders who use a mid size deck should be at least 4’6” tall for a good and comfortable fit. For taller or larger teens, though, it might be better just to opt for a full deck instead. This way, they won’t need to get another board in a few weeks.

Full Size Deck

The full size deck is the optimal choice for adult and teen riders who are at least 5’6” tall. A rider’s preferences will help them to determine the width of the deck. It’s typically between 8” and 8.5” wide. The length of the board can be up to 32” and is rarely less than 29”.

What Are Popular Board Sizes for Pro Riders?

Ultimately, the size of the skateboard will be up to the individual preference of that particular rider. Most of the professional riders skating today will have a deck that ranges from 8” to 8.5”.

However, the skater’s size and body have a lot to do with the board size they choose. If someone is taller and heavier, or even if they just have larger feet, they will opt for larger boards. Some smaller riders like the larger boards, too, because they prefer the stability it provides them.

Some skaters like smaller boards that are between 7.5” and 8”. Often, these skaters are smaller or have smaller feet. As with the big boards, some riders just like the feel of the smaller board.

Why Are 8.5” Boards a Common Option Among Pros?

The size most commonly cited for pro riders is 8.5” There’s a reason for this. Boards that are this size will provide some added stability, while still being small enough to control and do a wide range of tricks.

8.5” is also one of the most commonly manufactured widths for skateboards. Boards of this width tend to be good for most of the things that skaters need. They can provide good balance and stability without being too large to handle all of the different types of tricks the rider wants to do.

Are Pros Required to Ride a Certain Size?

Fortunately, there aren’t any rules when it comes to the size of the board when it comes to professional skating. They will typically ride the size and types of boards that they choose. Often, those boards are provided to them by sponsors. The sponsors can often customize the boards and even make custom-width boards if they are needed.

The pros have a lot of options for trying out different size boards, as well as other types of gear. When it comes to amateur street skaters, the options feel more limited. You will want to find a brand that manufactures boards that are sized to your liking.

What Goes into Choosing the Board Size?

The size is determined by several factors. One of the most important of these is the riding style. Bowl skaters or pool skaters will not be using the same boards as a downhill longboarder, for example.

Riders also consider things like their weight and the size of their feet. Professionals have had the time to figure out what width and size will work best for the way they skate and for their bodies. They experiment and find something that works well for them. That board size becomes their go-to choice.

How does the rider feel on the board? Do they feel like they have enough stability when they are riding? Do their feet feel crowded? Even the best board in the world won’t work well if it’s the wrong size.

A Look at Some Pros: What Size Skateboard Do Pros Ride?

Let’s look at a couple of pros to see what they are choosing:

  •         Jon Dickson – 8.5”
  •         Erik Ellington – 8.5”
  •         Felipe Gustavo – 7.75”
  •         Tony Hawk – 8.5”

You can look up some of your own favorite pro skaters to see what they are riding. Maybe you want to emulate Tony Hawk, which wouldn’t be a bad choice. He rides boards that are 32” long and 8.5” wide. This is a very common option and it’s what many other pro riders do.

This means that it should be easy to find boards that fall into these dimensions from a host of different brands.

What Should You Do?

Now that you know the answer to what size skateboard do pros ride, you can start to look for your own board. Does this mean that you should look up your favorite skaters to see what those professionals ride? You could, but it doesn’t always mean you need to emulate what they are doing.

If you are riding in the streets and doing some tricks here and there, a 7.5” to 8” board can serve you well. Riders who are skating ramps, pools, and who are in skate parks will often have boards from 8” to 8.5”.

However, there are plenty of exceptions to those rules. Ultimately, it will be about your personal preference and what feels right to you.

Take Your Time

Get an idea of what the pros ride and then figure out what’s right for you. After all, you are your own skater, and you will start to develop your personal preferences the more you skate. You might find that you need a wider deck because of the size of your feet. You might feel that you need a smaller board to match your riding style.

However, there’s no harm in starting with a deck size that’s 8.5” wide. This is a standard for the full decks, and it tends to be easy to find. Many people start learning on a skateboard deck like this, and you can do the same.

As you start to improve your skills, you will have a better understanding of your style and your body. You can then determine whether you might be better suited with small boards, or if you might want something even wider.

Ride a Friend’s Board

If you have a friend that skates and uses a different size, ask if you can use their board for a bit to see how it feels. This can give you some hands-on time with the board to see whether the size might be something that appeals to you or not.

You might find that even though having a smaller board sounds fun, it might not work well with your feet. You might need to have something larger to ride for more stability and to perform tricks comfortably.

Always Buy Quality

The size of the board is one of the major things you’ll have to consider when you are getting a new skateboard. However, it’s only one factor. You don’t always need to know the answer to what size skateboard do pros ride to find the deck that’s right for you.

You do always have to consider the quality of the brand and materials you are considering before making a purchase. Always take the time to check some reviews of the products before committing your money.