What To Wear When Skateboarding

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A lot of sports have a standard uniform that is either required or taken as nearly mandatory. Skateboarding is an exception. Skaters tend to focus on comfort and style more than anything else.

If you can skate in a pair of jeans, loose t-shirts, or hoodies, go for it. As long as it’s comfortable and flexible, it could be a great choice.

However, most skaters do have some style and fashion elements in common. This article will go through the typical skater style to give you an idea of where to start.

But once you get rolling, let your creativity guide you!

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The Skateboarding Uniform for the Olympics

The Olympic skateboarding uniform for 2021 was primarily designed by Nike. The former skater and artist Piet Parra worked with the company to envision abstract designs from the USA, Japan, Brazil, and France.

These clothes are primarily created in a white hue in materials like recycled polyester. The uniform is cool, creative, and it looks really good.

Skaters primarily wear jerseys with their country’s flag and the logo on the top half of the body. The bottom half is covered in trousers, jersey shorts, joggers, and leggings, as well as bright socks and Nike shoes.

Some individuals also wear colorful caps to add a touch of visual appeal.

Top Choices for Skate Clothes

Whether you’re vert skating, street skating, or cruising, the right clothes make the skater. Look good while skating well at the same time by using the clothes below, all of which are used by skaters around the world.

Wear Pants Like Cargo or Chino Pants

Almost everyone who skates will wear pants. Pants are an excellent choice since they offer some protection to your shins.

However, there are a ton of different types of pants that you can choose from. For example, you can go with work pants, casual pants, loose-fitting pants, tight pants, and more.

We recommend avoiding extremely tight clothing like spandex since it restricts blood flow and could lead to injuries.

On the other hand, a pair of cargo pants will give you several pockets and a durable fabric exterior. Chinos are also a good choice for a slimmer and less bulky design constructed of a lighter material.

Both chinos and cargo pants can be used for all sorts of things, from skateboarding to camping, working, or hanging out around the house.


Sure, you can wear cargo pants, chino pants, jeans, or other leg covering clothing. But many people don’t think about the option of wearing trousers. If you’re going to wear pants, trousers can offer a variety of benefits for you.

Not sure? Think about it. Trousers will insulate your knees when you grind rails, so you don’t get a bunch of bruises. These pants are also excellent to protect the legs from rough surfaces you encounter while skating.

Trousers are a great option, even if most people don’t think to wear them. So give it a shot and see if it works for you.

Hoodies and T-Shirts

A lot of skaters toss on a t-shirt without much thought about it. It’s a simple type of clothing that most people have an abundance of. Graphic tees can even show off your personality and style. However, there’s more to a t-shirt than just that.

For instance, when you wear a tee, you can more easily grab things. As you skate down the street, maybe you notice a curb and want a good grip on it. It’s much easier when there’s fabric between your arm and the curb than if there was no fabric there.

Another option is to wear a hoodie, which is the epitome of skater style. Switch from a t-shirt to hoodies in the winter to keep you warm outside.


As someone who skateboards, what you’re wearing matters. If you want the perks of great functionality and comfort, wearing shorts could be the best answer. This is one of the most useful and practical types of clothing you can wear.

So why wear shorts instead of pants or jeans? For one thing, shorts are going to be lightweight and comfortable when it’s hot outside. In addition, this article of clothing offers an exceptional range of movement. Shorts are also often thick and protect your body from scrapes.

However, what really makes us recommend shorts is that they give your body a flexible feel when doing heelflips, kickflips, and other new tricks. So, for vert skating, make sure you have some shorts.

Skate Shoes Like Converse or Vans

Skateboarding is a lot of fun, but it also carries some level of danger. It causes injuries and even deaths every single year. Skaters can slip on the ground due to wet pavement, get hit by a truck or car, or fall off of their boards.

That’s why you should wear proper skateboarding shoes to avoid accidents whenever possible. Some of the best skater brands are Converse and Vans for shoes. These shoes are high quality and can handle any kind of environment.

Extra Skater Shoes Information

Most of the skater shoes you see are made with a leather or canvas upper and a rubber flat sole. However, some skateboard shoes are going to be better for specific situations than others.

When choosing a pair of shoes for skateboarding, think about how you use your skateboard.

If you plan to cruise around the city on a board, wear whatever shoes you like. However, those who want to participate in street luging, sidewalk surfing, or vert skating will need to be more cautious. So again, invest in the appropriate footwear for the best results.


Many skaters want to show off a particular style in what they wear. Often, a casual look is appreciated for those riding a skateboard. Besides the items mentioned above, you can also try out any of the below items of clothing:

·       Skinny jeans or baggy jeans; wear jeans if it fits your style

·       Flat-soled shoes in your favorite colors

·       Your favorite snapback or a beanie for a hipster aesthetic

·       Graphic t-shirts or tees in any color you like

·       A leather jacket for an edgy feel

Sunglasses are another great option, whether you need them for the sun or to show off your attitude, passion, and style.

Extra Clothing Options for a Skater Girl

The truth is that girls who skateboard can wear anything we’ve already mentioned. There’s nothing to say you need to wear something else based solely on your gender. However, some ladies and girls do like to have a more feminine look, which might mean wearing skirts or shorts.

However, avoid skirts and dresses that are overly long since they can get caught up in the parts of the skateboard or make it harder to operate it.

Keep in mind that you should be cautious about what you wear. For example, women’s boards have shorter lengths, so more leg will be shown. You also want to be sure you don’t accidentally show off underwear while skating to avoid people bothering you.

Top Ideas for Skating Ladies and Girls

Looking for a few extra tips that can help you out when skateboarding? A few outfits that see much use include:

·       Tank tops, leggings, and loose-fitting shirts and pants

·       Sweatpants and a sports bra

·       A simple t-shirt

·       Skirts, joggers, or high waisted trousers

But remember, clothing that shows too much skin also leaves you less protected. So consider what you’ll be doing on your board when choosing your outfit for the day.

What To Wear in Different Weather Types

While you have a good idea of what skaters wear at this point, you might need to change your outfit when it gets cold outside. During winter, you want to make sure you have on several layers to keep you warm.

For instance, you can wear a t-shirt, but make sure you have a sweater or a hoodie to insulate your body from the cold. Get rid of the shorts and put on pants for the best skating. You may also need a jacket depending on the climate of your area.

In the summertime, you want to wear lightweight, airy clothing that protects you from the rays of the sun.

During this season, most people will be skating outside. You want to make sure you put on sunscreen before you head out. Bring a tube with you so you can stay protected when you skate for long hours.

Consider clothing designed specifically for skateboarding that looks the same as other summer clothes. Look for things like UV protective material and breathable fabric to keep you cool and comfortable all day long.

Best Skateboard Clothing for Beginners

If you’re a beginner or trying a new trick, certain skater clothes will be better than others. When you get started with skating, you’ll find that the basics might be easy but mastering the process is much more complicated.

Part of learning how to use a skateboard effectively involves having the right gear and clothes, as well as an appropriate skateboard.

Skaters wear durable boots or shoes, long pants, and pads to protect them from falls onto asphalt or concrete. Gloves will protect the hands when using rails and ramps, while helmets keep the head safe from a fall doing new tricks.

Don’t Forget To Wear Protective Gear

You’ll notice a lot of skateboarders rolling around in knee pads and other gear. This can prevent injuries when skating and make the sport a lot more fun.

So what kinds of items should you wear? Start out with the knee pads we mentioned, but add on wrist guards, elbow pads, and a helmet.

You can protect your elbows, wrists, head, and knees from injury with knee pads and other items.

When it comes to protecting your hands, make sure you grip the board well with long sleeves or gloves. This can prevent any issue from coming into contact with rocks or concrete.

Wrapping Up

There’s no single way to dress like a skateboarder. But, as long as the clothing fits your style and makes you feel cool, you’re already on your way. Whether you shop at boutique skate stores or a thrift shop, you can don clothing that other skaters wear.

Skateboarding is diverse. Some people go for an edgy look while others perfect super cute and comfortable clothes. Consider what skaters in your area wear, what makes you happy, and what is easy to skate in.

The advice above will give you an idea of what some people wear, and you can use it to choose a wardrobe. Make sure you always wear gear that protects you from injuries and adds touches that show your own style. Sometimes, standing out can be a good thing!